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74 ISABELLA Andante > 29] LS, 6 hb = so - -fan - no pa-ria quel elio pro. -fenceless, and no hope there seems________ to be. For you | “ Andante, = Cru-da sor.te! A-mor ti- ran no! Que-stoé il Cruel for.tune! Oh love itt. fat ed! What a ic non Véor-rory ter- ror, I'm a lone, a - fraid, = > ts > =) > a La piacerey Per te a Sa lo, 0 mioLin-do - ro, io mi tro - vo intal on ~ ly, my Lindo - ro, I am stranded withdan oun + Nel N,4u manea il {Vedi Note, The is missing in N, £4, See Notes, is2n8 15 = * 60 uk z oe -ri - glio. Da chi spe - "ro, oh Dio! con-si- glio? oh Dio! con- near me. Kind . ly heav - en, I beg you hear me, T beg you Fa chi con-for - to send. assist . ance spe - ro, jo!con- si - glio? chi confor - to mi da heaven, you hear me, send as.vist - ance now, I LP] 3; Da chi spe - Fo; Dio! con - Kindly heaven, beg you rans fe con-for-to mi dal? rar 7 send_________as.sist.ance now, 1” pray. a Tenori Lett Allegro = fi, bln tee con, Bey, what a eatch, coRo-cuoKus fa, un boe- con, Bey, what_a catch, ISABELLA 78 Qua ci vucl di-sin-vol-tu-ra, I must be my own defender, cono-c#oRus eon per Mu ‘eateh ‘to please 132118 non pitt smanie, né pa. w_ra: to my wilestheynustsurrende or chi so-no si ve-dra, or then I'll make themchange their mind, Gia so per On my ex - pe. (32) = * Parent ples Jan - guido, dun ‘so-spi . ret - 132118 then I'll make them pra. ti-ca qualsiaVef- fet - rience L'il ‘ a do- mar gliuo-mi - ni Flat . ter-y and soulful sigh . ing.The way to tame a di_ co-raggio® tempo, Af they think I’mskort of courage, EEE: chi s0-no si ve-dra, change their mind. b to @un sguardo bere - ly ~ ing.On tears and co- me si man I know by 78 ~~ i si, si, si, st, soado-mar gliuo- mi - ni co- me si es, yes, Yes, yes, theway to tame a man knowby 99 fa, si, soa do-mar gliuo-mi-ni co-me si fa. heart, yes, the way to “tame a man ‘I _knowby heart. a3 Cheewd erase3 rs — 02 sian flem~mao hard as nails, or soft as 105, fo - co, sontut-ti si - mi- li a pressoa po - co... siauflemma o Seath . er, butwhenit comes to love they'reallto. geth . er, teyre atl to. i Tree erese. ies 79 a son tut-ti si - mili a? pressoa po-co.. Tut-ti la -seth . er, yesjwhenit comes fo love they're all to. gether. They nev. er a do-no,tut-ti_ la bra - ma-no,tut-ti la chie - dono, tut-ti la of ittheyreall on fire for it,they never tire of it,they'reall on rr bra <“ma-no da fem-mi - na fe-li- ei. ta, si, sl, sl, Sire for it, all mende. pend up . on @ woman's art, Yes, Yes, yes, 7 da va-ga fem. all men de. pend 132118 80 ata; si, da va. ga fem - mi - na art, yes, all men de . pend up. on 424 -ta. Tut-ti la bra - mano, tut-ti la chie - do - no da va-ga They tire of it, they'reall on fire for it, all mende. fem-mi-na fe-li.ei . ta, tut-ti la bra - ma-no, tut-ti la -pend up. on a's art, tire of it, they'reall on =~ 127, chie - do. no da va-ga fem-mi-na fe- li. ct - Sire Sor it, ail men de. pend up. on a woman's —_ 1s2118 182, fem-mi-na fe-li- ci - ta, da fem-mi-na fe-li- ei pend up.on @'s art, all men de. pend up.on a woman's 87, fe. Hi «6h ~ te a@ woman's art if 12118