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tions *No Qualifications *No Limits On Quantities Purchased "No App email: Angel-food@ Slidell First Church of the Nazarene brings you “Angel Food Ministries JANUARY 2010 Menu SIGNATURE BOX - $30.00 SENIOR / CONVENIENCE BOX- $28.00 "pty eee. ny baer ay ke ryote antares berh is McC peer a: ‘ope tery ene Com asian onan Toe ipsa ie 21h Baly Baek Ribs 25 1b IQF Splt Chickon Breast 2b Mac & Beef Dinner Enizee 1.$b, Fully Cooked All White Meat Breaded Chicken Breast Patties 1b. Lean Grownd Beet Chicken Cacciatore wih rice Cauliflower & lima beanicom Chicken Teriyaki vith cee blend, sugar blend snap peas & carats Fettuccini Alfredo with Meat Lasagna with green beans & Brussels sprouts & zucchini caulfower ‘Salisbury Steak & Gravy with Chili with Beef & Beans with cornired caulifower, peas & carats peppers & peas Lb, Bratwust with Cheese 1 lb, Frocen Sliced Carnots 1b Frozen Whole Kemel Com 8 ct Frozen Heat & Serve Buttermilk Pancake: 10 ct, Whole Wheat Diner Rolls 31 or ct, Large Russet Baking Petatoes 32.02, Mo Shelf Sable Mill Dozen Eggs Breaded Fish Sticks with wid Chees ties, com & peas peas Manicotti wth green beans, ‘arrots Chicken & Noodles with Desserts: Assorted Cookies. Strawbeny com, Brussels sprouts Frozen Yogurt Cup. Pineapple Fruit Cup, Peach Fruit Cup, Orange Juice, Fruit Spaghetti & Meatballs with Punch com. peas & carots Deseit b, ALLERGEN. FREE FOOD BOX 23.00 Processed fo eliminate We eight mp sorion allergens: Poon Mik. Eggs: Fishy Crusiacea Trve Nats and Gluten shear, eve and barley). Greatfor ehikiren ad adults 11. Breaded Chicken Breast Filet, 1 lb, Breaded Chicken Breast lugges. 1 Ib. Breaded Cubed Steak Hib. Breaded Chicken ings, 1 Ib Breaded Ceken Tenders Bovbean i gz q g z call 985-649-3222 ws Sib. Seafood Pack - $35.00 six pounds ofthe snost quality ceafood assortmentavaiabh. 2 its. Jamibo Lightly Bieaded Sirimp ~ Balzable (42-50 shrimp), 1b. Oven Baked Stuffed Fhuinder with Crab Suffing - | stuffed flounders(+ o7 each). 2 tbs. Tikapia Raw Fillets (2- 1 1b. bags pet bos ench bag contains 3-4 fillets which Neiuh 3-5 02. enchy). 1.1 1b. (17 o2.) Oven Ready Ciab Cakes 5 crab cakes 3-4 02. each) opel Foo Miniacies Ress the Right to Substitute Any Teme Doe fo Avalably, Gost aad Quay. SPECIALS 2 Ih. Ribeye Steaks (4 x8 02). 2 Ib, Peak Roast, 1.5 tb. Lean Hombager Steak Patties (1x6 07). 1.5 D. lalian Sausage with Cheese #2 -§ Ib. Assorted Meat & Chicken Combo - $22.00-? Ih Sirloin Steak Sips (4 NS o2).1 5 1b Bacol Wrapped Reet Fillets (4 x6 02). 1.5 tb. Bacon Wrapped Chirken Fillets (4 x6 02) #3 - 10 Ib, Battered Boneless Wing Box - $18.00 10 [bs Boneless Battered White Meal Chicken Breast Chunks Bonzless Wings #4-7 lb, Premium Meat Box - $32.00 - 3 Ib-T-Bone Steaks (4 x12 oz). 2 Ih Boneless Potk Chops (1x8 02) 2 tb Gow met Flavored Chicken Breasts. 1 Ib. Italian Flavor (288 oz.) | Ib, Honey Mustard Flavor 2 88 02} ‘#5 -Premium Fresh Fruit and Veggie Box -§22.00-1 Pusapple, 1-3. Combo Pack (Red Dekcious Apples Granny Snuth Apples and California Oranges) 2 Large Ruby Red Grape init, 1 Haas Avocado, } tb. California Comots, 3 Ibs. Sweet Potatoes, 2 Ibs, Red A-Size Potatoes. 2 Ibs Large-Medium Yellow Onions, 1 head {cabbage 1 (S 07) Package Shelled Pecan Halves. 1 Package Wiley's Sweet Potato and Yam Seasoning All orders are prepaid online or in person §n person: Cash, Money Orders or Food Stamp Cards ‘ONLY No Personal Checks. Qnline: Debit or Credit Cards now thru t1am Jan 13th at: Saturday: Jan 9th 9:00 axn - 12:00 noo: Monday: Jan 1th 9:00 am ~ 12:00 noon k up your order on : Saturday, January 23rd Any fvodreTtanciatmed aera fine wan TS, feTt unclaimed after me others in need, ‘See your receipt for exact pickup time. This is th ONLY TIME you may pick up your food, Weare Tocated at:1449 Fremaux Ave Slidell, LA (tamby QuickCheck) For