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marinel mones bibay graphic design portfolio

marinel mones bibay .. _

(mar-eh-nel mo-nez bee-bye) 757-618-4643

Associates in Visual Communication, ITT Technical Institute, Norfolk, VA, Expected Graduation June 2012, GPA 3.9 Bachelor of Arts in Communications, Concentration in Public Relaions, Minor in Business Administration, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA, June 2006, GPA 3.0


i am a freelance graphic designer based in virginia beach, virginia. i design and create works of art and bring visions to life. my love is mainly print design, but i also dabble in other forms of visual communications such as web design. please visit my blog to see more of my work or for inspiration.



Freelancer, June 2010 - Present, Virginia Beach, VA Creates unique and beautiful invitations and crafts for events such as weddings and birthday parties Designs business media for a local pediatric office including business cards, return to school/work cards and official company letterhead Office Assistant, Tidewater Pediatrics, P.C., June 2010 - Present, Portsmouth, VA Manages employee payroll and vendor payments Maintains developed organizing system for all of the companys finances Writes and prepares all company correspondences on behalf of the company Account Executive, CRT/tanaka, April 2009 - May 2010, Alexandria, VA Provided social media support such as blog mentions, and Twitter and Facebook page launches and online campaigns for various clients at a time Launched two of client Network Solutions biggest online events: the Solution Stars Video Conference 2009 and the GrowSmartBusiness Webinar 2010 generating impressive coverage from blogs Wrote weekly Blogs of Fire post on the company blog the Buzz Bin Account Executive, Livingston Communications, February 2008 - April 2009, Alexandria, VA Performed daily online social media monitoring for clients such as FortiusOne and Network Solutions Pitched media for client announcements and social cause campaigns Wrote weekly Buzz Meter post (an online review of various social media tools) on the Buzz Bin


Proficient in:
Windows OS and Mac OS Adobe InDesign Adobe Photoshop Microsoft Word Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft Excel Microsoft Publisher

Experience with:


Adobe Illustrator Adobe Dreamweaver Adobe Flash Adobe After Effects Autodesk 3Ds max HTML & CSS Intuit Quickbooks Adobe Acrobat

Member, National Technical Honor Society, Fall 2011 - Present Newsletter Editor, Filipino Young Professionals of Washington, DC, Fall 2009 - January 2011 Guest Speaker, Campus Kitchens Project Conference - Social Media 101, Washington, DC, October 2009

2125 breck avenue, virginia beach, va 23464 757-618-4643

marinel mones bibay

marinel mones bibay

cell | 757-618-4643 gmail | marinel@mmbcreations website | twitter | marinel linkedin|marinelbibay

personal brand
letterhead envelope front and back of business card

2125 breck avenue virginia beach, va 23464

marinel mones bibay

1789 e treasur
er y

Friday, 10 March 2000

7:30 pm

1 series 2011 M


dollar s

Michael Tilson Thomas


the united states of america



Rosa Gumataotao Rios treasurer of the united states Timothy Geithner secretary of treasurey

federal reserve california bank of san francisco

Ludwig van Beethoven Aaron Copland

Inscape (1967)

Symphony No.5, in C minor (1808)

Felix Mendelssohn

Violin Concerto, in E Minor (1845)

California State University, Chico

laxson auditorium

united states currency makeover designed and created in 2010. the one dollar bill was created with one font and one color. the number 1 was traced with a pen tool from another font in order to comply with the font rule. the five dollar bill was designed with two fonts, two colors and one image.

marinel mones bibay




san francisco symphony mock ad designed and created in 2010. the cello, treble clef, and piano were created with adobe indesigns pen tool, shapes and lines.

one ve 5 5
me nt of th




this note is legal tender for all debts, public and private

d o l l a r

federal reserve california bank of san francisco

Rosa Gumataotao Rios treasurer of the united states

Timothy Geithner secretary of the treasurery

fw H 57 1

federal reserve note

this note is legal tender for all debts, public and private

dea u eas part ment of the tr


L 5

fw H 57 L11180916G series 2011 M

magazine spread designed and created in 2011. article taken from an online publication and created solely with adobe indesign. the colors green and blue to evoke growth and the internet. the web to literally signify the web and the play of the letters in evolution growing or evolving similar to mankind.



