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Soe CATALOGUE 2019 / 2020 LIFECOLOR Acrylic Colours For Modellers INTRODUZIONE s INTRODUCTION Sect meemsecemmerire imemno rat sire ose or tn sae cata sapere wo mecrata eee i crieoemieee Simoes eet aeeeeracnenns ISTRUZIONI PER L'USO / INSTRUCTIONS set ete vr mean i a nn a ne ve. Heoecins Seems eeetcsepa ees ste Soe Hibs a eee uc pereincten ge oe oy Lifecolor. eicaret rograf esclswamonta con aequa'9 can Cl Seer Saimin seesey meee roy ato one gos soe Henne ate ats - eho gees core tn att sas ae eerie te areata te Sb one Wiacarurmesunareomes eae ico Fs. +37926 Seseror tere Lead 5.37178 asus inareames || LOEB Fs 19891 uco2 FS 37038 “= we cece Ma ek Lc26 FS 37043 ae. Less 5.12286. tco3 F5.33591 “a Fee ee 1026 £5 *37200 ‘i Mecterccean-uangnnan | CSS fs,11302 Lco4a FS #33432 —— ‘Geno sue opaco Nom dak yon wc27 e snopes .cs8 #5 15187 Lcos: FS 32246 te ere ute | C28 wea: uc6o £18082 Lcos £331302, a oe es Lc29 cones wartomar | LCS Goes Lo: FS 3518: ——— 8 Nestea uated tae Lc32 FS 30152 SESE, senna ices fs s1s278 Lee FS 35), — 08 Racemececo-teangaie | LOSS resoocrmecoao-sonoware | LCOS fs 10118 tc10 FS *36052 = Fede cae [iE £5, +36050 Fe rae | LOBE #510076 wc verre | maiacnpecwinicen | LOSE Fs 35044 Cee masa | LCE? 3.210089 tc12 FS 3411 si ES a umangen | S85 Fs "33275 Seca ante Lees isles, ucis FS 33245 oe Sovoece tare 137 Fs 30040 Hee, anuareern | UOTE fs 27038 Lclé FS *30076 ae Boatocsecs wires | LC38 F5.32169 FEF wens Le73 teI7, eee ate: .c39 fs 34172 ‘eeemoe we7a ss. 17178 rele SESE mawten | CAO tae, | | I WOR: a Lc7s, £5 17043 tc21 | SSS ———— tea | rensirsciumume — | &C76 #5,17200 Lc22 FS *3891 ake PETS ceanmcniig | LEST £5 "17928 bial wc77 , £5.38903, recourse tc: 3 2 Harare to con, Les FS 17038 Se ft ack Lc78 Eee SS Bereta cetatccataiaers ‘ertteere tenes ear Perera Seeman needa: san cect wie enrcrtiecrimencieatcraetes juan Erica ieue ie aise Terccrenenseas gyno es, iE avedstan ae SUREAR SSS 1S eae ‘Colour chip The Federal Standard Bo2R8. yan 5.30287 Beem. [vals F5.730219 336907, ago 334072 nose £83421 | unos uago2| 534102 uaaaal Fs 34058 aoe) 22. meets B27, ust fl Cee FS 3415) F5,13432 F5534086 YANi6| Fs 34558 Fs 34088 Fs 30400, iS £5 36329 Estee com UAT sae #516815 luaggal vuaaos| feoaeet uagas eee 33437 luaoaal Borge Spor | UAOBS| #535164 ‘ago Fgsgoua, vans 7514108, Seer URI20 200% untae 320007 am [uatas na Fs 34283 F5,34092 uagos vuagas| £5 36173 ES36N78 sown |UA087 Rigestete-com |UADBS| Fs asa SBerostet san #330219 |yaoae| uno1s lm £3,922 fs.s0118., |uao7| uaos9| Fs 434052 5.35177 £32027, uaosi unoz0[ | 2227 [unos2 fl 2972. [unovo] | s52571) —(unia2 fll SESE ne £5 3508) uaozt e5.ge622,, unos aos GS.584072 _., |uaI3a SER or uaa22 F8.96118. 