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Page Three surveys show that America’s seniors overwhelmingly oppose ObamaCare. AARP has shown itself not really to be a seniors organization. Instead, AARP is a BILLION-DOLLAR-A-YEAR far-Left lobby posing as a seniors organization. But most politicians assume that AARP, because of its huge membership, must represent the views of most seniors in America. However, our polls have proven that most seniors do not support the far-Left agenda of AARP. Our polls show that most seniors join AARP for the so-called benefits, and have no idea that AARP uses their membership dues to promote a far-Left agenda for America. And Congress is now starting to pay close attention to CSA’s enormous polls and the views of our members. My Urgent Request to You And that’s also a big reason why your 2010 CSA Membership Dues is so important. The minute your Membership Dues arrives for 2010, we will put this money to use to help CSA. . . 1) Defeat President Obama’s far-Left Agenda for America including repealing ObamaCare; 2) End the TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS President Obama and Congress are now adding to our national debt; 3) Stop President Obama’s and the Left’s war on Christianity and the moral values that made America great; and. . . 4) Generate record-breaking conservative Christian senior voter turnout for the all-important 2010 Congressional Elections. Plus . . . if CSA is to become a credible alternative to the ultra-Left AARP, we must build our membership to 1,000,000 members in time for the 2010 Congressional Elections. These elections will be the first referendum on the far-Left direction President Obama and AARP are taking America. CSA now has 600,000 members and supporters -- not bad considering CSA is just a few years old (while AARP has been around since 1958). So we are making good progress, but still have a way to go before reaching the 1,000,000-member level -- considered the threshold for being a seniors organization politicians will pay close attention to. To reach this 1,000,000-member threshold before the 2010 Congressional Elections, we urgently need your financial support. Over the next 90 days, CSA aims to mail 2,000,000 letters of (over, please)