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Class : X Subject: English Book: First Flight

Chapter name: A Letter to God No. of periods required: 04

Date of commencement : As per the schedule in teacher diary

Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As described in the objectives of the lesson plan

Gist of lesson Pedagogy and use of ICT/TLM/ABL/ Question Answers Oral and written works
Blackboard and other materials and plan
of activities to achieve the LOs
objectives Short questions and answers
‘A letter to
God’ is a story
• To make them understand the
Q.1 What did Lencho hope for ?
of extreme importance of faith. Ans : He hoped that there would be a good shower of rain for
faith in god. • To make them believe that faith can his crop.
The writer had move mountains. Q.2 Why did Lencho say the raindrops were like ‘new coins’

tried to depict To develop such a faith in them to
develop confidence in them. ?
the faith of a


To encourage them to develop faith Ans : Lencho hoped that these drops of rain would give him a
poor and

in them.

simple farmer good crop and then he would have a rich store of corn for his

in God. family. That was why he called the raindrops ‘new coins’.



Lencho was Q.3 How did the rain change ? what happened to Lencho’s
an honest and A) Have you ever prayed God to help
fields ?
hard working you in bad circumstances ?
B) Have you written any letter to Ans : The rain turned into hailstorm. It destroyed Lencho’s
farmer . Once
there was a anyone for help in pitiful situation ? crop completely.
C) Image what will happen if none will
hailstorm. It Q.4 Who or what did Lencho have faith in ? What did he do?
offer you help in bad situation.
destroyed hisD) If anyone writes a letter to God for Ans : Lencho had faith in help from God. He wrote a letter to
crop help and posts in the name of God, God saying that he needed a hundred pesos to sow his field
completely. what will happen?
Lencho had
great faith to new words Q. 5 Who read the letter ?
God. He asked Ans : It was the postmaster who read the letter ?
God to send Predict : say in advance . Ex : She
Q.6 What did the postmaster do then ?
predicted that the improvement
him money. Ans : The postmaster at first laughed. But then he became
would continue.
serious. He was deeply moved by the writer’s faith in God. He
postmaster Intimately : closely.
saw the letter. did not want to shake this faith. So he decided to collect the
He decided to Ex : They are intimate friend. money and send it to Lencho.
help Lencho. Q.7 Was Lencho surprised to find a letter for him with
He collected Draped : cover or decorate
some money. something money in it
He put it Ans : No, he was not at all surprised. He was certain that God
inside the Ex : Dracula appeared, draped in a
would send him the money.
envelope. huge cloak.
Q.8 What made him angry ?
Lencho came
Hailstones : small balls of ice falling Ans : Lencho had asked God for one hundred pesos. But he
to the post
as rain.
office to check found only seventy pesos in the letter that he had received. He
his mail. The Ex : The ground was covered with thought the post office people had stolen his money. It was this
post office hailstones. thought that made him angry.
people gave
Text book questions and answers
him the Plague : of something large number
of a pest that invade an area. Q.1. Who does Lencho have complete faith in ? What
Lencho sentences in the story tell you this ?
opened the Ex : a plague of flies, locusts, rats. Ans : Lencho has complete faith in God. The following
envelope. He sentences in the story show his complete faith in God : ‘
Lencho was a farmer and had the
took out the field of ripe corn. He needed a Lencho showed not the slightest surprise on seeing the money;
money and downpour to make his harvest good. such was his confidence …….. . God could not have made .’
counted it. He But the rain turned into hailstones
found that it which destroyed his whole crop of Q.2. Why does the postmaster send money to Lencho ? Why
was less than corn. He had nothing to eat so he does he sign the letter ‘God’?
decided to seek help from God. He

he had asked Ans : The postmaster is deeply moved by Lencho’s faith in


wrote a letter to god demanding 100

for. He wrote God. He doesn’t want to shake this faith. That is why he sends

pesos. The post office employees


another letter

made fun of him. But the post master him the money. He signs the letter ‘God’ to make Lencho
to God. He

decided to help him. He collected 70

believe that the money has been sent by God.

asked God to pesos from his own effort. But

send him rest Lencho was angry to receive 70 Q.3. Did Lencho try to find out who had sent the money to him
of the money. pesos in place of 100. He wrote ? Why / Why not?
But he wanted another letter to god demanding rest Ans : No, he made no such attempt. He was certain that the
of the money. He also requested to money had been sent by none else but God only.
God not to
send the money through another Q.4. Who does Lencho think has taken the rest of the money ?
send the means because what he believed that
What is the irony in the situation ?
money post office employees were bunch of
through the crooks. Video Links to teach this Ans : Lencho thinks that the post office people have taken the
mail. He lesson:- money. It is the post office people who send the money to
considered Lencho. But, on the other hand, Lencho thinks they have stolen
them a bunch his money. He calls them crooks. Thus there is an element of
of crooks who irony in this situation.
had stolen
thirty pesos Q.5. Are there people like Lencho in the real world? What kind
Students will listen to the teacher of a person would you say he is ?
from the carefully and follow the instructions Ans : I don’t think there can be any such people in the real
hundred pesos given to them. They will note the world. Lencho is literate and yet he doesn’t know how his
sent by God. Blackboard work and question
letter will reach God without any address. The story makes
answers in their note-books. They
good reading but it doesn’t sound to be a real story.
will follow the homework related
instructions as desired by the
Class : X Subject: English Book: First Flight

Chapter name: Neslon Mandela: A Long Walk to Freedom No. of periods required: 04

Date of commencement : As per the schedule in teacher diary

Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As described in the objectives of the lesson plan

Gist of Pedagogy and use of Question Answers Oral and written works
lesson ICT/TLM/ABL/ Blackboard and
other materials and plan of
activities to achieve the LOs
objective Short questions and answers
Nelson Q1: Where did the ceremonies take place? Can you name any public
Mandela, To help the children know buildings in India that are made of sandstone?
A: The ceremonies took place in the sandstone amphitheatre formed
the first by the Union Buildings in Pretoria.
• about a great freedom fighter of The Parliament House in New Delhi, the Rashtrapati Bhawan in New
Black South Africa Delhi, the Supreme Court of India in New Delhi and Madras High

president of how the mental grit and Court in Chennai are some examples of Indian public buildings that are
determination can change the made of sandstone.
South course of life of a determined
Q2: Can you say how 10 May is an ‘autumn day’ in South Africa?

Africa, after youth


• if there is a will, there is a way A: 10 May is an ‘autumn day’ in South Africa because on this day

there was the largest gathering of international leaders on South


more than •3 there is nothing that can defeat

African soil for the installation of South Africa’s first democratic, non-

centuries of you if you so desire

racial government.

• about the sacrifices of the great


white rule, freedom fighters of South Africa Q3: At the beginning of his speech, Mandela mentions “an
celebrated • To make students aware about extraordinary human disaster”. What does he mean by this? What is
racial discrimination and struggle the “glorious … human achievement” he speaks of at the end?
very vividly made by blacks with Madela for A: The ‘extraordinary human disaster’ that Mandela mentioned at the
equality. beginning of his speech refers to the inhuman practice of apartheid i.e.,
the grand
the racial discrimination suffered by the blacks at the hands of whites
ceremony of Previous Knowledge Testing:- in South Africa. At the end, the ‘glorious human achievement’ that he
spoke refers to the establishment of South Africa’s first democratic,
the first non-racial government.
Do you know about Nelson
democratic Mandela and his struggle for Q4: What does Mandela thank the international leaders for?
non-racial equality ? A: Mandela felt privileged to be the host to the nations of the world
because not too long ago, the South Africans were considered outlaws.
government. He thus thanked the international leaders for having come to witness
Amphitheatre: An oval or round
Being structure having tiers of seats his investiture as President since this event could be considered as a
common victory for justice, peace and human dignity.
rising gradually outward from a
sworn in, he
central open space or arena. Q5: What ideals does he set out for the future of South Africa?
said Ex:People usually gather in an A: Mandela had high hopes for the future of South Africa. He
amphitheatre for a show pledged to liberate all South Africans from the continuing bondage of
Chevron: a pattern in the shape poverty, deprivation, suffering, gender and other discrimination. He
that of a V also stressed that the beautiful land of South Africa would never ever
A chevron of jet planes make a experience racial discrimination again.
smoke trail of saffron, white and
Q6: What do the military generals do? How has their attitude changed,
never again green colour in the sky on the and why?
Republic Day in India every A: The highest military generals of the South African defense force
shall it be and police saluted Mandela and pledged their loyalty. When the
that this military generals saluted Mandela, he was not unmindful of the fact
Gems: a precious or semi- that not too many years ago, they would not have saluted him, but
beautiful arrested him. This change in attitude was due to the fact that a new,
precious stone, especially when non-racial government was elected and Mandela was the President of
land will cut and polished or engraved. South Africa.
The martyrs of Indian National
again Freedom are the gems to be Q7: Why were two national anthems sung?
experience treasured in the annals of Indian A: On the day of the inauguration, two national anthems were sung,
history. one by the whites, and the other by the blacks. This symbolized the
the equality of blacks and whites.
Transitory: Not permanent,
oppression subject to decay
No living being will rest on this Q8: How does Mandela describe the systems of government in his
of one by blue planet permanently. They country (i) in the first decade, and (ii) in the final decade, of the
twentieth century?
another”. are subject to decay. Their lives A: (i) In the first decade of the twentieth century, the white-skinned
are transitory. people of South Africa patched up their differences and erected a
He pays
Lives of the human beings are system of racial domination against dark-skinned people of their own
homage to transitory. land, thus creating the basis of one of the harshest and most inhumane
Prejudice: a strong dislike societies the world had ever known.
the freedom without any reason (ii) In the last decade of the twentieth century, the previous system
fighters like It was the prejudice of the had been overturned forever and replaced by one that recognized the
Brahmins that did not allow Dr rights and freedoms of all peoples, regardless of the colour of their
Oliver Ambedkar sit along with them in skin.

Tambo, his early childhood


Q9: What does courage mean to Mandela?


Luthuli, A: On seeing men stand up to attacks and torture without breaking and

Main points of lecture:- thus showing strength and resilience that defied the imagination,

Yusuf Mandela learnt that courage was not the absence of fear, but the

Dadoo. • Nelson Mandela swears in as the triumph over it.

first black president of South
They were Africa on 10th May 1994. Q10: Which does he think is natural, to love or to hate?
• The swearing in ceremony took A: For Mandela, love comes more naturally to the human heart than
men of hate.
place in the lovely sandstone
uncommon amphitheater in Pretoria Q11: What “twin obligations” does Mandela mention?
courage, • He addressed the rainbow A: Mandela mentions that every man has twin obligations. The first
gathering with a zest telling that is to his family, parents, wife and children; the second obligation is to
wisdom and never, never, and never again his people, his community and his country.
generosity. should it be that that beautiful
land would experience the Q12: Does Mandela think the oppressor is free? Why/Why not?
He regards oppression of one by another. A: Mandela does not feel that the oppressor is free because

the death of He wished that freedom in Africa according to him an oppressor is a prisoner of hatred, who is locked
should reign. behind the bars of prejudice and narrow-mindedness. He feels that both
thousands • the oppressor and the oppressed are robbed of their humanity.
The army officials who could
text book questions and answers
of people have caught have and put him in Q1: What did being free mean to Mandela as a boy, and as a student?
jail before were saluting him to How does he contrast these “transitory freedoms” with “the basic and
who pay respect to the newly born honourable freedoms”?
sacrificed democracy. A: As a boy, Mandela did not have a hunger to be free as he thought
• The two national anthems were that he was born free. As long as he obeyed hisfather and abided by the
their lives sung at the time of his swearing customs of his tribe, he was free in every way he knew. As a student,
in ceremony. he wanted certain “transitory freedoms” only for himself, such as being
for the able to stay out at night, read what he pleased and go where he chose.
cause • He recalls back the history and
of He then talks about certain “basic honourable freedoms” such as
pays homage to the national achieving his potential of earning his living and of marrying and
courage. It having a family. He builds the contrast between these two freedoms by
martyrs who sacrificed their lives
is not the for the sake of their motherland. stating that the transitory freedoms he wanted were limited to him,
whereas the honourable freedoms had to do more with his and his
• He tells that the martyrs were the
absence of people’s position in the society.
men of extraordinary courage
fear but the and wisdom and generosity. Q2: Why did such a large number of international leaders attend the
• The country of South Africa is inauguration? What did it signify the triumph of?
victory over
rich in minerals and gems but the A: Before Nelson Mandela became the President, South Africa was
it. No man greatest wealth of country is its in the grips of apartheid and was thus declared an outlaw by other
people. nations. When Mandela became President, he abolished apartheid and
is born with
• He tells no one is born hating thus diplomatic relations were rebuilt with many countries. The
harassment another person because of the inauguration of a new, non-racial government was a historic moment
colour of his skin, or his in South African as well as world history. Thus, several distinguished
rather love international leaders attended inauguration. It signified the triumph of
background , or his religion.
justice, peace and human dignity.
which • If people learn to hate, they can
be taught to love too. Q3: What does Mandela mean when he says he is “simply the sum of
• He talks that man's goodness is a all those African patriots” who had gone before him?
natural to flame that can be hidden but A: When Mandela says that he was ‘simply the sum of all African
never exhausted. patriots,’ he means that he could identify with the unimaginable
the human
• He talks about the twin sacrifices of all those noble and courageous men who fought for the
heart. He obligations-obligation towards collective freedom of the African people. He was pained that he could
his family & obligation towards not thank them and that they could not see what their sacrifices had
says every wrought.
his nation. While discharging his

man has his duties he found he was not free.

Q4: Would you agree that the “depths of oppression” create “heights of

• Hence, he joined African character? How does Mandela illustrate this? Can you add your own
duties to his

National Congress fought for the examples to this argument?


family, to freedom of his country. A: Yes, I agree that the “depths of oppression” create “heights of

• He knew that the oppressor must character”. Mandela thought that the decades of brutality and
be liberated just as surely as the oppression had an unintended effect of creating African patriots with
community oppressed. unimaginable heights of character. Thus, he felt that the greatest wealth
• The oppressor and oppressed are of South Africa is its people. In similar manner, Bhagat Singh
and to his remained courageous while facing utmost cruelty at the hands of
alike are robbed of their
country to humanity. British.
Q5: How did Mandela’s understanding of freedom change with age
perform and experience?
VIDEO LINKS To TEACH A: As a boy, Mandela did not have a hunger for freedom because he
honestly. LESSON: thought that he was born free. He believed that as long as he obeyed his father and abided by the customs of his tribe, he was free in every possible manner. He had certain needs as a teenager and certain needs as a young man. Gradually, he realized that he was selfish during his
boyhood. He slowly understands that it is not just his freedom that is being curtailed, but the freedom of all blacks. It is after attaining this
Students will listen to the teacher understanding that he develops a hunger for the freedom of his people.
carefully and follow the instructions
given to them. They will note the Q6: How did Mandela’s ‘hunger for freedom’ change his life?
Blackboard work and question A: Mandela realized in his youth that it was not just his freedom that
answers in their note-books. They was being curtailed, but the freedom of all blacks. The hunger for his
will follow the homework related own freedom became the hunger for the freedom of his people. This
instructions as desired by the desire of a non-racial society transformed him into a virtuous and self-
teacher. sacrificing man. Thus, he joined the African National Congress and
this changed him from a frightened young man into a bold man.

Class : X Subject: English Book: First Flight

Chapter name: His First Flight No. of periods required: 04

Date of commencement : As per the schedule in teacher diary

Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As described in the objectives of the lesson plan

Gist of lesson Pedagogy and use of ICT/TLM/ABL/ Question Answers Oral and written works
Blackboard and other materials and plan of
activities to achieve the LOs
Bravery and
cowardice are 1. Who was alone on the ledge?
the relative To inculcate the moral values
Ans: The young seagull was alone on the
terms. One is To enhance the vocabulary
coward as long To enable the learners to extrapolate ledge.
as fear from the given text
encompasses To enable the students to share their
him / her. In 2. Why was he afraid?
personal experiences

this story the


To enhance their LSRW skills Ans: He was afraid to see the vast expanse of
young seagull



poses to be a the sea beneath him.


coward Have you seen baby birds trying to make


incarnate. His fist flight in sky ?

other three Have you noticed kids taking first steps 3. Who tried to encourage him?
elder brothers to walk ? Ans: His parents, brothers and sister
and sister had
Do you hesitate from jumping or playing ?
already flown. encouraged him.
The entire
family NEW WORDS:-
member Expanse : side open 4. For nearly how many hours he remain
boosted him to The Arabian sea has a great expanse.
fly, but he Muster up : to collect
couldn’t. One The freedom fighters muster up all their Ans: He remained hungry for about twenty
day he courage to fight against the British. four hours.
mustered up
Plunge : dive
his courage to
fly but all went The swimmer plunged into the water.
Cackle : noise 5. Who give him a piece of fish?
in vain, and
for the same, The birds in my courtyard cackle a lot. Ans: His mother gave him a piece of fish.
he was harshly Monstrous : terrible
punished by The monstrous clouds covered the whole
his parents. He 6. How did he fly?
was left all
alone on the KEY POINTS Ans: When he dived the wind rushed against
ledge starving It is an interesting story of a young his breast feathers then under his stomach
for 24 hours. seagull who was afraid of flying. He did
He wouldn’t and against his wings. This made him fly.
not have confidence. He was full of
dare to fly. He
pessimism. His parents, brothers and TEXT BOOK QUESTIONS AND
cried with
hunger. sister encouraged, scolded, tempted and ANSWERS
Mother took taunted him to make his first flight. But
1.Ans :- The young seagull felt that his
final decision he could not collect enough courage to
to put before fly. He was left alone for twenty fours wings would not support him. I feel some
him bait. And and he ate nothing. He was extremely birds are afraid but some are more timid than
lo! It worked;
hungry. His mother was looking at him.
he dived for a others. Yes, it is true with a human baby
scrap of fish. He begged her for food. She picked up a
piece of fish and flew across him. The also.
Mother was
high up in the sight of food maddened him. He dived.
sky and he was He cried and screamed. His wings 2.Ans :- He was hungry for twenty four
in the open air opened up automatically. He flapped his
falling down wings. He was joined by his family in hours. He was impatient and desperate. He
and down. He
his first flight. His family praised him dived at the fish in his mother’s beak. She
opened his
wings and for his efforts and offered him scraps of flew upwards. His wings spread outwards

found himself dog fish.


cutting through the air. Thus began his flight.


flying. This

was the way Methodology:


he was taught

Lecture-cum-demonstration 3.Ans :- They threatened him to starve on his

to make his
first flight. ledge unless he flew away. They wanted him
Hence, we can VIDEO LINKS FOR LESSON: to take his first flight .
say parental
encouragement 4.Ans :- The answer can be discussed in
and discipline
class by soliciting the experiences of the
play a great
role in shaping students.
the destiny of
Students will listen to the teacher 5.Ans :- Generally success is never
the young
children. carefully and follow the instructions guaranteed. To succeed one has to put in
given to them. They will note the
hard work and continuous practice. One has
Blackboard work and question answers
in their note-books. They will follow the to try regardless of a possibility of a failure.
homework related instructions as desired
by the teacher.

