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DJ-400 Operating Instructions Professional DJ Mixer CONTENTS Contents 1 Cautions Operations: 3 Features 3 Structure and function of panel 4s Structure and function of rear panel 6 Connections 1 Trouble shooting 8 Specifications 9 ‘Thank yeu for buying this product Please read thes instructions carefully before usingit, make sure o use safely, operate properly and avoid unnecessary loss Putthe istuctions 8 way ina safe pace for fururereference open cover: Waring Riko ‘donot ope Caton; Te prevent sk feet shoe, dona remove ‘over (or bic ena ouch inside if ou are net qualified service pers. Refersenvcing to qualified sercepesomel {© ll out the power plas at ence i case thio unit eet smcke or es sther exceptional. sats , adc For your dealer for a sowicng (Otherwise iy caus the sk offi {© Cur of the power supply connected with this uni immediately ia «ase this unit ges wet conacing with lal dealer to maintain i Ask for your écalr fora servicing, Othenise 1 may eatse te rise offre (© Cus off she power supply connected wih this unit at once in ease something dropped inti, sk for your dealer for hep. De not open i. ort may damoge the components iw Dike eave ag sea (© To prevent damage caused by heat radiation, do not cove this unit with clot, or put en the earpet with long hair or wadding and placed itcosely othe wal or frsiture (© To prevent clamp children 's Hand, puri atthe place heyord their, reach. (© Do not put cosmetic, liquid medicine and insecticide om thi un Otherwise she ater of liguil sphsted icautiously may case amage tit hy the éaninged eover ortho tinder and explosive caused {© Dono tg the power cord and other the power phigouttefare removing k (© lease use power vltage of 230 15v,otherswilleaus rik {© ‘The power cond camo: be damaged, if the cords exposed or broke, sleaseask for yor desler fora replacement cesses by fore, Hlsse pul (© Suite for vemiated and dry ple, Forbidden use in watermill © avoid rsk (© ‘Fthere bas thundery voice or power cord is hal expose a exter plessedo not uch and et eff power at otce {© Canton the weather, Please pull the power plug cut when there hes Taghtning se or lighming {© Dome throw haters ito fre andl cation that vary {© Please cut off power supply when this unit lou lect oF shor vd sepurate it from other machine, ask for your deter for (© To preven ie rik of electric shock, do not open cover, the imme of which hes power high voltae. Please sk fr you dele for trouble shoting Forbid eccnsrcting a hing it bus you wll lowe after The Fang fash with anowhead symbol, win an egies ened to ert the wer 10 the resect cf anewelated "dangers volags”™ ‘ean the prodiet’s encdoure that my be of Suficent magnitide io censtue ask of eee: shack opens A Eee {© ru it in steady place, aay fiom shake source (ea, Transfer 6 net) prevent she Daly: (© Used in indoors, avoid ising when destly exposed to direst sunlight orstong infrared. (© Avoid using in ily smoke, which is ammable and explosive, seam and dus ec. Places. (© Aisid sng i. ertesiceat tin, shtig Haagen © Avoid using in strong sletrosttie environment {© Do not vse ina Ioud-sousd environment fora Tong period. Ths your audition wil be damaged © To.oid malfinetion, do net epont ths unit's switch, coutollero nected ond by fac, (© To avoid improper operation, read these operating irsrections caf. (© Prease do ot clan this unit with cheic solvent, otherwise tht unit's srfice willbe damaged. Potse wipe it with coun dry eth (© cas pull ateenatng euten power plug oes you do ne Use chs ‘nit ong pera Plese write dawn his unit's erat ollowing space. Puttheinstactions ine ste place for ft erence.