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DJ-200 Operating Instructions Professional DJ Mixer CONTENTS Contents Cautions Operations Features Structure and fanetion of panel 4 Structure and function of rear panel Connections Trouble shooting, Specifications hark you for buying this product. COAL Please read these iastructions carefully before using. make sire to use safely, operat properly and avoid unnecessary los. Pu the instructions a way na safepace for farrereterence “Toprevent elec shock, ed m9 open cover AX AN Caution: To present the sk of lect shook, dont remove cover (or back). Do aottoach inside if yoa are not quai service personel Rete servicing waif sence personel (© Pullout the power plug at ote in caso this unit pts smoke or has ‘ater excyptional stimu , ak fer your detler for a servicing Orhersise may cause the sk of fie © Cut off the power supply connected wih this unit immedaey in ‘ise ths anit gets wet, contting wah local defer to maintain it Ask for your dealer fora ericing Otherwise it may cats the rk of fire © Cat off the power supply connected with this unit a once in ease Something dropped ito it ast for your dealer for help, Do ot pen itor itmay damage the componess (© De ikon ooling vents, (© 1p prover damags cause by heat raison, do not cover his unit with cloth, or put it on the came: with lang hair oF wadding and paced it closely tothe wall or furniure (© To prevent clamp children °s hand pti athe place beyond their rack © Do not put cosmetic, liquid medicine and insoccde on this uit Otherwise the water or havid splashed incasiowsly may cause nage tit by the dameged cover or he tind and explosive caused by het raion, (© noc ug the power cord and oer accessories by fore, Please pall, the power pg out tore removing © Prease use power voltage of 250/110, thers wll use ik (© ‘The power cord cannot be damaze. if the cond is expesel or broke, ieate ask for your dealer for replacement (© ‘Suitble for vented al dry place, forbidden used in water milo voi csk © if there nas thundery voice or power cord i half exposed at externa please do no touch and suo power a nce © Caution the weather, Pleas pull the power plag out when there kas lighming strc o lighting © Do rot thr beter into Fr and enon the batery very © Prose cut off power supply whon tis uni Kak eleeticiy oF short, ‘Sout and separate It fom sthor machine, ak for your dealer for sensing. © ‘10 revent te nik of electric stock, do not oper aver he imac of which bas power high voltage, Please ask fr yoer dealer for trouble Statin Forti resonstuc hing i, thus you will lose ater The Fisting dash with avowed smb, thin ‘i ejatera send fo ert the wet to the presence of uninslaed " dageoes votage™ Arn the prods enelosre fal ay be of ici magneto costes lets Shack te persons A Sere aseiee (© Pat tn seaty place, away fom shake sence (ex, Tiare or mote to prevent sake tly, © Used indoors, avoid using when clietly exposed to direst sunlight o strong infrared. (© Avoid using in ily smote, which is mmable and explosive, team and dust ec. Placer. © Avoid using in envranment of urs rong eleeromapnetion raion, (© Avon singin tron (© Do ror use ina foe-ound environment for long period, Ths your audition wll be damazed, {© To woid matarction, do not operate is wits switch, contr ot ceased cond by fee © To avoid improper operation, reud these epemting instructions careful (© Presse do ct doen this unit with cherie solvent, othewive this iit sure willbe damaged. Please wipe it with coun dry cloth, {© Pease put atemaring current power pug ost you do net we hs ‘unit fora ong pero Please write dss this un “s umber at oiowing space Pt the instrctons ina safe pace fr fur efron,