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Cc Direc Leoncavallo bara O, Coluombina from I Pagliacci Allegretto un poco moderato (d:120) (Columbine, hearing the sound of a guitar off the stage, rushes to window with a cry of joy, but does not open it) : Ah! ahl (Violin pizz. behind scene) Hal hal ‘come accordando eoeeeeee tae (within) come montando grado a grado la corda (as if tuning up) Harlequin (Peppe, behind scene) Co -lom-bi-nail te-ne-ro fi-dqAr-lee - chin 0. ° Col - um-bine, Your faithful Har-le-quin is near, £ éa te vi - faith - ful and un poco cedendoquesta battuta (Ca Sheet Music (tm) ~- Leoncavallo -- O, Colombia from I Pagliacci Di te chia-man - dae so-spi -ran- doa-spet -tajl po - ve - rin! See, I standa- lone and sigh with long- ing as [wait for you! poco rit. — tua fac-cet-ta mo-stra-mi, chio vo’ ba - ciar sen - za — Won't you show your lit - tle face that I may kiss— kiss you @ tempo sensa respirare la boc- cue - cia, A- mor mi O my be - lov - ed, how I a ———_~, Cd Sheet Music (tm) -- Leoncavalto -- 0, Colombina from I Pagtiacei legando crue - cia! A-mor mi cruc-ciae mi stan tor - men - tar! dore you! And yet I fear that I must sigh in vain, ete ——. e mi staa tor- men - tarL_._ that I must sigh in vaint aw Co-lom-bi - ua, op-en up your schiu-di - mi il fi - ne - strin, es vi - cin win - dow, dear - est Co - lum - bine! for you! ripigliando il tempo col canto ‘Ca Sheet Music (tm) -- Leoncavallo -- 0, Colombina from I Pagliacci dite chia - man - do, e@ so- spi - ran Hear me, my — dar - ling... T love you on SS = ail po - ve-rqAr-lec - chin! so faith-ful and so true! Oboe Ar -lec - chin! 50 true! Ah, ino alla fi eo S . gine alta fine . 3 bn, by we ee tecito ¥ f Cd Sheet Music (tm) -- Leoncavallo -- 0, Colombina from I Pagliacci Tempo di Minuetto (dos) Columbine (coming down stage) ja-reil se - gno con - ve - now he'll give—— me the Vio - stan - ap _- proach - ed Ar-lec-'chi- nga - spet when we will be to - ge Taddeo (Tonio, dressed as Taddeo, peops thro’ door and witches Neda) tal 5