Class : X Subject: English Book: First Flight

Chapter name: From the Diary of Anne Frank No. of periods required: 04

Date of commencement : As per the schedule in teacher diary

Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As described in the objectives of the lesson plan

Gist of lesson Pedagogy and use of ICT/TLM/ABL/ Blackboard and other Question Answers Oral and
materials and plan of activities to achieve the LOs written works
OBJECTIVES Question 1:Do you keep a diary?
Anne’s diary begins
on her thirteenth Given below under ‘A’ are some
birthday, June 12, To inculcate the moral values terms we use to describe a written
1942, and ends To enhance the vocabulary record of personal experience. Can
shortly after her To enable the learners to extrapolate from the given you match them with their
fifteenth. At the start text descriptions under ‘B’? (You may
of her diary, Anne To enable the students to share their personal look up the terms in a dictionary if
describes fairly
experiences you wish.)
typical girlhood
experiences, writing To enhance their LSRW skills (i) Journal – A full
record of a journey, a period of

about her

friendships with PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE TESTING:- time, or an event, written everyday


other girls, her Do you write your own diary ? (ii) Diary – A book

crushes on boys, and Have you read any other family member’s or friend’s with a separate space or page for

her academic diary ? each day, in which you write down


performance at
If you get a diary to write as a gift, what will you write ? your thoughts and feelings or what
school. Because
anti-Semitic laws METHODOLOGY:- has happened on that day
forced Jews into Lecture-cum-demonstration (iii) Log – A written record
separate schools, of events with times and dates,
Anne and her older Question 1: Was Anne right when she said that the world usually official
sister, Margot, would not be interested in the musings of a thirteen-year- (iv) Memoir(s) – A record
attended the Jewish old girl? of a person’s own life and
Lyceum in Answer: No, Anne was not right when she said that the
Amsterdam. experiences (usually, a famous
world would not be interested in the musings of a thirteen
year old girl. Her diary was published under the name person)
The Franks had Question 2:Here are some entries
moved to the ‘The Diary of a young girl’. It was translated from its
original Dutch into many languages and it became one of from personal records. Use the
Netherlands in the
the world’s most widely read books. There have also been definitions above to decide which
years leading up to
World War II to several films, television and theatrical productions, and of the entries might be from a diary,
escape persecution even an opera based on the diary. It was described as the a journal, a log or a memoir.
in Germany. After work of a mature and insightful mind. It provides an
(i) I woke up very late today and
the Germans intimate examination of life under Nazi occupation. Anne
Frank became one of the most renowned and discussed of promptly got a scolding from Mum!
invaded the I can’t help it − how can I miss the
the Holocaust victims.
Netherlands in 1940,
Question 2: FIFA World Cup matches?
the Franks were
forced into hiding. Ans:
With another family, There are some examples of diary or journal entries in the _____________________________
the van Daans, and ‘Before You Read’ section. Compare these with what (ii) 10:30 a.m. Went to the office of
Anne writes in her diary. What language was the diary
an acquaintance, the Director
Mr. Dussel, they originally written in? In what way is Anne’s dairy 01:00 p.m. Had lunch with
moved into a small different? Chairman
secret annex above Answer: 05:45 p.m. Received Rahul at the
Otto Frank’s office
where they had Anne’s diary was originally written in Dutch. Her diary is
stockpiled food and different from the others in many aspects. She had named 09:30 p.m. Dinner at home
supplies. The her diary ‘Kitty’. She thought of it as her only true friend Ans:
employees from whom she could confide in. She treated it as another _____________________________
Otto’s firm helped person who was listening to her daily accounts. She wrote (iii) The ride to Ooty was
hide the Franks and all her stories in it. She started by writing ‘Dearest kitty’ uneventful. We rested for a while
kept them supplied and ended the account by writing, ‘Yours, Anne’. Her every 50 km or so, and used the
with food, medicine, diary was a lot more personal than other diaries.
time to capture the magnificent
and information Question 3:
about the outside landscape with my Handy Cam.
world. Why does Anne need to give a brief sketch about her From Ooty we went on to
family? Does she treat ‘Kitty’ as an insider or an outsider? Bangalore.
The residents of the Answer: What a contrast! The noise and
annex pay close
attention to every pollution of this once − beautiful
Anne gave a brief sketch of her life since no one would city really broke my heart.
development of the
understand a word of her stories to her diary if she were to
war by listening to Ans:
plunge right in. She, therefore, wrote a brief sketch of her
the radio. Some bits life, even though she disliked doing so. She treated Kitty _____________________________
of news catch (iv) This is how Raj Kapoor found
as an insider because she called it her best friend and was
Anne’s attention and
ready to confide in it. me − all wet and ragged outside R.
make their way into
Question 4: K. Studios. He was then looking for
her diary, providing
just someone like this for a small

a vivid historical

How does Anne feel about her father, her grandmother,

context for her role in Mera Naam Joker, and he

Mrs Kuperus and Mr Keesing? What do these tell you


personal thoughts. cast me on the spot. The rest, as

about her?

The adults make they say, is history?


optimistic bets about Ans:


when the war will

Anne felt that her father was the most adorable father she _____________________________
end, and their mood had ever seen.
is severely affected Answer:
by Allied setbacks (i)I woke up very late today and
Anne remembered her grandmother even after her death.
or German promptly got a scolding from Mum!
She wrote in her diary that no one knew how often she
thought of her grandmother and still loved her. I can’t help it − how can I miss the
Amsterdam is FIFA World Cup matches?
devastated by the In the sixth form at the Montessori nursery school, her Ans: Diary
war during the two teacher was Mrs Kuperus, who was also the headmistress. (ii)10:30 a.m. Went to the office of
years the Franks are
At the end of the year, they were both in tears as they said the Director
in hiding. All of the
a heartbreaking farewell.
city’s residents 01:00 p.m. Had lunch with
suffer, since food Chairman
Mr Keesing was her Maths teacher. He was annoyed with
becomes scarce and her because she talked too much. However, Anne was 05:45 p.m. Received Rahul at the
robberies more airport
able to justify her talkative nature every time she was
punished by Mr. Keesing. On each occasion he was 09:30 p.m. Dinner at home
Anne often writes impressed by the manner in which she presented her Ans: Log
about her feelings of arguments. (iii)The ride to Ooty was
isolation and uneventful. We rested for a while
loneliness. She has a All these incidents show how lovable and smart Anne
was. Everybody was attached to her, and even Mr every 50 km or so, and used the
relationship with the Keesing could not help but laugh at her essays and time to capture the magnificent
adults in the annex, acknowledge her smart mind. landscape with my Handy Cam.
particularly her Question 5: From Ooty we went on to
mother, whom she
considers lacking in What does Anne write in her first essay? Bangalore.
love and affection. Answer: What a contrast! The noise and
She adores her pollution of this once − beautiful
father, but she is In her first essay, titled ‘A Chatterbox’, Anne wanted to
city really broke my heart.
frequently scolded come up with convincing arguments to prove the
and criticized by necessity of talking. She began thinking about the subject. Ans: Journal
Mr. and Mrs. van She wrote three pages and was satisfied. She argued that (iv)This is how Raj Kapoor found
Daan and Mr. talking was a student’s trait and that she would do her me − all wet and ragged outside R.
Dussel. Anne thinks best to keep it under control. She further wrote that she K. Studios. He was then looking for
that her sister, would never be able to cure herself of the habit since her just someone like this for a small
Margot, is smart, mother talked as much as she did. There was not much role in Mera Naam Joker, and he
pretty, and that one could do about inherited traits. Mr Keesing too
cast me on the spot. The rest, as
agreeable, but she had a good laugh reading her arguments.
does not feel close Question 6: they say, is history?
to her and does not Ans: Memoir
write much about Anne says teachers are most unpredictable. Is Mr Keesing Question 1:
her. Anne eventually unpredictable? How?
develops a close Answer: What makes writing in a diary a
friendship with strange experience for Anne Frank?
Peter van Daan, the Anne felt that a quarter of her class was dumb, and should
teenage boy in the be kept back and not promoted to the next class.
annex. Mr. Frank However, she also felt that teachers were the most
does not approve, unpredictable creatures on earth. Mr Keesing could be Writing in a diary was a strange
however, and the termed as unpredictable. The way Anne always talked experience for Anne Frank not only
intensity of Anne’s while the class was going on, any teacher would lose his because she had never written
infatuation begins to temper. However, after several warnings, all Mr Keesing anything before, but also because it

lessen. did was to assign her extra homework. She had to write an
seemed to her that later on, neither
essay on ‘A Chatterbox’. In this way, he tried to play a

Anne matures she nor anyone else would be

joke on her. Each time that he asked her to write such

considerably interested in the musings of a

essays, she wrote very well. She kept countering his

throughout the thirteen year old schoolgirl.

jokes. One could not have predicted that he would take all

course of her diary

the jokes in the right spirit. Finally, he accepted her Question 1:
entries, moving talkative nature and actually allowed her to talk in class.
from detailed He did not even assign her any more extra homework.
accounts of basic Why does Anne provide a brief
That is why it can be said that Mr Keesing was
activities to deeper, sketch of her life?
more profound Answer:
Question 7:
thoughts about
humanity and her What do these statements tell you about Anne Frank as a Even though she disliked doing so,
own personal nature. person? Anne provides a brief sketch of her
She finds it difficult
to understand why life since no one would understand
(i) We don’t seem to be able to get any closer, and that’s a word of her musings if she were
the Jews are being
the problem. Maybe it’s my fault that we don’t confide in
singled out and to jump right in.
each other.
persecuted. Anne Question 2:
also confronts her
(ii) I don’t want to jot down the facts in this diary the way
own identity.
most people would, but I want the diary to be my friend. What tells you that Anne loved her
Though she
considers herself to grandmother?
(iii) Margot went to Holland in December, and I followed Answer:Anne’s grandmother had
be German, her in February, when I was plunked down on the table as a
German citizenship fallen ill and had to be operated
birthday present for Margot.
has been revoked, upon. Therefore, Anne’s birthday
and though she calls passed with little celebration. Her
(iv) If you ask me, there are so many dummies that about
Holland her home, grandmother died the next year.
a quarter of the class should be kept back, but teachers are
many of the Dutch
the most unpredictable creatures on earth. Anne wrote in her diary that no one
have turned against
the Jews. Anne feels (v) Anyone could ramble on and leave big spaces between knew how often she thought of her
a tremendous the words, but the trick was to come up with convincing grandmother and still loved her.
solidarity with her arguments to prove the necessity of taking. Question 2:
aggrieved people, Answer:
and yet at the same
time she wants to be (i) These lines show that Anne had no true friend whom Why does Anne want to keep a
seen as an individual she could confide in. She even put the blame on herself diary?
rather than a that the fault might be hers. Answer: Anne wanted to keep a
member of a diary because she did not have a
persecuted group. (ii) This line shows that Anne really considered her diary “real” friend. She thought that
as a friend whom she could trust and narrate all her stories paper had more patience than
During the two
to. She did not want just a diary in which she could write
years recorded in people. She had loving parents, a
down the facts like others did. She considered it as her
her diary, Anne sixteen year old sister and about
friend and named her Kitty.
deals with thirty people whom she could call
confinement and (iii) This statement shows that Anne was a fun-loving her friends. However, she did not
deprivation, as well person. She was witty and knew how to present things in have that one true friend. She did
as the complicated
a funny way. She narrated this incident with a lot of fun. not confide in any of her friends.
and difficult issues
The use of ‘plunked down’ shows her sense of humour. She knew the situation would never
of growing up in the
brutal circumstances change. That is why she decided to
(iv) This statement shows that she had an opinion on
of the Holocaust. everything. She thought that a quarter of her class was full keep a diary.
Her diary describes Question 3 Why did Anne think she
of dummies, signifying that she herself was intelligent
a struggle to define
enough to make it to the next class. She thought of could confide more in her diary
herself within this
teachers as the most unpredictable creatures on earth than in people?
climate of
because nobody could say which students they would fail Answer: Anne did not have a true

oppression. Anne’s

and which students would be passed on to the next class.

diary ends without friend. She had many friends, but

comment on August she only talked to them about


1, 1944, the end of a (v) This statement shows that Anne knew a lot about
ordinary everyday things. She did

seemingly normal writing. She was given the task of writing an essay as a
not seem to get any closer to them.

day that leaves us punishment. She took it on with full vigour. She did not
She felt that maybe it was her fault
with the expectation want to write it like others who merely left big spaces
of seeing another that she could not confide in them.
between the words to make the essay look voluminous.
entry on the next Knowing that the situation would
She knew that the trick was to come up with a convincing
page. However, the not change and believing a paper to
argument to prove the necessity of talking. She was
Frank family is have more patience than people, she
betrayed to the different in her approach from everybody else.
decided to write and confide in a
Nazis and arrested VIDEO LINKS FOR THE LESSON:-
on August 4, 1944.
Anne’s diary, the
observations of an
friendly, sometimes
petty, and rather
normal teenage girl,
comes to an abrupt
and silent end.Otto
Frank is the family’s Students will listen to the teacher carefully and follow the
sole survivor, and he instructions given to them. They will note the Blackboard
recovers Anne’s
diary from Miep. He work and question answers in their note-books. They will
decides to fulfill follow the homework related instructions as desired by
Anne’s wishes by
publishing the diary. the teacher.

Class : X Subject: English Book: First Flight

Chapter name: The Hundred Dresses -I No. of periods required: 04

Date of commencement : As per the schedule in teacher diary

Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As described in the objectives of the lesson plan

Gist of lesson Pedagogy and use of ICT/TLM/ABL/ Question Answers Oral and written works
Blackboard and other materials and plan of
activities to achieve the LOs
OBJECTIVES short questions and answers
The Hundred
Q1. Who was the most popular girl in school?
Dresses is a story
To enable the students to share their personal a. Maddie
based on the true b. Peggy
experiences of the experiences related to discrimination on the basis
c. Wanda
author about a girl of region, caste, gender etc.
d. Cecile
who is teased by her To enable them to express themselves in Ans : Peggy
classmates because grammatically correct language.
she is different. To enable the learners to extrapolate2sss from Q2. Who lived in Boggins Heights?
Wanda Petronski, a the given text. a. Maddie
girl who comes from To sensitize the students to the feelings of an

b. Peggy

the poor part of

individual. c. Wanda
town, is the only

To enable the students to think of an d. Cecile

student in her class

alternative ending to the story. Ans : Wanda

with a 'funny' Polish

name. She is always To enable them to use new words and phrases

Q3. Who secretly disliked how Wanda was

quiet and she always in their own language.
being treated?
wears the same PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE TESTING: a. Peggy
faded blue dress to . How many fancy dresses do you have at home ? b. Cecile
school everyday, a)Do you like to buy good dresses with attractive c. Maddie
although she claims designs ? d. Jake
she has a hundred b)Did you ever design any dress for you ? Ans : Maddie
dresses at home "all
c)Do you love fashion designing ?
lined up in her
d)Can you imagine a girl having one hundred Q4. Who won the drawing contest for boys at
dresses in mind but none at home ? school?
The story is told MAIN POINTS :- a. Jake
from the perspective b. Maddie
It was Monday . Wand was not in her seat no
of one of Wanda's c. Wanda
body noticed. Wanda a quiet girl, rarely said d. Michael
classmates, Maddie,
who is the best
something , no one knows why, lived at Boggins Ans- Jake
friend of the main Heights , feet had mud on then.
player in the daily Student thought of Wanda outside the school Q5. Choose a word that best completes the
taunting and teasing. hours, to have fun with her, did not come on sentence below.
After Wanda is Tuesday also. Wednesday Peggy and Maddie Matty was being
absent for a few thought of Wanda. Both were very good friends. ___________________________ when he held
days, her classmates Wanted to have fun with Wanda ,thus noticed her the door open for his mom.
learn that her family absence.Wanda’s name was considered funny in a. incredulous
has moved away to b. courteous
room number 13.Wanda had no friends ,wore a
the big city where c. impulsive
faded blue clean dress girls surrounded her in the d. jaunty
they will not be
school yard to make fun.
mistreated for being Peggy made fun of Wanda the most asking how Ans : courteous
different. Maddie many dresses she had and how many pairs of
begins to wonder shoes. Wanda would answered a hundred and Q6. How did the hundred dresses game begin?
about the girl she shoes sixty. All girls laughed at her.Peggy was Ans : Wanda a quiet girl was teased by her
and her friends used classmates. She was everyday asked how many
not really cruel. She would say why Wanda had
to constantly tease, dresses she has.
and realizes that she spoken of her hundred dresses. Maddie felt bad
knows very little that they had been bothering Wanda like that Q7. Why did Maddie feel so bad when Miss
about her. She because she was also poor. She wishes Peggy to Mason read the letter Mr. Petronski sent to the
begins to wonder stop teasing Wanda but pictures herself in class?
why they started Wanda’s place. Ans : She felt bad because she was never in
teasing her in the Maddie remembers Wanda’s pale blue and green favour of this game from her heart.
first place and is with red dresses. Next the drawing contest was text book questions and answers
overcome with guilt expected to be won by Peggy. The next day as Q1. How is Wanda seen as different by the
for making fun of they entered the classroom they stopped short other girls? How do they treat her?
her simply because Ans : Wanda is seen as different by the other
gasped hundred sketches of dresses all over the
she is poor and has a girls because of her origin and dress. She
funny name and is room. All beautiful in bright colours. Miss always wears the same dress. Then her feet are
different from them. Mason announced Jack Beggles won for the boys usually caked with dry mud. They treat her
Maddie knows that and Wanda for girls.Wanda was absent. The badly. They make fun of her. They belittle her.
she should have class was astonished to know that Wanda could
stood up to her draw. The children clapped their hands and the Q2. How does Wanda feel about the dresses
friends and sketches were all beautiful and different .The game? Why does she say that she has a
defended Wanda. blue and the green dress once spoken by Wanda hundred dresses.
She feels guilty for was identified by Peggy and Maddie. They were Ans : Wanda feels about the dresses game. She
not speaking up, for shocked to know her great quality of drawing. says that she has a hundred dresses. It is to

standing by and counter the fun other girls make of her. She felt

allowing her friends insulted.


