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OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE NOTICE In order to keep their VESPA G. S. in perfect running conditions and not to void the guarantee offered by the contract, customers should always have their machines repaired by sale agents or authorized service stations. Demand original PIAGGIO spare parts exclusively. Special care should be taken in regard to fuel mixture which should result of normal but first class gasoline and oil of make, grade and in the amount prescribed in this booklet, page 22. Avoid use of additives and vegetable oil. INDEX OF MAIN DIRECTIONS First use of the scooter uw 18 Fuel Supply page 11 Checking oil level page 18 Gear change troubles | Cleaning and adjusting Slow running adjustment 15 the sparkplug 20 Assembling the wheels a 1S Assembling the sparkplug ,, 29) Tyre pressure uo 16 Battery service : Running-in om UF Lubrication a b Cleaning the scooter w 16 Fault finding |

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