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Vaccai — Practical Method — for Soprano, Tenor Lesson VII Runs and Scale-Passages At first,the pupil should take the time of this exercise quite slowly. In after-study, he may work up to a sharp Allegro, progressively, as his capacity allows him. Scales shouldbe sung with extreme smoothness, even and flowingly; but with each note clear and distinct. All jerking and slurring are equally to be avoided. Whensnowsare whit- est, Light-est and bright-est, One__fleck the Co - meilean-do - re din- tat-ta ne - ve e dun bel simile. slight - est, Their_beau-ty flies. ‘hen_friendsare near - est, la fe-del- ta. Un or- ma so - la af est,sin- cer - est, One—doubt,the mer- est, Their_friendship chein_se Ti- co - ve, tut - ta nejn-vo - la la—— sua bel - eee ee eS One—doubt, the mer- est, | Thelr—friend-ship dies. tut = ta nein- vo - la la sua bel - th. 15