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Powered Mixer INPUT CHANNEL, MONO EFFECT BLOCK DIAGRAM MONO EFFECT FEATURES ON FRONT PANEL-- POWER SECTION-- INSTALLATION! SPECIFIC INPUT CHANNEL SECTION 1, BALANCE INPUT Electranially Galanced inputs acceptable a standard XLR male connector 2. LINE INPUT ‘The unbalar cdMlic inputis pravided far the use of aunbalance mic and is designed to ‘aorepta unbalanced high impedance input signal 3.7RIM Adjusss input senstivty tram 6008 ta -20dB with the -20dB pad switch in the aut postion, ‘and 40dE to 048 when the -20dB pad switch is pushed 4.LOW Controlthe low frequency tane of each channel. Always set this o’clekpasiten, but you can contra the low frequency tane ai ral to the 12, ding tothe speaker, the conditions of ‘listening postion and listener's state. Clockwise rotation of the contol increase the level 5. MID Contralthe md frequency tone of 2 channel. Always set this control to the 12 o’ lock position, butyou can control the mid frequency tone according to the speaker the conditions of istening postion and Istener'staste. Clockwise rotation of the tral increases level