to tease Wanda. Methodology” Lecture-cum-demonstration


Maddie and her Q3. Why does Maddie stand by and not do

friends later VIDEO LINKS FOR TEACHING THIS anything? How is she different from Peggy?

discover that Wanda LESSON:- Ans : Maddie stands by and does nothing
is a very talented because she doesn’t have the courage to speak
artist, and that her to Peggy. She is different from Peggy as she
drawing of one doesn’t make fun of Wanda. She remains silent
hundred beautiful while Peggy makes fun of Wanda. Peggy’s
dresses has won the friendship is important to her. It is because she
school's art contest. is the best liked girl in the whole room. She
Students will listen to the teacher carefully and
The girls realize that hopes Peggy wouldn’t do anything wrong.
they misjudged follow the instructions given to them. They will
Wanda, and feel note the Blackboard work and question answers Q4. What does Miss Mason think of Wanda’s
incredibly guilty for in their note-books. They will follow the drawing? What do the children think of them?
never believing her homework related instructions as desired by the How do you know?
stories of her "one teacher. Ans : Miss Mason thinks of Wanda’s drawing
hundred dresses." In as “exquisite” “all different and all beautiful.
the end, the girls The children think of them as amazing” . They
write a letter to stop short and gasped when they look at their
Wanda, hoping to beauty and brilliance. I know this from their
make amends, and reaction. They are taken in surprisingly by their
they are pleasantly dazzling colours and lavish design.
surprised by her
willingness to

Class : X Subject: English Book: First Flight

Chapter name : The Hundred Dresses-II No. of periods required: 04

Date of commencement : As per the schedule in teacher diary

Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As described in the objectives of the lesson plan

Gist of lesson Pedagogy and use of ICT/TLM/ABL/ Blackboard and Question Answers Oral and written works
other materials and plan of activities to achieve the
OBJECTIVES Q1. What did Mr. Petronski’s letter say?
The lesson begins
with a letter A: Mr. Petronski wrote a letter informing
received from a)To promote language skills LSWR (Listening, the school that his daughter, Wanda
Wanda’s father Speaking, Writing and Reading). Petroski would not come to school any
informing the b) To develop healthy feelings towards their more. They were moving to a big city
school about their fellow - friends regardless of their socio-eco where no one would make fun of her name.
moving to a big status.
city where nobody c) To make them understand how to identify Q2. Is Miss Mason angry with the class, or
would tease Wanda qualities or talent of an individual. is she unhappy and upset?
for her funny name d)To discourage forming biased opinions about A: When Miss Mason came to know that

as well her

someone on the basis of external appearances. the class had been making fun of Wanda
appearance. After

e) To develop respect towards their classmates. Petronski’s name, she was both unhappy

getting familiar

with the content of f) To discourage them for passing derogatory and upset. She was not angry but she was

the letter through comments about their friends. troubled to know the incident.

the teacher the g)To enrich their vocabulary with new words Q3.How does Maddie feel after listening to
whole class got and phrases. the note from Wanda’s father?
stunned and h) To make them familiar with the content and A: Maddie had a very sick feeling in the
realized their message of the story The Hundred Dresses. bottom of her stomach. She could not put
derogatory remarks PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE TESTING:- her mind in her work. She thought that she
and attitude In the part I of this lesson, what do you think was as bad as Peggy because she never
towards Wanda.
about Wanda’s concept of hundred dresses ? stopped Peggy from asking insulting
Maddie felt so bad Was the behavior of classmates of Wanda right ? question from Wanda about her dresses
that she couldn’t Is it right to insult the classmates and teasing them though she did not like.
concentrate on her ? Q4.What does Maddie want to do?
studies after What will happen if Wanda leaves that school ? A: Maddie wants to tell Wanda that she
knowing the facts.
never meant to insult her. She was sorry
She wanted to meet
Wanda in person to
Methodology: Lecture-cum-demonstration for everything she did not want Wanda to
clarify her stand leave that place.
that she never MAIN POINTS
meant to hurt her Q5.What excuses does Peggy think up for
feelings. • The teacher makes the classroom fully attentive her behavior? Why?
When the school before reading out the letter written by Wanda’s A: Peggy was also upset over the incident
was over Maddie father informing them about absence of Wanda she said that she had never called her a
and Peggy both and Jack from their school for good. foreigner. She never made fun of her name.
went to •
the The Petronski family decides to settle in a big city She thought she was too dumb.
residence of so that their children don’t suffer from funny
Wanda at Boggins pranks played by their classmates. Q6.What were Maddie’S thoughts as they

Height to meet her The whole class along with the teacher got go to Boggins Heights?
but by that time shocked with the content of the letter sent by Mr. A: Maddie thought that she would find
they had already Petronski. Wanda and on meeting her she would tell
left so their visit
• The entire class got tensed and they felt bad abouther nobody would make fun of her name.
was fruitless.
Wanda. Maddie could concentrate on her studies. If anybody made fun Peggy and Maddie
Then they wrote •a She felt that she is coward and never stopped would fight with them.
friendly letter to Peggy from making fun of Wanda. Q7. Why does Wanda’s house remind
Wanda telling her • She wanted to meet Wanda. She made up her Maddie of Wanda’s blue dress?
she had won the mind to go to her house and tell her that she has A: Maddie and Peggy reached Wanda’s
contest but the won the prize. little house at Boggins Height. The house
letter was not
• When the school was over Peggy and Maddie and its little yard looked shabby but clean.
responded by
Wanda. On went to Boggins Heights. It reminded Maddie of Wanda’s one
Christmas Miss• Both the girls found her house but they could not dress, her faded blue cotton dress, shabby
Masion their meet her as they had already left the place. but clean.
teacher received •a Peggie tried to defend her behaviuor but Maddie Q8.What does Maddie think hard about?
letter from Wanda is not satisfied. What important decision does she come
informing that she • On Saturday both Peggie and Maddie wrote a to?
was no more in letter to Wanda telling her she had won the A: Maddie was upset over the incident.
need of those contest. She could not meet wanda. She thought
hundred dresses as • Days passed but there was no answer from about Wanda, her faded blue dress, the
she had new
Wanda. little house she was living in and the
hundred dresses in
her new house • It was Christmas time when Miss Mason received glowing pictures of hundred dresses. She
hence those should a letter from Wanda. Wanda had written a letter decided that she was never going to stand
that the girls could keep those hundred dresses by and say nothing again.

be gifted to the

girls especially because in her new house she had hundred new Q9. What did the girls write to Wanda?

blue one to Maddie ones. A: The girls wrote to Wanda about the

and green one to • She had gifted special drawing to Peggy and contest and told her that she had won it. It

Peggy. Maddie. was friendly letter. They asked if she liked


They accepted and • Maddie found that the face in the drawing looked her new place and the teachers.
pinned them in like her. Q10. Did they get a reply? Who was more
their bedrooms• She went to Peggy’s house and saw her drawing anxious for a reply, Peggy or Maddie?How
.There Maddie too. do you know?
gazed for a long • She made up her mind to go to her house and tell A: Weeks went by and still Wanda did not
time at the picture her that found that the face and head of the answer to Peggy and Maddie. After a long
and found that the drawing looked like their face and head. period of time, the reply was received by
face in the drawing
• Peggy consoled herself by saying that Wanda the school. Maddie was more anxious for a
was resembling to
her own. Then she
really liked them Maddie agreed and blinked reply. Peggy had begun to forget the whole
ran to Peggy’s away the tears that came every time she thought business. But Maddie did not forget
house to see her of Wanda Petronski. Wanda. She used to make speeches about
drawing also. Wanda before going to bed.
Peggy was also VIDEO LINKS FOR THE LESSON:- Q11. How did the girls know that Wanda
happy to find same liked them even though they had teased
in the drawing. her?
Peggy consoled A: In her letter to school, Wanda wished
herself saying that all the girls Merry Christmas. She offered
Wanda really liked
them. Maddie
Students will listen to the teacher carefully and all the hundred dresses for the girls. This
agreed and blinked follow the instructions given to them. They will shows that Wanda liked all of them though
away the tears note the Blackboard work and question answers in they always teased her.
which came every their note-books. They will follow the homework
time she thought of related instructions as desired by the teacher.
Wanda Petronski.

Class : X Subject: English Book: First Flight

Chapter name: A Baker From Goa No. of periods required: 04

Date of commencement : As per the schedule in teacher diary

Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As described in the objectives of the lesson plan

Gist of lesson Pedagogy and use of Question Answers Oral and written works
Blackboard and other
materials and plan of
activities to achieve
the LOs
The lesson
OBJECTIVES Q1. What are the elders in Goa nostalgic about?
begins with a) To aware the A. The narrator often finds his elders thinking about ‘those good
how narrator’s students about old days’ and telling them about the famous breads that date back
elders often ancient Goan to the time when Portuguese ruled over Goa. They ponder over the
recall the time culture and past and tell them that though the Portuguese have left Goa but the
when Goa was Portuguese baking bakers still exist, if not the original ones, their legacy is being

under the rule


arts continued by their sons.

of the

b) To aware the


students about Q2. Is bread-making still popular in Goa? How do you know?
They talk how

mixed culture of A. Yes, bread-making is still popular in the city of Goa. It is


the importance
Goa and the evident from the existence of time-tested furnaces, mixers and
of bakers is
still professional moulders. The legacy of bakers is being continued by their sons.
maintained in vendetta of local You will find a bakery in every Goan village as bread is an
their villages people living in important part of the Goan culture.
even after the rural Goa
Portuguese c) To promote Q3. What is the baker called?
have left. language skills A. The baker is referred to as ‘Pader’ in the city of Goa.
They are LSWR (Listening,
known as Speaking, Writing Q4. When would the baker come everyday? Why did the children
‘Paders’ in and Reading). run to meet him?
Goa. The PREVIOUS A. The baker would come twice every day during the narrator’s
KNOWLEDGE childhood days. Once in the morning to deliver the loaves of bread
moulders and
their time- TEST: and secondly, in the evening on his return after selling his stock.
tested furnaces The children would go running to him to take the special bread
continue to METHODOLOGY: bangles he had made for them.
serve the Lecture-cum- Q5. Match the following. What is a must
people of Goa demonstration as marriage gifts? – cakes and bolinhas
with their MAIN PONITS OF for a party or a feast? – sweet bread called bol
famous bread LECTURE :- for a daughter’s engagement? – bread
loaves. It is for Christmas? – sandwiches
possible that This lesson is a pen Answer:-
the original portrait of a marriage gifts Sweet bread called Bol
ones may not traditional Goan For a party or a feast Bread
exist, but their village beaker that For daughter’s engagement Sandwiches
profession is still has For Christmas Cakes and bolinhas
being unimportant place
continued by
in his vicinity. Goa Q6. What did the bakers wear:
their sons. The
thud of their is the place which
bamboo stick has the varied In the Portuguese days?
can still be culture of French, When the author was young?
heard in some English and
parts of the Portuguese. Here in A.(i) In the Portuguese days, the bakers wore a unique knee-length
village. The this lesson the frock dress typically known as ‘kabai’.
same jingling description of a (ii) In the narrator’s childhood days, he had seen them wearing
thud would village hacker shirts and shorter than usual pants.
wake the reminds us of the
narrator and Old Portuguese Q7. Who invites the comment — “he is dressed like a pader”?
his friends
days. Why?
during their
childhood A. During the narrator’s childhood days, the bakers had a peculiar
days who The beaker comes dress. They wore shirts and shorter than usual pants. Thus, if
would go with the jhang - someone is seen wearing pants of this much length, they invite the
running to him jhang sound—a comment – “he is dressed like a pader”.
without sound of his

brushing or bamboo stuff. His Q8. Where were the monthly accounts of the baker recorded?

washing their one hand supports A. The monthly accounts of the baker were recorded on some wall

mouth the basket of his with a pencil.


properly. It head and the other


was the maid-

hand the bamboo Q9. What does a ‘jackfruit-like appearance’ mean?
servant of the
house who
on the ground. The A. ‘Jackfruit-like appearance’ means a well-built or plump
collected the baker places the physique, similar to a jackfruit. In those days, bakers had plump
loaves while basket and the physique because baking was a profitable profession. His family
children sorted imploring children and servants never starved and were prosperous.
out the bread surround him to
bangles for look into the basket Q. Which of these statements are correct?
themselves. what verities of
Bakery eatables he carries. The pader was an important person in the village in old times.
products have They buy the loves
importance in and even eat True
the culture and
without brushing. Paders still exist in Goan villages.(True)
traditions of
Goa. Bol or
The paders went away with the Portuguese.
sweet bread is The sells are so
a part of importantly False, they still exist in Goan villages.
marriage gifts, intertwined with the The paders continue to wear a single-piece long frock.
cakes and social custom with
Bolinhas or Goan people that False, they wear shirts and trousers that are shorter than the
coconut their presence is usual ones and longer than the half-pants.
cookies are inevitable. Bread and cakes were an integral part of Goan life in the old
eaten at every
festival and Marriage gifts are days.
the lady of the meaningless
house prepares without the sweet
sandwiches at False, they are still an integral part of Goan culture.
bread called “bol”.
her daughter’s Traditional bread-baking is still a very profitable business.
Cakes and bolinhas
are a must for
Earlier bakers True, Paders and their families starve in the present times.
wore a unique festival. Their
frock of knee- peculiar dress is
length known known as “kabai” False, it is still a very profitable business and their families are
as ‘kabai’ but as they themselves happy and prosperous.
during the are known as
narrator’s “pader”. They have
childhood Q. Is bread an important part of Goan life? How do you know
a joyful life as they
days, they earn this?
wore a shirt A. Bread is an important part of the Goan culture and it is evident
well. Their plum
and trousers of physique is thefrom its presence at every important occasion. From sweet breads
length slightly
testimony to this.
at marriages to sandwiches at engagement parties and cakes and
shorter than
the usual ones. Bolinhas at Christmas as well as other occasions, makes the
They VIDEO LINKS TO presence of a baker in every village, very essential.
generally THIS LESSON :
collected their
bills at the end Tick the right answer. What is the tone of the author when he says

VSU the following?

of every

month. Bakery


has continued M
The thud and the jingle of the traditional baker’s bamboo can

to be a
Vi still be heard in some places. (nostalgic, hopeful, sad)

profitable Q4c
profession, Maybe the father is not alive but the son still carries on the
managing to family profession. (nostalgic, hopeful, sad)
keep their TRTk
I still recall the typical fragrance of those loaves. (nostalgic,
joyous and Students will listen hopeful, naughty)
prosperous. to the teacher The tiger never brushed his teeth. Hot tea could wash and clean
carefully and up everything so nicely, after all. (naughty, angry, funny)
follow the Cakes and bolinhas are a must for Christmas as well as other
instructions given festivals. (sad, hopeful, matter-of-fact)
to them. They will
note the Blackboard The baker and his family never starved. They always looked
work and question happy and prosperous. (matter-of-fact, hopeful, sad)
answers in their Answers-
note-books. They Nostalgic
will follow the Nostalgic
homework related Nostalgic
instructions as
desired by the
teacher. Matter-of-fact

Class : X Subject: English Book: First Flight

Chapter name: Coorg No. of periods required: 04

Date of commencement : As per the schedule in teacher diary

Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As described in the objectives of the lesson plan

Gist of lesson Pedagogy and use of ICT/TLM/ABL/ Question Answers Oral and written
Blackboard and other materials and plan of works
activities to achieve the LOs
OBJECTIVE Q1. Where is Coorg?
Coorg lies midway
To familiarize the students with a A: Coorg is situated in the midway
between Mysore
tourist place of India. between Mysore and the coastal
and Mangalore . It
To make them feel the beauty of Coorg. town of Mangalore. It is the
looks like a piece of
To enable them about the geography of paradise on this earth. It must have
heaven on the earth.
Coorg. been drifted from the kingdom of
It is a hilly place of
To make them aware of the people of God.
brave men,

beautiful women

To tell them about its location,historical Q2. What is the story about

and wild creatures.


background, climate etc. Kodavus people descent?


