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St. Andrew’s Mission “Serving Our Neighbors” St. Andrew's Mission is a non- profit organization that serves those in need in our community, We have several different ministries all funded through our four thrift stores: McComb, MS, Brookhaven, MS, Natchez, MS and our newest addition HAMMOND, LA. A few of our ministries include: “SAM'S Diner" The diner is a soup kitchen that serves a free home cooked meal to anyone in vhe community on Mondays and Fridays. On a weekly basis, the diner serves approximately 125 meals per operating day, with an additional 65 meals per . operating day delivered to home-bound members of our community. Free Health Clinic ur goal for this ministry is to provide primary health cate for people who do not have health insurance coverage (including Medicare, Medicaid, or any form of private insurance). Our clinic provides care for people of all ages. The clinic is staffed by volunteer physicians, nurses, and clerical personnel Community Education St. Andrew's Mission offers various programs for community education purposes, including a partnership with Southwest Mississippi Community College to offer GED classes (currently held four nights a week), We also offer computer classes. Some other areas that we offer classes in including: Parenting, Anger Management, Drug Prevention and Support, CPR and First Aid. The Food Pantry - Sto Andrew's Misston prowdtar x Teed mInistry TRAE TupileMENty ee HHOREIY food and nutritional needs of senior and adults with handicaps. We purchase the food through the Mississippi Food Sank at a reduced rate, and it is USDA ‘ontrolled, Our ministry services all of the eligible clients in the Amite County vrea, as well as the seniors and disabled adults in Pike County, We have a partnership with MICA, and they service the other populations that we do not Volunteer Center ‘ministry links ovailable volunteers with deserving organizations in the ommunity that need volunteers, Volunteers are very special and unique people vhe want to serve their communities. ‘The Volunteer Center ig here to connect ‘olunteers with their mterests. Drug Free Support Substance abuse is more likely (0 afect people who live in poverty and their families, and our goal for this ministry 18 to 5 sre personally st sth the South ovide services to our clients who jagling with issues of substance abuse through a partnership ‘Mississippi Rural Health Coalition, For more information on our store and mission please contact Samantha at 985-345-4588 | | | | | |