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Skill Development Corpora- C^E`Y [WT]_E\[ 20 ]X [ Y `lS* %\p
tion [ N.S.D.C.-[ Xe YROX[ VX[ %X V L[ Xe VC^ c^* ZEROV[ ]W] Y`V[
V LL RO_GZ Xe OaRORO=RO =w[ [ K Q^ UE ][T[ Q_[ `lVX, %TWXE a_[a, %X \`a [aE G\X]RO &Xa[Q =J[V_^ a+T aF]^[[[ Ky O`E
=Y YT E [ _ E ^ E R O C a\a XROC^E Ya]RO Y^ V L[ Xe %T acLO [pX[ `lE ca[ ^G VX F_W _[ YT =dac C [\ L\_X U YT^GT^
X\[^G EY[RO Ea* JE[ AO Ea[ aZ_ Ky[* KyKyV[ JE[[ =Y^G E[ WYmQ, 5 %GRO f AE[K[ aF]^[[* [Q EJ [c[[ F_RO K yKyV [ Y T [L Y^^ TYVE C QaEa
YC^[ a$[X ^m_T AE` %XVE, GV[L-A[ a V ^ * Ea Z-T [ ^ K %G JE[ UE %[a[ X^KX, G]* _[ K_]^V[ ]W \_[a[ ROXO _E U-T SYVE A[e %Y[ Ky
`Te`* ] [ T-a L E, LL[ ^U =VG [ c^K OXRO_]RO[ a[W* E YQ^V[ YT \_[a^ F_W_[ %Gc VF XLEC %][ Cg[C VQ [L Y^^
GV [ L [ ]T [Q [Q "GV[L %Q\aQ aROZERO %Q]`X[ LX Y^LX AFXC [X Y[`]E `lET Tg[ ]W ^N E[ XX TX* K QT Y[X* Y[[ [K [ T T ^ X %WE [ E [ K *
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LL[ a ^U =VG YPy] EQ`Xe %Q C^`e ]`X'* %Q]RO EQ C a[`b ^GT[ %` ] G\X ]RO &Xa [ Q F_^ \_ Z_ E[T [ E[* ^C^[ OK [^K* T[ ORO LX AO VO Ky %e`GcS
J_ E[T* F_ ^K JE[ YC^[ a^G* aROZERO[ L[j C \[T[ =J[V_^[ `[[`l[ `lE A[Y[ L_YOmQ[ TdE_X [Q Z[_C a[L[X E [ [* A K Q %XE K y
YU]O XL[ VC^ ^E LL aZ_ Ky[ a[ W[X[ A^[ Z* AFXC X^]T _ %aX, za [V_^ Y[V`E[ Y[]` 1996- aX[cXTC a^G Y^K*
R O _G Z [ `_mQ EQ`Xe, [ZL[`X aRO]a ^G^G f V LL RO_GZ XX* aF]^[[ [_X, F_W_[ 1997 a_ [c [ ]Y [ UE _YQ^V[ `[[`l^ KyKy[ LX^K, aF]^ a[
(]cXVYQ) EV[ V-[K[[ A[e C^`e ]`X a[O A[e Xe OaRORO=RO, `_mQ EV, YT =dac C KyKyV[ YT `[[`l^ oTE c^ Z[ _ =dac V^ ^[* _ KQ J_ G_ \[bT G]
Ea Automobile Engineer- [lS[lS E[T Y[[X* K- ]cXVYQ, [W]X [Q (cCQ \_[a[ ROXO _E KQT ^G VX aF]^[[* T[Y[ UE UE %[ \_ F_^Q GQ
ing-A[ VE* \[T[ [cw] ]a[ Ea V^ ]^V [* ^[ Y_ Y+[ EK), YX - Y [ XX* T[ Y [ [ [ K [ 2016 a_ Y^ aFXO `lET aF]^[[[ acE] XU^cRO _[ %[a[ X^KX* XU^cRO %`] =P[ X* a[ [[[[O AERO
GQ X]T ae ][T-aLE YU] TX ]a LL U^[ C 734001* EJ[c[[ [QT Z[ ^C^[ E[KX TX* aF]^[[ [_X, `lE [`Ld ]L]V[ [_X, G\X]RO &Xa[Q =J[V_^[ %_V\[ aE_E =dac V^
