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125 Super 150 duper OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE: } NOTICE 2 maintain your Ves} offered bby the contract, it is advisable to consult your dealer or Service Station, recognisable by the disc shown here regarding repairs. Demand exelusively original Piaggio spares. in perfect running order and not to invalidste the guarantee All PIAGGIO spare parts are produced from the same specific materials, have been subjected to the same machining operation and inspection as the component parts ‘of your machine. This is guarantee for durability, performance and your personal safety. INDEX Introduction. . - iu a = Page 4 Maintenance. =. Page 27 Layout of controls. vey 5 Summary of Instruct, for Maintenance > 28 ‘Operating instructions a Fie Sienna he ec : » Gil to be used for the fuel mixture » 8 Qherating Inston: Fault finding » Runping =n, coe te = 2 1D Accessories 6 wee Tyre. pressure sees =» 100 Electrical equipment , ® Operating and maintenance: Identification data. + see common operations to carry out » 14 Specific characteristics... . »

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