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PIANO/VOC AL/CHORDS Contents ADDIO, ADDIO ... 158 AL DILA...12 AMADO MIO... 14 ANEMA E CORE... . 162 ARRIVEDERCI, ROMA .. . 20 BOTCH-A-ME ... 22 CARA MIA... 24 CARNIVAL OF VENICE... 26 CARO MIO BE! 28 CHI-BABA, CHI-BABA ... 30 CIAO, CIAO BAMBINA .. . 37 CIAO FOR NOW... 34 CIRIBIRIBIN ...40 COME BACK TO SORRENTO. .. 48 COME PRIMA... 50 COME TO THE SEA (Vieni Sul Mar)... 54 CONTE PARTIRO TIME TO SAY GOODBYE... 43 COSI COSA... 56 FAREWELL DEAR NAPOLI. . . 60 FORGET DOMANT ... 66 FUNICULI, FUNICULA .. 63 THE GREAT DREAMER... 70 1 HAVE BUT ONE HEART... 74 I’M LONGIN’ FOR LOVE... 80 10 TE VURRIA VASA ...77 ITALIAN STREET SONG ... 84 LA DOLCE VITA... 88 LA DONNA E MOBILE...94 LA SPAGNOLA.. 91 LUNA NOVA... 104 LUNA ROSSA . . . 164 MALA FEMMENA ... 100 MANDOLINATA ... 107 MATTINATA ... 114 MENUETTO .... 110 MUSETTA’S WALTZ... 112 MY HEART BELONGS TO YOU... 117 NEAPOLITAN LOVE SONG... 120 NON DIMENTICAR... 124 O SOLE MIO... 126 OH MARIE... 129 QUE SERA, SERA .. . 132 SANTA LUCIA... 136 SERENADE... 140 TARANTELLA ...98 TARANTELLA (Traditional) . . . 138 THIS IS MY LIFE... 143 UNA FURTIVA LAGRIMA ... 146 VESTI LA GIUBBA... 149 VOCE E NOTTE... 152 VOLARE ... 154 ‘WHEN I HOLD YOU IN MY ARMS...17 12 AL DILA English Words by ERVIN DRAKE, Original Italian Words by MOGOL. Music by C. DONIDA =. = g VERSE Recitative ud (ib « . gp _Fasusa ra —— 1s pom fom fas — = fo eB = Love, the lan-guage of It - a- ly has aphrasethat em-brac-es all of your grac- ea. 7 eae = = ne = np ¥ SSS SS SS SS (Ci seit) REFRAIN (ery far) oy! Bb Dm cmt ot : ee SSS 2 aa AL Bt ‘means You are far &- bove ‘Al di del be-ne pit pre io 9. Het ———— 3 = FH t oo eS 3 3 v7 (ei set te) Be Dm cm fre Maal 4 as distant as the love - ly del Bb 50° gno pi ambi-rio ~ 30, Ebmé eve-ning star, tu BS walk flow-ers bloom,When you smile al) the gloom Turns to sun dé detote AUDiLa-2-1 co se pile bel teal di ld dele © 1961 FONO Fit. RICORDL © 1961 WARNER BROS. INC. Cooyeghis Renew? ‘Al Righs Rewrved co Be ‘And my heart ei_set_tw 13 B be m7 Fr Bb Bo m7 Fr yk = — - be SSS SS SS SS Ss o-pens wide; When you're gone it fades in-side And seems tohavedied; AL DI a dite Cited tw perme, ferme, sultant per men AL di = 4 tt = - = E = AS Eq ; : = - CEE le Tein, "Ty emt ye SS # —— 7 ve rt 3 tw) 9B Dm cone SSS SS LA, [wondered as 1 drift. od Where you were? AL DI Ta” del mate pik pro-fon = do, 7 i sei ta) {cs (Therese wee) Hed Ue mi the fog a-sound me det There you della vol - tain &— a iss Ut gave Warthe Thad saved Fora love staal di la all of you al_di la wapcom-plete cise tw La _la_la i 4 AMADO MIO Words and Music by DORIS FISHER and ALLAN ROBERTS Tempo di Rumba EE ——" SSS Chorus Tempo di Rumba Pre nt Gms aa ed Dm Aa Dm A = MA-DO MI - O_——— love me for-ev - er, And let. for- Fa —=—— be - gin to - Gots ome. aa are ar Dm AT Dm Om7 Ome ‘Whenwereto-geth - er Tm in a dream warld —_——~ ‘Amado Mio 3-1 S186 Sam Me Cs ate {© Renewed and Assigned to Bois Fisher Music Corp. and Allan Rebers Music Co, TA Rights for Bors Psher Music Comp. Contoled and Administered by Universal MCA Msc Publishing, A Division of Universal Studios, ‘AN Rights for All Roberts Masi Co. Administered by Music Sales Copoaticn "Ail Rights Reserved 1s aT Ome AT me Gdim Gms Ato A+ =i = SS — ra = of sweet de - Mght,_————————— ‘Man-y times T've whis - pored, Tt was just a phrase —— ft that Td heard in plays 1 was act Osim Ome Amb At Dm Gmé __optional abo a7 Dm ‘But now when I whis - per; “A -MA-DO Mi - Q7 —— — rif —f Ar Bm Ome aa Cant you toll I care, By the feel - ing there? For it comes from my ‘Amado Mio 3-2 16 Dm id Gms ar Ambo Ar — en-deay my love, my dar - ling, 7 and hold you tight. aa Gna Ome aa Atbs ay SS love mo for - ev - er, — Dm A7_Dm_ Gms Ay ano a — And let for - ev — ——__—. A - MA-DO aoa Dime "2p me Gme___—__ Amato Mio = 3-3 WHEN I HOLD YOU IN MY ARMS (Comm’e Bella ’a Stagione) English Words by Music by R. FALVO GEORGE BROWN Italian Words by G. PISANO Lively = Ss Oh,_________ when I hold you in my arms, dear, Ah comm 2 bel-la 4 sta- gio - ne tt burns with wild de - sires, like a thousand Slam -ing lam = pe, sen zu truone, sen-za vien tey eam-me When [Hold You in My Arms 3-1 © 1954 Renewed 1982) by Geoxge Brown Published by WANESSA MUSIC PRODUCTIONS CO. "AI Righs Reserved there's a roar-ing im my heart, dear,______________like the si fa. cal-do a ma - th mu. Eos aa Fe a surg-ing of the sea rac-ing mad-ly to be free._—_______________ Give me bagnayMar-gel - Urn te re = fris-che ld pe Na pas * Fp om Fm m Em mt i & a & & kisses warm and true,— take my love mywholelife thru— and ney ~ erfear,I'll_nev-er be un- si-a- ta a ma-re cd yar - ca a Ma-re-chtu-re, € —s@ munsi ‘n2u~ru- 10 tea nza~ your kiss make me im - part fire_ in my ‘When Hold You ia My Arms -3-2 — ~ 6 SS Ss a? heart that time will note - rase,for it will Q a Ger Pada Tempo I = e me g Be Ban a fap ‘When Hold You in My Art -3-3 20 ARRIVEDERCI, ROMA Italian Words by ee ee Music by PIETRO