A[e LL R O _G Z-A [ ^U YEROE_ za A[e Y[[ TX ZX X[ f 9674165580 OK [^K* T[ [Q Z[_C 2018 a_ [ Z[ ^ [ ]a aF]^ a[[ =dac _[ YWX `lE Y_^ Va[E[ [_X, AaKX* aO E[SO aF]^ a[
=VG, `_mQ EV AO ]a GV[L[ a\a aRO[ / 0353-2500161 (Advt.) a[L[X _YQ ^ V[ `[[ `l^ F_RO^ [Q Z[ ^[X* F_RO aE_O %\\T* E]L[X `b X^]T _ %aX aF]^[[* aE_[ Y^ `lE*
=dac V^ ^[X [_ LXX cO _ [X Y [ ` ]E c^ ^C^[ Y[C TX ^\[ _ %[a[[ Y[ AO EL[ LX aX C [Y[ V[
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Y_`E][* VX[T Tg[ V^ `lEV [ a K y [ Aa XL[ [XV[ cT [F [gW[ KRO GQ G[][^ VHR XO [ E[_ [E` Y[bV A[[ %J^LXE\[ X[[* AFXC EX aeERO XO* T[ XX E[S XT[ aeF[
Y_X E [ X [_O [ H R O [X[cRO UX[ %Oa [Y_ aXc a ^G YX X* TO AVX YQ* aO VHR XO G GQ[ \T[ AER O ]K_C TV[ E[ T VF ^^X* Q^ a[ [\~ EKRO %\[ %K* WY WY XTX ]F T_ %X[
XLV[ X[YV [_ ]X E[ ac %X Y_`E]V[ cT [F Y_`E]V[ cT [F [gWT UE %a] Y_` VR O GQ[[ FQG ]c_ %[` [_K, aO ]]_ T_ c_C %V[a[ Jr J_K* T[, AFX ^g[ %KX Tg[ X\L_
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\O V[ [ F Y[X[ %G `X[[ Y[^ `[X E][ `, a_X [V_^[ acE[ YWX `lE c^ * A[Y[ O G[][ [XYS [\G Y[bV XT[ aeERO \GK* %]V[ XT-E]V[ a OXQ[ a\ E[K*
[X[cRO UX[ Y_`E]V[ cT PE[, %Y[ YaV, Y{[ Ky, VY M, acE[ `lE [`Ld HROX[ TV X]* TV X] ]_T ]J [[WT^ X] ^ [E` Y[bV[ aE_O %]V[ a %KX*'
[F Y[^ [X[cRO [F[X F`[ FTX Y]F Ky LX^, a[[, `lE %XL YWX, [XT FQGER O GQ[[ VcC =[ E[ Q^a-T[O^ =xX, TV[ aO aeGPXE `N E [E` Y[bV[ [L E]RO[ aca\YT
=da[[ aJ X E[ _ XRO cO _[ Y_`E][ XLV[ Y[[[ KQ ]F^ Y]F* c^* _ROmQ[ AE Y[[`Y] F[ [`VX ROE UEX* TU [_K, ^gV[ cT W[ TLE][ RO Y [_X, "aeGPX XT[ EX %\[
%X[S ]L]V[ %\^G E[ %[LXTE [E` Y[bV `N`_ c^ K_ [ LXT[ XO* ]F][ a %]V[ [L a\YT[ ald
F_^ Tg[ AFX %X `[[* AV[ ]W a[[ %G c^K* AFX %][ ]J X^ %]V[ [SE`_
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XG[ERO , 5 %GRO f AE Y_T c^ * X]_ C `]y Y[ [ LXO AVX E]a JR [O %^LX E[
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YX YU]E _[ FV YQ ^ [* ]a_] a+V^[ * YQ ^ V[ ]W Vw C ]_ `[ LXX, a][[ [L[ YTRO [X_ [XV[ XX =~^X]_E EL ]a_] ]a_] a+V^[ ]c_V[ X^ \]E UE[ [_ aeGPX[ Yl