4 | uansa| fSeht2’° —_luaosa| FS30,)8, ualaa Suh | FS *2a115 £3,16231 £8.96187_ \uaras| Fs 26495, av ao23 Bag vaoss| feature |UA099| PET ce FS 34159, 3400 530270 unozs)| | 2889 acco SEPAIS%oun [uaovall | ESS2ERE.. ya ml ovane nea 1026 | 22222em [unocofMM S2SH2”. [unovs|p| 82825, [unisz lll Soke uao27 Se hoe A061 FERRE mor |ua097 £3,90286... | uA38| eBeee one u4o2e NN £322279 —[uncea| NN) 286%. |uaove NNN s3.2:201,, [uaiae| | E2822, uA029 Fsse176 uag7) Eoegiz’® | uaovs £53640... UAIAO) SS ae va030 FE58081 a, VADT2 Seat" unro9| SSSR. varai Ernie uaos3| £3,2¢29), |, uao7a SA? |unto7 NN SER a uaa eo vxosd NN £3222°1,,,., [urcral | S287? unre MIM ES2E222, om [unas MM S20? a vn005 28°" luxor MIM E9528? [union fMMM ESESOTE nn Unreal | SSRESES | aos) | Eg285/eae |yao78 SS PLO7 oom [UATIO FE MO7Z coon UAL45| EEE ee uncer] | 285° uaovolN 586824, [unin M282. rao ml SESE 35109 A A036) GERMAN WWII TANKS - SET 1 Www) cso GERMAN WWII TANKS - SET 2 Hs) rite Hien BB sioncursnmecs KRIEGSMARINE GERMAN NAVY WWI! 51510) retoen stergas oe 8 eee ' ‘cs04 f GERMAN WWII UNIFORMS - ser 1 cso6 GERMAN WWII LUFTWAFFE - se Leia eee, g) cso8 | ITALIAN WWII REGIO ESERGIT 2) cago tom eo Rage esto DUST AND RUST Fas aie USS. OLIVE DRAB csi2 KRIEGSMARINE U-BOOTWAFFE aaa esi4 ITALIAN WWII REGIO ESERCITO Teta aioe ca Fin triowetcometcs A Mis So ene eo uenates ee Cte ree rie ec Pee eee ote oi Cee een tern) comnts REGIA MARINA ITALIANA - SET 1 Mims stesoucnenone Tix sietegrcnsereark WWII U.S. ARMY UNIFORMS 2.125 cn B Yetow tore Bit ovenme seatere Bn ccovar graves = AXIS TANK INTERIORS. rn Suz: Rerei = = US NAVY WwiI- ser WWILU.S. ARMY UNIFORMS - ser REGIA AERONAUTICA WWII RAIL WEATHERING SOVIET WWII ARMY US NAVY Wwil- seT2 Bianca nae oy GUNS & WEAPONS: _— Sun {oomctrg tore HEMP ROPES AND TARPS " tt a8 cd BURNED LEATHER DEBRIS AND RUBBLE, ROYAL NAVY WWII - SET 1 Bis 235 tert igt ry 80 pont ISRAELI ARMY VeHcLes & UNIFORMS = $011 soneor scot Soager® RSVAL NAW wun -ser2 Har Boo Bacto ome THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN - Mies sere staz ge coon Hien ses 30 grea IMPERIAL JAPAN NAVY WWII Ze. ff LEAKING AND STAINS BS i rogue gn arr cen Se ro vere Onn care Yr Ti 78 uggs er [Sue 77 reap te on [Sits Hesiod oe EBB Hr toosen oy Umer BRITISH INFANTRY UNIFORMS Fi 210 wee tte tog recat BiB is 2 yoow ore coor acne we renee aay int His et tec sone Tue restr sore RUSSIAN INFANTRY UNIFORMS Bis see Bis boar ra Bs ooeonm Cee een nnn ee eee nee ene eee et ans [rapa ny ecreenec babel ban eeaheneie peep tnan aur enna ent aca Smee Ce ie eee een! SPGO1 “ee ISRAELI ARMY \orsonager > HB 27 soong eno eauoment2 ‘ sPGO2 TRACKS PAINTING AND WEATHERING norectng Att sPGo3 RUST REPRODUCING AND PAINTING | ME 107 erasra panes rt Hi os onsonn te spcoa DusT (igre 11 6 eon ct Neco ove 36 tuope bat ucp6 Oy a BBiicosos sPGOS LICHENS & Moss sPGo7 Models by: Antelmi simon (It) Core Wiadimiro (It) Lorusso Girolamo (It) Repetto Fabrizio (It) Rinaldi Michael (US) [omctcaieeeielie ete Per retreat een aan entity ei ee ern rnin cy ee a a Parma ony eraser Seen ee ie et xso1 | ROYAL AUSTRALIAN xs0o7 MODERN ITALIAN AIR