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Vaceai — Practical Method — for Soprano, Tenor Lesson VIII The Appoggiatura taken from above or below The Appoggiatura (or leaning note) is the most expressive of all the musical adornments. The effect is gained by borrowing the full value indicated from the note that follows.On some occasions,the singer may slightly lengthen the time; but fever, in any case, abbreviate it. Andante If in my la- dy’ eyes Love wak-eth nev - er, Sen - za ia - ma- bi- le Andante ra What __ need_of a - zure skies, May’s_. sweet_en - deav - or? The i di_non tor - na-no ai pri- ma - ve - ra. Non birds sing so dreari-ly, ‘The blossom If in my spi- ra un zef-fi-ro, non spunta ‘un fior. Ler - bé sul Vaccai — Practical Method — for Soprano, Tenor la-dys eyes Comes sweet re- lent - ing, One look that love implies, mar-gi-ne del fon-tea- mi - co, le pian-fe ve - do-ve a One word con - sent - ing, ~ Dawn_breaks-on land and sea, The flowrs_ re- a- sul col - leg - pri- co per— lui_ ri - ve-sto-no Jan-ti - co.o- DD The birds sing so cheeri- ly, And day fills the Tan- ti - co o- The birds sing so cheeri-ly, And day fills the skies. ri - ve-sto- no Yan-ti - co 0 ~- nor.