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eon alte Nata Aig) HEADQUARTERS 733RD RATLWAY OPERARING BATTALION, ‘APO 350, U.S. ARNY : di 8 Tannery 1945 Historical Record - 733ra Fy O2n Bn, fonth of December 1944. ining Officer, 76th Ry Gr Div. , AP 0 350, U.S. Arny. es jor, charge in overatiohs occurred'durine the month when this organi set: jsumed supervision of Phase III territory, Villenowve St. George, exclusive, to Larcuville, exclusive, plus the additional Phese 11 territory fron berowille to yerdun, exclusive, and‘ 6xeliding Dury Trailhead operation. This charge took effect ab 0001 hours, 4 pecenber 1944. 2. ‘This organisation reached fill operetine strereth for the first tine | since arriving on the continent when 2 officers and 132 enlisted men of Comanr No" returned from detached service ct Lison with the 720th Ry Opn Bn, 13 . Decomber 1944. These non were sent to varlovs detachments uvon arrival. { j 3. Battalion $ wiply completed the loading, shipping and distribution of 26 cars of SLOE equipment. ie 4, © Signal Platoon of co many "AY extended communtontion Lines fron Ohstean Salins to Berestroff, installed comunications Verdun to LerowiNe, Yehabilitated lines Naney to Cheteau Salins, constructed lines fron Lerowille to Onville and Naney to Onwille durin the month. 5 5, | Track Platoon of Gomrary "A" ovened Lines from Henilly to Soille River i bridge at yots. 34 rails were relaid, 2140 feet of track surfaced and lived ‘and 36 ovbic feet of £111 renleced. This work was started 5 Decenber ani completed Ie 12 December 1944. 6. Bridge ard Building Platoon and Track Platoon corstructed Bridge tp. 32 which crosses Med Frareaise River on line from Remilly to Saarbrisken. This bridge is 23 span single beam tyne with totel length of 122! 10". corstruction began 4 Deconber ard bridge was ready for sincle track operation 14 Decenber 194. Double track operation started 16 Deconber 1944. To accomplish the corstrvetion of this bridge it was necessary to remove German demolitions including 17 - 110 pound serial bombs ani 1300 vounds of TNT. Work was slowed further by extremely reiry weather ard high water. : | 7. Bridge and Building squad completed construction of 24,000 gallon weter tank'st Frouard. Corstruetion began 30 November ani completed 30 December 1944. opodcnd le Nato Ac 8. Gar Pl atoon of Conary "BY, in conjunction with SNOF worknen, placed in service 17 tank cars for handling of POL and equipved 5 refrigerator ears with fee bunkers. In addition this Platoon mainteined inspection sertice at Amportant terminals. ig organization hendled 1606 trains during the month with gross ) 114 tons, an average of 672 gross tons ner train. This was 6f 459 trains over previous aonth with an average tonnage increas e per train of 31 tons. 102 HAT trains were handled which showed an inc rosse of Al over the previous sonth. Peak day of the month was 12 Decenber 1944 when 65 trains with 1413 loads ani 234 empties wer e hardled. For the Commanding officer: 4 c. 7. Ganson Gantain, 7C Adjutant