FORCE EASY. Mso1 SERUM AbY puna cele 268 Cnet eared se BES beep Sena Css BBL 251 Cenonet Devo Soooe Mso2 GERMAN AFV PANZERGRAU Mso3 US SEA SEL SANE PAD SRN CARRE Ais oe soz BRIS AND RUBBLE 1 xso2 WWI ROYAL AUSTRALIAN ATTENZIONEY PLEASE NOTE. | cofantt dela seca XS sono st EDIZIONE LIMITATA, gato ‘Xx903, XS04, XS06, XSOE,XE0B e X$09 non sono pla ape S03, x504, XS05 XS06, 4508 ar XS09 a nooner avai MSO8 Gearig ano ugste 2 fasion soo WAR ON THE ROAD eee Bi sineten | Msi1 LEAKING AND STAINS. S474 me cnan } Beis oncom Hi secinceen 10% 727 oto Ongn Cor Sten pe 0 vege me mei e | “PIGMENTS|] PRODUCTS Adjustable & Non Smelling WASHES - FILTER ETS Ee ede er ee eee cu aa een eels a Ae a Nelo Cee CU nee Re Ce Ree eae ac) SoUSN7 Ages ede ee Reel ar eee UR Ree ake) RIMOSSI dal modelo anche DOPO NUMEROSI GIORNI DALLA APPLICAZIONE. | Liquid Pigments permettono quindi al modellista principiante di ritoccare o rifare da zero la loro applicazione ed al modellista piu esperto di esplorare nuove personali tecniche pittoriche senza paura di rovinare il proprio modelo. Pa Ue Red ee ae me ooo RSS AAS ae) VS Sn ORCS Re Ce Ue ne SS FORMULATION, can be MODIFIED, ADJUSTED or COMPLETELY REMOVED from the model even AFTER SEVERAL DAYS FROM THE APPLICATION. Liquid Pigments are specially useful for Ren eRe RO te CN Re Co ce SuChin uC a CSU utah cium ecm Ur ait Ruriatr Co De Re aN MeAVIIE NAN Xe (Oboe THE NON-SMELLING ALTERNATIVE TO TURPENTINE AND WHITE SPIRIT HOW TO USE Pre dl ae) erste eel eae PCL ay TECHNOLOGY INTRODUZIONE / INTRODUCTION | en DETAIL EMPHASIZER TANKS & VEHICLES Pre Included Liquid Pigments: 60 EE 101 Burm Umber EE PW 01 Black Grey GER 1 02 Black Umber GERRB 1°-W05 colonia Dark Sana LPW.03 Burned Olive Greon RE Remove J pte RUST WIZARD East iE) cd Liquid Pigments: 6 jas - LPW 06 Boop Rust GRR LFW 00 Orange Marks GEE LPW07 Erocing Oar Rust — uy LPW 10 Yellow Marks (EER LW05 eroding Light Rust RE Remover ee COV Opa Uc Pris Included Liquid Pw 11 Rain Marks Lew 14 Dark Dust (Gs Pw 12 Road Dust lg LFW 15 S00t (as LPW 19 Light Earth RE Remover Pre teed re tots Pee PMR eoM oLelo) Bo) =t01 cy Included Liquid Pigments: 6 jars - 22 mi EEE 10 Fouting Green (EERE £PW 19 Wooden Deck Shadower (EERE LW 17 Surfaces Shadowor —() LPW20 Dred Salt GEER (Pw 15 Wooden Deck Darkener RE Remover Bie SLL CL cy Included Liquid Pigments: 6 ors - 22 m1 ERB 1PW721 smoKe EEE 072+ Frame Ove GEE LW 22 caringe Come (GE) LPW25 Rall Dust (GER LP 2 Brake Dust RE Remover eee e Cel ae Lay Included Liquid Pigments: 6 jars - 22 ml (GB £25 Black Liner ) Lew 29 Landing Gear Dust GERD LP W27 Grey Liner (GERBB (w 50.61u0 Burned Exhaust Included Liquid Pigments: ee L| F E complements pout TSC 01 FILTER TENSOCROM - SET 1 M MASTER MIXER PRLS HEM WT YOUR EXPERIENCE! ‘stocatew cad THICKENER 2m |Thickenes s miscla in piccove quanta ol colors ‘ber renderio plu denso e spesso in modo do Siena tev eft naimensonas ‘Ming on a palette st