`X[[ J [GX C [X[ _G^ AE[W GQ T_ ac Tg V[E _ a[E[ KRO UE^ AVX X[Yw L[V[ E[ [ XV` VC^ a+V^[ ]c_V[ AG^ %XT AE [`b a\[ %^LX E[ UE LXX c^K* `X[[[
CO a[E[ _RO T [ F[X =da[ [ F[X =da[[ TdY^ [MX[ E]aJRO Y_X E[ c^* c^ K* =VG c_ aeF_HV[ aeGPX c^* Y`Y` ]a_] Q\_Y]RO a\^ %a] EV^ E]RO C
]b f [[a[ E[S a[ VR a XC^[ Y^LX Y[X* EX a+EE XTX\[ ]E[ f VHVX[ Y[
acO E K R O =V [G
ER O [* Y[EX^ \_ c[[
cT Y[* Aly acE] V[
a %_JX E[ XX*
JXT Y[[X* F[ EK[ LX[
EK UE cPd %[sT [[c[
A ac E]X ^[ [[^X HRO[* a[E[
E]J[V[ YY [V_ A[e
-ae[V X=L a\a
`V[J^ - 9434317391
a$[X [^K* ]U PQ [F aea[ XTX aVa[ %G]X YT Y[X* A ac EX YV~T cT Y[* ac W[
a] [b^O Y^_JX E[ a %XV* Y[[[[ a }]S [[ LXE_S]_E EL[ %X Y_ `[[E a]a _GO UE[* NOTICE
X[X* VHE_X EX %UE c^ V[S %XV ERO [* A ac %[__^ T GcS E[X* Vf =aEXT E_c[ Y[T %aT %`[ Y[[` T[ c[* %T[ N VJ TG E[ X* [[a^ Walk-in-Interview for Guest Now showing at
[X^G[ aC _EaX [cX Y] YQT Y[X* aX[ ET EX [N[ Y` VgQT Y[ Y[* EX[ [[c [ cT Y[* [JE f AO ac YJ[ %e`V[[ a ]TXE c[* Teacher on Purely tempo- BISWADEEP
E [ T cT Y [ * a [ E [ G[T c[X* L] C [Q y^[ T* Gc YLJX^ %XV_\* a[E[ E]J[V[ V^ [ cT F[J[ a$[X Y[_lT [LXT[ [N c_ V^ [ rary basis in Philosophy,
E]J[V[ %ROE UE YV~T[ Y[ A_ \[ VFT Y[X* aeGT C LTbJJ^ %GGT Y[* [V_[ a$[XC Y[_lT c^* %T %[GE Y`^ V[X c[* %Y^ aT [_ %XE[ Sanskrit & Arabic will be Jab Harry met Sejal
held in Gazole *ing : Sharukh Khan, Anuska
VE UE aae[V Y[X* EX[ ]^[ EK UE EX =Yc[ Y^ HRO[* V[[ EX [[ ac^T cK* Y][ aE %^U aVc X* ` C L[S aey]SHROT [[G\LX c[X* Y][ ly Mahavidyalaya, Malda. Sharma
%J[S % %X[* VHVX[ %XVT c[X* EX \I a+E LQ VT E[ ]XfEr* %aF \G[ %`* YTE \* Qualifications as per UGC
EX [G]NT Z[[* ]UX f [, [ [[a^[ Y[* E]ly[ E[S V[ ^T EX f }]S ^G [^K* a+w X^ J_ ]]_[ XYw E$ f EX E[ S ]XaE norms and remuneration TIME : 1.30, 4.30, 7.30 PM
[b f [ LXTE [N c_ EX [` \_ [ E] [ [ T cT Y[* E[[ %U XL[ EK c^ ^T Y[* [[a[ ly XTX %[T EL a+S E[[ per class basis.
