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REWHOUS » BASH! OR “Ol! WHO OYA FINK YUR LOOKIN’ ATI” Ork bar brawl mayhem by Alan Merrett, Robin Dews, Paul Sawyer, Gordon Davidson and Jim Butler. There are two things that all Orks love, a pint of fungus beer and a good punch up! Now both are combined in the Brewhouse Bash game. Will you be the last Ork standing or will you get pounded into the floor by your mates? IT’S EVERY ORK FOR HIMSELF! ‘The Brewhouse Bash is a game for any number of players, in The lads get into the fact we've found thal the more players you have, the sowdier | pint of the gamo as ‘and more Fun it ges! ‘The abject of the game i simple ~ you | another Ork hits the fare quicly sitting ina bar enjoying your fungus beer when a | d6ck. In this game, the fight breaks out. Being an Ork, you simply can'tresistjoinin’ | more players there ae, in and s0 a massive scrap develops. The game ends when all | the bette! ‘but one of the Orks have slumped unconscions to the floor, Teaving the last Ork standing as the winner! SETTING UP First ofall you'll have to glue the game hoard, the botle and hair counters on to some good quality ear. Cut the counters ‘out and then they are ready for use. In order to play the game, ‘you'll also need af we paper to note down Place the two halves of the board together (tape them if yout like) on a lat surface. Place the twelve wooden stools To play the game youll need some suitable Ork models. anywhere you like on the game board. Nea to the tables is a ‘Games Workshop has a vast array of suitable OrkOre good idea, but it doesn't mater 100 much. Place the twelve (Glade! Miniatures. brrtles anywhere you like onthe bar or the tables From dusting down your GorkaMorka modal, to taking a Next you need to allocate Wounds and Skills co every Ork i {ee suitable igures in your Ore of Ork armies. the game. Each Ork starts with a random number of Wound. “This represents the amount of hashin’ they ean take before they slump tnconscious to the floor, Roll D3 + 3 Wounds For each ‘and note this dovsn on a piece of paper. (Yes we know that Ore Blood Bowl Players are also palect to use in this game, {© 1998 and 2008 Copyright Games Workshop Ltd. All rights reserved. The contents of this POF remain the exclusive copyright of {Games Workshop Li ‘eigen aowe a ert © Game otsog 0 8 tay cs ne acs a nots Pte oprah) Ganae Washo 208. Thao, daar, Huta a al ober mses contd win he atatod POF eect oF" a ho ‘may ntte esd sad rare, mace { Aevele op ay be roel and vaed wpa ee Sle Pr pec om conn sclionot euch ea ene, inl cop wer Seine ocho may tbe mane nie sts arcs, men farsasn a ames ay Lint osm Power oe ype UAL {9 Gangs Warshop Lita is Soca rypatnita fw pra’ pone eat Sts Dorn or tani at coped). {1 Gores Ws huhp at ora ces an Cot gacen bl nat scape ay laity anes ecoder aur ay Janae Walcee ar Nomar 10 doug tH you scp and aoe ob be by hase tm rene Each player then rolls on the Bashia’ Skills table. This gives each Ork a special ability that he ean use to beat up other Orks and easure his own survival inthe brawl. Roll a D6 for each (Ork ia the game and make a note of thir skill next 10 theit ‘Wounds. The effeets of these Skills are deseribed below. Daddad BASHIN’ SKILLS TABLE ‘Summary of Elect, ST ‘D6 Skil CT 2 Imdead ‘ard 4 Did you spill my Ema Poke in da eye mr int? TET ‘Back player then rolls a D6 wo see who moves first. The player ‘with the highest roll gets to place their Ork first, anywhere on the floor area, followed by the next player clockwise round the table and s0 on, Once all of the Orks have been placed, the player who rolled highest gets to move first and the bashin’ ACTIONS During their tar, each player can citer perform wo Actions, oF make ‘one Action and use their Skill You can pestomm these in any onder and can repeat the same Action tic but you cannot use your Ski ‘once during a single tum, The following Aetions are possible MOUE ove their model up 1 3 squares, You can move A player may in any direction diagonally, bt cannot pass through the thick black IF you want to jump up onto the bar, a table, or any other object, roll a D6. 0 but a I you succeed. If you fail this roll, the Move Action ends in the square next w the obstacle ‘STAND UP I you've been bashed to the floor by another player it takes ‘Stand Up aetion to shake your head clear and stagger back (0 your fet. CRAWL ALONG THE FLOOR An action for eowardly Grots. You craw! along the floor om ‘your hands and knees for one square. This isthe only Action ‘you ean perform while onthe floor. ‘Avoids being knocked down on a 4s Cee “+1 it used with a Bash’ allack EE ‘Only gets one action next tun PICK UP CHAIR I you are in a square with a chair in it, you ‘ean pick it up, Place the chair on top of the model to show that it is being eartied, You ‘can't make Bash or Pile On actions if you ate ‘earying a chair THROW CHAIR I you are earrying a