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DYNAMIC MICROPHONE OPERATION INSTRUCTION FOR PROPER USE OF MICROPHONE To plug is algo the hollow part of the output sannectar on the micraphone body with the projected part the connector on the cord, anc push in untli a GLIGK sound ls heard. To plug out. (Wea the TAB on the nord connector depressed, pull it out et the eannectoe. The optimum distance between the microphone and mouth is from 5 to 10 centimeters. ifthe microphone is too close to the mouth, the sound may be unclear with too-much enhanced bass (proximity effect} or may be uncomfortable io ears with pop noise generated when every time the singer breathes in and cut CAUTIONS: ifthe microphone head is covered by hand or the microphone is approached to the speaker, a howting ‘sound may be generated, This phenomenon of howling is caused by the microzhone pecking up the sound output from the speaker, ta prevent this, first decrease the volume, dor't piace the microphone [pointing lo the speaker and then there is a sufficient distance between the micraphone from the speaker. ‘The microphone is sensitive equipment. Da not drop, hit i or apply sirong shack 10 it Do not store the microphone in hot or humid areas. Dynamic microphone