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Cc ee te the all-important 2010 Congressional Elections. I know you realize that these 2010 Congressional Elections represent the first opportunity for Americans to vote “YES” or “NO” on the far-Left direction President Obama (with help from AARP) is taking america. Because of these Congressional Elections, Congress is paying close attention right now to public opinion. So you can be sure every member of Congress will be very interested in the results of this survey and what CSA’s members are thinking. CSA polled more than 5,000,000 American seniors during the past 12 months. We have shared the results of our surveys with every member of Congress. And we have proven that AARP, with its far-Left agenda, is far out of step with the views of most senior Americans -- especially most Christian seniors. As a result, CSA is now seen by many members of Congress as a credible alternative to the far-Left AARP. And because CSA surveys are so enormous, Congress is paying close attention to our surveys. So I hope you will take just a few minutes to complete the enclosed survey so we can rush your answers to President Obama, his top advisors, every member of Congress, their key staff people, and the news media. I am sure, like most Americans, you have watched in dismay as President Obama and this Congress have . . - * Seized control of much of the U.S. auto industry and banking system. * Added TRILLIONS of dollars to our national debt with unprecedented government spending. * Marched America toward Socialized Medicine (which has never worked in any country it has been tried). And now President Obama is quietly packing America’s federal courts with radical ACLU-style judges who are using the courts to wage all-out war on America’s religious and moral traditions. You know America is heading down a dangerous path when the Marxist leader of Venezuela Hugo Chavez calls President Obama “Comrade Obama!” And AARP has been one of President Obama’s strongest backers. AARP is the architect of much of President Obama’s plan for the government takeover of America’s health care system -- even though (Next page, please)