ebair, {you can throw it up w D6 Squares. If this reaches another (Ork them the chair has broken ‘over his head - make a roll on the Bash table and remove the counter If the chair lands in an empty square, then it breaks to bits atl is removed from the game. PICK UP BOTTLE I you start or end an action in a square with a bole in it, you can pick i up. If you are Pile On attack, you get a+ to your dice rol, Each bottle can only used once before it breaks and the counter is discarded, BASH I youare standing next to another Ork you can take a swing at him. Roll on the Bash Table and apply the result immediately: Ifyoware standing on a table, aerate, the bar or another object ‘ani attacking someone on the floor, you ean ad +1 to your die rll If your opponent is a ahi y ‘on the floor, you get a -1 to your roll (obviously, you can't reach to bash Someone who is on the balcony)! 1-2 Oooof! No effect, you swing wildly at thin air! een era) Prien ence 5-6 Put the boot in! You knock your opponent to the floor and kick him when he's down! Lie the model down as above, and knock off a Wound. DAAAAA DIUIN’ LEAP This acon estes you tolep up D3 + {squares if om ae Sana bl Ue taro ay eer je I ou ae Sucia cough wo wat 10 fap ta te balay You an yp 0 De squares You land on ante Ork, YOU me immediate "Pie On’ atuck Revave the ask and thee move youre my ada Yoru eters: Losing thm een also canes dub wounds oul he poor tnfrnate bench you eho cao yb PILE ON I you are standing next to an Ork who is already lying on the floor, then you can Pile On, This i a Far more vicious attack than a Bash as you ate kicking someone who is already down! ‘You can also make Pile On attack if you make a Divin’ Leap As we've already noted, if you are insane enough to want to sake a Divin’ Leap from the balcony, then any Wound result fon the Pile On table eauses double damage to you or your ‘opponent, ‘Ouch! You get a knee in the danglies. You are knocked down and take a wound! 2-5 Put the boot inl You steam in on the hap Teme) Peo me ee et ay eer HAUING NO MORE WOUNDS Evennually, after being kicked and pummelled by your best mates, your Ork will have no Wounds left and at this point, you slump unconscious to the floor. On each subsequent turn, roll a D6, On a voll of a 6, you stagger 10 0 your ict and start shouting “Come on then, P'll ‘ave ya! Tl take you all on!” nd moving normally, Dut only have one ‘Wound. As soon as you take another hit, you will ‘once again slide into ‘unconsciousness until you roll another 6! ‘Unconscious models block the square in which they are in, like any other obstacle. You need to roll anything but a 1 40 move over them, ENDING THE GAME ‘The game ends when there is only one Ork still sta ta! Da everyone then staggers to the bar, orders more fungus beer and itll starts again! Ifyou want w play the campaign version of the game, then the winning player gets two rolls on the skill table next ime, eos they are ‘ander! Easy innit! SKILL DESCRIPTIONS 1) WEEP LIKE A WEEDY GROT! Although distasteful, the “Weep like a weedy Grot ability enables you to fall o your knees, press your hans your ears, erying “Don’t hit me! Don't hit me!” So pitiable and. out attack you until your next turn Place your model face down. 2) 1'M DEAD "ARO, MEL You have the uncanny ability o stay on your Feet despite being punched, kicked or having chairs thrown at you! Roll DG every time you receive a knock down result on the Bash or Pile On tales. Ona 4 you manage to stay on your feet, although Wounds are applied normally! 3) Ol! COME “ERE! ‘Oi come ‘ere! allows you to move any’ other model up to duce squares using the normal rues. IF you want der (0 climb on an obstacle they must first pass a normal test by rolling anything but a 1 on a Dé! 4%) O10 YOU SPILL MY PINT? Enraged by the fact that someone has spilled your fungus ‘eer, you roam the bar 100m looking forthe git who knocked ‘your arm, You must combine this skill with a Bash or Pile ‘6m Aetion ina single attack, and so cannot do anything else for that tur. “Did you spill my pint allows you to add +110 ‘your Bash of Pile On dice roll! '5) PICK UP AND THROW! 1 you are standing adjacent to another Ork you can attempt to pick up and throw them aeross the room! Roll a D6. On a roll of a 4.5, oF 6 you manage to pick them up. You can now to throw them D3 squares. If they land in a square without another mode! in troll onthe Bash table to see the elfect as they crash othe floor. I they land on another model, roll on the Pile On table and apply dhe result as normal, 6) POKE IN THE EVEL ‘Quick before be mens his heal! Jab him inthe eye wth your fingers! Yeah go on, it feels nice and squishy in there, scrabble around abit! Your opponent how cries like a baby Grot. With tears streaming from ther eyes, they ‘ean only make one Action i their next tum. 3 2008. Al rights reserved.

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