GARINEI and SANDRO GIOVANNINI RENATO RASCEL English Words by CARL SIGMAN Moderately ft By Bs Et a 2G al Cit-y of a mil - lion moon - lit "ce or Am? pr . Amt a mm ae i plac- es. cit-y of a mil - lion warm em - brac-es, Where I found the one of all the Pr then, tthe Aviveders, Roma-2-1 (© 1954 KRAMER EDIZIONI MUSICALI SRL. (Renewed 1982) © 1955 covering English Words by Car Sigman (Renewed 1983) and Assigned to MAJOR SONGS COMPANY, A Rights covering Music and jalan Words forthe U.S.A” ane Canada Conalled by STRIPED HORSE MUSIC, INC. an Admistered by WB MUSIC CORP. ‘Ai Rigs covering Eglsh Word Contd by MAJOR SONGS COMPANY an Adminsted by THE SONGWRITERS GUILD OF AMERICA Bight Reserved. yo eR SB ee : m € im It's time Dr Tacet Sa SSS Save the wed-ding bells for my re ~ tuen=ing. Keep my | SSS SE ge a ea yearn ing, Please be sure the flame aa ea of tove keeps burn ing in (RSE ae Arsvedersi, Roma 2-2 2 (Ba-Ba-Baciami Piccina) [English Words and Musical Adaptation by EDDIE Y. STANLEY Italian Words and Music by R. MORBELLIS and L. ASTORE Moderately ar-rived from I~ ta-ly, met hin sweet Marie. His Eng - lish tele made his sweet-beart laugh, the way he'd talk, so half and iF 1 et when he'd say: ON e i -me,bam-bi-no, ba-ba bo - boc-ca-pic-co-li-ne, When: Tim-a kins-a you, oh, tra-la-lacla-lu-la-la-la - Tu. Botch-A-Me-2-2 194 Renewed 196) an 1952 Renew 1) EDIZTONI FON ENC AT Rigi forthe USA and Cat Cooled by RO-HOLLIS MUS! ‘AU Riphs Reser 23 Vm-a sgeeze-a you, then Be-o by-0 — be-0, boo would-ja vor Be-0 by-0 — be-o bo0,when you botch-a me I botch-a you ant t r ev-ty-thing goescrezy. Ba - ba botch-a me,bamdi-no,ba-ba bo - be — boc-caploeodi-no,An’ thea we will raise & great big fam-i - ly and tracIa-la-la- la-la-la-la - lee. rfl Botch-A-Me - 2-2. - a CARA M (Non Ti Scordero) Original Words and Music by ‘ . TULIO TRAPANI and LEE LANGE Moderately, with feeling ——— S$ cm7! cr-9 * —————— = = = > >= fr Cora Min-2-1 @ 1954.60 rest, NG Copyright Renewed 1953 an Asgn SEPTEMBER MUSIC CORP. itor USA Contes fy serve MBER MUSIC CORP {Pia Corn Coma & Ses Atwood EMIFEIST CATALOG'IN (Pubs) and WARNER BROS, PUBLICATIONS USS. INC. (Pin) “AITRighs Reserved cr-9 El F6 a = SJ === Cara Min - 2-2 26 CARNIVAL OF VENICE VENETIAN MELODY Moderato con moto G D7 G Pe % CARO MIO BEN By GIUSEPPE GIORDANI (My DearestOne) 5. aaa a ae a Ge Larghetto Ca - ro mio ben, cre-di-mi al My dear - est one, When we're a- — _ cm @ 6 op c cor @ = ae fae mal aN BE oe ea a men, Sen-za di te lan-gui-sce il cor, Ca-ro mio ben, ca- ro mio part, Gone is the sun, Joy leavesmy hearti__ My dear-est one, stay close to = —— 6 y # fo = s Aongeeer ull ts ecolll|s cory il tuo ‘s flow a - long to the seal Oh dear - est i tan - Ces - sa, cru- del, to = ie My heart with all its love is yours, yours a ~ — so - spi-ra.g- gnor. one, Be mine, my own, Caro Mio Ben- 2-1 © 1976 Assigned) BEAM ME UB MUSIC Al Rights Administered by WARNER BROS. PUBLICATIONS US. INC. AIIRighs Reserved go fit Ces - sa, Give me cm - del, the right ca - My r Es lan - Joy - te - sun! >, eo Caro Mio Ben -2-2 ro mio dear - est ben, one, ai to tan ‘my + to rie dear - est tan ~ to ev-er cre - di-migl - When we're a - men, part, TF . a7 a ff aa ff gui - sce fl leaves my = cre - di-mi_al - ben, ial When we're™a - one, cor; heart! ca + romio My dear - est or ae 0 a fit a =; gui-sc€il cdr! leaves my heart! = s tr CHI-BABA, CHI-BABA (My Bambino Go to Sleep) Words and Music by JERRY LIVINGSTON, MACK DAVID 1d AL HOFI Slowly, with a lift anc FMAN c Dm7 or # 7 in fa: a Pr Verse: c c EE was quite the thing. (Chi Baba, Chi-Baba 4-1 Joy Music Ie. © Renewed nd Ange oak Mute Co ne, ‘0 ot Sep and Unie ol Gra ners Ping, ne. "Al Righe Retr ‘Fam7(5) 2 ¢ HE GEE re EnvG BI Em BIDS G7 = 7 Chorus: 2 c He 3 : ba - ba, chi - ba - ba, ck = wa, cook-a = la goom - ba 3 5 > c be s 3 chi - ba - ba, chi- wa - wa, to sleep, a (Chi Baba, Chaba - 4-2 32 Agim? G7 c # ba - ba, chi-ba- ba, chi-wa - = Ia = wa, cook-a - la goom - ba, 3 3 a ba = ba, chi- ba- ba, chi-wa - to sleep, 3. 3 the skies, read~y to say ——_good-night, 3 your doll (Chi Baba, Chi-Baba 4-3 ff et Close your drowsy lit - tleeyes, Mama will hold you tight while shesings a uh - ta-bye 10 3 Dm7/G G79) G7 ¢ z E zs, ; - baba, chi-ba- ba, chi-wa - 3 3 a wa, cook-a - la goom - ba. chi - baba, chi- babs, chi-wa + 4 + es ChiBaba,ChiBaba 4-4 CIAO FOR NOW i Music by ai BEDELL PAUL GIASSON Moderately, with expression —— again some day; aon ve - arb: mo - mentyou'e a - way ri think of you, —____ res = fo Wis - te sol” jo pen - tga te. + ly nights will be ne po- se - 10 io oe Now = 3-1 (© 1976 EM ROBBINS CATALOG INC. {All Rights Conuolled by EMI ROBBINS CATALOG INC: (Publishing) and WARNER BROS. PUBLICATIONS U.S INC. Prin) “AIRiphis Reserved you here with r= tor- ne - 13 Cmajo Gmi co oF Fm ‘Cmaja Gm7 cg of & She & 8 fe each sec-ond that we're a = part WH sole non bri! - la pi. hours. will go o-re non’ van ~ Am? D9 Dmt a i ae a ea ae i will keep my love for you locked in- side my