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ti Does your child need a computer If your child is on free or reduced lunch, the Capital Area Corporate Recycling Council can help. CACRC’s Computers for Louisiana’s Families) s945isi seauregard Towa Program offers low-cost refurbished computers | Sse span st with software for $ 100.00. 9 center Goverment 5 To buy your computer, please bring a copy of your = child’s free or reduced lunch status or medicaid card, your ID and a money order, cash card or credit card (sorry, no cash or personal checks) to our warehouse, 800 Saint Philip St. Monday thru Friday, 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM. For more information, please call our office at (225) 379-3577 or visit our website: ' CLF BASIC SYSTEM AT NEW, LOW 2010 PRICES: ive 1563 France Bt TMS APOVS spFerdinand st phen ey . Basic System includes: we” Pentium 4 processor ee 3s e¥ 512 MB of RAM rior 0" SO 15 GB or better Hard Drive WH poor Gre. s CD — ROM Drive 3.5” Floppy Drive 10 base T network card PS/2 keyboard and mouse 2 power cords 17” color monitor Windows XP Professional Operating System ASK US ABOUT OUR RAM AND HARD. UPGRADES! NEW! $ 200 LAPTOPS! Our CLF 2010 system includes the following software: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Open Office Suite, AVG Antivirus software, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Didactic Games, Computer Tutorial, Anti-Spyware bundle, one time Phone Tech Support from Rent A Nerd. ACEECRC community assistance program Free technical support provided by CBee