It is also known by
To tell them about its famous tourist A: There are many stories about

the name of

spot and destinations. Kodavu people’s descent. One of

‘Kodagu’. We can
To enable the learners to read and the stories tells that a part of
reach Coorg from
identify the main points of the text. Alexander’s army while moving
To enable them to use new words and south along the coast could not
Bangalore, or
their meanings. return . They settled there and did
Mysore by rail,road
To test the students’ ability to marital relations with the local
or by air.
comprehend. people. One can note the difference
Coorg is the PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE TESTING:- between their traditions and other
smallest district of A) Have you visited south Indian places Hindus . Thus these are Greek or
Karnataka. It is the like Mysore or Banglore ? Arabic descents.
home of evergreen B) Have you heard about Coorag (Kodgu) The theory of Arab origin supports
forests, spices and ? that the kodagus wear long black
coffee plantations. MAIN POINTS :- coat with an embroidered waist
It rains heavily colonial : Pertaining to a colony belt known as Kuppia. It resembles
during the Coral is a colonial organism. the Kuffia worn by the Arabs and
monsoons and the Canopies : Hanging covers that form a Kurds.
visitors keep away. shelter
But the months A covering (usually of cloth) that serves Q3. What are some of the things
from September to as a roof to shelter an area from the you know about :
March are very weather. 1. The people of Coorg
pleasant. The air Fiercely : Very much A: They are hospitable and friendly
breathes of She was fiercely proud of her children. . They will tell the tales of bravery
refreshing coffee. Trekkers : Travellers of their sons and fathers.
A traveller who makes a long arduous 2. The main crop of Coorg
The Coorg people
journey (as hiking through mountainous A: Coffee.
live a life of
country). 3. What sports it offers to a
independence. It is
Panoramic view : A view of wide area A: These are river rafting ,
believed that they
A situation or topic as if viewed from an canoeing, rappelling , rock
are descended from
altitude or distance. climbing , mountain biking and the
the Greeks or the
key points walking trails.
Arabs. According
4. What animals you are likely
to the Greek theory,
Coorg, the smallest district is situated to see in Coorg
it is said that a part
between Mysore and Mangalore. It is A: These are elephants , langurs
of Alexander’s
situated in hills and inhabited by martial and macaques .
army found it
men and women. Coorg is also known as 5. Its distance from Bangalore
impossible to go
Kodagu. and how to get there

back and was left


There are evergreen forests ,spices and A: Distance-250-260 K.m. The

here. These people

coffee plantations and colonial route via Mysore is often


married among the

bungalows. frequented one. The other route is

locals. The martial


via Neelamangal, Kunigal,

traditions of the
Greeks, their
They are descendants of Greeks and SHORT QUESTIONS &
marriage and
religious rites are
A story goes that a part of Alexander’s
quite visible among
army stayed back and married local Q1. What is referred to as ‘ a piece
the Coorg people.
women. of heaven’?
According to Arab
So the present race is a mixture of both Ans. The place referred to as ‘a
theory, the Kuppia(
cultures. piece of heaven’ is Coorg.
A long, black coat
They wear long black coats,
with an
embroidered waists belts. Q2. Where is it situated?
embroidered belt)
Their dress relates them to Arabs and Ans. It is situated in Karnataka.
worn by the
Kodavus resembles
PEOPLE ARE BRAVE AND Q3. Why do many tourists not visit
the Kuffia worn by
HOSPITABLE it during monsoons?
the Arabs and the
They are hospitable and are proud to tell Ans. During monsoons , there is
about the bravery of their forefathers. heavy rainfall. That is why many
Kodavus or Coorgis In the Indian Army ,the C Regiment is tourists do not visit this place
are known for their the most decorated regiment. during monsoons.
bravery and General he first Chief of the Indian
hospitality . The Army was a Co Q4. Why are people drawn to it?
Coorg regiment of WATER AND COORGI LIFE Ans. People are drawn to it because
the Indian Army The river Kaveri gets water from the hills of its natural beauty, fine weather
has won many of Coorg. A fish Mahasheer abounds in and refreshing air.
bravery awards. this water. Animals like Langurs drop
General Cariappa , partially eaten fruit in water. Kingfishers Q5.What is the chief characteristic
the first chief of the dive in it, elephants are bathed in it. of the Coorgi people?
Indian Army was a OTHER ADVENTURES Ans. These people are fiercely
Coorgi. River – rafting , travelling in a boat, independent.
rock- climbing make life adventurous.
The river Kaveri
Wild elephants , butterflies and Q6. Why did a part of Alexander’s
obtains its water
squirrels draw our attention. army settle in Coorg?
from the hills and
PLACES WORTH WATCHING Ans. They found it impractical to
forests of Coorg.
The entire Coorg can be seen by return and ,therefore, settled in
The area is rich in
climbing Brahmgiri hills.The island of Coorg.
wild life like
Nisargadham and Buddisht settlement at
Bylakuppe are interesting places. Q7. What supports the Greek


VIDEO LINKS FOR LESSON: theory about the origin of the


Coorgi people?

and parrots. The Ans. The martial traditions ,the


most popular

marriage and religious rites of the

adventure sports are
Coorgis correspond with those of
rafting ,canoeing, the Greeks.
rappelling, rock
Q8. What supports the Arab theory
climbing and about the origin of the Coorgi
mountain biking.
The Nisargadhama Students will listen to the teacher Ans. The Coorgis wear a long ,
island is a lovely
black coat known as Kuppia. It
island beyond the carefully and follow the instructions given
resembles the Kuffia worn by the
Brahmagiri hills.
to them. They will note the Blackboard Arabs and the Kurds.
The Buddhist
Q9. Who was General Cariappa?
monks settled here
work and question answers in their note- Ans. He was a Coorgi and the first
give us a glimpse
chief of the Indian Army.
of the heart and books. They will follow the homework Q10. What is unique about the
soul of India.
Kodavus in India?
related instructions as desired by the
Ans. They are the only people in
teacher. India permitted to carry fire arms
without a license.

Class : X Subject: English Book: First Flight

Chapter name: Tea from Assam No. of periods required: 04

Date of commencement : As per the schedule in teacher diary

Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As described in the objectives of the lesson plan

Gist of lesson Pedagogy and use of ICT/TLM/ABL/ Question Answers Oral and written works
Blackboard and other materials and plan of
activities to achieve the LOs
OBJECTIVES:- 1. Describe the scenery outside the train.
“Tea from
Assam”, To test student’s prior knowledge Where were Pranjol and Rajvir going by train?
written by
Arup Kumar and use it as scaffold to promote A: There were green, green forests
Dutta is an
informative comprehension of the text. everywhere. Rajvir had never seen such
story. The
To encourage students to use greenery before. He was going to Assam with

story revolves

around the tea different words to express themselves


his friend. Soon the soft green paddy fields


garden of

Assam. To enable the students to share their gave way to tea bushes. Both of them were

Pranjol, a personal experiences going to Assam. Pranjol’s father Mr. Barua

youngster from
Assam, is To enable the learners to extrapolate was the manager of a tea garden in Upper
classmate in from the given text. Assam.
school in
To sensitize the students to the Q2. What did they see on both side of the
Pranjol’s father feeling on an individual gravel-road?
is the manager
of a tea garden To give information about A: While travelling they saw tea bushes. On
in Upper
Assam and something crucial. both sides they saw acres of tea bushes. They
Pranjol has
NEW WORDS :- were all neatly pruned to the same height.
invited Rajvir
to visit his Twigs : Slender woody shoots Groups of tea-pluckers had bamboo-baskets on
home during
the summer growing from a branch or steam their back.
Rajvir visits Willow twigs have been planted to Q3. Why was Pranjol’s father was surprised?
Assam in a
train with form a hedge on the bank side. A: Pranjol’s father was surprised when Rajvir
Pranjol and he
Ardent : Enthusiastic or passionate showed how much he knew about tea by
keeps taking
pleasures of I am still an ardent member of the saying that it was the second flush or sprouting
the scenery.
They arrive at society and an equally ardent follower period and that it lasted from May to July and
junction and of events at brook lands, albeit from yielded the best tea
then at the tea
garden of
Pranjol’s Beverage : A drink other than water. Q4. At which station did the boys stop and
Coffee has the most caffeine, tea who received them?
Almost 8
carore cups of somewhat less, and the cola beverages A: The boy got down at Mariani junction.
tea are drunk
every day in least of all. Q5. What are the two Legends about Tea?

the whole

world. Clatter : A loud rattling sound as a A: Chinese legend :-


About the hard objects striking each other. A Chinese emperor always boiled water before

origin of the

tea it is said He pulled a table with milk vessels drinking it. One day a few leaves of branches
that a Buddhist and a few pots with me, making a big
burning under the pot fell into the water. It
monk while
meditating felt gave a delicious flavour. These were tea
sleepy. To Sprouting : growing
avoid it he cut The sprouting leaves of the tea plants leaves.
his eye lids and are used to make tea. Pranjol, a
threw them. Indian legend:-
youngster from Assam, is Rajvir’s
Few sapling
Bodhidharma, a Buddhist monk cut off his
sprouted out of classmate
them. It is said Pranjol’s father is the manager of a tea eyelids because he felt sleepy during
they were tea
garden in Upper Assam
leaves that meditations. Ten tea plants grew out of his
banished sleep Pranjol has invited Rajvir to visit his
after boiling eyelids. These leaves when put in hot water
and drinking it.
Rajvir and Pranjol on the way to and drunk, banished sleep.
The other
under current Assam text book questions and answers
story lies like Tea gardens scene
this that a king Q1. Look at these words : upkeep, downpour,
Beautiful scenery outside
in China was
undergo, dropout, walk-in. They are built-up
in habit of About legends behind tea:- Chinese
drinking water legend and Indian legend from a verb and an adverb or a particle.
after boiling it.
Tea and China- The history of the
Few twigs fell Use these words appropriately on the sentences
into his boiling names like ‘chai’ and ‘chini’
water. After below. You may consult a dictionary.
Reaching the destination-Assam
drinking it, his
Dropping at Mariani junction 1. A heavy downpour has been forecast due to
sleep went off.
They called it Driving to Dhekibari Tea Estate
low pressure in the Bay of Bengal.
tea. Tea was Women with bamboo baskets were
first drunk in 2. Rakesh will undergo major surgery
plucking the new leaves from them
China as far
back as 2700 METHODOLOGY: Lecture-cum- tomorrow morning.
BC. Chai & Demo
3. My brother is responsible for the upkeep of

have their our family property.


origin in

China. 4. The dropout rate for this accountancy course


Tea from

is very high.
Assam is
supposed to be 5. She went to the Enterprise Company to
Students will listen to the teacher
the best kind of
tea in the carefully and follow the instructions attend a walk-in interview.
whole world. given to them. They will note the
The best yield Blackboard work and question
comes from
answers in their note-books. They will
May to July
every year. follow the homework related
instructions as desired by the teacher.

Class : X Subject: English Book: First Flight

Chapter name: Mijbil the Otter No. of periods required: 04

Date of commencement : As per the schedule in teacher diary

Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As described in the objectives of the lesson plan

Gist of lesson Pedagogy and use of Question Answers Oral and written works
ICT/TLM/ABL/ Blackboard and
other materials and plan of
activities to achieve the LOs
In this story the author
Gavin Maxwell tells us
• To familiarize the students with Q1. How was Mij to be transported to England?
about his pet. After the the theme of the lesson. A: The British Airline to England would not fly
death of the dog, he • To develop the students’ animals. So Maxwell booked a flight to Paris on
thought to have another speaking skills. another airline and from there to London. The
pet. Early in 1956 he • To develop the students’ skill of airline insisted that Mij should be packed into a
travelled to Southern summing up. box not more than eighteen inches square. Thus

• To develop the skill to scan for Mij was transported to England in that box, which

Iraq. He saw there

information. was kept on the floor at his feet

some Arab people


• To develop the skills of making


having an otter. Then, Q2. What happened when the box was opened?
oral presentations.

he also thought of A: When the box was opened, Mij went out of the


To make the learners seek

having an otter. He told meaning in reading using box. He disappeared at a high speed down the
this to his friend. His variety of strategies such as aircraft. There were cries all around. A woman
mail was due; prior knowledge, inferring, stood up on her seat crying, “A rat”
therefore, with a friend predicting and confirming.
• To develop the skills of writing Q3. Why did Maxwell get his mail after five days
he went to Basra to and what he did to get it?
receive his mail. His different kinds of factual and
imaginative texts for a wide A: Maxwell cabled to England. But even after three
friend collected his days, nothing happened. He then tried to telephone.
range of purposes.
mail and went away. The call had to be booked twenty four hours in
After he had left, he Otter : A wild cat Otters are found in advance. On the first day, the line was out of order.
received a sack in Iraq just like mosquitos. On the second day, there was another breakdown.
which there was
Sack : Bag Q4. What did the otter look like?
something. The sack A: The otter looked like a small dragon belonging
was for the narrator and to the middle ages. It was covered with
there was an otter in it. The animal was kept in a sack
symmetrical pointed scales of mud armour. One
The narrator christened could see between the scales a soft velvet fur like
Tame : Domesticate that of a chocolate-brown mole.
it, Mijbil. First the otter
slept on the floor but Arabs are considered to be good in Q5. What did Mijbil do during the second night?
soon he entered the bed taming otters. A: Mijbil came on to Maxwell’s bed soon after
till the servant bought midnight. It remained asleep in the crook of his
tea. When it went to Cable : To send telegram knees until the morning.
bathroom it plunged
and rolled in the bath The writer cabled a message to Q6. What, according to the writer, is the ‘real play’
England. of the otter?
tub joyfully. The
A: The real play of an otter is lying on his back and
narrator was extremely juggling with small objects between his paws.
Breakdown : Being out of order
surprised when he Marbles were Mijbil’s favourite toys for this
found it struggling with There was a power breakdown. pastime. He would roll two or more of them up and
the water tap. It had down on his wide,fat belly. He never dropped one
learnt how to turn on Squat : Crouching position with to the floor.
the tap. It spent most of bent leg
the rubber ball and The building squatted low.
Q1. What ‘experiment’ did Maxwell think
marbles. Camusfearna would be suitable for?
A: Maxwell had settled in Camusfearna. He
He was staying at thought that he should like to keep an otter instead
In the beginning of 1956, the of a dog. Camusfearna was ringed by water. So it
Basra while he had to
author was in Iraq. One day on the would be a very suitable spot for this experiment of
move to England and way to Basra, he casually keeping an otter.
then to Camusfearna. mentioned to a friend that he would
But the problem was love to have an otter instead of a Q2. Why does he go to Basra? How long does he
that some of the airlines dog as a pet·A few days later, the wait there, and why?
author got an otter from his friend. A: He goes there to collect his mail and also to

did not allow


transporting animals. Two Arabs brought it for him in a mail his answers. He had to wait there for five days

sack. The author stayed in Basra for .He had to wait there because his mail arrived five
Therefore, the narrator

a few days. Very soon the otter days later due to certain problems.
had to choose a

became very friendly with the


different flight that author. It loved to play with water Q3. How does he get the otter? Does he like it?
allowed animals on all the time. It played with a rubber Pick out the words that tell you this.
board. As a result, ball also.The author named his otter A:It was sent to him by his friend. He liked the
Mijbil was packed in a Mijbil. He made for it a body-belt. otter very much. He made for it a body-belt and
He would take it on a lead to the also enjoyed its pranks in the bathroom
box of its size. Then the
bathroom. There the otter would go
narrator went for the mad playing with water. It could Q4. Why was otter named ‘Maxwell’s Otter’?
meals. When he even turn the tap and make the A: It was because the scientists came to know this
returned to his room, he water flow at full pressure.After particular species from Maxwell’s otter only.
noticed blood coming some days, the author was to come
out from the air holes. back to London. The transporting of Q5. What happened when Maxwell took Mijbil to
He got frightened. He Mijbil became a problem. British the bathroom? What did it do two days after that?
airline did not permit animals on its A:It at once started plunging and rolling in the
hurriedly opened it and
flights. Another airline agreed to bathtub. It went wild with joy. Two days later,it
saw that Mij was take the animal if packed in a escaped into the bathroom and started fumbling
almost unconscious. He boxThe author made a small box for with the tap; soon it turned the tap on.
removed all the sharp the otter. He had to face a lot of Q1. How was Mij to be transported to England?
edges from the box and difficulty and it made him late for A: Mij was to be flown to Paris and from there to
placed it again into the the plane. While in the plane, the England. The airline insisted that Mij had to be
box. The time was otter escaped from the box. There packed in a box.
was a lot of hue and cry. At last, the
passing and he
otter came back and settled on the
managed to hire a taxi. Q2. What did Mij do to the box?
author’s knees.After an eventful
There were only ten journey, the author and his otter at A: It tore the lining of the lid to shreds.
minutes in his flight. So last reached London where he lived Q3. Why did Maxwell put the otter back in the box?
he sat at the back seat in a flat. The otter spent most of its How do you think he felt when he did this?
time playing with its toys. A: He was to take the otter with him to the airport.
of the taxi and placed
Sometimes the author took it out for So he put it back into the box. He was sad for the
the box on his lap. a walk. He would take it on a lead poor otter.
Somehow he managed as if it were a dog.Opposite to the Q4. Why does Maxwell say-‘the air hostess was the
to catch the flight and author’s flat, there was a primary very queen of her kind’?
he boarded the plane. school that had a low outer wall A: The air hostess was very nice to Maxwell.She
The air hostess was about thirty yards long. The otter did all she could do for Maxwell and his otter.
somewhat friendly and would jump on to it and go running Q5. What happened when the box was opened?
all the length of the wall. Different A: The otter at once jumped out of the box and
she allowed the narrator
people made different guesses as to disappeared under the seats.
to place the otter on his what animal it was. They would say
lap. But as soon as the it was a baby seal, squirrel, a Page No 110
narrator opened the box walrus, a hippo, a beaver, a bear
the otter disappeared in cub or even a leopard with Q1. What game had Mij invented?
the plane. This spots.Very few Londoners had ever A: He had invented a game with ping-pong ball.
frightened the seen an otter. They were filled with He would put the ball at one end of a sloping lid
surprise on seeing such a strange and then grab it as it ran to the other end.
passengers. But the animal. ·One day a labourer was Q2. What are ‘Compulsive habits’? What does
airhostess helped him digging a hole in the street. Looking Maxwell say are the compulsive habits of :
to find out Mij again. at the author’s otter, he exclaimed, i.School children ii.Mij
“Here, Mister, what is that A: Compulsive habits are the things that one feels

supposed to be?” compelled to do in circumstances. On their way to


In London people

and from school, children make it a habit to place


did not recognize VIDEO LINKS:- their feet exactly on the centre of each paving

otters. They used to block. Similarly, Mij had made it a habit to jump

make blind guesses to on to the school wall and go galloping all along its
recognize the animal. length of thirty yards.
The most surprising Q3. What group of animals does otters belongs to? A: Otters belong to the group known as
event was when the Mustellines.
labourer was digging Q4. What guesses did the Londoners make about
his hole in the street.
what Mij was?
On seeing the animal, A: Their guesses included all possible animals but
Students will listen to the teacher
he placed down his the otter. They called it a beaver, a seal, a leopard,
carefully and follow the instructions
tools and when the a bear cub, a squirrel and what not.
given to them. They will note the
narrator neared him, he Blackboard work and question
Q5. What things does Mij do which tell you that he
shouted, what is that answers in their note-books. They
is an intelligent, friendly and fun loving animal
supposed to be. will follow the homework related
who needs love?
instructions as desired by the
A: Mij develops a bond of friendship with the
author in just twenty-four hours. He sleeps
comfortably in the crook of the author’s knees. His
behavior in the aeroplane shows that he is
intelligent, friendly and fun loving animal who
needs love.