Date of Interview :
EERO f acRO \_]V GKT UE_ a[ Z[^ Y[EX [[^T c[* %[^ %[^ c^ =P[* [[a^ Date : 17.08.2017
aG[[ J_TK
Walk-in-Interview ^[* [[a^ XTX EX VX* [[a^ %UG] [^K* aX[ LX VJ UE[* %UG] [Q[* YTE a+w X^ Reporting time :11.00 A.M. ]HVT aX]^
For Guest Teachers Y [ EX aZ_ c[* aX[ =J`l[ aZ_ G[T JEdaE, G[bE C Y^N[VGS \O[X[ a V[ [QT Y[* Interview : 01.00 P.M.
Qualification : As per UGC Norms.
Interested candidates may appear before the selection committee as
[E^ ROE Z[T Y[X* `[[E
E[S }]S[ Y[EX [T_
c[X* a+w X^ [[V UE
XLE a[^ [ FX* [VX Y[[
Y[X TgV[ YUT [V`G]X[
a^G YT Y[X* Principal ^E[ WX
E[T cT Y[* %ad [N[ ]X f AO ac }]S ^G Gazole Mahavidyalaya `f Y[][T, [_, Y^
follows : EX EL[ EU [S E[ WX f E] ly a]X
Date Subject Time ^EX Y [ YyYP Z[ ^ VT %X ` J X E [ [X* E] ly %_aT^ c[ T Y[X [Q Y[_lT cK* aX[ YTc f 1.30, 4.30, 7.30
10.08.2017 Physics c[* EX ]_[X V[ c[^ a]a^ LQ^ YQ[ %`* a^G* \O-[X[ a ET G[T c[X* EX a^G
Bengali 12.00 Noon ^[[ %`* aX[ E]Y* T_ f `[[ X^ a]X VHVX[ [[V[ a] HRO[* cTK Q cT Y[* YU J _T
Nepali Now showing at
[VU[ =J`l[ a^G Y[X* c_C V J UE[* [[a^[ [` %U [X^G E[[ a[WX cC^ V[E[* [[a^[
11.08.2017 Sanskrit 11.00 A.M. ]RO]RO ^[* [QT [X^G[ %G FT^ VFX*
E]ly[ a]a^ a[a[ Y[ FT^ VFX* [X^G [` VISHAL
Chemistry 12.00 Noon
aec f [` [T^ ^[ ET[NE LX_ Tg[ ac^T MgE[_ c^ ^T Y[* [ %[[cTV[ [[c [ cC^ [ ^G* Jab Harry met Sejal
English 11.00 A.M.
acRO* [cd [[a^ %[`O Y[X* %[G E %Y[^ Y[]` a]a ERO^ =PT [X E[ S HX EX %^V[ *ing : Sharukh Khan, Anuska
12.08.2017 Commerce 12.00 Noon ae^ E][T =JYVWE[GSE cT Y[* a]X E[S V+T Y[[X* [ %Y]XT cT Y[X* Sharma
Interview for one Lab-attendant (Dept. of Physics) on 10.08.2017 at 1.30 P.M. cPdO V[V` ^y E[T cT
TIME : 1.00, 4.00, 7.00 P.M.

(Qualification : B.Sc. Graduate) Y[* V+T %X EX [N[
Kalipada Ghosh Tarai Mahavidyalaya Now showing at
Bagdogra, Darjeeling TENDER
Contact : 9434020400/0353-2004707 NIT NO:3/MGP/17-18 ! Yy E^ 30+, 5'-8'', B.Tech, ! [ ^ Gt X[a %[a[ Y [ S ! E^ 5'-7''/30 ]E[ X[GS PAYEL THEATRES
DT. 03/08/2017 & NIQ NO : CSE, V[GS, EX[`, 0+, [r^w O tX^[[ (M.A, B.Ed, ENG. 28+/ MBA (1st Class) `_mQ [f af
3/MGP/17-18 DT. 03/08/ [eE I.T %Za[ E_ET^ E][ T 5'8'', H.S `lE) AE]y Yy[ a` (Asstt. Manager) AE]y aX 5'- Jab Harry met Sejal
BSF SR. SEC. SCHOOL, KADAMTALA Yy[ LX %T[ aV[, ], `lT, E][ T Yy J *O [S %GGX* M- 3''/4'' ] Za, aV[ `lT V[[ *ing : Sharukh Khan, Anuska
(School 2017 of Maynaguri GP, for aV`X =Y^N Yy E]* EJ[c[ 8900373067/9547426086 (M-TR) [V 26-27 E^ Yy JO* (M) Sharma
details please contact to the %G G S* (E_ET ^ a [ E [ ! Yf[f [da[, [S, 32/5'7'' 9832359494. (C/69014)
RE-SCHEDULE OF office of the undersigned. JE[[T [[J)* ^G^G-6pm- aV`X, A].Aa.a, [.AQ, cO_
TIME : 1.00, 4.00, 7.00 P.M.