quanttes of ickenes onc ‘Golou: you Gan ObIGh o very donee poste ordot ieochieve srl Setter TSC 01 - TSC 02 - MX - Primer Thickener - TH - CL - Brushes = pom TSC 02 FILTER TENSOCROM - SET? mmm Hise 2 troie Bs stan Wc rion Bet Renn © PRIMER 22m Primer nuova formula Presto disponibile New priser coming soon, CLEANER 200) THINNER 2201-250 {Cleaner da 250 ml. specifce per ia pulia ot I Thinner per diuite Ht colore & ‘ceiograt © Pennell disponible nelle contezioni u The 260 ml Cleaner i 9 spectic product fo clean gz oat mi. stengy your ushas ana aoa. ur Thinner, to,gitute colours, Pavailabie in'22 and 20 mi ome. Wat ‘Ampia gamma di pennelli studiata per le esigenze di modellisti e figurinist. Sono disponibili penneili in pelo di martora a pelo lungo, corto o piatto & Pennelli in pelo sintetico Golden Toray. La numerazione inizia dai sottlissimi ‘riplo zero. Wide range of brushes for modellers and figure painters. Round sable long and short | hair brushes are available. We also produce a synthetic Golden Toray line and a fat \, one. The size numbering stats wit the extra thin tile zero. = oe Siekeconicorm move dogs oases SeeS Berane roca teow win aged Socenpresioaatvctasce owen ate LIFECOLOR IN THE WORLD OFFICIAL DISTRIBUTORS 2018 / 2019 = MADE IN ITALY DISTRIBUTORI / DISTRIBUTORS. 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White Horse Pike 08049 Magnolia -NJ- Phone: +1 856 4351555 Fox: +1 856 6276274 Email: PROFILE ACCESSORIES INC. - Mr. Paul Weber 915397, 3131 Line, Ermb10, Ontario NO] 1,0 Phone: 519-425-0911 Email: Ml HOBBY FAN TRADING CO., LTD. - Mrs. Shirley Lin 6F, 183, Sec, 1, Datong Ra.., Shih City, Taipel Hsien, Phone: 886 2 2647-1977 Fax. 886 2 2647-1916 Email: hobbyfan@ms34, MS MODELS LTD — Mrs. Emi Manabu 2660-240 Mawatarl Hiiachinaka City. 312-001 2,tbarakl ‘Website: ntpi/iwww.rsmodelswebsnop joe Email; web@msmodetswebshop |p ees lis! ART & HOBBY §.R.0. - Mr. Martin Rosak Kubelkova 1224/42 13000 Prana Phone: 00420 543210028 Email: ILA or PRODUCTS - Mr. Marc & Didier Ranson Rue du Bassin Colectout, 6 1130 Bruxelles: Phone: +-32 2 24567 60 Email: info@\rproducts.6u sms TORO MODEL - Mr. Tomasz Mankowski Sul. Sobleskigeo 1/28 05-510 Konsiancin Jezioma - Poland mall; yw BHR BV- Mr. Jan Willem Mol DE Kamp 25: 1991 Velsertrook Emailinfo@lfecolor nl §_GLOW2B GERMANY GMBH - Mr. Heinz Engstfeld Enenbocher Stasse 3 42477 Radevormwal Phone: +49 2195 927730 Emall Web ste: hip: jiww.glow2b.ce eg MA ol: J v Order Today eo www. ART & HOBBY, $.1.0., prs Official European Distributor. (ona mms | (eave ** airbrush-fengda airbrush-fengda airbrush fengda aerografo-fengda aerograf-fengda. aerografia-fengda airbrush-fengda - | Lifecolor Nederland SCALEMODELS AND MORE FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD __The most specialized hobby shop in Greece since 1984 _ Se OFFICIAL CATALOGUE ACRYLIC COLOURS FOR MODELLERS == MADE IN ITALY CELEBRATING 1986 - 2016 LIFECOLOR