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OPERATION AND MAINTENANCH: ‘VESPA 125 primavera INTRODUCTION The PIAGGIO CO. wishes to welcome you into the family of Vespa owners and take this opportunity of thanking you for your preference. We feel sure that this scor ter will give you complete satisfaction Because of its characteristics (comfort, ning, clean lines, etc.) the Vespa has a wide range of uses for practical operation, pleasure trips. Lengthy journeys on the Vespa will not fatigue you and you will no doubt be quick to appreciate its excellent performance. limited consumption, easy driving, quiet run- This booklet, with its simple instructions on operation and maintenance will furnish you all the information necessary for gaining a complete working knowledge or your vehicle. CONTENTS Layout of controls... Page Performance and specification. . > Operating, insinstlon > Running - eae > Tyre pow : 2 > Operating and maintenance common operating to carry out» Maintenance aaa Glia » 5 6 8 12 12 16 28 Summary of Instr. for Maintenance Page 30 32 Cleaning the vehicle... » Operating instruction : Fault finding Engine: description Chassis: description . Accessories . Electrical ‘equipment . Identification data... Fig. 1 - VESPA 125

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