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N° 4. “Tacea la notte placida.,, Recitative and Aria. Sceus. Gardens of the Palace; on the right, a marble staircase leading to the apartments, Night. Dense clouds pass over the moon. Andante mosso. (-s0.) tf Piano. a Ps > Inez, Recit. Che pitt far-re-sti? Vorae tarda, vieni: di te la re-galdonnachiese, lu- Why dostthou linger? Let us enter, hasten, the queenhathdesird thy attendance, I Leonora. Thez. SSS = Ip : fiam-ma tu nu-tri! Oh co-me, do-ve la pri-mie-ra fa-villainte sap- flamethou dost nourish; I pray thee, tell me howat first it waskindled in thy Leonora. Allegro. prese?. Ne’ tor - ne- i. Vap-par - "ve, bru - no le vestied il ci - bosom? At the tourney! An un- known knight,clad in armor all of PP Yo scu-do bru-no edi stemmaj - gnu - do, sco-no-sciu-to guor- up-on his hel-met wavda sa - ble plume,no de-vice was on his chedel-'a - go-neglio-no — ri ot - tenne— Al vin-i- enter the lists and o’er-threw___ all our nobles. I on his tor_sulering jl ser-tojo po-si— Gi-vil guerrajntan-te “ar-so— nol Vi - di browbestowedthewreathof honor. Thenthe war our land di - vided; he came no Andante. (d=69) ' >= pial co-medaura - to so - gno Tug ~~ gen - te jm- more. Figd,tike_adream of morn - ing was that blest wweeveee vernseeeen een re verve vee ieee oneyenaen eee Min OO Leonora, Inez. ma-go! ed e-ra vol-ta fim - gadta-gion—mapoi-Oheavvenne? A Sool © is-ion, in lonelysorrow lin - geridmy days, andthen-Whathappen'd? I'l tell Andante. @..60) @ mesza voce ta. Ta- thee. N ay cea la notte pla-ci - da star eo in, a the heavinly_v: ult lajnciel se - re no; la lu - nail visgar Jenceall was sleeping, The moon 1_ trod on her rom animando un poco gen-te- 0 mo-stra-valie-tqap - pie- no— quan-do suonar per Ta-e-re, Tone -Iy_path, The nightin sil-ver steeping, Whentherearose_g mel-ody_ animando tin “poco aninando un poco og. con espansione : Z = in-fi-ngallor si mu - to, dol - ci su-di - ree bi - Upon_thebreez-es soar -ing, Sounds of . a. lute - ious- a ~ na ‘un poco prit animando con espansione | | << 4 53 | ee bop — giv'ac ~cor - di ‘Were blent with ff - lan-co-ni-ci, @ ver-si me-lan -co-ni-ci un and low, sosoft and low, it__ PP mie a a tro-va-tor_. can - td. trguba-dour who sang. * fal a ~— YVer-si di pre - ce—éd u-mi- le, qualduomchepregald-ai~ o: in Wordsof de - vo - tionand pray’ he_breath’i,as tho’_heheavinen -treat-ed, And quel - la ri-pe - te - a - si un no-me,il mio, il mi-o! oft__ murmuring low a__name fa - miliar,my own, re - peatedl... ~~ Cees eee animando wn poco A Cor-sigh ve-ron sol - le - ci-ta... E-glie-¥a, eglie-fa des - sol... And frommy casement glane - ing, I sawhiml, hestood be - fore mel animando un poco con espansione, un poco animato —_= Gio - ja pro-vai chea - glan—~ ge - hi Joy as a-lone the an _- con espansione, un poco, animate =~ so - 108 pro- gels know, In __ that bright var con - ces - - hour came o'er. Al co - real guar ! =o me! "Twas bliss___ su -_ preme, twas crese. a poco a po 4 p & piacere stent. A sta - ti- co ter - raunciel sem-brd, la ter-raun ciel, un ciel - bro, al ec-sta-sy, with-in my___soul___ those. ten-der accents rang; ’Twas hs = 3 2 aA 12a al guar - - dog -sta - - ti - co su - preme,___ "twas ec - - sta - sy, a Allegro vivo. d-s0,) ciel sem - - bro! ten-der accents rang. aan Leonora. in-va - no! Oh fear not! Se bio, ma tri - know not. heart is hheav - sen - ti - men sad fore - bo _ : + SS =; j Sieve gin que-stuo - moar - - .ca - iol known one had nev - er met thee. ee a { Se re "ee sates ( oP Leonora. Che di-ci! Oh ba - stil Forget him! Ah nev - er! = tagbbli - ar - lo— Ge - djal con - to for-get him! Thou knowst I - Ya-mi - sta, be ad - vised: wf a piacere =! Leonora. o-bli - ar - lo! Ah! ta par-la - sti Oh be si - lent! Love such as mine thou colla parte der Yal-ma i . not un - der --stand. Allegro giusto. (:100.) ~ briltante Di ta-leamor, che dir - si mal pud dal-la | pa- ‘The love my heart oer - flow - ing, Noearth-ly word can la, damor che inten-dgio so der, With rap-ture I sur - ren eS. Prillante > il cor, il_cor s’inne-bri - 0. Ii mio de-sti- no my_ heart, _myheartto be his own. Onhim my faith be- Ea non pud chea lui dap ~ pr i No more in life we sev, - S ex; Comelife ordeath,for ev at ma mf Poco pit mosso 0_mo-ri - ro!_si-o non vi-vroper es - so, per es-sq jo mo-ri - his a - lone, yes,myheartis his a - lone,yes,myheart is_his a - _ die Poco pir mosso 7 es = So, per_es heart, myheart i PP rm, ah, si, per es - mo-ri - rd, per es-so mori -ro, lone, is_ his a - lone, is his ishi te te te oe a ie el donet Ynez (aside.) Non deb - ba mai pn - - ‘ol May'’st thou re - gret it lone! the yeas tir-sichi tan- tay gior -- nea = mo! non deb-bamai pen- never,the trust thy heart hath shown, may'stthou regret it kos > . : > SS > S525 a Tempo I. Leonora. tir -si chi tan-toa - mo! nev - er, the trust thou'st shown! _—S SS hh Di ta-leamor, che dir - Thelove myheartoer-flow - fr Tempo I. ; mal pud dal-la_ pa - Fo - la, —_@amor,chein-ten-dajo Noearth-lyword can ren - der, With rapture I sur- te mio des-ti - no com—=—~ per - si non pudchea Ini dap- Onhim my faith be - stow - eo ing, Nomore in life we 7 & > 80, stio non vi-vro per ¢s > - 7 ~ er. Come life ordeath, for ev - g-t - aA os. —™ - > a. : a i> oe . «Poco pitt mosso per es - 80, per_ =$0, per és-s0mo-ri - rd,—si-o non vivro per my! is_a_- lone, yes,my heart is his a- Poco’ pitt 'mosso = eS = S80, per es-sqjo-mo-ri -rd,. ab, si, per_ es - so_ mo - ri - lone,-yes,my heart is_his a - lone, is_ his. a - is is = te tf & tg % ee be ro, per es-80 mo-ri - rd, mo > tty... heart ig hle,_a_-._ Jone, zt ah si, per es - so. mo- ri - ry ‘per Pe yi eo my heart is his a= tone, my lone; Inez. 2 —— SS = 5 Noatg doh tay 2 male peng ating 9 ig gag | tenia May’st thou re - get it ney - =.e%,,.The trust _ thy es - somo - ni- 7, a - lone, ah! si, per oe - 0 mo-ri - ah, yes, my = mga - - mo, non deb - ba mai pen - tir - shown,May’st thou re - gret it nev fpmnmeemreeeeenennee pres - somo - n-r, mo- - - my heart is his a - fone, his tan-tqun gior - mea - - md, chi tan -taun trust thy heart hath shown, the trust thy = ——— fpr wemmeeeenneennenennrranevanenennenty (They ascend the staircase into the palace.) gior - nayn gior - ma - heart, thy heart hath