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DELTA HF intégrale 16v Braking system BOSCH (ABS) 4 CHANNEL 2ND GENE- RATION ANTI-LOCK BRAKING SYSTEM - Diagram showing anti-lock braking system 1 ~ Layout of components on vehicle 4 ~ Electronic control unit 6 _- Hydraulic control unit S 9 - "= Rpm sensors 10 - Main control relay with protection against excess voltage ut ~ Device failure warning light - Brake lights switch - Longitudinal accelerometer 12 - Transverse accelerometer - Switch on clutch pedal B - Description of operation ofanti-lock braking system 4 - Wiring diagram 19 ~ Rpm sensor for front wheel (cemovingeficting) 2 o ~ Rpm sensor for rear wheel - (removing-refitting) 21 - Checking gap between rpm sensor and flywheel teeth 21 - Electronic control unit (removing-refitting) 22 Hydraulic control unit (removing-refitting) 23 ~ Precautions to be observed on a vehicle ‘equipped with an anti-lock braking system 24 SPECIAL TOOLS 24 TIGHTENING TORQUES 24, DELTA HF intograle 166 5, Ree maid ua cot Des neg same apna ay eg Riya et rate come oth aay mean inmost he ‘Sateen cen sewing whcn baking on ieee ond surat whe the ight and et whe, ‘Fhephenomeon fre gaat yt nerd more fn cal the move fhe ‘nt and he nic king toe sno Tor ob Seco ch creme mateo ct Heresies ccnett t cant ta ote con wn thirmaon pps B's esnacne seamen me 16 DELTA HF integrale Brakis tem LHP integrale 160 raking s e 3B. eating og fo ce ete AbS cco onl wat brace a te sono ‘simak iad. Tie nore slows Imponed set or wer eveig he ven om Eling None in ade need =m ‘neon spa ibe oa hee Compeation he anh ating nem compose oneness pe ‘ch om uch peal in DELTA HF integrale Braking system HF integrale 160 3B. DELTA HF integrate 16V Braking system Antilock brakes Sh ah pa ake ih sich Braking system DELTA HF integrate 16+ BB. [ctr a trainee ati comm ancnoprt iene ES aerate or Le neree rasa aha Wee ass Sn ae Ne ra RGasSinS eae oa tice ae et NO ene ee ra ROGET Toes Nae aw St in i ne Spr cracrincmte mate artes ar, rte ogee SHE MMe sl eh ea ma! SS a iane eee e DELTA HF integrate 166 Braking system 33. IAOSE ES ocanhaen heamameaanmuicrtin = Pegepis tenant toc a ait ih ip al oie een contel uni ovens the ieent seas, spon the sens valve wth mpuies of varying ‘Unt devgeno gees mi operon prs teow Shy 0 aw ewe come to 8 Seer aa NOTE uprated onc ta Nee lead lesen et ate jo constant cna bate) vohape Swing deve te vlae to high De i Seiseesae iasyiis Sateen Sabana” Hote ive cor nny barre tam propos he Shel enue eh anced ihe a sons Cc Braking system DELTA HF integrale 160 ve} * [ 2 i DELTA HP integrale 16+ Braking system 33. DELTA HF integrale 16v e Snare ae eet eens tomer oy IES Sip il oo dnd wh eka ia an ope ation nd ere sesso ES ecm amen ores sta ent area ‘ee ye rin te whe cot els os an ae ihe yl poe pa, sin i or a as DELTA HF integrate 160 Braking system aed e sara fessor ate whe po bain cere im shal be wee Kap sess he pcg fi, an faye wee of dma "Main CONTROL RELAY ANO PROTECTION AGAINST EXCESS VOLTAGE ‘ean frometwe fe for he ie th cee ade with rotecton agent xcs ot Smt | Sioa Destination | Ue [om] Reserina 2 tye re] |. | ™ [Sseemiasees=| re | Braking system DELTA HF integrate 167 Anti-lock Brakes — 33. e on ob son he Epis ved pte arin Eat Sa ge a hh ev hoa Ifa sr vr keh cnt cane cee the ron on ere. YN sre inte eat ee ss ‘eaKe LicHTsswereH ‘este tuning herp pre alse cel tnd soimiocipd ete rt ornate obating. ao vag erase sate e DELTA UF integrale 16v rohan arte Braking system DELTA HP integrate 166 [Anti-lock Brakes DELTA HF integrate 166 Braking system Antilock brakes e 33. eres sage ‘Be sSenod abe energy a et of acid SA and econ ea Se ae ee DELTA HP integrate 16+ DELTA HF integrale 160 Braking system Fr rakes 33. DELTA UP integrate 166 tee brakes e 33. ch ye ner nlc king som in Braki DELTA HF integrale 16 raking system | rng ram ey ie ites gic sani som DELTA HF intograle 166 Braking system Braking system DELTA HF integrale 6 ss e etn en et Reine ceeconeel it = — © DELTA HF integrate 6 ing system e 33. a> emigre pis from bate Braking system DELTA HF integrale 160 LE EQUIPPED WITH ANTE-LOCK BRAKES