WALK IN INTERVIEW Sd/- Pradhan 10 pm, Mob-8900082388, W/A- J E[ [ T, X]]y [[c XV^ Q\a HROE
Maynaguri Gram Panchayat 7908044244. (C/68480) Yy[ LX %XW 27 XXT] oTE, ! a[ W[X[ Yy/Yy[ ^G^G
Scheduled Walk in Interview for the Maynaguri Block, Jalpaiguri ! 34, ]_V X[a, E^ , V[cX, Za, a`, YET H[^ [S Yy VC^ c^ G[RO acE[* (M)
YTT [[a^ Yy[, aV[, `lT J *O =Y^N cO _ E^ * [V J _[* 7872372244. (KDR)
post of PGT History on contractual E.O.I. NOTICE 24-28 Yy J *O 8972636570 (M- ]_V C =f A[e Vf VXLY[ %GGS*
basis now will be held on 10-08-2017 Sealed E.O.I. are invited by the 102855) ^G^G- 9531665671, HROE JO
undersigned from the reputed firms Jy[w, 22/02/89 X[, aec,
for the job of disposal of use of x-ray
! 9674951533. (M-102857) ! [I_/[c[/]a_] Yy-Yy[
at 0800 hours in place of film and hypo solution of North
Bengal Medical College and
]_E, BE 5'-71/2'' B.Luru T
E] [ T Sup Tec. 5 LPA [Q
! [S, 36, YO\RO RO=RO[, =J
%^, ] YX`X\G, X]]y Q\a
LX ^G^G E[X* EL X c_
R O E Z [ T^G* (M)
08-08-2017. Hospital, Sushrutanagar, District :
Darjeeling, pin-734012
`_mQ , YT C. Govt. emp
AE]y Yy* B.Luru-T E][T/E]
Yy[ LX Q\a Yy ([W[ [V)
J O * LT\V XO * (M)
7679725152. (C/103668)
All the terms & conditions will remain The detail information provided from
the office notice board of the MSVP,
E[T OKE =Y^N Yy E]* 9775816273. (C/103688) [[c YTX
9474064424. [V E^ J _[* (C/ ! Yf [f \vJ ^ 29/5'-8'' Y] O [ !=w[ [ a[ Yy/Yy[ FgL AE]y
same as per the advertisement NBMCH on any working day from
05/08/2017 to 10/08/2017. 103673) `lE MA+B.Ed, Geo (H) AE]y YTX "\^G'*
Medical Superintendent-Cum- ! [^Gt X[a, YTT [[a^, Yy[ LX Za , aV[, `lT H[^ [H^TX YE, `_mQ* (M) 98320-
published on 30-07-2017. Vice Principal T[^ [aE, EX Yy 34/5'5'' Yy E]* (EJ [c[ ) L_YmO Q/ 93922. (C/69221)
NBMC&H, Sushrutanagar, B.Com Yy[ LX H[^ Yy J *O `_mQ %GGS* (M) 9641667390. Yy-Yy[ %[C `S[ [pYX
Phone No. 0353-2580820 Principal Darjeeling. V[cX* M-9474441355 (M-TR) (C/69035) RO[_^Q[ 5-A[ YT^