heart to nel mio cuor’ per te ques = 10 pal - pl - 10 oer? Cmaja Cmaj7 re ff Tn wait for your re - tum; as - pet - te-rd an - cor; ino for Now -3-2 36 your heart will learn 1 need you ti ri ve ded 1i_vog = lio rea? & amt oe i" HE Ea a iti til then, we meet a - gain don’t say poe qui + a par th - 1d fonds (Ciao for Now -3-3 CIAO, CIAO, BAMBINA 7 (Chiow, Chiow, Bambeena) English Lyrics by MITCHELL PARISH Music by DOMINICO MODUGNO Original Italian Text by MODUGNO-VERDE Moderately fe so 8 8 ois oe eee ae Verse, ad tib. ce woe, ee 3 sm Vi-o-lins played by the wind’ ate ery - ing, Soft-ly the sil-ver-y rain. is Mil-le vio-1i - mi suo-na-ti dal ven - 0, tut - th ¢o- lo- ri dell? ar-co- ba - P 2 2 3 =3— Em 2 rp sigh - ing, Stow-ly the flame of our love is dy - ing, It le - no, wun-nga for - ma-rew- na piog-gia dar - gen - to, ma By Em 8 7 rains on our love, ‘and we must part. pio. we, pio - aul nos troa - mor! oo. \ ( Ciao, Cis, Bembina 3-1 (© 1959 EDIZIONI CURCI (lay) ‘Copyright Renewed Rights troughout North America Controlled by EMI FEIST CATALOG INC. (Publishing) and WARNER BROS PUBLICATIONS U.S INC. (Pi) "AIIRigis Reserved 38 Refrain, Moderately aim Ape CIAO,CIAO,BAM - BI Ciao, ciao, bam - bi oy Gs cGaan) Cease _Clasan) Comair Cu ctacetd © cmajy_ ce “Once more I kiss you and then good-bye. Our love was ee poi per sem pre “i per de - r0. Co -men-na fa $4 te | EEPPE Fly? = F Em7 Em sto - ty But aif its pas 2 se rae Fidim G7 Ebdim Dm Fe Dmy Dye Dm ust Pass us ‘Are raindrops trem ‘bling _up- on your Moot Won ef pid Con se ene Gre ee 1 tot ‘lao, Cio, Bambina-3 2 39) Ge Caddy Cmay? os dine Caddy) Cmaj7 = % —- =e as pe Or are they tear = ~~ drops. for the love we knew? © pisg-gigo pian > to, dim = mi co ~ v2. pace s 335 Ce (acer) c cmaj7 6 ¢ oer En? Em = ——— ; CIAO,CIAO, BAM - BI my heart is call = Vor rei’ tro - va pa-fo- le nwo i Ebaim “Duy G7 pm7 G9 ce Aa oO A I cry with — you. CIAO, CIAO,BAM - sul_nos - trea - mor. éfa0, "bam - Bon RR Rc erie nea (ino, Ciao, Bambina 3-3 CIRIBIRIBIN (Chiribiribee) English Lyric by Music by HOWARD JOHNSON ANTONIO PESTALOZZA Valse moderato F —_ Cinibirbin 3 1 © 1933 (Renewed 1961) EMI ROBBINS CATALOG INC. ‘Al Rigs Reserved Cisbisbin 3 2 c7 Tacet 41 a2 = Giabirbin -3-3 43 TIME TO SAY GOODBYE (Con Te Partir6) Lyrics by LUCIO QUARANTOTTO Music by English Lysics by FRANK PETERSON FRANCESCO SARTORI Slowly J = 60 3 D Em? ¢ a z mf g x D7 Verse 4 co 1.Quan- do so - no S0 = lo riz~ zon-te.e man-can le pa = cw Sle so che none tuscein v= na stan~ 22 quando man-ca- i Time o Say Goodbye -5 +1 1985 Inve 8.1 a Dube Maro ion Muna ‘Conroe inthe nied Sates by Seg Melo, ned in Caan by Morning Musi Lid ‘All Rights Reserved ves dusto-e vis su ; 4 a= + pit conte io li vi- wd, 2.Quan-do sei lon-ta- na so-gno_alo- riz-zon-te_eman-ean le pa - % io si lo s0 che seiconme, conme, —Tumia Iu-natu sei qui con me “Time to Say Goodbye 5-3 Ds. $al Coda ovet oF ce e348 ‘Time to Say Goody English literal translation: Verse I When I'm alone, [dream of the horizon ‘And words fail me. ‘There is no light In a room where there is no sun, ‘And there is no sun if you're not here With me, with me. From every window, Unfurl my heart, ‘The heart that you have won, Into me you've poured the ight, ‘The light that you've found By the side ofthe road. Chorus ‘Time to say goodbye Places that Te never seen Or experienced with you, Now fsa 'i'sal with you upon ships across the seas, Seas that exit no more, Iv time to say goodbye. ‘Time to Sey Goodbye -S-$ Verse 2: When you're faraway, I dream of the horizon ‘And words fail me. ‘And of course, know that you're with me, With me ‘You, my moon, you are with me. My sun, you're here with me, ‘With me; with me, with me. Chores ‘Time to say poodbye Places tint ve never seen Orexperenced with you Now thal Tisai with you upon sips across theses, Sea that exit no more, Fieve them wit oe Tag: TI go with you upon ships across the seas, Seas that exist no more, Til revive them with you. Til go with you, Pil go with you, COME BACK TO SORRENTO (Torna A Surriento) English Lyrics by CLAIRE STAFFORD Italien Lyries by G.B. de CURTIS Music by ERNESTO de CURTIS Soft winds mur-mur low, “Re - mem - ber)” bet = oy oy fo ae > men te, gt bear . cmayt a re f a holding Sach at ad, en - chant -ed, I le dream - ing, Sigh = ing, long - ing, dear for Jo mejl tuo ton = ee ae = cam to che - mey_des = fos so nr En org ie feithforvor Watt = ed up from shel - tered gar - dens; dei gor = de nig - dor da - ‘vam - cts {© 1938, 1946 (Renewed 1963, 1974) ROBBINS MUSIC CORPORATION ‘at igh of ROBINS MUSIC CORPORATION Aspro EMI CATALOGUE PARTNERSHIP ‘A Righs Controlled nd Administered by EMI ROBBINS CATALOG INC. ‘All Rights Reserved 49. et a & ‘pid mosto rall Their sweet per - fume, 30 aos tal - gic, wm pro - fu_- mo non v'hae- 5 Sad - dens ens ber cht aad dis - tubs nd dis = turbe my een arae ee ‘poco ii morse Dm? ‘Se is For you said good - dye, we part - ec) Left. ae lone and Ete dé eho par toad di sol Tad = ton = ta = nd bro - kta beast - edy “ALT a ar ¢ Bn a & et Torn and shat = tered is, love’ How much more can 1 en ques ‘tater ore dalla hat la “for -ta_ di Ta oS ‘And love noe far = mi ‘Come Back to Sorento 2-2 50 COME PRIMA English Words by BUCK RAM Music by SANDRO TACCANL Italian Words by MARIO PANZERT and VINCENZO DI PAOLA. Moderately (in 4 2 of cmt FT Bb6 i # i — 3, C0 = meul-lo - ra, ma- gi- ew z fp FIs aap Bhs cm? a He le te ag @ Mi sento un go’ con-fu-s0, non $0. ca~ z if fr (Come Prima 4-1 {© 1988 (Renewes 1986) and 1966 LA CICALA CASA EDITRICE MUSICALE. Mila, Il “TRO.CHOMMELL MUSIC; INC. New York, Cong all ublicaton Rigs forthe USA and Canada international Cope Secured: Made in U8 [All Right Reserved cluding Puli Performance for Prot Used by Permission 3 cmt? om? cr Cm? ome py a 38 —. ee cmt ae es Moderately 3 ee Come Pri- ma. Co-me Pri- ma Im in &. me pri: ma pit di pri- ma tla-me - oe 3 Co- me Pri - + pi ness. a mia th 3 el Dmy-s @, rain - bow inthe sky ses mori = te = dered, we —=—~.__ 1 ? Come Prima-4-2 52 cr cm? Ebmé FT a 2 clouds have now gone by so. thats. why say—___________ Co- me me mi fr le oma mi stringe = ream = con omio PINALR: ee as en ? ————. =—— if Pri ma,— Co- me Pris ma now hg eta mondo, — tutto iL moms do eter me, ten pr - me 6 Pela mip pid dip ma Py » be — z [Ss Dp i ght Devi Emi? at Cosi Cosa 41 © 1935 (Renewed 1963) EM ROBBINS CATALOG INC. [Al Rights Coatolled by EMI ROBBINS CATALOG INC. (Publishing) and WARNER BROS. PUBLICATIONS US. INC. (Pin) ‘AT Rigs Reserved 7 gat p Re aa BR rns it the ve-ry first day eg AT a oH Eo a BE perme Ev - ‘ry sweetSi-gno - ri Says it the ve- ry sume way —— These poco - - @ - poco - ere- ie - - = - = fun-ny lit - tle A ot _D gum Ar fee Fae ae 2 just a phrase,that now-a-days I - tal-iansloveto sing Ss Tt Cori Cons 4-2 58 dim. 941 WS PH TT tompo Co - sa! Its awonderful word Tra-la - la - la Whenan-y-one asks youhow you are, Isprop-er to say Co-si Co - sa Co-si Co - su ir b7 77 : p 4 e : = i a love af- you care, Youdonthaveto start — If a la-dyshould ask you if fair say Co-ni Co- sal Doesit mean “Yes?” ze —= ir =a) Cosi Cosa 4-3 Does it mean “No? Well, yes D pT s. H a io de Get to-geth-er and sing trala - Ie - la Iseas-vthis way So try to- Son we ®t day andlearnto say Co-si Co- sa ee) ar a >| Co-si Co - sa! Cosi Cona-4-4 ° FAREWELL DEAR NAPOLI (Addio Alla Bella Napoli) Moderato (Briltiant) By T. COTTRAU Pe aa ear - z +s > + z Andantino = 87 a e Fare-well myowndear Na-po-li) Fare-well tothee, Fare.well to thee! Thy Far dis - tantclimesnow callto me, Fare-well tothee, Fare-well to thee! But dd-dio mia bel-la— Na- po-li, ad- di - o, ad-di - of be Tutt gl - trociel mi chia~ ma, ad. di. - 0, ad -di - of Ha i + = <= <= + : Py aa in ial BE po sotto = won - drous pic-ture in thesea, Will ev- erfill mymem-o - ry!— Thyskies of deep-est thot I yield toFateSde-cree, My heart for-ev-er thinemustbe! 0 Sy - renof my tua $0 a-véim-ma - gine, chi mai, chimatscordar po-tra!l— Del ciel Vas-tur- 70 que - sto cor #i dra - ma, eil cor, il cor ti ta-sce- rd! Di ba - ciedar-no- (ase resaluto———— Leena © 1935 ‘Renewed 1953) EMI ROBBINS CATALOG INC [Ad Righs Contes by EMI ROBBINS CATALOG INC. (Pubahing) and WARNER BROS, PUBLICATIONS U.S-INC. (Pn) "AI Rite Reserved wn a» Ra 0 soft andclear, With heav - and bit-tertear, I brightest blue, ‘Thy plac-idwaves ‘ar -dent love, Whose beauty rare, whose har-mo-ny, Fills hjll -ley, sea andsky, To ful-gido,| (a pla-ci-da| ma-ri - mo, qual co - non o ms - te i = @ 2 Paw-ra tua —ri- pie - 7 <> wr ay Fe fy eh Teroleto ————__ FL bid a last, a sadgood-bye!___-‘Fare.welllthefra-grantorangegrove, The scentedair that thee my soulwillfaithful, prove. Fare-well!_ eachtenderthoughtshallbe, Wher-e'er 1 go, bea nonbea di co-lut-ts/— In te___laterrae tau - ra fa-vcl-la-no d’e- del fe-dele a te sa-rdl— —-Al_mi-o pensierpit te-ne-ri ‘11 - tor-na-no_ att z > Es Ld Abmi.6 eb Db. phy xb ae FER aim. Rive ca Soi Prat asset —— breathesoflove, Shall charm myheartwithonebrightray,In dreams,—wher-eerI stray! oh! Fare- thought of thee; And joy_oncemoreshalllus-tre shedIn dreams,— tho'joyis dead! oht Fare. mo - re; te so-la at mio do-lo - re con- for - to io so-gne-rd oA! ad ston - ti, le gioje & le me-mo - rie de mie - « fe-li-ci di ol ad- AA ne — > Farewell Dear Napoli -3-2 62 ab mT bi Be rs a tempo tratt, “a tempo : me Ze = well, my own dear Na - Fare-well tothee, Fare-welf tothee, Fare- well, my own dear Na- Fare-well tothee, Fare-well tothee, Fare- dio wmia bel- la Na ad- di - 0, ad- ai - of dio mia bel - la ad- di - o, ad-di - of ————— mt EE atempo col canto cle ab Stentato well, Purewelleachsoulfelt mem-o.- ry, Of —hap- py dayslong passed’a - way! well, Fare-welleachsoulfelt mem-o-ry, Of hap-pydays for ev-er fled! di = 0 ca-re me- mo - rie dei tem - po aA! che pos- so! di - 0 ca-se me- mo - rie del tem — po aA! che sug - gil 7 om a as & . 