1993-1996 1995-1998 1998-2000 2000-2004 2004-2007

browser wars
TRENDS: Optimized for buttons, animated gifs, blinking texts.

by: Mirko Hubert

The internet is now more than 25 years old, and the least you could say about it is that the art of designing websites has evolved a lot over that time. The way pages are designed changed is tied to the evolution of technology, lets take a look at how it evolved.

the web is a boring place for designers

designers get serious about creating websites

the rise of web standards

the era of Web 2.0


moving to other devices

TRENDS: Plain texts and blue underlined links.

Mosaic was the first web browser to display images inline with text. It could support gifs and webforms, which was a huge step forward for that time. Design wasnt very elaborate due to browser constraint and limited bandwidth, so websites were pretty much designed by programmers and nerds, not by designers. Websites at that time look quite boring: simple text, links and a few small images. However, keep in mind that there was only a few hundreds websites until the end of 1993.

In the middle of the 90s, Netscape was the leading web browser, but it was quickly competed by Internet Explorer, the browsers war was on. At that time, layouts started to get a little more complex with the use of tables or frames. Animated gifs were used to create cool buttons and javascript was slowly starting to appear on websites. For a live example of a 1996 website, take a look at Jacob Nielsens website.

TRENDS: Frames, rigid layouts with tables, gif image menus with hover effects.

Web developement tools like Dreamweaver or GoLive start to get more popular, giving to more people the access to web pages creation. Designers were getting more offers for website creation and had to improve their skills in that field. Some people also picked up the Flash technology, but even though some people had great websites with it, it lead most of the time to annoying intros. Websites of that period still look quite square, based most of the time on HTML tables and sliced images.

TRENDS: Transparency, corporate websites standardizations.

The Internet bubbles burst of 2000 probably stopped the investors for a while, but it didnt stop the W3C to develop web standards and designers to promote it. Tableless designs began to spread and designers learned a constantly evolving CSS technology. Some hacks are also allowing to get png transparency and CMS start to gain popularity among web designers.

TRENDS: Glossy buttons, shiny colors, gradients, widgets, rounded corners.

TRENDS: Mobile web apps, air apps, grid based designs.

Popularized by Tim OReilly, the expression web 2.0 is used to talk about the new type of websites that were more community oriented. Websites with bold typography, rounded corners and shiny gradients spread at the speed of light (almost). The websites get more functionalities and need better user interfaces to be simple to use. Widgets are used everywhere, on blogs to integrate social networks, or on social networks to integrate external feeds or content.

Out in 2007, the iPhone definitly gave a strong push to mobile web design. Many websites create mobile websites optimized for it and created apps. Big social networks create widgets to go on your blog and websites create widgets to go on social networks. In terms of design, good typography and grid-based designs are gaining ground.

design reviver | 55

marinel mones bibay


piet mondrian | MoMA: 11 west 53rd street, manhattan, ny 10019 | 22 jul - 3 nov 2011

& beyond
piet mondrian museum exhibit poster designed and created in 2011. mimicking mondrians style of color blocking, shapes were used to create this piece in adobe indesign. looking closely, one will see the primary colored shapes spell out mondrians name.
marinel mones bibay

3d modeling
bathroom scene designed in 2010. the main object, an eyelash curler, was modeled in autodesk 3ds max. the rest of the bathroom scene was also modeled for the purpose of a background. adobe photoshop was used to add the np for the nail polish bottle. the modeling, texturing and rendering took about 3 weeks.

marinel mones bibay

filipino young professionals washington dc
fall 2010, issue no. 16|

2010 FYP-DC Executive Board
George Faustino President Bea Querido Vice President Victor Belarmino Director of Operations Margaret Garcia PR and Marketing Chair Kristine Hermoso Professional & Cultural Chair

Become an FYP-DC Officer!

quyen and ronalds wedding seating chart designed for the couples may 2012 wedding with indesign, this seating chart needed to incorporate three aspects: the professional photo from their photograher, the names for the tables, and incorporate peonies for a cohesive design. the fonts and colors from the invitations were also used in the design.

