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Page Four invitation to join CSA to seniors across America. This will cost us about 50 cents per letter -- or about $1,000,000. The only way we can do this is if all of our CSA members send their Membership Dues for 2010. The instant your Membership Dues arrives, we'll use your dues to help CSA complete this survey and reach the 1,000,000-member level in time for the 2010 Congressional Elections -- so that you will see sweeping victories for your conservative Christian values in 2010, including at the ballot box. I will anxiously wait for your 2010 Membership Dues and survey to arrive in my mailbox the next few days. Sincerely, ecutive Director, CHRISTIAN SENIORS ASSOCIATION P.S. “ue wlll again, please be sure to complete and return your New Replacement Membership Card Delivery Verification Receipt (located on your Reply Form). That way I will know your new replacement CSA 2010 Membership Card arrived and I won’t worry that you have not received it. I hope you will carry this card proudly in your wallet and tell your friends that there is a conservative Christian alternative to the ultra-Left AARP. And that is CSA. We are also in urgent need of vour CSA Membership Dues for 2010. CSA is relying on the arrival of your 2010 Membership Dues to help CSA. . - 1) Defeat President Obama's and AARP’s far-Left Agenda; 2) Generate record-breaking conservative Christian senior voter turnout for the all-important 2010 Congressional Elections; and. . . 3) Reach the 1,000,000-member level in time for the 2010 Congressional Elections. Liberty in America has never been threatened more than it is right now by our own government. What a blessing and Godsend it would be if vou could even send an additional gift above and beyond your Annual Membership Dues for 201 And #@e please remember to complete your survey. Thank you so much for doing everything in your power to save liberty in America and revive the moral values that made our nation great.