2 —== col canto vt te 7 be 7 Farewell Dear Nap -3-3 FUNICULI, FUNICULA = (A Happy Heart) Words and Music by LUIGI DENZA Marcato vivo (eto) Eb SS SS Sto-se - - va, Ni-na > do-ve di- Spet-tixn cor in- gra-to Pik far non Funiculi Funicula 3-1 © 1994 wa MUSIC CORP. ‘AIL Rights Reserved Fonicl,Foncula 3-2 65 Suar - dar. A ne ri - guar-dar, mon-tiam su via, ni-cw - lal -ni- cu li, Ju-ni- cu-la fu-ni-cu- li fu- Su via mon-tiam su la, - ey ni. om A fe la via,mon-tiam su la, fu-ni-cu-li fu-ni -cw - Funiculi Funicula-3-3 “ FORGET DOMA: Words by. ‘Music by NORMAN NEWELL RIZ ORTOLANI Moderately S Chorus Se eete am ta if o a ° Seo fi a ae Leta for-get a Lets for- get about to - mor - row, ET Am am? BP Mo ns Re i il forget a- bout to- mor-row for to - mor-row nev- er comes, comes. Verse om Iss cmt Divs, a mie for - get. do - ma- Lets live for (to + mor - cm? Ea Torri a now and an-y = how, who needs do + ma > ai. ‘The — moon- light, to = mor - row r Forget Domai - 4-1 {© 1965 (Renewed 1993) METRO-GOLDWYN-MAYER INC. ‘All Rights Contolled by EMI MILLER Ca TALOGINC. (Publishing) and "WARNER BROS, PUBLICATIONS U.S. INC. (Pin) ‘AIDRighs Reserved moon - light, Per- haps let’ share the to - geth-er Gm cmt Gm i cm? Is He With such a and such a sea and you with r stand-ing near, Ite not the mu- sic diz - ay when youre 5 om, fa = i heart is beat - ing like =a jun-gle drum. ‘get Domai - 4-2 pis ffl 6 we will nev-er be a Gm that you take 68 om Gm i} aR min-utes as they speed a- way, And hope it's true what peo-ple say, When os ay ER ee a youre in love to - mor-row mev - er comes. , ae ew W ee & Lets for-get_ a - bout to - mor- row, Lets for- get a-bout to - mor- row, a. Re Amt Dr ce) ores 7 ” Be oe @ Lets for-get_ = bout to mor-row for to - morrow nev -er comes. DIS Gm m7 tee cm m7 Drs i ya A Bit Do = ma- ni + get do - ma- ni, With such a (To = mor (to = mor - row) = a a a Forget Doman 4-3 icon and such Let's take the min-utes as they speed a-way,- And hope its true what peo-ple say, When eg > aes g ° a » S 3 Ee love to - nior-row new i 9 @ &o & @ Let's for-get_ about to - mor- _— BUT ONE HEART nace a — to share with —_ you. — pe ce = spas 8 r iF iF s. ——_____-* 1 Hlave But One Hear 3-1 ab BARTON MUSIC CORP {© 1973 Johaay Farrow, Pal rah Lae Syes and Elaine Symes (copsight Reveved by BARTON Ni cok COR and ign tw SANDS MUSIC CORP. ‘Al Rights Reserved 15 are dream I pray pil a ——— ston - gs EE ai a My = dar - ling, un- til 3 ts ci me, fe jer 1 onev - er — felt — 1 Have But One Heart-3-2 16 aa & e nto = bod - y IT else say: You Have But One Hear - 3-3 = fore you love,. life 1 at (Add 9) n IO TE VURRIA VASA (I Know I'm Only Dreaming) Music by Words by VINCENZO RUSSO EDUARDO DI CAPUA Andantino con espressione : Fa Ah che bell! Bom c7 Fm C'ad-dor-e'e mal - Bom c Fm Ew dur-men - no sta > tie Neopp'a sti fronne ‘e ro - sav —_~ Te Varin Vasa-3-1 8 Fm "0 so-lea po- coa po- ‘O vien - to pas - sae vur - ria Jo Te Vumia Vasa-3- Bbm c7 Fm co, Pe''stu ciar-di- no spon - te, Bom Gm7 Fm c7 va + se, Stu ric-ciu - Il - te vur-ria va - sa Tt ~ ce'e te sce - ta vur - ria ad Gm ce Gm Fo lo’ me vwur-riaad-dur- mi, Vi- ci-no'o sci - a- to ——~ F Gm Gm7_ oz ae Nio- ra pur'= i, a lo Te Vor Vasa -3-3 : I'M LONGIN’ FOR LOV lusetto) English Lytie by Original Italian Text and Music by TOT SEYMOUR DOMENICO MODUGNO- Medium Bounce Tempo Verse Keep on tell- in’ my heart Bet-ter get a head stai La piv bet - ta set tuy tuo ‘novme? Lit Wi Cud-dlin’ up Ts so nice, Spet-fv- na- taco Fm Fr bbz Fm? br Ea i ee HEE fal I'm not gon - na think twice. tu mi pia = ce dé pth ia rm Long’ for Love 4-1 {© 1956, 1988 EDIZIONI CURCT (aly) (Copyrights Renewed Rights throughout Nosh American ander specific eitories Contre by. EMI ROBBINS CATALOG INC. (Publishing) and WARNER BROS. PUBLICATIONS US. INC. rin ‘A Righs Reserved 81 Chorus Bho ry ‘7 Fm Pate ene cm “i ; 4 fat Se huh, hon-ey, Tm ro-man-tic, so ro - mantic, No! Ca- ra, non cam-bia.rean-che tul — Dol- ce, 7 eer BbT Bom Fm Bb aes a 8 fo 8 8 mm And I'M LONG-IN’ FOR LOVE— on truccesr~ ti di pik) —~ ps Fm Po Bom Fm Fm? Ea fe & & & em & kise - es. Tm all read-y, gettin’ read-y to go mo re Ma tu, bel-la, hat de - ef 50 €0- 8 eter “tf "Cause your Lips are ap- peal - ‘And I'M LONG-IN’ FOR LOVE. dé we-atir-t df ros ~ 20 di chia-mar-ti Gi gi —e — _ E rm Longin’ for Lave -4-2 82 of a won - — der-ful tra“bou - téques” © caf: I ae ot bm eb me ss _ thi I hope to - night mon gi “roast beef” —_—sI— ————=> Bons Fr amg ahr Bo ie He el youtt be hold-in’ me tight, good ’n’ tight. de o_o to frap - pe ‘Me per - chtr s— sa Eb ca Fm Fm? BT eb a ee ee Youll dis-cov- er Im some ve - ae sem- pre eo si, f I'm Longin for Love-43, 83 ra Bir Eb Br im oa If youll whis-per “Be mine”, I can fall for your line, col mu set to pu- ti : » eet tuo now ne Lit fi. With a moon up a- bove, La pik bel - ta _sei__tu, Ss 56 6 oe SS SSS TH be long-in’ for love, How I'M LONG-IN’ FOR LOVE. — spet ti na-ta_co- si, Buo-manot~ te, Lit fil if Tm Longin for Love 4-4 84 ITALIAN STREET SONG Words by Music by RIDA JOHNSON YOUNG VICTOR HERBERT > Ctl | >> = |—— ar # = mJ, > > Ahlmy heart is back in Na~ po-li,_ Dear Na- po-li,___— dear Na - po-li, and I seem to hear a-gain indreams_ her re - vel-ry,. z a 3 P a tempo “L her_sweet re - vel-ry — The man- do - li - an allan Stroet Song 4-2 o go wanes ans me sane ‘meget 85 sweet, the pleas - ant of dan - cing-feet, | Oh! could I re- £2 > turn, oh} joy com-pletel Na-po- i, Na-po-li, Na- go -lit__ ze molto rit cola voce =— ary = 2. NOTE-OBBLIGATO TO BE SUNG WITH 2"4 CHORUS ONLY Allegro moderato —— _ Zing, zing, 2iz- zy, zi2- zy, zing,zing, Boom, boom, aye. Zing, zing, zia-zy, 2it- zy, zing,zing, Man-do- li- nas gay. Zing, ting, zia-ey, zit-zy, zing,zing, Ilan Sweet Song 4-2 Boom,boom, aye, Ha,ha, ha, Zing, bagm aye 22 St. La,la, la, la, ha,ha, ha, zing, zing, aye, 5 i Zz =3 SL : ee ue to Ato B may omited Z SSS SSS lay lay las ing eee v = alan Steet Song -4-3 87 Sf Shosred Zing = La, la sla, lal Sf > Zi - zy, zie - 2y, zing,zing, zing, Zin - zy, ziz~ zy, zing, zing, Fine alan Street Song = 4-4 88 LA DOLCE VITA (The Sweet Life) Original Italian Text by DINO VERDE Music by English Words by LES VANDYKE NINO ROTA Moderately Ghorus aor pt F Bo ie ag I's The Sweet Life ce Gdim 07, cr-9 FS i EES He fe So live it high And at that pace BT oe ce g — You got- ta hang Liv- ing high AeDoiee Vita 3-1 © 196 EDIZIONI MUSICAL Q,CAMPIE NORD SUD ay) ‘pytiht Renewed Rights throughout Noch America Controlled by EMI MILLER CATALOG INC. (Publishing) and ‘WARNER BROS. PLBL CATIONS U.S. INC. (Prin) “AIDRights Reserved 89 co Abr Dm? By GL i take off. Nev - er touch down Bet you rake off. cr-9 FS a ae Half the town used to play fool_____—-Back in high school— Liv-ing high. Interludecms ars com i ge Ba ae I grow sick of tak-ing the low life, My new trick is get up and go life, LeBoee Vite -3-2 90 hm — Bbmt? Ebmé FS Bhm bm? Ebms FHS Don't get lost in mis. er-y cit - y, Where they say that life ain't so pret - ty, T ie bm? bo AbT Db7 ors or oy ae Take my tip, step in-to the sweet life too, va Chorus aor Byst oO i climb - ing Look where I got ___ cs cam co cr-9 life —__ ES ms ar © ie ie ie i sweet life Dol-co Vi La Dotee Vita 3-3, a LA SPAGNOLA (Maid Of Spain) English Lyrics by By VINCENZO DI CHIARA HOWARD JOHNSON ‘Transcription by D. SAVINO Waltz tempo brillante Far off in Spain there’s a maid - en, Youth-ful be - Light as a feath-er she's glid - ing, Dane- ing, ro- i spa.gna so- no Iq del ~ tay ‘Re- gna Pm ie Fe fey -witoh - ing and gay. Her eyes with love-light are la - den, -mane - ing with you. While jin your ear she’s con- fi - ding — ‘son - del - le ‘mort Tut - ti “mt di-co- no Stel - la, TEFL FF La Spagnota-3-1 © 1932 (Renewed 1960) EM ROBBINS CATALOG INC. i Contrlled by EMI ROBBINS CATALOG INC (Pushing) and WARNER BROS, PUBLICATIONS US. INC. (Pom) "ATTRigts Reserved Eu ig Be si shell steal your heart right a - way ——— She has a pass-ion for that she will al . ways be-true— ‘Deep in her eyes when she Stel - la “di vi_-_ v0 splen- dor! Di spa-gna 30-10 ta LEFF PEF), Fm O75 Po Bae Ha ae charm - ing you, seck - ing @ brand new ro - mance looks at me, there is a bright light that lies ——____ bel day He. gi- na son del - Ua ~ mort bm Fm ‘300, bi z Bae Hee She has a way of dis - arm - ing you too, she leads you But it's a dan - ger- ous light dont yon see, one that just Tut- mi di - co-no Sti - . la, Stel - la ai t on with a dance. lies and just lies) >> > j>> > vige- wo splen-dort >> eee y f | iaradl stared ot Le Spagnota-3-2 93 C79 a aa la, Beau -tj-ful Maid Of Spain “a Nel-le + sta- si dia Dp, With stetinend haa : _ Ht as Your sweet face I will ne'er for - get, shawl of lace and your Cas - ta - net La Spa-gno-la saa-mar co- si Boc- cae boc-ca la not - weil di, >= | mt la, please let me make it plain “a Wel - 1¢- sta - si _da- mort Peel o7 i From the start,you danced in my heart I'm in love with you Maid Of Spain. Za Spa-gno la saa- mar co- si Bov-cag doc-ca ‘la not-teei? di. iF mf fs meals La Spopnola 3-3, LA DONNA E MOBILE (Woman Is Fickle) By GIUSEPPE VERDI Allegretto (Brightly)ey7 Ab BT a f Eb i it con brio = Wo-man is fick - le false al - to - La don-nad — mo-bt-le gual piu-maal % Bb Ebr Ab pa legato i ae ES = geth-er, Moves like a feath-er borne on the breez-es, © Wo-man with Yene to, fa dac-cen-to ¢ di pen - sie - ro. Sem-preun a - ‘La Donna E Mobile - 4-1 © 1935 Renewed 1963) EMI ROBBINS CATALOG INC, {Al Righs Conrad by EMI ROBBINS CATALOO INC. (Publishing) and WARNER BROS. PUBLICATIONS US. INC. (Pr) "AIIRighs Reserve 95 gb Ab eb Et) Bu = PP witeh-ing smile, will eer de - ceive you Oft-en will grieve you, Yet, as she ma-b1-le ' leg-gia-dro vt - $0, tn ptantooin rt - 30° 2’ men-x0- # Eb fall te ie o ge Her-heart’s un - feel- ing false al - to - geth-er; ‘Moves like a La_don-naz mo-bit qual piwmaal ven-to, mu - ta dac- > > — ab LBB oy, ab Eb Ab Dee Abb? a ee ee ee F feath-er borne on the breeze, cen-to edi pen- ster, o Eby Ab eb? = : rs : ey ae 2 ne Ls Donna E Mobile 4-2 96 con forsa hm Br Ab Br Ab a ae is borne on— the