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388 No, 24, Il caproe la capretta The birds and beasts Aria Marcellina ‘Tempo di Minnetto Marocllina ca-proe la ca- The birds and beastsare — = ogpel-lo all) a-gnol- hora-es in ev- ry — NE a TEE eS or kop aap ~ Bey ee og ood vezey oy f san apuem 10 —n - aq - nem om oo gd oy 111 20 - a0 ‘wor ~ ued-woo pos é] - pusyy & woo 20] of weyo8- 9 oud - ed-muosod out - [es and A 104 Joy pu THR oxo0Fy. 101-9 ata somusag way so = non Tala = ws ‘ey won em ex = and 8 385, FD, Pn ee i ee Se ste - ———e—ee oe wander ver = = Tl ca-proe ta ca - pret - te son sem = preim a - mi ~ The roost- er loves each feath - er of his be - tov- ed dad 2 Ya. guel - Io all a-gnel- tet the t= om and his Gu-sen 1 ———— guerra mai non fa, Le pl fo - ro. a hap py in their den, The most fer « o- cious anaes eran SS Se sfom jy mom-om 941 eKomeryounys pus SM EE TY 40g “ox0] om wour = tep-mss woo s0Ud - 0 wpe tosad ep ues op ep gaa “eri 02 Hoh whee eu ay yO lay wt a Or ee) yo “MUN IMM) ad-aa = od jou pos orseny Z, ¥ ospeunjowosupe® - v asja iy - awos sey ep-uwul 09 Sowoo3! wage yey spa meses tee | ed ‘iH = v-uoo so) of URlse- sf yu = —S 73 Teamy = vay Supnimp oa Gane SSE ety aa oud = ed - wes sod saan 4a, - quor pays, the 0 man al ~ ways pays, re fememist, she tan tha miam quest! vo-mi-ni, their jealousy, we offer them “fi ~ del-i- ty, r trat-ta te siam dai_per- fi- di ‘They pay ay back with mis-er- y, coreg ” sno eau day) SHpseay = pps aD uo fay f saecsiu yim qaeg xu ke Sag) “werd pep ums ay + my 98 280 00g, AopetzEOy amoPONG Sox) — TP = 20 Bo9 "yy = TaprB10 UO ‘syivoy, "yh = [9p-na0 200 Jap-ues mo yPauy 00 ‘qaray —t sap - uay ano Tp = n> too syeaag, 008

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