Do you enjoy being a member of FYP-DC and want to contribute more? Well here is your chance! Between November 8 -24, we will announce the positions and solicitation of nominees and nominee packages for this years officers election. All members who paid their 2010 dues by September 30, 2010 are eligible to run for any of these positions: President: Vice President Director of Operations PR & Marketing Chair Professional & Cultural Chair The election schedule is as follows: November 27 December 2: Posting of Nominees December 5 December 10: Vote Sheets Email Voting Forms will be emailed out this year instead of online voting. FYP-DC members who paid 2010 dues by October 31, 2010 are eligible to vote and will receive the electronic vote form. December 11: Board of Directors Verify Vote FYP-DC Annual Christmas PartyPotluck, White Elephant Exchange, Wine and More! (date and location TBD): Announcement and Swearing of New E-Board.

Sweetheart Table
Mrs. Quyen Dinh & Mr. Ronald Supan
Mrs. Kim Yen Martini Mr. David Martini Miss Lauren Martini Mr. Nicholas Martini Mr. Joe Raymundo Ms. Lisa Nguyen Mr. Ngoc Nguyen Mrs. Hong Tran Mr. Dung Luc Mrs. Denise Luc

Table 1

2009 FYP-DC Board of Directors

Victor Ecarma, Chairman Abby Camacho Therese Lizardo Escano Patrick Ledesma Natassja Manzanero Kat Velasco

Mrs. Giao Thi Nguyen Mr. Vinh Phuc Quang Dinh Mrs. Crystal Nguyen Mr. Huy Dinh Mrs. Lang Ngo Mr. Vinh Loc Dinh Mrs. Hop Hoang Miss Mai Dinh Miss Kim Dinh Mrs. Linda Han

Table 2

Dr. Binh Dinh Mrs. Val Dinh Mr. Joseph Lee Mrs. Tina Lee Mr. James Phan Mrs. Kim Yen Vu Mr. Duy-Bao Phan Miss Bao-Thu Phan Mr. An Nguyen Mrs. Tam Nguyen


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mr. Marti Abarquez Mrs. Kathleen Abarquez Mr. Paolo Cabacoy Ms. Tracy Foss Mr. Ray Chang Mrs. Amy Chang Mr. John Paul Kim Ms. Jian Zapata Mr. Phu-Quang Nguyen Ms. Suzanne Kang

Table 4

Mr. Ban Nguyen Mr. Bao Nguyen Mrs. Anh Pham Mr. Bon Nguyen Mrs. Huyen Nguyen Mr. Hoan Nguyen Mrs. Trang Nguyen Mr. Phung Nguyen Mrs. Thuan Nguyen

Table 5

Ms. Chau Nguyen Ms. Christina Nguyen Ms. Anh Lee Mr. Chris Lee Mr. Jason Wyman Ms. Minh Lee Dr. Linda Nguyen Dr. Vu Nguyen Dr. Truc Dinh Mr. Nathan Albrecht

Table 6



newsletter info
If you would like contribute to the newsletter, please send all submissions to Marinel Mones: Thanks!

For more information about the 2011 FYP-DC Elections, descriptions of the officer positions and/or to download the application form, please visit: Elections/2011_Elections/Election_Page.html or contact Victor Ecarma:

Mr. Hoang Dinh Ms. Aimee Cardona Ms. Karla Garcia Mr. Francisco Malobalado Mrs. Alexis Anderson Mr. Kevin Nguyen Ms. Aileen Truong Dr. Mai Dinh Dr. Kim Dinh Dr. Hung Dinh

Table 7

Mr. Raymond San Juan Mrs. Kristina San Juan Miss Kira San Juan Mr. Luis Guanzon Mrs. Ray-An Guanzon Mr. Victorino Supan Mrs. Raisa Supan Miss Raina Supan Mr. CJ Supan Miss Ava Supan


Mrs. Luz Guanzon Mr. Benjamin Supan Mrs. Maria Supan Mr. Gary Dinoso Mr. Olimpio Guanzon Mrs. Nenita Guanzon Mr. Don Haupt Mrs. Jessica Haupt

Table 9

Ms. Kristine Hermoso Mrs. Gayle Acevedo Mr. Lex Acevedo Mrs. Jennifer Rionda Mr. Jamie Rionda Mr. Francis Labra Mr. John Labra Mr. Berick Bacani Mrs. Janice Bacani Ms. Tess Baldon

Table 10

filipino young professionals of washington dc (fyp-dc) quarterly newsletter designed and created using microsoft publisher took photographs and articles written about the quarters events and created a layout/template for the newsletter.