breeze. e—— di— pen - ster, ue ‘marcat; Wretch-ed the day when she looks B sem-pre mi-se-ro chalet saf- Eb Te i kind-ly, Trusts to her blind-ly His life thus wast-ing. Yet he must Si-da, cht te con - fi- da, mal-cau-tosl co ~ re! Pur mat non Ey é i dull be- yond meas - ure, Who of love's hap- pi- ness, Se- li- ceap- pie - no cht su gue se HO LaDonna & Mobile 4-3 7 cr eb? a ne'er has been tast - ing, Wo- mans un - feel - ing false al - to - non t- baa mo - rei La—don-nae — mo- bit qual piu-maat > le a: ae He ne Moves like a feath- er borne_ on the _ breeze, mu - ta dac-cen- to e di pen - ster, rt — ia Ca Desay ob? AD br i i tte eo borne on the breeze. e— di pen - ste Br Ha borne on— the breeze. e¢— di_ pen- ster! Le Donna E Mobile -4-4 98, TARANTELLA Music by EARL ROSE Moderato con brie! =10 Oe OO At 3 FT NC Sor-ten - Gui - do, cal-do, foc - ca - cia, pie » co - h - ti = no, cana-ti = no - ri, ti-ra-mi - su, Dona - tel - la, ta bam - bi-no,chi - a- Buo-no ar-ti-bi- a - ta po - mo-do - ro Lascun- gi - le, at - a (© 2000 AMADEUS MUSIC CO. and INYOUR EAR MUSIC Apis Bosereo Ii vor = ne - se, pa Bel-la face, di Scor - se - se, Al Pre-go,pas-ta, al den-te, na ~ po = li, I virtello, to - na -t0,Car ~ to ET Bs i . Ba - ci, bo - ca - ci + ca ni-ni, a-mo-re, hey! Taranto -2-2 100 MALA FEMMENA {Angel With A Devil's Heart) English Words by Italian Words and Music by GEORGE BROWN TOTO Moderately, with a tango feeling eal be ee Vers i il ane _ _ 7 SSS a # = — = Chel. ee fat-t08 me, Thought that Tfound Sn Sek togee ae hand tnd stom =mo Pavesse ac - ci = $0, © wd sa-pe pec - ‘Thought that heaven had sent___ you, _but fools in love are ee Bb6 gh : fe a _— ; ee = = oe fees == ee © 1981 (Renewed 1979) ITALIAN BOOK CO. © 1962 UNART MUSIC CORPORATION and DING DONG MUSIC CORP. AL Righs of UNART MUSIC CORPORATION Assigned 1o EMI CATALOGUE PARTNERSHIP. A ips Conroe and Adiniere by "CATALOG INC. ami DING DONG MUSIC or ror 2 ? mie nes - to com-meg me! nun ce han-na sta pe'n’om = mo— per-fect but for one fea ~ = _heeart-break is more your style! Bbinaj7 Bb Refrain: fem - me-na hist ‘uo-echie'e fat - to your lies have tom my dev + i's heart sige mas la angel with a ii hm eo — eS SS Se e =t chia - gre re la creme en fami = 0 for you just can’t be true. 102 Fo. A Fem - me-na—______ $i Wo + pa-ma,___m'e ‘ntus- se -ca - 12 Yes, you are ost her way, _you gave your fove,then & ane & @ —S Ya + ne-ma,— nun poz -z0cchiti cam - pa, ket it stray, know - ing I still loved you, ee f Bb BbmajT Fem - me- na, $i ddo- ee com me’o zuc - che-ro_________ pe = 1 sta fac i 1.Half 2 man, you make me feel ike half @ man———— who can-not hold a 2. In de~spai, I cling to what was nev - er there; a Tove T thought was —_ ——— —_— —_ ‘Mata Femmena 4-3 103 BOG gt Fe ae = dan - ge- lo. wom -an’s love: mine a - lone te sev-ve pe ‘ngan- na Fem + me -na, but what am I to do. Yes, you are to share my whole life through. Yes, you are Bb C7 > oe ei a = Sj = SSS StF ae Mochi el =a te vo-glio be-nee tl and 1 am just a fool and [am just a fool nun te poz-z0 scur - da ‘who's still in love with you. who's still in love with Mata Feeunena == 4 104 LUNA NOVA (The New Moon) Italian Words by Music by SALVATORE DI GIACOMO P. MARIO COSTA Allegretto The new moon Drows-er - ly da lu- na IL mae ri - Touch-es the o- ver the wa. ter Drift-ing and dream-ing while ne - va scape oma = re sten- desma fa - seta d’ar~ per- che st to - gna Pin Rf BH © 1935 (Renewed 1963) EMI ROBBINS CATALOG INC. [AIIRighs Controlled by EMI ROBBINS CATALOG INC. (Publishing) 2nd ‘WARNER BROS, PUBLICATIONS US, INC- (Pia) "AD Rights Reserved Lame Nowe 5 105 e rn fa He ES a ie glo - ry, Far out a boat - man tend-ing his sing - ing Calm is the night the boats hard - ly gen to fi = nt, stag sma ri na ro per re po na = mo - "ra - ta, mep~ pur la bree = saul ma re a Aa a La-2i- ly floats in his rock - “ing ris - ing Sil~ ver- y moonlight the © dawn is” bring - ing. ep - bia Te re- che tien vi ck Ho. per-fin la lu = na ct stin - can - ta - ta. 7 & dim, DT ra Hf Fish-er- man ‘wake thy dreaming is oer! Cast out Sve-glia-ti, sve - glia ti, 54, ma_- ri - nar, sten- di t i yO Ed wif 8 a and bend to thine oar! Fish-er-man! ‘wake thy ti pen-taa vo - garl sve-glia- ti, —=—| 4 oe Lana Nova -3-2 106 _ ai oat ‘ "ay a Sa D Gd pik i nets and bend to thine pen-saa-vo - dream-ing is der! Cast out thy su, ma ri - narh_ Sten-di tere = ti eS — = = dim. z Br ab a —— A ga 6. a A x q br S BT, Bb FEAR aaa ry FRA ia J Pit_mosso Lana Nova -3-3 107 MANDOLINAT. (Mandolin Serenade) By EMILE PALADILHE Allegretto vivo t aa p The night is fair and Stan - diam! ta not-te é apa ha ip ee Ra? cr, AEE, sil-ver the moon's soft ray By fount and grove and La tu-na va spun - tar Di qué, di ta, per = ; bowr welll rove A - way! to sing and play“ And so this night so la cit- ti, An- diam cia tras - tul - dar Fin cht ta not - te oe Pr? oa © 1935 (Renewed 1963) EMI ROBBINS CATALOG INC. All Rights Controlled by EMI ROBBINS CATALOG INC. (Publishing) and