Class : X Subject: English Book: First Flight

Chapter name: Madam Rides The Bus No. of periods required: 04

Date of commencement : As per the schedule in teacher diary

Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As described in the objectives of the lesson plan

Gist of lesson Pedagogy and use of ICT/TLM/ABL/ Question Answers Oral and written works
Blackboard and other materials and plan of
activities to achieve the LOs
This is a Q1. What was Valli’s favourite pastime?
sensitive story A: As Valli had no playmate of her age, so her
To develop the art of communication skills.
of an eight year favourite pastime was to stand in her doorway and
To enable them to speak themselves in
old girl’s first watch the street. The street outside used to be full
grammatically correct language and with
bus journey of activities which were enough to keep her
proper expression. amused and engaged.
into the world
To enable the learners to extrapolate from
outside her
the given text. Q2. What was a source of unending joy for Valli?
village .The
To sensitize the students to the feelings of an What was her strongest desire?
girl Valli, at a

A: The bus was a source of unending joy for her.

very tender

To enable the students to think of an The bus used to bring a new set of passengers
age, tries to

alternative ending to the story. every-time it came from the town. The diversity of
understand the

To enable them to use new words and people, their activities were a treat to watch for
mystery of life

phrases in their own language. Valli. Her strongest desire was to take a ride in the

and death. The bus at least once.

To make them write correct sentences.
outside world
NEW WORDS:- Q3. What did Valli find out about the bus journey?
for Valli is
Curious : eager to know How did she find out these details?
charming and
A curious child is a teacher's delight. A: Valli tried to listen to her neighbours to get the
fascinating but
desired information about the bus journey. She
Pastime : entertainment would ask some discrete questions to get more
She longs to information. She got information about distance of
Playing violin is her favourite pastime.
experience it the town from her village and the total journey
by herself. The time it usually took.
Unusual : uncommon, not ordinary
talks of the
This is a scene of unusual beauty.
village people Q4. What do you think Valli was planning to do?
about the town A: Till now information provided in the story
Fascinating : attracting indicate towards her plan to fulfill her strongest
added fuel to
I love a fascinating story. desire which was to go on a bus ride.
the fire. She
decides to go to
Wistfully : longingly Q5. Why does the conductor call Valli ‘madam’?
the town all by
His sister would have looked beautiful in that A: Valli is trying to behave more mature than her
herself without age. She is trying to look overconfident and smart.
dress, he thought wistfully, just like an angel.
anybody’s The conductor is amused at her behaviour and in
support. She an effort to tease her calls her ‘madam’.
key points
asked the bus
The story is about an eight year girl named
conductor to Q6. Why does Valli stand up on the seat? What
Valliammai. She was very curious to know
take her to the does she see now?
about things. Her favourite pastime was to A: Valli’s view was obstructed because of a
town .She
stand at the front doorway of her house and see
herself paid her what was happening in the street outside. She canvas blind on the window and because of her
fare. She would watch the bus that passed every half an small height as well she was unable to have a good
wanted to hour from her village to the nearest town.She view outside. She stood up on her seat to have a
devour developed a desire to ride the bus. This became better view of the scenery outside. She could see a
canal with palm trees, grasslands, distant
everything with her deepest desire.Valli found out the details of
mountains and blue sky as backdrop. On the other
her eyes. She the bus journey by listening carefully to the side there was a ditch followed by vast tract of
saw the canal, conversations between her neighbours and greenery.
palm tree, grass regular bus users. She came to know that the
land, distant town was just six miles from her village and Q7. What does Valli tell the elderly man when he
mountain and the fare was thirty paise one way. The trip took calls her a child?
the blue sky. forty-five minutes. Valli planned her visit to A: Valli doesn’t like to be called a child. She
She also saw the town. She saved sixty paise for the fare. thinks that she is grown up. She says that she had
great stretch of Finally she took the one o’clock bus to the paid her full fair the way adults do. This is typical
green field as town.The conductor was a jolly short of behaviour shown by many kids of Valli’s age.
far as the eye person. He amused Valli with her light hearted
Q8. Why didn’t Valli want to make friends with
could see. She remarks. He calls her MADAM by way of the elderly woman?
was overjoyed joke. Valli was very happy to have got into the A: The elderly woman was having big earlobes
when she saw a bus. She saw outside through the window. She with bigger holes. She chewing betel nut and the
cow running could see the canal, the palm trees, grassland, betel juice was about to seep out of her mouth. She
with her raised distant mountains and the blue sky. She met was giving a sight of unrefined elderly lady. That
tail on the road some passengers in the bus. She got annoyed is why Vaali did not want to make friends with
ahead of the when an elderly man called her a child. She her.
bus. While disliked the elderly woman for her shabby look
returning she and didn’t prefer to talk to her.On the way to Q9. How did Valli save up money for her first

journey? Was it easy for her?

noticed that the the town, Valli saw a frightened cow running

A: Valli saved every coin that came her way. She


body of the right in front of the bus. She clapped gleefully made great sacrifices by controlling her normal

same cow was as the cow ran faster.Valli did not get off the childish urges of having candies, toys and joyrides.

crushed and bus at the town. She did not want to go to the This must have been difficult for her. Kids find it

bled. She was stall and have a drink because she had no very difficult to savour a candy or to enjoy a toy.
moved from money. She also declined the offer of a cold
within. Perhaps drink by the conductor. It tells u that she is a Q10. What did Valli see on her way that made her
she was trying self-respecting girl and can overcome laugh?
to understand temptation. On the return journey, she saw the A: A scared cow was running for her life in the
the meaning of same cow lying dead by the roadside. This middle of the road. It was jumping with tails up.
The more incessantly bus driver honked the more
life and death unpleasant sight made her very sad. She was a
furious its scamper became. Valli could not control
in her own sensitive girl.The bus reached the village at her laughter after seeing this.
terms. She three forty. She got down the bus and reached Q11. Why didn’t she get off the bus at the bus
returned home her home. Her mother did not come to know station?
in time. None about her journey. A: She did not know anything about the town so
of the family VIDEO LINKS TO TEACH THIS was afraid of getting lost. Moreover, her
members could LESSON:- meticulous savings plan allowed her enough
know her money to buy only tickets for her journey.
adventurous Additionally, she had to return before her mother
journey. could find her missing.
Q12. Why didn’t Valli want to go to the stall and
Students will listen to the teacher carefully and
have a drink? What does this tell you about her?
follow the instructions given to them. They A: She did not want to take obligation from the
will note the Blackboard work and question conductor. This indicates that she is taught of not
answers in their note-books. They will follow taking anything from strangers. She may be a
the homework related instructions as desired small child but she knows how to behave properly
by the teacher. in the outside world.
Lesson Plans by Vijay Kumar Heer

Class : X Subject: English Book: First Flight

Chapter name: The Proposal No. of periods required: 04

Date of commencement : As per the schedule in teacher diary

Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As described in the objectives of the lesson plan

Gist of lesson Pedagogy and use of Question Answers Oral and written
ICT/TLM/ABL/ Blackboard works
and other materials and plan of
activities to achieve the LOs
OBJECTIVE:- Text Book Questions And Answers
It is Chubukov’s house. Lomov enters .
Chubukov meets him. Chubukov is This lesson is intended to Q1: What does Chubukov at first
extremely happy to meet him. He asks give you knowledge of suspect that Lomov has come for? Is
him to sit down. He also asks him where he sincere when he later says “and
English language.
he is going in the evening dress. I’ve always loved you, my angel, as
Lomov tells him that he has come to see At the same time you get if you were my own son”? Find
him with a request. He wants to say but entertained with comical reason for your answer from the

gets excited. Chubukov feels that he has play.


come to borrow money. Lomov starts characters and their behavior

A: Chubukov at first suspects that

speaking. But he talks of this thing or that in this play. Lomov has come to borrow money.

thing. At last he says that he has come to

Chubukov is not sincere in saying

ask Natalya’s hand. Chubukov is greatly It is a translation of a


excited to hear it. this. After some minutes, Chubukov

Russian play in English. This
starts fighting with Lomov over petty
Chubukov embraces and kisses Lomov play is about 3 characters- matters. In fact, he sides with his
for it. He says that he always wanted that.
Lomov asks him if he should think that he Lomov, Natalya and daughter in fighting with Lomov. He
gives his consent. Chubukov okays it. He Chubukov. Lomov a man of even abuses Lomov calling him with
tells him that Natalya also is in love with bad names. This shows his
him. 35 wants to marry his insincerity in saying this flattering
Lomov trembles due to great excitement. neighbour’s daughter Natalya sentence.
He says that if he looks for an ideal love a girl of 25 and Chubukov, Q2: Chubukov says of Natalya :
he would never get married. He gets cold. “….as if she won’t consent ! She is
He feels that Natalya is a good Natalya’s father is squeezed
in love; egad, she is like a lovesick
housekeeper. She is beautiful and well- between them emotionally. We cat..” Would you agree? Find reason
educated. He is already 35. He should for your answer.
lead a quiet and regular life. But he now enjoy the dialogues among
A: Yes, Natalya is in love. This is
has palpitations. He starts jumping like a them which create a lot of
mad person. clear in her behavior when she
laughter. knows that Lomov came to propose
Natalya enters. She asks him why he is in
PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE to her. When she knows it, she starts
the evening dress. Is he going to a ball?
TESTING:- weeping; she calls her father to bring
Lomov tries to tell her the purpose behind Have you seen any drama in him back at once. He has gone out
the visit. But he is off the point. He tells after the quarrel. She becomes
theatre or on TV /Internet ?
that he has known her family for long. He
also tells how he inherited his land and Do you like international hysteric.
how he respects Natalya’s father . He tells dramas and their dubbed Q3: (i) Find all the words and
her hat his Oxen Meadows touch versions ? expressions in the play that the
Natalya’s birch woods. And over this
Do you know about a drama characters used to speak about other,
issue they fight verbally like bull dogs.
called The Proposal ? and accusations and insults they hurl
Natalya refuses Lomov’s claim. Lomov NEW WORDS :- at each other.
offers to make a present to them to Privilege : special advantage A: Natalya calls Lomov ‘rascal’,
Natalya. Natalya gets angry. She comes to
Citizens of USA are usually ‘The monster’.
a low level. She starts accusing Lomov.
They start shouting at each other. allowed religious privileges. Chubukov calls him ‘the villain! The
Consent : approval scarecrow!’, ‘that blind hen’ ,‘turnip
Chubukov enters. Natalya asks him to tell
Can you give me your consent ghost’, ‘the stuffed sausage’, ‘the
Lomov that Oxen Meadows are theirs.
Lomov refuses this. Chubukov clarifies to fly in the British airways. wizen-faced frump’, ‘malicious,
that by shouting Lomov won’t prove the Palpitations : an attack of rapid double-faced intriguer’, ‘pup’, ‘old
ownership. He accuses Lomov of beating of the heart rat’, ‘Jesuit’, ‘milk soap’, ‘fool’.
speaking disrespectfully as he is twice his Lomov got palpitation when Chubukov calls Lomov’s father as ‘a
age. Lomov adds that good neighbours Natalya insulted him. guzzling gambler’.
don’t behave like that. He calls Chubukov Negligee : loose fitted clothes Lomov calls Chubukov ‘intreguer’,
a land grabber.
Natalya was in negligee when Natalya’s mother as ‘hump-backed’,
Lomov threatens to take Chubukov to ‘back-bitters’, etc.
courts. They exchange abuses calling that Lomov came to see her.
Chubukov calls Lomov as ‘my
Lomov’s grandfather was a drunkard. His Splendid : magnificent precious’.

younger aunt Nastasya ran away with an

This is the splendid view of Lomov calls Natalya as ‘an excellent

architect. Lomov wants to say something.


But he feels that he is dying. house keeper, not bad looking, well

the desert.

Natalya calls Lomov ‘a rascal’. Chubukov KEY POINTS:-


(ii) Then think of five adjectives or

calls him the villain and the scare crow.
He calls him a monster who has the Lomov is received in adjectival expressions of your own to
courage to propose. describe each character in the play.
Chubukov’s house
A: Adjectives or adjectival
Hearing ‘propose’ Natalya asks what Lomov tells him the purpose
‘proposal’. Chubukov tells her that expressions that describe the
Lomov had come to propose her for of his visit characters in the play are as follows:
marriage. She starts weeping. She calls Chubukov consents. Lomov a) Lomov: weak hearted bachelor,
Chubukov to bring him back at once. She nervous , short tempered,
is in hysterics. He laments that it is a great thinks of Natalya as his own quarrelsome, rigid.
burden to be a father of a grown up life Natalya and Lomov b) Natalya: excellent housekeeper,
together talk Lomov starts good looking, well educated, sharp
Lomov enters. He has palpitating heart. tongued, short tempered, rigid
Natalya begs to be excused. She tells him talking of his land touchy and sensitive.
that the Meadows are his. Their talk now Lomov explains the c) Chubukov: old, quarrelsome, uses
centers on dogs. Lomov tells Natalya that
his best dog Guess costs him 125 roubles. ownership.Argument funny abusive language (turnip
Natalya calls it too much as her father continues, Shouting starts. ghost, stuffed sausage), intriguer,
gave 85 roubles for his Squeezer. concerned father.
Squeezer is better than his dog. Lomov Chubukov sides with Natalya. Q3: Can you imagine what these
refutes it. He states that his lower jaw is Abuses exchanged.Accusation characters will quarrel about next?
shorter than the upper. Natalya defends A: Perhaps they will quarrel on the
saying that their Squeezer is of the finest
pedigree. exchanged. Chubukov tells the quality of champagne.
Both Lomov and Natalya start fighting purpose behind Lomov’s visit.
over their dogs. Lomov calls his Guess THINKING ABOUT LANGUAGE
Fighting over dogs
better. Natalya calls hers better. Lomov’s Q.1. Read through the play carefully
heart gets palpitating. He says that his Fighting continues,Personal and find expressions that you think
heart Is going to pieces. Chubukov enters. are not used in contemporary English
He asks what the matter is. Chubukov and contrast these with idiomatic
also adds that Lomov’s dog Guess is old Lomov becomes unconscious
modern English expressions that also
and short.
Chubukov gives her
occur in the play.
Lomov cites facts for his dog’s
daughter’s hand to Lomov A: Expressions not used in
superiority. He cites the dog race with the
Contemporary English
count’s dog. In that Squeezer was left
behind. Dogs ran but Squeezer ran after a My darling
sheep. Lomov speaks about the condition
of his heart. Natalya asks him what sort of THIS LESSON:- and all that sort
hunter he is. He should go to the kitchen Idiomatic modern English
and not go after foxes. expressions
Chubukov cites with Natalya. He adds My dear fellow
that Lomov should sit at home. He My precious
changes the subject to avoid losing his and so on
temper. Lomov and he exchange abuses Q2: Look up the following phrases
calling ‘intriguer’, ‘pup’, ‘rat’, etc.

in a dictionary to find out their

Lomov tells that Chubukov’s late wife

meaning and then use each in a


beat him. He falls down.


Students will listen to the sentence of your own.


Natalya asks her father what has


happened to Lomov. Chubukov also feels teacher carefully and follow


(i) you may take it that – (accept it)

sick as he can’t breathe. Chubukov asks the instructions given to them.
what the matter is. Natalya says that I am not going to change my idea.
Lomov is ‘dead’. At this Chubukov calls They will note the Blackboard You may or may not take it.
for water and a doctor. work and question answers in (ii) He seems to be coming round –
Chubukov starts accusing himself. He their note-books. They will (regain consciousness)
calls himself the most unhappy of men. After falling down, my grandfather
He demands for a knife or a pistol. follow the homework related became unconscious. After five
Lomov is reviving. instructions as desired by the minutes when he came round
Lomov says he sees stars. He asks where teacher. everyone heaved a sigh of relief.
he is. Chubukov asks him to hurry up and (iii) My foot’s gone to sleep – ( stop
get married. Natalya is also willing to feeling any sense due to lack of
marry him. Chubukov asks him to kiss blood circulation)
each other. Lomov asks whom he should If you sit in one pose on your foot
kiss. He then says that he understands.
for a long time, it will go to sleep.
Natalya is also happy. Chubukov feels
that a weight has come off his shoulders.
He offers some Champaign.

