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ROYAL PARK ALBATROS CLUB HOLIDAY CERTIFICATE NO: Explotacién Hotelera P.A., S.L, whose address is Complejo Parque Albatros, Urb. Golf del Sur, San Miguel, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, (hereinafter referred to as the Grantor), as Founder Member of Royal Park Albatros Club (the Club) and! in pursuance of the Constitution of the Club HEREBY ADMITS TO ‘MEMBERSHIP OF THE CLUB AND GRANTS to the Member named in The Schedule and who has paid to Exploracién Hotelera P.A,, S.L, or its duly appointed representative the appropriate Purchase Price, the right to occupy the Apartment described in The Schedule and to use all other facilities and amenities of the Club for the Weekly Period described in The Schedule in each calendar year in accordance with and subject to the observance by the Member of the said Constitution, the Deed of Trust and any fee arrangement between the Founder Member and the Trustee referred to therein including but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing the provisions relating to payment of the Management Charge. IN WITNESS WHEREOF the Grantor has executed this Holiday Certificate the day and year below written. THE SCHEDULE 1, Member Name(s): Address. 2. Apartment: ‘Maximum Occupancy: 4 3. Weekly period: Commencement and Termination Day: Friday 4, Date of certificate: SIGNED FOR AND ON BEHALF OF Explotacién Hotelera P.A,, S.L, Form of Surrender and Request for Transfer (Pursuant to the Constitution of the Club) IAWE being the Member named overleaf, or his duly authorised representative or executor Name (Transferor): Address: HEREBY SURRENDER this Certificate pursuant to the Constitution of The Club subject to the issue of the new Certificate in accordance with the Request contained below and hereby agree to use my best endeavours at the cost of the person named below to procure that such person is issued with a new Certificate and, pending issue of said Certificate, declare that I hold my interest as a Member (to the extent that such interest may be so held) upon trust for such person HEREBY ASSIGN absolutely to the person named below, the Membership rights to which I am entitled as evidenced by the Certificate in my name; such assignment to take effect upon the election to Membership of the Purchaser, AND JAE (Transferee’s name): Address: HEREBY REQUEST the issue of a new Certificate to me in respect of the weekly period within mentioned and undertake that with effect from the date mentioned below I shall observe and perform all the obligations of membership of The Club pursuant fo the conditions of purchase DATED the day of 19 SIGNED by SIGNED by (ransferors) " Cransferee(s) Notes: Where the contexts requires adits, the masculine includes the feminine andthe singular includes the pra, and where two ‘r more persons ae inciued inthe expression "Member" the obligations expressed tobe made by the Mermber shall be deemed to be ‘ace by such persons jointly ad several [Refore paying the Purchase Price, Purchasor ar aise to taifythmzaves thatthe Management Charge has boon paid up to date end ‘hat the Certificate is til in force. This form should be accompanied bythe Assignment Fee andi th person selling is not the Member ‘named overleaf, satisfactory evidence of due representation,