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‘The Benevolent Rural Alliance for Cultural nd Environmental Strategies (BRACES) Homeless Prevention Program What isthe Homeless Prevention Program? ‘+The Homeless Prevention Program f2federaly HUD funded program that helps ‘qualified individuals and families who are in danger of becoming homeless ‘+ Applicants may seek assistance for: © Uility deposits or payments (dlsconnect notice is required for payment) (© Security Deposits invoice on company letterhead Is required) © Short-term rental assistance when applicable (lease agreement on letterhead is required) ‘© Stabilization services which include required case management, credit counseling ‘meelation require for people recelvng rental asistance) What are the requirements for Homeless Prevention funding? *+ Approved applicants wil be required to complete a standardized application process that Includes entering the applicant's personal information into a national data base system for follow-up and verification + Approved applicants will be required to prove and maintain sustainability through employment ‘+ Approved applicant will be followed bya cave manager ‘+ Approved applicants will be required to takepart in a stabilization program + Approved applicants wil be required to help others by putting funds back into the program al 800731.798 for an Appication ‘Aplications are accepted ONLY by mall ‘The Benevolent Rural Alliance for Cultural and Environmental Strategies (BRACES) ‘Rapid Re-houslng Program who may apply forthe Rapid Re-Housing Program? ‘+ Anyindivdual or household that are considered homeless by HUD's current definition: 2 “Individuals or households who have been sleping in Emergency Homeless ‘Shelters, or have been sleeping in a place not meant for human habitation; Individuals who have been ina hospital or institution for upto 180 days, but were 'terally homeless immediately pror to entry: An individual who i either graduating 0 timing-out of transitional housing, or an invidual who isa victim of domestic violence.” Unless a persons a victim of domestic violence, indlviduals and/or households, who meet HUD’s definition, must provide prof that they are homeless. proofs defined as: ‘+ Aletter writen on a homeless shelter, nsittion/ or agency’s letterhead referring the ‘applicant tothe Rapid Re-housing program. The letter must © entity the shelter program and verty the applicant's current shelter occupancy. ‘The letter must also include the individuals or households most recent entry and exit dates and be signed and dated by an official from the provider including a phone number for verification Applicants are required to complete the application process. There are NO exceptions to this ul. ‘+The standardized application process includes entering the applicants personal information Intoa national data base system for verification and follow-up Applicants who quality for Rapid Re-Housing assistance will be required to: + Abide by the program's rules which include but not limited to: © Awilingnes to actively seek and maintain gainful employment © Entering nto a case management agreement Catt 300.731.7996 or an Appleton ‘Aplications are accepted ONLY by mall