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HEADQUARTERS : ‘765TH TRANSPORTATION RATLWAY SHOP BATTALION (Diesel ¢)Slectric) APO 973 SUBJ=CT: Return to the Zone of Interior, (Ike's Island) to Those at Home e.3 ? From, the middle of mucky semieconverted ric: historic TaTOe Peat ~~ Ina short tine I will again be in your midst; dehydrated, demora and ¢}ightly crazy, to take myplace as a himan being in the normal! sata Sapte aT nee 3. Tognaicing your joyous prenavation to welcome him back t> organized ‘aan must make allowances for the environment which has been his for In short,-he nay be slightly Junele Jolly, Coo Cooy Iason We (14 Waeky and Go Han Sones fore, show no alarm ifvhe perfers' to squat on’ the floor rather ase chair, perfers a mat instead of a bed, eats fist héads and rice, rides the cattle cars at night. Se ealm when he pours gravy over his desert or mites peas with peanut butter, fake it brave 17 when he = sleeping in ¢ cbywe yo @ se mnese of the Army Jistice, or the sack hin why the neighbors son held a higher réting than hin, flattering remarks about tho Military Servite.) NGHALL This man will-flin his 14d if anyone mentions the fine troops overseas, © gaits “Ng Yor the first for nonths unt ho bseoneo eussbroker especially watchful when he is in the company of woman, particularly those between the aah oie dad ona ail onda, ke cred See m4 beats:a heart of gold” id ne mention "green backs" to him, say"Toksan tivan", ‘then he will know what you are talking about. 13 ‘ 12. Senli no more packages or letters, YOUR oT TS como HOME 1234 ‘BY TH. COMMAND OF COLONEL FIESDOM: 1 at ROR TAPTOW” Twos? CAPE. ADJUSTANT a. ill | }