Class : X Subject: English Book: First Flight

Chapter name: The Sermon at Benares No. of periods required: 03

Date of commencement : As per the schedule in teacher diary

Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As described in the objectives of the lesson plan

Gist of lesson Pedagogy and use of ICT/TLM/ABL/ Question Answers Oral and written
Blackboard and other materials and plan of works
activities to achieve the LOs
OBJECTIVES Short Questions & Answers
Sermon is a religious talk
delivered by a prophet or To enable the students have spiritual Q1: What do you know about the
Saint. Here we have the outlook. early life of Buddha?
journey of Goutam To enable them express themselves in A: Gautama Buddha was born in a
Buddha from prince hood grammatically correct language.
to his saintly life. He left royal family. His childhood name
To enable the learners extrapolate from
the palace at the age of was Siddhartha. At the age of 12 he
the given text.
25, after seeing the was sent away for schooling in Hindu
To sensitize the students to the fact that
sufferings of the world, to

sacred scriptures and four years letter


seek enlightenment. He death is the ultimate truth in the world.

he was married to a princess,

wandered for seven years, To enable them use new words and

here and there, and under phrases in their own language. Yashodhara.

a peepal tree at Bodhgaya To help them know that nothing is


he got it. His first sermon permanent. Everything is subject to decay. Q2: What did he see when he went
was delivered at Benaras
All human beings are mortals. And mortals out hunting? What did he do then?
as it was considered to be
the holiest place because are bound to die. A: He saw a sick man, then an aged
of the river Ganga. They help them know the fact that man, then a funeral procession, and
grieving on the death of a relative brings
finally a monk begging for alms.
nothing. It only invites physical pain.
He thinks that he who These sights moved him so much that
seeks peace should draw ROCURE: obtain (something), especially
he decided to seek in enlightenment
out the arrow of about the sorrows he had came
with care or effort.
lamentation, complaint across.
and grief. He who has The servant was sent to the market to
drawn out the arrow has procure daily need items.
become composed, and WEARY: Tired Q: Where did Buddha preach his first
will obtain peace of After the day’s work the man felt weary sermon?
mind; he who has yesterday night. A: Gautama Buddha preached his
overcome all such IMMORTAL: Not subject to death.
circumstances will be free first sermon at the city of Benares,
No men are immortal. Only God can be which is regarded as the most holy of
from sorrow and be
blessed. said to be immortal
the dipping places on the river
KINSMEN: Relatives.
She invited all her kinsmen to her wedding
Kisa Gautami
Kisa Gautami was
grieving over the death of AFFLICTED WITH: Suffering from ANSWERS
her son. She moved from The leaf is afflicted with mildew. Q.01- When her son dies, Kisa
door to door and at last We need to treat the plants and leaves Gotami goes from house to house.
came to Buddha. She afflicted with any disease. What does she ask for? Does she get
made him a humble Main Points of the lesson:-
request to make her son it? Why not?
This lesson tells us about the life of
alive. Buddha said he
Gautama Buddha, who was born in a royal
would do but he asked a Ans:- When her son dies, Kisa
handful of mustard seeds. family as Siddhartha.Once he saw a funeral
processing, and monk begging for the
Gotami goes from house to house
He further commanded it
must be taken from a alms. These sights moved them a lot and asking for medicine to bring her son
house where no one had he decided to become a monk and started back to life. She did not get it
lost a child, husband, moving in search of enlightenment.He because there is no medicine which
parent or friend. can bring a dead man back to life.
started meditation under a peepal tree and
after seven days he got enlightenment and
She went from house to he became known as the Buddha (the Q.02- Kisa Gotami again goes from
house but was unable to Awakened or the Enlightened). He house to house after she speaks with
find one where nobody preached his first sermon at Benares. Once the Buddha. What does she ask for,
had died. She was tired a woman came to him requesting to bring
and hopeless and sat the Second time around? Does she
her dead son to life.Gautama Buddha asked
down at the wayside get it? Why not?

the lady to bring handful of mustard seeds


watching the light of the

from the house were there had been no

city as they flickered up.


death.The lady moved from one house to Ans:- After she speaks with the
And she realized that

these lives flicker up for another but she could not find a single Buddha, Kisa Gotami again goes

from house to house asking for


some time and are house where no one has lost a child,
extinguished again. husband, parents or friend.Then she came mustard-seed but in vain because
to know that death common to all and is there is no house where no one has
the ultimate truth. lost a child, a husband, parent or
This way she was taught
that the lives of mortals in Methodology: Lecture –cum- friend.
this world are troubled demonstration
and brief and there is no VIDEO LINKS TO TEACH THIS
Q.03- What does Kisa Gotami
means by which one can LESSON
avoid deaths. As all understand the second time that she
earthen vessels made by
failed to understand the first time?
the potter are being Was this what the Buddha wanted her
broken, so is the life of
Students will listen to the teacher carefully to understand?
mortals. Death is
inevitable. and follow the instructions given to them.
They will note the Blackboard work and Ans:- Kisa Gotami understood the
question answers in their note-books. They second time that death is the ultimate
will follow the homework related truth. All creatures that are born must
instructions as desired by the teacher. die one day. This is what Buddha
wanted her understand.

Class : X Subject: English Book: First Flight

Chapter name: Dust of Snow No. of periods required: 02

Date of commencement : As per the schedule in teacher diary

Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As described in the objectives of the lesson plan

Gist of Poem Pedagogy and use of Question Answers Oral and

ICT/TLM/ABL/ Blackboard and written works
other materials and plan of
activities to achieve the LOs
OBJECTIVES :- short questions & answers
The poet is upset and sitting under
To enable the students Q1: Where and how do you
the hemlock tree. Suddenly a crow
appreciate the beauty, rhyme and find the poet in the beginning
sitting on the tree shakes the tree
of the poem?
and the fine particles of snow from style of the poem.
A: The poet is under the
tree falls on the poet. The soft and To make students understand hemlock tree and he is in a sad
cold touch of snow changes the the thought and imagination mood.
poet’s mood from sad to happy. He

contained in the poem.

starts feeling soothed and refresh.

To make students think about Q2: Where is crow at that time

In this way a simple moment

different human emotions and and what does it do to the tree?

proves to be very significant and

their effects. A: The crow is sitting on the


saves rest of the day of poet from

tree and it shook the tree.
being wasted and held in regret. To inspire them write their
The black crow is commonly a feelings in the form of short Q3: How does the poet’s mood
symbol of death and fear. poems. get changed?
Since the crow is not associated
PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE A: The poet’s mood gets
with goodness, it is ironic that in TEST:- changed the falling of dust of
this poem, it is doing a good deed Have you seen snowfall and its snow on him.
by shaking off the snow. heaps over trees ?
Q4: What happened with the
Robert Frost didn’t choose to use Do you have noticed ice powder
rest of the day of the poet?
an oak, maple or pine tree. No, felling down from snow cladded A: The rest of the day of poet
instead he chose the hemlock tree trees ? was saved from ruing as he had
which is usually associated with NEW WORDS:- started feeling happy and
poison and toxicity. Anyway, the Dust of snow: fine particles of refresh.
beautiful snow that adorns the snow.
poisonous hemlock tree’s branches Text book questions & answers
Watching the fall of dust of snow
is shaken off by a scary crow. Q1: What is a “dust of snow”?
is very enjoying in the high What does the poet say has
Robert Frost uses the elements of altitudes.
the fearsome crow and poisonous changed his mood? How has
Hemlock tree to do something good
Hemlock Tree: a poisonous tree the poet’s mood changed?
with small white flowers. A: The dust of snow means the
– shake the white, pure snow off Hemlock is a poisonous tree found fine particles of snow. The
the branches. This good act lifts the in mountain areas. falling of snow on the poet
suicidal person’s spirits causing Main Points:- changes his mood. The soft and
him to change his mind about cold touch of snow changed the
The poem describes a very
killing himself. The small act poet’s mood from sad to happy.
causes the man to have an simple happening in very simple Now he feels revived and
enlightened insight. words. obliged to the beauty of nature.
It tells us that sometimes even a
We have a poisonous Hemlock tree
small incident may prove to be of Q2: How does Frost present
covered in pure, white snow and a
a larger significance. nature in this poem?
man who is depressed, planning to
The poet is upset in the A: Frost presents nature in a
kill himself and walking under the
very different manner in the
tree. At that precise moment, the beginning of the poem but a small
poem. Generally poets take the
black crow of death shakes the incident of falling of snow birds and trees which are
pure, good snow onto the man. All changes his mood totally. known for their beauty and
that goodness helps the man to
In the end of the poem the poet good qualities like peacock,
change his mind about killing
parrot, cuckoo, mynah and
himself. Instead, he decides to live, feels relaxed and thankful to the
trees full of beautiful flowers
forget the regret and sorrow to
nature for saving his day from and fruits etc.
enable healing.
But here Frost has taken a
being wasted.
The poem, Dust of Snow by Robert totally different line, he
Frost, reiterates that the little things VIDEO LINKS FOR POEM chooses crow, a bird which is

in life can make huge changes in black in colour with very harsh

our future. It also shows that if we voice and believed to be the


can take the hard times of life in symbol of bad omen. Likewise,

stride, eventually something will hemlock tree is a poisonous

happen to change our situation into plant with white flowers. It
happier times. The simple things means he has left all the
we do for others can make all the beautiful colours present in the
difference. Just think about those world and has chosen black and
random acts of kindness we do and Students will listen to the poem white.
how much they brighten a person’s Actually the poet has done so
and recite it carefully and follow
day and sometimes change their to present his mood and
future. the instructions given to them. feelings. The crow and
Noticing and appreciating all the hemlock tree represent sorrow
small things in life will make our and depression felt by him in
life happier. It will also cause us to this materialistic world. On the
have a spirit that is willing to other hand the dust of snow is
change and therefore succeed. the symbol of natural joy and
energy. It means passing
through the sad and depressing
moments the poet is entering
into the time full of joy and

Class : X Subject: English Book: First Flight

Chapter name: Fire and Ice No. of periods required: 02

Date of commencement : As per the schedule in teacher diary

Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As described in the objectives of the lesson plan

Gist of poem Pedagogy and use of Question Answers Oral and written works
ICT/TLM/ABL/ Blackboard and
other materials and plan of activities
to achieve the LOs
OBJECTIVE short questions & answers
The poet talks
about the two Q1: What are the two opinions discussed in
different beliefs
To enable the students the poem about the end of this world?
regarding end of
this world. He says appreciate the beauty, rhyme and A: The two opinions are that this world
that he is in the style of the poem.
will end either in fire or in ice.
favour of those who To make students understand

say this world will the thought and imagination


end in fire as he has


contained in the poem.


Q2: What does fire stand for in the poem?

seen the effect and

To make students think about

result of A: Fire stands for desire as it spreads very

different human emotions and


uncontrolled and
their effect. fast if remains uncontrolled.
unending desires.
He finds the human To inspire them write their
desires same as fire feelings in the form of short
Q3: What does ice stand for in the poem?
in its nature. On the poems.
other hand, the PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE A: Ice stands for hatred as both are same
second belief tells
TEST:- in nature, they make us insensitive and
that ice is sufficient
for destroying this Have you seen Fire and Ice ? rigid.
world and the poet Have you seen Fire and Ice
compares the nature together ?
of ice with hatred. text book questions & answers
As ice can make a NEW WORDS:- Q1: There are many ideas about how the
part of body numb Tasted: experienced.
with its prolonged world will ‘end’. Do you think the world
The fast food that I have tasted is
contact like hatred
not always good for health. will end some day? Have you ever thought
can also give
numbness to our It is the time that tastes what would happen if the sun got so hot that
mind and thoughts everyone's grit.
it ‘burst’, or grew colder and colder?
and make us
insensitive and Perish: die or destroy. A: Yes I believe that this world will end
cruel. This multistory building seems some but when nobody knows. Whether the
The speaker brings perished due to natural calamity. sun gets hot or it gets colder in both the
us into the middle Anything that lives on this earth
situations end of this world is sure.
of an argument has to perish today or tomorrow.
between people
who think the world Suffice: be sufficient.
Q2: For Frost, what do ‘fire’ and ‘ice’ stand
will come to a fiery This much in the plate would
end and people who for? Here are some ideas:
think the world will suffice for my breakfast.
# greed # avarice # cruelty # lust # conflict
freeze. He could be This much liquid in the glasses
talking about the would not suffice as my drink. # fury # intolerance
literal end of the
# rigidity # insensitivity # coldness #
world, but he's also Methodology: Poem singing and
talking about the video demonstration related to the indifference # hatred.
power that human
poem Ans.
beings have to harm
or "destroy" one FIRE: greed, avarice, lust, conflict, fury,
The speaker's
ICE: cruelty, rigidity, insensitivity,
experience with THIS LESSON:-
romantic desire has coldness, indifference, hatred.

taught him that


passionate or "hot"

emotions like love Q3: What is the rhyme scheme of the

and lust would


poem? How does it help in bringing out the

probably have the
power to turn the contrasting ideas in the poem?
earth into a big
A: The rhyme scheme of the poem is: a, b,
fireball. But he has
also experienced a, a; b. c, b, c, b. The two contrasting ideas
the other extreme, Students will listen to the poem
fire and ice are totally supported by the
and he knows that
colder emotions and recite it carefully and follow rhyme scheme of the poem as different
like hate have great
alphabets carry different ideas expressed in
destructive power. the instructions given to them.
Love gets all the the poem.
publicity, but hate
is the silent killer. It
may not have the
same grandeur as
the fireball ending,
but it'll do the trick.

Class : X Subject: English Book: First Flight

Chapter name: A Tiger in the Zoo No. of periods required: 02

Date of commencement : As per the schedule in teacher diary

Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As described in the objectives of the lesson plan

Gist of Poem Pedagogy and use of Question Answers Oral and written works
ICT/TLM/ABL/ Blackboard and
other materials and plan of
activities to achieve the LOs
OBJECTIVE short questions & answers
Explanation of stanza 1
Q1: ‘He stalks in his vivid stripes.’How does the
The tiger moves up and To enable the students to tiger look in his cage?
down of his cage. The understand the importance of A: The tiger has sharp ,clear stripes on his body .He
stripes on his body are freedom. looks majestic as he moves slowly and quietly in
of strong bright colour. To enable the students to his cage .He has soft velvety pads .He makes no
The tiger moves quietly understand the dangers of noise as he moves. He has brilliant shining eyes.
on his velvet pads. He is deforestation and blessings of
forestation. Q2: ‘On pads of velvet quiet /in his quiet rage, what

full of rage but is quiet.


(because he knows that To enable the students to does the tiger do in his cage?

he is helpless here.) understand that all animals will be A: It is a very small cage.The tiger can hardly take

happy only in their natural habitat. a few steps along the length of the cage .He doesn’t
Explanation of stanza 2

To enable the students to take any notice of the visitors who come there. With

Looking at the understand the responsibility of his shining eyes, he keeps looking at the bright stars.
imprisoned tiger, the present generation in preserving
poet is filled with pity. the environment and earth. Q3: ‘He should be lurking in the shadows /sliding
He says that the poor To enable the students to learn through long grass ‘what should the tiger be doing if
tiger should have been in to recite poem with proper he were in the jungle?
his natural habitat. Then intonation and rhythm. A: The tiger would be lurking in the shadows of
at this point of the night PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE trees. He would be sliding slowly through the long
,he would have been TEST:- grass .He would be sitting by some water hole and
lying in the shadows of Have you ever visited any zoo ? waiting for some plump deer to pass that way.
trees and sliding quietly Have you seen any tiger in zoo ?
through the long grass. How the tigers are kept in zoo ? Q4: ‘He should be snarling around houses /at the
There, near the water Do you think tiger lives happily in jungle’s edge’ what should the tiger be doing if he
hole, he would be iron cage and want no freedom ? were at the edge of the jungle?
waiting for some fat deer A: The tiger would be moving around the houses
to pass that way. Thus Methodology: Poem singing and in a nearby village .he would be growling while
he would be lying there explaining moving around .the sight of his white fangs and his
in expectation of a terrible claws would fill the villagers with terror.
heavy feast. NEW WORDS:-
Strips : long narrow bands Q5: ‘Stalking the length of his cage /ignoring
Explanation of stanza 3 The tiger has black strips on his visitors’ that is the tiger doing? Why is he ignoring
Here the poet imagines body on the yellow background. the visitors?
what the tiger would be A: The tiger is moving along the length of the cage
doing in case he failed to Lurking : lying hidden in order to slowly and quietly. He sees that he visitors keep
find any prey in his attack coming and going .None of them thinks of releasing
natural habitat. He says The cat is lurking in the grass to him from his prison .The tiger sees that all of them
that the tiger would be attack the rabbit. are fellows of without feeling .So he stops taking
growling at the edge of any notice of them .
jungle near some village. Sliding : moving very slowly
He would be showing The jackal is sliding through the Q6: ‘And stares with his brilliant eyes / at the
his white fangs and grass in search of food. brilliant stars ‘ Why do you think the tiger looks
claws while moving at the stars?
here and there. He Plump : fat A: The tiger has lost all hope from men .now he
would thus become a The deer has a very plump body. has hope from heaven only .it is this hope that has
cause of terror for the Plump body of the deer attracts the kept the brilliance in his eyes .that is why the tiger
villagers. The poetess tiger very easily. looks at the brilliant stars with his brilliant eyes .
here gives a hint that Fangs : long sharp teeth text book questions & answers
if we destroy the The tiger has his terrifying fangs. Q1: Read the poem again,and work in pairs or
natural habitat of tigers, Tiger's fangs are sharp and big. groups to do the
they will be forced to following tasks. Find the words that describe the
turn to our towns and key points movements and actions of the tiger in the cage and
villages to find their in the wild .Arrange them in two columns.
food. This poem contrasts a tiger IN THE CAGE IN THE
when it is in its natural habitat and WILD
Explanation of stanza 4
when it is imprisoned in a zoo. 1.Stalks in his quiet rage
The poet sees the tiger On a starry night, the poet sees a 1.Lurking in the shadow
logged in a concrete cell tiger in a zoo. 2.stalking in the length of his cage
The tiger moves slowly up and 2.Sliding through long grass

in the zoo. In spite of all


his strength, he now lies down in his cage 3.ignoring visitors


imprisoned behind the The tiger is full of rage but is 3.Snarling around houses

bars. Very slowly and quiet in his helplessness. 4.hears the last voice of patrolling cars

silently, he moves up The poet is moved to pity for the 4.Baring his white fangs

and down along the tiger 5.stares at the stars

length of the cage. He The poet says that the tiger 5.Terrorising the village
takes no note of the should have been in the jungle..
visitors who come to the But sadly the tiger is locked Q3: Find the words that describe the two places,and
zoo to have a look at behind bars in a concrete cell arrange them in two columns.
him. The tiger does not take any A:
notice of the visitors IN THE WILD IN THE CAGE
Explanation of stanza 5
The tiger is no longer free to Lurking in shadows Few steps of
The tiger knows no rest move in his natural habitat . . his cage
during the day because VIDEO LINKS TO THE long grass, water hole locked
of the visitors. Even at POEM:- plump deer concrete cell
night he remains jungle’s edge. bars visitors
disturbed due to the Q.2 Notice the use of a word repeated in lines such
noise of the patrolling as these .
cars. He keeps staring at (i)On pads of velvet quiet In his quiet rage.
the brilliant stars with (ii)And stars with his brilliant eyes
his brilliant eyes. Students will listen to the poem At the brilliant stars .
Perhaps he is asking and recite it carefully and What do you think is the effect is this repetition ?
heaven why he has been follow the instructions given to A: The repetition increases the intensity of the
imprisoned there. them. tiger’s rage and his helpless silence .

