Sei sulla pagina 1di 32 OPERATION AND MAINTENANGE NOTICE To keep your VESPA in pertect running order and not to invalidate the guarantee aflered by the contract, it is advisable to entrust repairs only lo retailers of authorized service stations, Demand original Piaggio spare pars exclusively. All PIAGGIO spares are mace of the same material, have undergone the same machining steps and inspections as the com nents of your VESPA, This means guarantee For long life and normal performance of your machine and for your personal safety. Special care should be taken with regard to fuel mixture which should consist of a good quality gasoline and oil of make, grade ond in the amount prescribed in this booklet, page 20. INDEX OF MAIN DIRECTIONS Introduction, page S$ Electric wiring 5 15 Technical data. , 2 |. 5 ©» & Accessories ° 18 Identification data. * 6 Operation Description: engine 2 eB Maintenance Scoot P.som controls > 42> Lubrication char: frome > 13 Fault finding

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