Mr. Noel Cruz Mrs. Katherine Cruz Mrs. Anna Ferre Mr. John Paul Relunia Mrs. Erin Relunia Mr. Christian Bibay Mrs. Marinel Bibay Mr. Don Vuong Ms. Melissa Breboneria Mr. Joseph deRosales Mr. Carlo Cruz

Table 11

Mr. Adrian Solis Ms. Alyana Fernandez Mr. Raldin Lopez Ms. Kay Calaro Mr. Richard Peralta Ms. Jodi Dualan Mr. Jomar Carreon Ms. Rachelle Glorioso Mr. Ray Balan Ms. Stacie Taitague

Table 12

Mr. Marby Enriquez Mr. Marty Enriquez Mr. Roberto Guanzon Mrs. Maria Kathrina Harris Mr. Kameron Harris Mr. Vincent Supan Mr. Marc Enriquez

Table 13

marinel mones bibay

photo restoration
before a stock image given of a woman and baby. originally black and white. the task was to restore the image using tools in adobe photoshop.

after restored in 2011. both the woman and baby were extracted from the photograph, as well as the childs facial features. tools such as the clone stamp and healing brush were used to restore the photo close to its orginal state.

marinel mones bibay

Wedding Party
Mr. & Mrs. Vinh Phuc Quang Dinh request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their daughter
Primary Sponsors
Jessica Haupt Tina Lee Tam Nguyen

Gary Dinoso Olimpio Guanzon Ngoc Nguyen

Quyen Nha Dinh


Secondary Sponsors Inn & Spa The Founders

Raisa Supan 5641 Indian River Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23464 Richard Peralta Kristina San Juan Berick Bacani


Driving fromTheNorth (via I-95) and Spa the Founders Inn Take I-95 Maid ofTake I-295 to I-64, to I-295 in RichmondB(I-2955641bypass around Richmond). Honor South East. Take exitBestIndianisRiver Road,River Go to the first Men a Indian East. Road 286
Truc Dinh Victorino Supan Beach, VA 23464 Virginia traffic light, turn right into The Founders Inn and Spa entrance.
_____Accepts Driving fromGroomsmen (via Pleasure the South with I-95)

_____ Declines with Regrets

Ronald Anthony Supan

Saturday, the twenty-sixth of May two thousand and twelve at six oclock in the evening The Founders Inn and Spa Virginia Beach, Virginia

Matron of Honor
Janice Bacani

Vincent Supan The favor of a reply is requested by April 20, 2012. 1 (800) 926-4466


Kristine Hermoso Ava Supan

Filet Mignon & Seafood Duet / Vegetarian/ Kids 1 (800) 937-8461 ________________________________ Driving from NorfolkBearerFilet Mignon & Seafood Duet / Vegetarian / Kids Flower Girl Coin International Airport
Exit the Airport following the exit signs to I-64 East. You are now on Norview Ave. Follow theChristopher Supan ________________________________ signs to I-64 East (Chesapeake). Take exit #286 B Indian River Rd East. Turn Right at the first traffic Duet / Vegetarian / Kids Filet Mignon & Seafood 901 Atlantic Avenue light and The Founders Inn and Spa is straight ahead.

Take I-95 North to Virginia, Enriquez take US 58 East. Marty at Emporia Please indicate name and meal choice (circle): Continue through Franklin and Suffolk to I-64 West. Luis Guanzon Marinel Bibay exit 286 B Indian River Road, East. Go to the first traffic light, Take 4535 Commerce Street Don Vuong Spa________________________________ turn right into The Founders Inn and Beach, VA 23462 Amy Chang Virginia entrance.

