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5. Costruisci delle frasi coniugando i verbi al PRESENT SIMPLE 0 al FUTURO a. you / here / when / come // have / walks / we / long / woods / the / in 'b. if that/ you / car / buy // no / left / have / money / you © me / you /some / buy / oranges // you / to / shops / the / if | go? d. understand / she / grow up / when / she @. they / the / start / match // raining / stop / as soon as /it f. another/ here /1/ week / stay there / rooms /if / hotel fin / be / the 9. pay / not / Mrs Brown / Robert // he / unless / the / work / the / week / the / end / by /of / finish bh. Johnsons / not / the / San Francisco / move / to // Mr Johnson / find / there / job /a / until Completa i dialoghi usando le parole del riquadro. Alcune parole vanno usate pit di una volta. anyone anything anytime anywhere someone something 0 A Someone phoned for you earlier. 5 A What do you fancy to eat - Chinese or Thai? B Did they leave a message? B You choose. I'm happy to eat i 1 A What's the matter? 6 A When shall | come round? B Oh, is wrong with my TV. B Illbbe at home all day - call round 2 A Issnowboarding difficult? 7 A Doyou prefer a window or an aisle seat? B No, can do itif they try. B I don't mind. 'm happy to sit 3 A Doyou think Juve will beat Roma? 8 A | think we're lost! B Idon't know. is possible! B OK, let's ask tohelp us. 4A Ithought you'd lost your mobile. 9 A Did you go shopping this morning? B Idid, but found it. B Yes, but! didn't buy . Completa le frasi usando any e le parole del riquadro. colour film music size bus 0 Small, medium, large - you can have avy size you like. 1 Take - They all go to the central station. 2 Red, blue, black — you can have you like. 3 Imhappy to listen to - [really don’t mind. 4 Hove with Orlando Bloom i _ 2 Sottolinea la forma corretta tra quelle in corsivo. 1, We cant go nowherelanywhere because it's raining. 2, If there's something/anything you don't like, let me know. 3. The poor girl has married a nobody/anybody. 4. Give me anything/everything you have, 5.You were all here when the accident happened. Didn't anybody/nobody notice something/anything? 6. Reading that book was a complete waste of time. It told me anything/nothing. 7. Somebodyfnobody damaged the tennis table yesterday. 8. Somebody/Anybody is ringing the bell. Go and see who itis. 9, Are you going to look for a new car somewherelanywheret 10, Do you want me to fetch you somethinglanything to read while you wait? 2 Sottolinea la forma corretta fra quelle in corsivo. 1. Are you doing anythingisomething interesting this evening? 2. There is anyone/someone waiting for you. 3.We cant go yet because someoneinone is missing. 4. When I saw her, she was talking to someonelanyone. 5. [ want to move to a large town. Thete’s nobodylanybody I know here. 6. Ii like to buy myself some- ‘thinglanything nice to weat. 7. esterday I went to several department stores, but nathing/none of them had the dress I was looking for. 8. This programme is boring, Let's watch something/someone different. 9. There wasn't anybody/nobody I knew at the party. 10, "Have they gone to Japan?” “No, I think they've gone nowherelanywhere this year.” 3 Completa il dialogo con somewhere, anywhere, nowhere, Charles Mary, I can't find my tennis shoes, Have you seen them (1) a? Mary Well, hey should be (2) in your bedroom. Charles No, Ican‘tfind them (3) Mary All ight. Have a look (4) . Charles No, they are (5) Mary Charles, come here. They are in the kitchen. Mum washed them yesterday, they were really dirty. 4_ Completa le frasi con un composte disome, any ono, LI didn’t know ous When Iwas in London. 2. She hasn't got _.towear, 3, can go - you dontt have to be invited. 4, Mary was so tired that she didn't feel like going coven? SEUSS sums YOuliKe. 6."Have you got... cheaper than this as, a present?” “I'm sorry, cheaper.” 7. Sorry. I thought you were speaking to 8. As soon as I walked in, I noticed that sonae Was missing. 9 in the fridge smells, odd. Please, have a look there. 10. There’ else I want to tell you. 5 Completa il dialogo con somebody, anybody, anything, nothing, somewhere. Brian Hallo, darling. Dinner all right? Jane Oh, hallo, Wel, the meats OK, I think. Where have you bent Brian Oh, 've justbeen to see (1) Jane Oh? (2) Tknow? Brian Yes, asa matter of fact I've been to the doctor’. Jane The doctor's? You didnt say (3) about feeting unwell. What's the matter? Brian (4) Jane Come on, out with it What did you go and see him for? Brian Oh, (5) at all, really, Just a routine check up. Jane That soundsa bit peculiar to me. Sure you havent been (6) else you. @ you dont want to tell me about? Brian No, [really have been to the doctors. Completa diatogo con un composto di some, any ono. yn Its Carols birthday tomorrow. Have you bought (1) <. forher? @ not to0 expensive, of course Karen No.) unfortunately ve been very busy I saw some nice shirts in @ boutique w ~ near the city centre, last week. [i going to the centre now and I can ty there. Im sure (5) in the shop can help mes HL S€ (6) aan SPEC, Tal you Or perhaps 7) there can suggest (6) Oo ese, IF theres o. ike, ean try 10) 8. 7 Completate frasi con everyone/body, everything o everywhere e la forma corretta dei verbi tra parentesi, 1. The manager doesnt want to start the meeting until arrive) 2 Imsure (agree) with me. 3. While Iwas running to take the bus I dropped my bag and... (fall) out. 4 - (have) their own ideas about the best way to bring up children. 5. Surely _.. (agree) that peace is preferable to war. 6. Outside the snow is falling and _ (be) white. 7. That man is very popular in the city and (like) him, 8 The film isa box-office hit, (talk) about it. 9, Wehad to stay ina bad hotel as ‘ (be) fully booked, 10. Wemust clean the house~ (look) s0 dirty. 8 Sostituisci le parole tra parentesi con something of, somewhere, anyhow, anybody, everything, ‘How did your daughter get her job?” ‘The Economist.” Mrs Harrier behaves in a snobbish way, but she isn't (an important person), My parents would like to go and stay (in some place) quiet and cheap. My granny made a plumcake on my birthday but it was (rather) a failure, Whether you like it or not, 'm going to buy that car (in any case) ‘Our teachers gave us the freedom to do (no matter what) we liked. ‘She answered a job advertisement that she saw (in some place) in