Class : X Subject: English Book: First Flight

Chapter name: How to Tell Wild Animals No. of periods required: 02

Date of commencement : As per the schedule in teacher diary

Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As described in the objectives of the lesson plan

Gist of the Poem Pedagogy and use of Question Answers Oral and written works
ICT/TLM/ABL/ Blackboard
and other materials and plan of
activities to achieve the LOs
OBJECTIVE short question & answer
If by chance you Q1: What are the distinctive features of the Asian Lion as
go to any forest in given in the poem?
the East and if a To enjoy reading the poem A: The Asian Lion is a large beast. He is brownish-
huge terrible yellow in colour. He roars. The sound is terrible to hear.
for pleasure.
This makes one almost die due to great fear. He is found
animal comes to To enrich their vocabulary. in the forest in the eastern countries of Asia. That’s why
you and if it roars he is called ‘Asian Lion’.
To know about some wild

loudly and if you


are dying then you animals. Q2: How does the Bengal Tiger look? What is so distinct

about him?
will come to know To know them the features of

A: The Bengal Tiger roams in the forest freely. He is the


that it is an Asian wild animals. king of animals. He looks noble. He has black stripes on

Lion. a yellow background. When this tiger notices someone he

tries to eat him. He is so terrifying with his jaw and teeth.
If a wild animal TEST:-
with black stripes Q3: How does a leopard behave when he sees someone?
Do you know how to talk with
on yellow hide A: A leopard has spots on his hide. These are black in
animals ? colour on his yellow skin. He is a great runner. As soon
welcomes you and as he sees someone he leaps over him at once. He attacks
eats you then thisDo you think animals also talk
on him and starts eating. He is so terrifying and powerful.
simple rule will each other in their language ?
teach you that it is Q4: How does the poet describe the bear?
How will you communicate
A: The poet describes the bear in a humorous way. As
a Bengal tiger. with animals ? soon as the bear comes near a human being, he embraces
him tightly. Then he starts to make his hug tight. He
When strolling if
starts squeezing one to death. He will touch him lovingly.
you see whose Methodology : Poem recitation That’s why, it is known ‘a bear’s hug’.
hide is covered
and explanation
with spots and it Q5: How does the poet describe the hyena and a
NEW WORDS:- crocodile?
jumps at you and
A: The poet describes the crocodile and the hyena
starts eating you Tawny beast: brownish-yellow
humourously. The crocodile has tears in his eyes when it
then you The lion is a tawny beast. comes near its victim. The hyena has happy smiles on its
understand that it face. But this is not so. The hyena’s face is made like
We must get scared of this
is a leopard. tawny beast.
There will be no Q6: How does the poet create humour in the poem?
Roars: gives out long loud
A: The poet creates humour by describing various beasts
use of shouting sound of prey differently. It is by the use of words and
with pain because emotions. The Bengal tiger is never ‘noble’ in his heart.
Lion roars, cat mews and dog
it will The leopard kills his prey in moments. His crying won’t
continuously eat barks. save him. The bear’s hug is never loving. The hyena
never smiles happily.
you. This tiger is roaring at the lady
text book questions & answers
If you are just in the forest. Answers to the text book questions
A1. It does not really rhyme with ‘lion’. But it can be
walking around in Discern: see said to be rhyming it it is spoken that way. There is very
your yard and an This man can’t discern a tiny small difference when it is spoken that way.
animal meets you thing without a magnifying
and it hugs you A2. The poet suggests that we should identify a lion.
glass. We should do so by his large and brownish-yellow colour
tightly then and roar. It can be done when the lion comes near. The
believe that it is a Strolling: wandering, brisk tiger has black stripes on the yellow background. He
bear. walking looks noble. He eats one as soon as he comes near.

If you have any I saw these two strolling along

A3. These words are not spelt correctly. The poet spells
doubt then I think the sea side. Strolling along the them on his own. He does so to create rhyming between
that it will kiss them and an eating effect of the tiger.
sea side is very pleasant.

you, a novice may Novice: a beginner A4. A ‘bearhug’ is the bear’s tight embrace. Hyenas

be confused to never laugh. But their faces look like that. Crocodiles do
These small monks are novice

recognize animals. not weep but tears come when they swallow their victims.

of religious rituals. I am a

You can A5. It would be written like : ‘A novice might be

novice in driving car.
differentiate nonplussed. The poet’s incorrect line is better because it
VIDEO LINKS TO THE rhymes with ‘caress’.
between crocodile
and hyena. Hyena POEM :-
A6. Yes, many poets take such liberties to create proper
always smiles but rhyming. These are for example : Kirk is used for
if tears come from ‘church’ to rhyme with ‘work’. Ken is used for ‘see’ to
rhyme with ‘pen’.
its eyes then it is a
crocodile. A7. Mainly meant for the students at class level.
I like the following lines :
An original - Just notice if he eats you.
chameleon is like - ‘Twill do no good to roar with pain.
a lizard. It doesn’t - He’ll give you just one more caress.
have ears or Students will listen to the - A novice might nonplus.
- Hyenas come with merry smiles.
wings. If there is poem and recite it carefully Then the ideas are treated humorously. There are wild
nothing on the tree and follow the instructions beasts. They see one and kill at once. They never
then you will find embrace, ‘hug’ or smile merrily on their victims. Bears
there a chameleon. given to them. are said to ‘hug’ one to death as they press one very hard.

Class : X Subject: English Book: First Flight

Chapter name: The Ball No. of periods required: 02

Date of commencement : As per the schedule in teacher diary

Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As described in the objectives of the lesson plan

Gist of lesson Pedagogy and use of ICT/TLM/ABL/ Question Answers Oral and written
Blackboard and other materials and works
plan of activities to achieve the LOs
OBJECTIVES:- short questions & answers
This poem, by John Berriman,
Q1: What message does John
is about losing something that
you love, and learning to grow To make the students learn about Berryman want to convey through this
the loss of something they love. poem?
up. It is about a little boy, who,
for the first time in his young To make them learn to develop Ans: The message that the poet wants
life, is learning what it is like the ability to understand the to convey is the importance of loss and
responsibility in life. We should not
to experience grief at the loss difficult situations in their life. forget the importance of possessions.
of a much beloved possession- To help them not to grieve but to
his ball. To us, the loss of a experience new things over the loss Q2: How does the boy feel at the loss

ball is of minor consequence,


of something. of his ball?

and our reaction to it is to say

To help them cope with the Ans: The boy is very much troubled at
'O there are other balls'. But to

problems of life. the loss of his ball. His ball falls in

a little boy, this is not so. A

To help them use new words in water. He is much upset as he has a


dime, another ball, is

their own language. long association with the ball.
worthless. Money is external;
it cannot buy back our love,
PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE Q3: “Money is external.’ What does
nor replace the things that we
TESTING:- the poet mean by this expression?
love: the things that really
Ans: He makes the boy understand
matter. What is your favourite thing at about his responsibility as the loss is
In this poem, the boy's ball home ? immaterial. He can purchase another
personifies his young days and What will happen if it is lost ?ball. He explained that the world is full
happy innocence. In this If you can even buy the similar new
of possessions and money is an
world, people will take balls thing, will you feel bad about the
external item.
just as they will take away our lost thing ? text book questions & answers
innocence and force us to Q1: Why does the poet say, “I would
grow up. And once we lose Methodology: Poem explanation not intrude on him”? Why doesn’t he
this innocence, we can never and singing offer him money to buy another ball?
get it back. Balls will be lost Ans: The poet wants the boy to
always, little boy, and no one Rigid: stiff experience the loss. He should learn
buys a ball back. This poem that it is the part of life. That’s why the
Iron pipes are usually rigid in
goes to show how, all poet doesn’t want to interfere the boy
throughout your life, you will nature. They cannot be twisted and doesn’t want to offer him money
be forced to do things that you easily. to buy another ball.
don't want to do; and you will People who have rigid natures are
lose or have to give up the not easily convinced. Q2: “… staring down/All his young
things that you love. But, Harbour: an area of water near the days into the harbour where/His ball
despite this, you have to learn coast where ships are kept and are went …” Do you think the boy has had
to stand up - to be strong and safe from the sea the ball for a long time? Is it linked to
get on with your life - no This is a harbour where ships rest. the memories of days when he played
matter how much it hurts A dime: ten cents (U.S.) with it?
inside. Because that is the only The newspaper costs 10 dimes. Ans: Yes, the boy has had the ball for a
way you will survive; you long time i.e. since his childhood. Yes,
Desperate: hopeless
have to learn to accept and let it is linked with the memories of days
go - and not cling onto This man looks desperate because when he played with it.
something that you can never of his personal worries.
have. Epistemology of loss: Q3: What does “in the world of
understanding the nature of loss possessions” mean?
The poet uses imagery when
It seems the lady understands the Ans: In the world of possessions’
describing how the ball
epistemology of loss. She looks means people like to possess all sorts
personifies the spirit of the
grieved. of things in the world. Money is
boy's childish innocence. In
Main Points :- external because it can buy only
the last five lines, we visualize
The little boy has lost his ball. material objects; it cannot buy
how the spirit of this little boy,
He can buy many new balls but everything that one loses.
like the ball, is sinking into the
dark waters of the harbour. As he has a very deep emotional Q4: Do you think the boy has lost
it drifts further away, the boy attachment and memories anything earlier? Pick out the words
learns to grow up, and that part associated with that ball. that suggest the answer.
of him that is linked to that So he regrets over the loss of the Ans: No, the boy hasn’t lost anything
ball grows up as well, until it ball. earlier. The words ‘He senses first
is no longer a little boy.
The poet is indirectly trying to responsibility’ suggest the answer.

This poem consists of only one tell us that we should learn how to

stanza. There is no rhyming, cope up with the loss. Q5: What does the poet say the boy is

but the poet instead conveys And money is external i.e. we learning from the loss of the ball? Try

his meaning through the can’t buy memories with money. to explain this in your own words.

rhythm, the tone, and his use Ans: The poet says that the boy is
We all should learn our
of words. For example, in the learning to cope up with the loss of the
lines 'I saw it go, merrily responsibility and learn to cope up ball. He is experiencing grief and
bouncing down the street, and learning to grow up in this world of
then merrily over' the short, with the loss. possessions. He learns that there are so
brisk, happy words allow you many things in life that are to be lost
to visualize a ball bouncing and cannot be brought back. It is
along. In the lines 'An ultimate VIDEO LINKS FOR THE POEM:- useless to feel sorrow for it.
shaking grief fixes the boy as
he stands rigid, trembling, Q6: Have you ever lost something you
staring down. All his young liked very much? Write a paragraph
days into the harbour, where describing how you felt then, and
his ball went,' the words and saying whether — and how — you got
rhythm is tragic, dramatic and over your loss.
harsh, which is suitable for the Ans: student should write the answer
situation. Similar uses of tone Students will listen to the poem and of this question in his/her own words.
and rhythm help add to the recite it carefully and follow the
effect of the poem, and help
emphasize the meaning. instructions given to them

Class : X Subject: English Book: First Flight

Chapter name: Amanda No. of periods required: 02

Date of commencement : As per the schedule in teacher diary

Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As described in the objectives of the lesson plan

Gist of the Pedagogy and use of Question Answers Oral and written works
ICT/TLM/ABL/ Blackboard
Poem and other materials and plan of
activities to achieve the LOs
This poem Q1: What picture of Amanda do you form from the poem ‘Amanda’?
depicts the To enable the students A: Amanda is a little school going girl. She is constantly nagged by
understand and enjoy the her parent. It is probably the mother. She keeps asking Amanda to do
state of a this or not to do that. But poor Amanda longs to be free and live life in
little girl’s theme and language by
her own way.
reading Amanda.
mind who is To enable the students be Q2: What is Amanda asked to do or not to do?
constantly specific in reflection, A: Amanda is asked not to bite her nails, not to hunch her shoulders
expression and individual

instructed and not to eat chocolate. She is asked to sit up straight, to finish her

about do’s opinion and deeper homework, to tidy her room and to clean her shoes. In fact, she is

understanding of Amanda. constantly asked to do this or not to do that.

and don’ts by

To enable the students


her elders. identify the connection to Q3: What does Amanda long to do at the sea?

words or phrases that resonate A: Amanda wants to be the sole inhabitant of the sea. She wants to be
She is told as free as a mermaid. She wants to be a mermaid `so that she could
not to hunch with other things.
drift joyfully with the gentle waves of sea.
To enable the students
her shoulders know more about the poet or Q4: Is Amanda an orphan ? Why does she say that?
and to sit up background of the poem. A: Amanda is not an orphan. She is nagged all the time by her parent.
straight. She To enable the students So she feels it better to have been an orphan. Then she could roam
is told to enrich their vocabulary. about freely in the street, leaving patterns of her bare feet in the soft
To enable the students dust.
finish her acquire a few grammar items,
homework stress patterns, punctuation, Q5: How old do you think Amanda is ? How do you know this ?
pronunciation, rhyme and A: Amanda is asked to finish her homework .It shows that she is a
and tidy her school-going girl. She seems to be around ten years old. She is
room. She is rhythm.
constantly told to do this or not to do that.
forbidden TEST:- Q6: Who do you think is speaking to Amanda in the poem ?
from eating a Do you have followed any A: Is one of the parents who is speaking to Amanda. It is probably the
chocolate advise to mend your habits ? mother who remains all the time at home and keeps nagging poor
Do you like to mend the habits Amanda.
that she has.
on advise of parents and
But all the teachers ? Q7: What could Amanda do if she were a mermaid ?
time, the Do you feel snatch of freedom A: Amanda could then be the inhabitant of the sea. She could drift
if you are forced to change joyfully with the gentle waves of the sea. There would have been no
little girl one to nag here all the time. She could then move about freely where
any habit due to others ?
Amanda she liked.
keeps Inhabitant : Dweller
The hippo is an inhabitant of Q8: Do you know the story of Rapunzel? Write briefly.
dreaming of A: Rapunzel was a beautiful golden- haired girl her hair was very long.
a life of There are so many species A witch had put her in a tower. A prince saw her and fell in love with
freedom in her. Rapunzel let her hair down and the prince climbed up with them.
which are inhabitant of water.
The witch was very angry. she left Rapunzel alone in the desert. The
the open. prince at last found her and married her.
She dreams Mermaid : A woman with a
tail of a fish Q9: Why does Amanda Want to be Rapunzel?
of mermaids Mermaids are supposed to be A: Rapunzel lived alone in a tower. There was no one to nag her all
in the sea, of found in water. time. Amanda thinks that Rapunzel’s life must have been very
roaming Mermaids have been referred peaceful and wonderful. That is why she wants to be Rapunzel.
barefoot in in mythologies.
Q10: What does Amanda yearn for? What does the poem tell you about
the dusty Drifting : Moving slowly her?
street and of A: Amanda yearns for a life of freedom. She is fed up with the
The car is drifting away from
constant nagging of her parents. She wishes that she had been an
the golden the crowd. orphan show that there had been no one to nag her. Then she could
haired The ship in the sea water drifts move about freely and play where she liked.
Rapunzel Orphan : One whose parents Q1- How old do you think Amanda is? How do you know this?
who lived are dead A: Amanda is a little school-going girl. We know this because her
alone in a The children look like the parents asks her to finish her homework.
orphans. They have lost their Q2- Who do you think is speaking to her?
high tower. A: It is her parent (probably her mother) who is speaking to her.
She takes no Orphans have a very hard life Q3- Why are stanzas 2,4 and 6 given in parenthesis?

A: These stanzas depict the state of the girl’s mind who is constantly

note of what to lead. Usually they have to


nagged by her parent.


is being said face challenges at every nook Q4- Who is the speaker in stanzas 2,4and 6? Do you think this speaker

to her. Then of their lives. is listening to the speaker in stanzas 1,3,5 and 7?

A: The speaker in these stanzas is the girl named Amanda. She is lost

she is Nagged : Find fault in her own dreams and doesn’t listen to what is being said to her.
rebuked for The lady is trying to nag the Q5- What could do if she were a mermaid?
being moody man verbally. A: She would drift with the gentle waves of the sea.
Nagging ends in negative Q6- Is Amanda an orphan? Why does she say so?
and sulking A: No, she is not an orphan. She simply imagines that there would
all the time. No body likes to be nagged. have been no one to nag her if she had been an orphan.
Q7- Do you know the story of Rapunzel? Why does Amanda want to
be Rapunzel?
Methodology: Poem singing A: Rapunzel was a golden- haired girl who had been kept in a tower
and explanation by a witch. Amanda thinks that Rapunzel’s life in the lonely tower
must have been very happy and wonderful. That is why she wants to be
Video Links for the poem:- Rapunzel. Q8- What does the girl yearn for? What does this poem tell you about Amanda? A: The girl yearns for a life of freedom. The poem tells us that she is
an imaginative girl who is constantly nagged by her unimaginative
Students will listen to the parent.
Q9- Read the last stanza. Do you think Amanda is sulking and is
poem and recite it carefully
and follow the instructions A: No, Amanda is neither sulking, nor is she moody. She is simply
given to them longs for her freedom. She wants to go out and play where she likes.

Class : X Subject: English Book: First Flight

Chapter name: Animals No. of periods required: 02

Date of commencement : As per the schedule in teacher diary

Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As described in the objectives of the lesson plan

Gist of the Pedagogy and use of ICT/TLM/ABL/ Question Answers Oral and written works
Poem Blackboard and other materials and plan of
activities to achieve the LOs
Desires to
To enable the students understand and Q1-Why does Whitman admire animals?
live Among
enjoy the theme and language by reading Ans.- Whitman finds that animals have
Animals: The
the poem “The Animals’’. many virtues which are lacking in men.
poet desires
Animals never grumble on their
to live
To enable the students be specific in condition. They are not mad for material
among the
reflection, expression and individual things .They always remain satisfied. They
opinion and deeper understanding of the don’t have to kneel to any of their kind.
because they
Animals. That is why Whitman admires animals.

are serene

To enable the students identify the

and self-

connection to words or phrases that Q2-What vices in human beings does


resonate with other things. Whitman notice?

