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Ne SOUS SEUSS TDS TN SSN PUBLIC NOTICE QUAD AREA By: APPOINTMENT ONLY | GROSS MONTHLY HH INCOME n 12, 1B “Teagigaoe 225-567-2350 Sx sions 225-222-6100 ES ‘Asencio Gonzales 225-644-8552 Keorood 985228-6229 a Donaldson 25-4735 Wosblags 985-738-7115 = Springsie 225-294-4149 ‘Weat Faeins 25-6352068 = 4684 Bast ellen 225-682-3508 Fa Drivers lloense ar other picture LD. Soolal Security cards forall mocnbes that ive in the houschold roof of nggme forall members that live inthe household 2009-2010 incone aid weedy, preséut lst 4 consenutive check stubs, Paid twice a month, preseat the fast 4 consecutive cheak sinbs aid monthly, present the ast 4 consecutive check stubs : Ifyou roelve Bovis! Seousity, S81, retirement or Voterans beets, you must have your 2009-2016 award letter. ‘Avcopy of your check must be pesent, and if tis direat deposited, « copy of your bank statement ora letter from the bank must be presented. Tt'you receive Food Stanaps,« print out must be submitted that is no nore than 30 days old. Proof of your service uddrees must be presented, such as, driver liosase, cable bil, phone Bill, or aay other correspondence, Any proof must matsh your service location address. ‘Present your highest electric bill within tho last 10 months, IF you seat, a copy of your lesse agreement mmust bo presented. Preset utility allowance, if applicable, CEE ERG ARRA GUID! ‘This money is intended to help a working person that is in crisis to regain economic stability. Only clients that are laid off qualify for this money. The lay off must be ‘on company letterhead and signed. Thela ust be within the J rthree (3) months. Guidelines are as follows: 1. geet ap an letterhead. Termination by being fired or quitting TS not eligibl 2. Drivers License or equivalent ID 3. Social Security cards of all household members 4, Proof of all other household income Each application may need different assistance. If applicable, the additional following documentation , must be presented at the time of your application: ’ 1. Letter on letterhead from the Landlord, copy of the lease or letter from the Mortgage Company 2, Current utility bill 3. Current food stamp printout Other documentation may be requested and required by the caseworker for each application. ‘The following income, 200% of the poverty level, must be met: Family Size__|_ Monthly Income _ : 1 $1,805.00 ia $2,428.33 3 $3,051.67 4 $3,675.00 5 $4,298.33, 6 $4,291.67 ene 35,545.00 8 36,168.33 cee 36,791.67 10 $7,415.00 il $8,038.33 12 $8,661.67 13, $9,285.00 14 $9,908.33, 15 $10,531.67