The Westin Virginia Beach Town Center

SpringHill Suites Virginia Beach Oceanfront

Muggles Dinh-Supan

Ring Bearer

Visit www. for more information. Room blocks under Dinh-Supan Wedding. Please advise of any dietary restrictions on the back of this card.
InvitationFINALB.indd 1 1/16/12 10:02 PM

Virginia Beach, VA 23451 ________________________________ 1 (888) 616-4654 Filet Mignon & Seafood Duet / Vegetarian / Kids

Directions.indd 1 WeddingPartySponsors.indd 1

Accommodations.indd RSVP.indd 1 1

1/26/12 12:26 PM

1/16/12 10:09 PM

1/16/12 10:11 PM 1/16/12 10:14 PM


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Welcome The Art of Marriage
read by Francis Labra



Soft Creamy Southern Style Organic Grits ' topped with Spicy Sauteed Local Virginia Shrimp

quyen & ronalds wedding pink peonies matched with gray was the theme for this spring wedding. the bride quyen, wanted to showcase her favorite flower and color on her invitations. the invitation set was then placed in store-bought gray pocketfolds. the peonies were made with illustrator and the design and layout of the invitation with indesign. the fonts used were helvetica (cy) and english. in addition to the invitations, menu cards, programs, and a seating chart (page 8) were created.

Coin Ceremony Veil and Cord Ceremony The Pledge Exchange of Vows Exchange of Rings Unity Ceremony Pronouncement First Kiss Introduction

Field Greens with Spiced Pecans, Teardrop Tomatoes, Sun-dried Cranberries, Crumbled Goat Cheese and Balsamic Vinaigrette

Grilled Filet Mignon Port Jus and Skillet Seared Crab Cake with Pommery Mustard Cream Sauce Served with Tomato Orzo and Fresh Asparagus

Wedding Cake

marinel mones bibay


baby relunia: gender reveal party boy or girl? the relunias are excited to have addition to their family. the ducks and their accessories were all drawn in illustrator, the layout with indesign. each duck resembles the personalities of each member of the relunia family.

he or she...

waddle it be?
Find out with Erin, JP, and Rylee on Sunday, April 22, 2012 at 2pm
please join us for a

8018 Crabtree Place, Gaithersburg, MD 20879 Light refreshments and drinks will be served
Please RSVP to Erin by Friday, April 13 to or 202-841-8880

Bridal Brunch
in honor of

Quyen Nha Dinh

sunday, april 15, 2012 from 12:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. choices by shawn 3950 chain bridge road fairfax, va 22030

Thank you

Please no presents, your presence is enough.

given by her bridesmaids r.s.v.p. by march 28 to marinel: 757-618-4643 quyen is registered at bed bath & beyond, crate & barrel, macys

aria sophias baptism a damask print was scanned and manipulated with illustrator to create the pattern of the invitation. additionally, a simple cross was also drawn with illustrator to give the invitation a little more elegance.

Please join us as we celebrate the

Then Jesus approached them and said, "I have been given all authority in heaven and on earth. Go, therefore, and make disciples from all nations. Baptize them in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teach them to fulfill all that I have commanded you. I am with you always until the end of this world." - Matthew 28:18-20

Aria Sophia Aria Sophia

Sunday, May 6, 2012 at 8:30 am The Catholic Church of St. Mark 1505 Kempsville Road Virginia Beach, VA 23464 Reception at 12 pm - 5 pm San Lorenzo Spiritual Center 4556 Indian River Road Virginia Beach, VA 23456
RSVP by Friday, April 20, 2012 to Marinel: 757-618-4643 or Laarni: 757-472-5367

Baptism Baptism

bridal shower brunch & matching thank you card for quyens bridal shower, the bridesmaid wanted the theme of elegance. the ring, wine glass, cake and shoe were all drawn with illustrator and the layout of both cards were made with indesign. the final versions of the invitations were accented with clear jewels on the diamond parts of the rings.

marinel mones bibay



marinel mones bibay graphic design portfolio