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DISTRIBUTED BY © 6822 MULTIBANDS SAFETY FIRST WARNING: TO REDUGE RISK OF FIRE OR ELECTRIC SHOCK, DG NOT EXPOSE THIS APPLIANCE TO RAIN OR MOISTURE. WATER AND ELECTRICITY DO NOT MK. Keop this unit suey from Iwaler If water crather liquids are spilled en or nto (Ms UR, unplug the power cord immediately trom ihe” well socket(with DRY HANDS)and get a quallied service technician fo chuck lout before Using, Keap ths unit avy from Neato, raatars and other heat producing deviee. 1o act atte to earvice his unt, Only a cualifld service fechnician should open this uit for server. KEEP IT CLEAN Dust, dit and debris can inerfore wiin the portcrmance of ths product. Make a spacial efor: Keep this uit sway from dusty ‘ny environments, Cover the Unit when if Is. not in use. Dust Ht fegularly with vot clean brush. Carel attention £9 these detalts ‘wild ine well 9pent ar this product wil reward you with years of roubles oporation. ‘Thore are ne user servioeabie pars inde the unit, De not opan the init. O nat attempt to service te unk yoursel. Refer allserteing 10 ‘tified personnel. Opening the chassis for any reason wll void Ivrropuction ‘cangeruasor, ae may yur fhiehese oh MCLTIBARD SOONG puted an ateney ander ane Untveraal” sound envansenien fHoseesor the sun! pocton at {eg the een are te a ‘umeanding ‘cern ts pr Dr Unit The Ex822 @ oy ealoat hoor (al erent Stet tea imorovenen’ doar, ne unten ne ‘Sod weve foesanal sau Ingroverere seduce Tr EXGZE6 Sophisticated Manulactucing ane Duality Ansurance System StiD tcanalogy (rare Moun Device) Thess. sub-rinial Componertskrawnjam acrosome (ittonay alin "or an otters Sound Enhaneoment of Classical Based a9 “requener-setective phase ctifng ih-aonunaten wth Ent tuise eviergemant. An Fara bod natura) "werovon Siting" sana praewecingolfere a nos, Promamlependent_ control berms te aan unobsve ‘rarsarenc) oqued for assis) Tecneemy orton er po ro ala ty tyrant boron and fortes wih convertonal it ie Hedda te peace et ale tt ee eee Built-in Noice Reduction System fd Ennnnesrs prnsipalynero=se ae "a the penne raga material. Therefore. we nave Hastomatcay ang Cay Boss Processor Separate lass process which (wer eguoney "bana. A Serdoged Moe cat eter sis or er Sunstone cht Processing the boss rence means raw amenstone theft ot ound proseting. Atemtchsbie Sirteuw) Processor fatale beer issraed mo te Intonay ofthe tee tet ean Be Gramatically inproved. The linpreesicn tet the orchestral indtarmonta cra plneaa a round hia The sur Sur. Praceenne Enlaces the stereo bale Spar anton te pogrom nae, (Afhcut aud by calouing the sone InsTALLaTION ‘Your xi wate earetly pacha in ‘ieagaed te srotaat he unl om ris far any wave ot pnysic swarms have ected Seling lama muatbe made by 4: faget Mounting ae tie "he one standard Tack wnt ol Spree fre 4" depth fer the connectors or Me tack panel. sure Seat tere oth al” space arcu Ine Nt fereaning au gig 0 9 yaa the" 24832" on ‘high eraraturs the torvodovernestng Bafore you connect your EXO22 {he vbutnga required ty me ume Iuainsconnactor Your £1522 set {crs Sparaing vow pena on the foe! holden eae fothesllage by turing ‘he hse Rirace by using the. aveoses mains cabs an standore (eC natianat sorety cervitimiion tauren Thess mous andouputson he Megas te thi salencas. t CAUTION: Pleate maka sure tnat ove crest th fo sir Sil'unke nave 3 propar ground Jevses in wiaanced canhsvation Scunecton:For yous ow satay, risw ir mexinim Ine erence Merremoveardisabietne ground mmunty Scnnector af sha uni or ftha AC Sonor sab bull Up atransterme balanced so ome 1S , Oreste ee ieun-so XA