They are too

To enable the students know more about Ans- Human beings ever remain

wise to
the poet or background of the poem. dissatisfied. They keep grumbling about
bewail over
To enrich the students with vocabulary. their condition. They go mad for material
To enable the students acquire a few things. They talk about their duty to God,
grammar items, stress patterns, punctuation, but never think about their duty to God’s
They weep
pronunciation, rhyme and rhythm men.
for their sins
and do their
Have you seen jungle book cartoon show ? Q3-Why does Whitman want to live with
duty to God.
Do you have pets at home ? animals ?
Quality of Do you like the company of animals ? Ans. Whitman finds that animals have
satisfaction: Do you feel loved to live with non-selfish many virtues that men are lacking. They
The animals animals? remain very calm, quiet and satisfied.
are always They have no worries. That is why
satisfied. Methodology: Demonstration and Whitman wants to live with them.
They do not explanation with poem recitation
possess the NEW WORDS:- Q4-Why have animals not to lie awake in
mania of Complicated : Complex the dark ?
possessing This is a very complicated info graphics. Ans.-Animals don’t commit any sin. They
things. They have no worries. They are always happy.
do not show False : Untrue They have nothing to grumble about .So
respect for This is a false truth-o-meter. they don’t have to lie awake in the night.
the others. False information does not sustain for They have no sins to weep over.
They even do longer duration.
not respect Placid : Calm, peaceful, serene Q5-What are the things that humans do
their The water of the lake seems to be placid. but animals don’t ?
thousand old Placid water has no turbulence. Ans.-Men are always unhappy and
ancestors. We must always try to be placid like lake discontented. They keep grumbling. They
They are water. go mad for material possessions. Animals
equal in Sins : Offence do none of these things. They are always
sorrow and Animals know no sins. They kill each-other happy and contended. They don’t have to
happiness. to satisfy their hunger. weep over their sins.
Dissatisfied :Not contented
This is the appearance of dissatisfaction.
to learn from Q1-Notice the use of the world turn in the
The small children are always dissatisfied
them: The first line,” I think I could turn and live
with what they have.
poet has a with animals….” What is the poet turning
deep desire from ?
to learn from
In the poem “Animals” Walt Whitman Ans.-The poet wants to turn from the
the animals, company of men. He wants to go and live
has given a pedagogic point before human
Since they in the company of birds, animals and
show their nature.
He is very comfortable in the company
deep concern
of animals.
with them. Q2-Mention three things that humans do
He says, animals are placid and self
They give and animals don’t.
contained, do not whine and weep about

him respect

their conditions, are always satisfied and do Ans.-Humans keep grumbling about their

in the shape

their duty towards God and express their condition. They weep in the dark over

of a token their sins. They keep worrying about their

love and respect towards human beings and

and show duty to God. Animals don’t have to do

lead a life of satisfaction and peace.

their plain any of these things.

They do not Q3-Do humans kneel to other humans who
have any lived thousands of years ago?
kind of Ans.- Yes, humans do kneel to other
falsehood. humans who lived thousands of years ago.
The poet is We give them such names as god's
much goddesses, saints and prophets and keep
surprised at bowing to them.
their quality.
He wants to Students will listen to the poem and recite it Q4-What are the ‘tokens’ that the poet
earn them says he may have dropped long ago, and
carefully and follow the instructions given
though he which animals have kept for themselves?
had dropped to them. Ans.-They are the qualities of innocence,
them simplicity and contentment. Man has
carelessly. dropped these qualities through the ages
and now animals have taken possession of

Class : X Subject: English Book: First Flight

Chapter name: The Trees No. of periods required: 02

Date of commencement : As per the schedule in teacher diary

Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As described in the objectives of the lesson plan

Gist of lesson Pedagogy and use of ICT/TLM/ABL/ Question Answers Oral and written
Blackboard and other materials and plan of works
activities to achieve the LOs
The “I,” the voice of the
speaker of Adrienne ANSWERS
Rich’s poem, “The • To enable the students Q1:Find, in the first stanza, three
Trees,” is a voice with a comprehend the poem things that cannot happen in a
body engaged in activities locally and globally. treeless forest.
and sensing intrusions that
are not organic to the • To infer the contextual A: The three things that cannot
meaning of the text. happen in a treeless forest are the
conventions of a nature
sitting of a bird on trees, the
• To enable the students do a

poem. This is, in fact, an


(un)natural poem that hiding of insects and the sun

strengths and weaknesses

narrates the struggle of a burying its feet in the shadow of


study of their own

population of trees to the forest.


escape the confines of a

greenhouse. In evoking • To infer the meaning of
Q2: What picture do these words
the trees’ “strain,” the unfamiliar words and
create in your mind: “... sun bury
poem demonstrates the phrases.
unsuitability of language its feet in shadow...”? What could
PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE the poet mean by the sun’s ‘feet’?
itself as a greenhouse or
TEST:- A: The sun radiates heat and the
container of nature. The
speaker is a witness to the Have you seen any insane patient given words create a picture of
trees’ exodus, but ? the hot, radiating sun cooling its
distances herself from Have you seen the struggle of feet in the cool shadow of the
participating in the patients to survive in harsh forest. The sun’s ‘feet’ refers to
making of something out conditions ?
of the spectacle. She its rays that reach the earth.
Do you think nature allows
“sit[s]” and “writ[es]” but
not poems, “long letters,” survival of the fittest ? Q3: Where are the trees in the
in which she “scarcely poem? What do their roots, their
mention[s] the departure / NEW WORDS : Bough: branch leaves and their twigs do?
of the forest.” Even of a tree A: In the poem, the trees are in
though the speaker Boughs of a tree is a good place the poet’s house. Their roots work
addresses an audience, her
for the birds to build their nests. all night to disengage themselves
own “head is full of
whispers”—she’s an from the cracks in the veranda
audience as well. We, Lichen: crusty patches or bushy floor. The leaves make efforts to
however, the audience to
growth on tree trunks formed by move towards the glass, while the
the poem, are compelled
association of fungus and alga. small twigs get stiff with exertion.
by the command:
“Listen.” The speaker Lichen has its own smell.
reaches across the barrier Q4:What does the poet compare
between poem andTwigs: a small thin branch of a their branches to?
audience, a transaction tree or bush, especially one A: The poet compares the ‘long-
that occurs on a page, and cramped’ branches that have been
removed from the tree
says: Listen, you. shuffling under the roof to newly
Birds make their nests with the
Adrienne Rich articulates help of twigs of a bush / tree / discharged patients who look
her consciousness of the half-dazed as they move towards
many levels of inner and
shrub / grass.
the hospital doors after long
outer and the blurring of
Roots : the part of a plant which illnesses and wait to get out of the
the boundaries between
them. The trees, “long- grows down into the earth to hospital. The branches also have
cramped… under the obtain water and food and which cramped under the roof and want
roof” are trying to get out holds the plant firm in the ground to get out into the open to spread
while the speaker remains themselves in fresh air.
in the space the trees long
Roots hold the trees stand firmly.

to escape. An open door


Q5: How does the poet describe

makes the “night” and the Crack : to break something so

the moon : (a) at the beginning of

“whole moon” and the that it does not separate, but very

“sky” available to the the third stanza, and (b) at its


thin lines appear on its surface, or


speaker; at the same time, end? What causes this change?

to become broken
through this door “the A: In the beginning of the third
smell of leaves… / still
There is a crack on the ground.
stanza, the poet says that the
reaches” back in. The whole moon is shining in the
speaker’s “head” METHODLOGY:
is open sky in the fresh night.
Poem recitation, explanation and
another interior, implicitly
entered by “whispers.” However, at the end of the stanza,
video demonstration
she describes the moon as broken
The poetess is especially into many pieces such as a
intrigued by her image of
shattered mirror.
the trees “like newly
discharged patients / half- This change is caused by the trees
dazed”. In addition, the that have made their way from
speaker’s sense of her
VIDEO LINKS FOR her home to outside. Their
head “full of whispers,” TEACHING :- branches have risen into the sky,
occurring one verse later, Students will listen to the poem blocking the moon, which is why
links to these “discharged and recite it carefully and follow the moon seems to be broken into
patients.” They’re the instructions given to them.
patients of a mental many pieces. These pieces can be
hospital. seen flashing at the top of the
tallest oak tree.

Class : X Subject: English Book: First Flight

Chapter name: Fog No. of periods required: 01

Date of commencement : As per the schedule in teacher diary

Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As described in the objectives of the lesson plan

Gist of lesson Pedagogy and use of ICT/TLM/ABL/ Question Answers Oral and
Blackboard and other materials and plan written works
of activities to achieve the LOs
OBJECTIVES:- Q1. What does Sandburg think the fog is
The poem fog was
written by Carl • To enable the students like?
comprehend the poem locally Ans.- Sandburg thinks the fog is like a
Sandburg, The poet says
and globally. cat that comes silently so that no one can
that the fog which is
sense it arrival.
generally seen during • To infer the contextual meaning 2. How does the fog come?
the winter season is of the text. Ans.- As per the poet the fog comes very
coming towards the city • To enable the students do a silently like a cat.
and the harbour just like strengths and weaknesses study 3. What does ‘it’ in the third line refer
a cat. This means that it

of their own personality. to?


is approaching the city

• To infer the meaning of Ans.- ‘It’ refers to the fog

in a very silent manner

unfamiliar words and phrases. 4. Does the poet actually say that the fog

so that no one can notice

PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE TEST:- is like a cat? Find three things that tell us

its arrival. He has

that the fog is like a cat.

compared its arrival to Have you seen fog ?

Ans- The three things that tell us that the
that of a cat because a Does the fog stay at one place ? fog is like a cat are as follows:
cat always enters a place METHODOLOGY: Poem recitation, The fog comes on its little cat feet:
silently. Next he says singing and explanation This means that the fog enters silently
that the fog has covered Poem:- The fog comes on little cat just like cat.
the whole of the city and feet.It sits looking over harbour and It sits looking over harbour and city:
harbour and it appears as
cityon silent haunches and then moves The fog is compared to cat as cats also
if it is sitting by folding
on. like to sit and look here and there and
its legs and looking
NEW WORDS:- fog is also looking while it sits over the
around just the way a cat
Fog: It is a thick cloud of tiny water city.
does when it sits on the
droplets present in the atmosphere, On silent haunches and then moves
haunches and looks
especially in winter. on: The fog sits on her bended legs just
around. At the end, he
like cat and then moves away very
describes the departure Harbour; Port, dock
quickly and silently, just like a cat.
of the fog which very on haunches: sitting with knees bent Q2- Does this poem have a rhyme
silently and VIDEO LINKS TO TEACH THIS POEM:- scheme? Poetry that does not have and
unpredictably, again, obvious rhythm or rhyme is called ‘free
similar to the departure verse’.
of the cat, vanishes. Ans.- There is no rhyme scheme in the
Students will listen to the poem and poem. It has neither internal nor external
recite it carefully and follow the rhyme scheme. Hence, we can say that it
instructions given to them is in free verse.

Class : X Subject: English Book: First Flight

Chapter name: The Tale of Custard The Dragon No. of periods required: 02

Date of commencement : As per the schedule in teacher diary

Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As described in the objectives of the lesson plan

Gist of lesson Pedagogy and use of Question Answers Oral and written works
Blackboard and other
materials and plan of
activities to achieve the
The Tale of
POEM:- 1. Who are the characters in this poem? List
Custard the To enable the them with their pet names.
Dragon is a students comprehend Answer: There are six characters in the poem.
humorous poem the poem locally and These characters are Belinda, a little black
written by kitten, a little grey mouse, a little yellow dog, a


Ogden Nash. It dragon and a pirate.


To infer the Belinda and the pirate do not have any pet

is written in contextual meaning of


names. The pet names of the animals are as

ballad form. It

the text. follow:

narrates a story To enable the Character Pet Name
about Custard students do a strengths i. Black kitten———– Ink
the Dragon. The and weaknesses study ii. Grey mouse————Blink
Dragon is teased iii. Yellow dog————-Mustard
of their own
for being a iv. Dragon——————- Custard
coward but later To infer the2. Why did Custard cry for a nice safe cage?
he proves brave meaning of unfamiliar Why is the dragon called “cowardly dragon”?
as he saves the words and phrases. Answer: Custard cried for a nice safe cage
lives of those because he was seemingly a coward.
who used to look PREVIOUS Custard is called ‘cowardly dragon’ because he
down upon him. KNOWLEDGE TEST:- is the only one in the house who is seemingly
The poem gives Do you know any fainthearted. Belinda is compared to a barrel full
of bears, Ink and Blink can chase lions and
us an impression brave man ?
Mustard is as brave as a tiger in rage. Custard,
that the ones Have you seen the true to his name, seemed soft and wobbly at
who talk much incidence of bravery ?
about their Do you have seen any heart.
bravery may turn person who is coward
out to be ? 3. Why is the dragon called cowardly dragon?
Answer: The dragon is very powerful and
cowards. On the What will happen if ferocious and could beat even the hardest core
other hand, the coward proves brave enemy, still it prays for a nice safe cage for its
ones who are and brave proves to be safety. That is why he is called a cowardly
teased for their a coward ? dragon.
cowardice might METHODOLOGY:
4.“ Belinda tickled him, she tickled him
actually turn out Ideal teaching and
unmerciful…” Why?
to be the bravest elaboration, Poem Answer: Unlike other dragons, Custard was a
among all. demonstration frightened little soul. Belinda, well aware of this
Despite fact, tickled him mercilessly because she was
displaying their VIDEO LINKS TO THE sure he would never hurt her. Belinda may have
POEM:- also been extremely fond of her pet, so she may
timidity, the pets
continue to brag have tickled him out of affection.
about their so- 5. Do you find The Tale of Custard the Dragon

called bravery.
He to be a serious or a funny poem? Give reasons


Custard, being to support your answer.


humble and Answer: At the very outset, ‘The Tale of


This poem is a
Custard the Dragon’ may seem like a funny

kind-hearted, humorous ballad close

abstains from poem written in a ballad form. On closer
to a parody. Read it reading, we find that it is a profound poem
teasing them and aloud, paying attention which gives us an insight into human The poem
humours them in to the rhythm. gives us an impression that the ones who boast
a good spirit. about their bravery may turn out to be cowards.
Thus, the poem On the other hand, the ones who are teased for
makes the point their cowardice might actually be the bravest
that what our among all. Despite displaying their timidity, the
pets continue to brag about their so-called
eyes see may be
bravery. Custard, being humble and kind-
deceptive that hearted, abstains from teasing them and humors
the reality may them in a good spirit. The poet put across his
be something message in a humorous manner and has used
else. various poetic devices like similes, repetition,
onomatopoeia and refrain to add to the humor in
the poem.
Class : X Subject: English Book: First Flight

Chapter name: For Anne Grogery No. of periods required: 02

Date of commencement : As per the schedule in teacher diary

Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As described in the objectives of the lesson plan

Gist of the Poem Pedagogy and use of ICT/TLM/ABL/ Blackboard Question Answers Oral
and other materials and plan of activities to achieve and written works
the LOs
The trees in the OBJECTIVES:- Q1.What does the
young man mean by
poem are of the To enable the students comprehend the great honey
paintings or poem locally and globally. colored/Ramparts at
pictures that are To infer the contextual meaning of the text. your ear? Why does he
To enable the students do a strengths and say that young men are
decorative inside
weaknesses study of their own personality. thrown into despair by

the houses. Birds


To infer the meaning of unfamiliar words them?


can’t sit in the and phrases. Ans – By great honey


PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE TEST:- coloured /Ramparts of

trees because

What is beauty ? your ear the poet

they don’t exist Whom do you consider as beautiful in your means golden outer
physically as class ? parts of ears of the
Do you think beautiful looking persons are young woman. He says
natural forests
good persons too ? that young men are
have them. The Does the beauty lies in face or character ? thrown into despair by
roots work to them because they
free themselves NEW WORDS:- look ugly.
Despair : hopelessness.
from the cracks
The man looks to be despairing on some Q2.What colour is the
in the verandah personal issues. young woman’s hair
floor. The ?What does she say
Rampart : the high, wide walls around a she can change it to
boughs are
castle or fort. ?Why would she want
compared with This is the rampart of a castle from where the to do so ?
the newly kings used to announce some messages. Ans. – The colour of
discharged Declare : Announce the young woman hair
President Obama is declaring his decree from is white as she can
patients moving
this dais. colour it brown, black
to the clinic Honey coloured : Golden colour. or carrots. She can
doors. The poet This object appears to be of honey coloured. change it to brown,
Honey coloured objects look appealing. black or carrot. She
is sitting inside
Hair-Dye : Hair coloured. wanted to do so to look
the house The lady has done her hair dye in multi- attractive.
writing long colour.
Hair dyeing is a part of fashion nowadays. Q3. Objects have
letters. The night
MAIN POINTS:- qualities which make
is pleasant and This poem is a conversation between a young them desirable to
fresh. The smell man and a young woman. They were arguing others .Can you think
of leaves and about each other regarding the real beauty of some objects and
that lies in her. The poem is written for A. say what qualities
lichen is Gregory who might be having golden hair

make one object more


reaching her. young man of lies love appearance and not desirable than another?

The trees are the real person. Ans. – These objects


Methodology: can be Shoes,

Ideal teaching , discussion and ornaments, hair dyes,
forward into the demonstration. hair styles etc.
night. The moon VIDEO LINKS TO TEACH THIS POEM: Walking wearing costly ornaments,
is seen shining in behaving in an affected
the top of the manner etc. Can make
tallest oak. Students will listen to the teacher carefully one more desirable
and follow the instructions given to them. than another but these
They will note the Blackboard work and are momentary
question answers in their note-books. because they
emphasize the physical
aspect of beauty.
r He