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© ST EILLEN SURVEY ON THE HOMOSEXUA: L¥j AGENDA IN OUR SCHOOLS Assessing the threat to parents’ rights and religious liberty > The Alliance Defense Fund is standing up to radical efforts to indoctrinate our nati schoolchildren into accepting homosexual beh: know your thoughts on this critical issue, Please take just a few minutes ro answer the questions below. ‘Then return this survey in the envelope provided, along with your gif o help push back the radical homosexual agenda. Thank you and may God bless you. Alen E Stace Alan E. Sears President, CEO & General Counsel America’s schoolchildren through lous liberty? as normal. To do so effectively, we need to guay sans Prater Cro ‘nr Cael ieve the homosexual indoctrination life education’ raining threatens parents’ rights and, ultimately, rel DA sealistic threat C) Not a realistic threat CUNot sure x casio, Zou read the enclosed article, did you know that America’s largest labor union, the National Education Association (NEA), ist organizations but also isa key financial supporter of many of those groups? not only lobbies for laws on behalf of homosexual a Cl Very aware €] Somewhat aware 5] Not aware 2 Were you aware thatthe school-based campaign to normalize homosexual behavior has convinced 85% of high school seniors ‘osupport adoption by homosexual couples and more than 60% to approve of same-sex “marriage”? O Very aware 3 Somewhat aware (] Not aware x Jno You agree with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) that activist judges should force parents to send their children to school-sanctioned tolerance training even if it violates their religious principles? Yes, the schools know what is best for students CINo, parents have the right to raise their children according to ther own values 5. Do you believe that students who voice th r religious objections to homosexual indoctrination should be punished by the schools for being intolerant? Yes, students who approve of homosexual behavior must be protected from anything that might injure their self-esteem 'o, religious expression is protected by the U.S, Constitution Ab014125001096098 CNor sure My Gift to Get the Homosexual Agenda Out of Public Schools! Yes, Alan! 1 will partner with you in prayer and financial support to stop the ACLU, the NEA, GLSEN, and other advocates of homosexual behavior from corrupting an entire generation of American children with school-senctined pro-homosexual propaganda. To help ADF continue its mission of defending religious freedom, the sanctity of life and Marriage and the family, I enclose my tax-deductible contribution of S CiThave enclosed my gift of $35 or more, Please send me a copy of your book The Homosexual Agenda (10 retail value) paca, 7 Thave enclosed my completed Concemed Citizen Survey onthe homosexual agenda in our schools, {sv#a0i») [1 Keep me informed and up-to-date by E-mail on the latest ADE news, cha and eases. My E-mail address is ge,