WARNER BROS, PUBLICATIONS US. INC. Prin) "AI Rigits Reserved 108 a, Be Glad as our hearts shall be A- way well rove for Ci pot-rem di - ver - tir Po tremo an-dar, Gi- Ami Dai to coms @ a ee song and love, to laugh, to play, * and. sing ‘We will wake, will rar, tor-nar, can > tar, suo-nar, gio - tr. Or an - dia'- mo, an- poe a Ami Dm. Ami, Dai. Ami, oui, Dai. Boge ae Bede Bee wake with mu-sic the — light trem-bling striag! Swift - dia mo,in-ten-ti_le bel ~~~ te @_sue ~ gliar, So- -) - ot a — ¢ ae Dmi6 FR pp fie se Sf - oes car-ry our son} as we sing! the fair one will pi ~ ripe a : ta bella au- di- pi-reiparenti,é_ge - lo - si fu - Gar Mandoints- 3-2 109 Ams, Ea She will ap - pear. saf-fac - cie- rd, PP Be molto ‘With smiles she will glow ah! abl ‘with stiles she will suo cuor bal-xe - 4, aAlahl_—___ suo cuor bal-se- i C79 ff HA Ramat a PosK glow with smiles will glow And sweet-er still our song shall flow. va, si bok-xe - 18, fin-ch? can - tar si cen-ti - rit. # , 7 : com ME a : é 2 laugh and play and sing, —————________ a tar, suo-nar, gio - ir, ® Mandoinata 3-3 110 MENUETTO LUIGI BOCCHERIN} Minuet allegretto, ET a : 5 una corda Pp wn poco animato A E7 a, #88 BY fa, 2 & 4» BB (Fine) cr Oi ge #D Menueno-2+1 ¥ Mengeto-2-2 Trio Soeacsaee ‘ 1 BS 2 nec asi 13 a, ¢ ha i jes P dolce ¢ legs _—, £833 ben sostenuto Wm ~ a ee Ban * $y Fate BA # DC al Fine 112 MUSETTA’S WALTZ (from ‘‘LA BOHEME’’) By GIACOMO PUCCINI Valse lento F Am Bb Gm7 12338 3 Musca's Walee-2-1 113, mp a tempo $= Se Hf yay 5 Museu’ Walte 2-2 DC al Fine n4 MATTINATA In The Morning RUGGIERO LEONCAVALLO Valse moderato Gia lus- cio dis - -chiu- de al Matinata-3- 1 us Com- mos- so daun fre | - 3 jen - tea can - tar, Mattinnta-3-2 116 Met - tian - che y— Moninta-3 3 7 MY HEART BELONGS TO YOU Un’ Altr English Lyric by NED Wasmnaton Amore Un’ Altra) Masic by Original Italian Text by RICCARDO PAZZAGLIA GIORGIO FABOR Slowly ri aaa Fain He "fi No mat-ter what you say or do, MY “HEART BE- A> ma-reu-mal-tra do - po te means i i ie He LONGS TO YOU; No matter whatyou put me through MY HEART BE sie ne de, Non s0- no niente sen-s6 te, mister P NS r Tor ont SS Ea fe [8 = 5h SSS 3S oa Sie hep Woman has her pride, LONGs TO YoU._ IA. manmusthavehia pride, Bet Pride 1s good for one thing aus tis tee M6 Tas pe eerceaslfior, se sl Sinsme cerveasl mar, an My Heart Belongs to You-3-1 (© 1958, 1959, 1960 CASA EDITRICE MUSICALE TITANUS (tay) Copyoghs Renewed Rights throughout Norn Amencen and ater specific erories Contoled by EMI ROBBINS CATALOG INC. Publishing) and WARNER BROS. PUBLICATIONS US. INC. (Print) ‘Al Rights Reserve us Gm7 ca Gm Gmt cr9 iE ie fait Ea feel - ing Pride does-nit keep youwarm, Or kiss you whenyou' cer -ca-v0 s0-lo te ‘per an-nul-lar-miin te an~ = — Ed Piatn Gm az Fhaim 7-9 a eo - ty. ____ No mat-ter MY HEART BE- ee Pen gia fa wid ST Gm Gm7 c7 eee LONGS To YoU; T hope that some-day with a you'll say you pian. gee re Chi ti com-pren-de_€0 + me ‘for = s¢_non _———_ I~ : —= —— r \ cms prs gs a ala love Tho’ worlds may fall a- part, this o Non mi_la-seia- re mai, non My Heart Belongs to You= 3-2 tie if is & fice In my heart Will burn just like a can-dle in the night; mi ia-seia-re mai, io i 9a el tuo eu re an a Dr on Bom C7-8 i ie He HB And tho’ I know it is- wt right, MY HEART BE- A-ma-rey-mal tra do- po te non 2 pos Gtacet) Ss f, ye Gal oe oe 1 (tacet) LONGS TO YOU. No mat-ter what you say or si Me ded. A= more uiqal tra di rip re Domat aE a i LONGS TO YOU. Mo ee Wel, ‘My Hea Belongs to You 3-3 120 NEAPOLITAN LOVE SONG (T’Amo!) Words by HENRY BLOSSOM Music by VICTOR HERBERT Allegro Molto mend Barcarole) ev -’ning and the sun is at rest, Sint = tee di pro fume di sogne — In the hea-vens a = ra-di-ant star chi wie stelle lu cent nel firm - as the night drops her sa - ble bian-ca lu ma, 9 mare, 0 Neapolitan Love Song - 4-1 (© 1998 BEAM ME UP MUSIC (ASCAP) ‘AU Rights Reserved 121 am a tempo — There's a night-in-gale sing - inj of his tove for a rose! i sus-sur- a te lew fa can-30 ne del cor. a tempo = a my heart is beat - ing long for my hour_ of cans tot mut tur smo + ghee gi Vas mur per to i 7 a tempo : Sy > >O 2 A Vis-ion of beau-ty and grace! __ I a-wait your em- Se in-ta let ut - t0r-no. Canta perme co - byt auto ta pi >>>Z Listesso tempo > brace! a t "Neapolitan Love Song 4-2 122 REFRAIN Moderato espress. Sweet How myheart is yearn we ta tun with you to ae oie fa) erese mult = __ SIE: é SS in your dear eyes burn ing, stead - fast, bree tah dle > > — érese malt So poco rit. and true to — me! ell i fo sal Ta a Neapolitan Love Song - 4-3, 123 On-ly tell me when? wind nol tan cor —=~a mel-——— I long fo press you, ines wr tae fe clientes —. nn If fargamente pp sito with-in my arms a - gain! an cor, an - tor da ~ mart BS ot Neapolitan Love Song-4-4 124 NON DIMENTICAR sic English Words by i SHELLY DOBBINS (T’ho Voluto Bene) PG. RED! Italian Text by MICHELE GALDIERI ‘Moderately Don't for- get to Tho sa~pu toa Non Di-men-ti- car. means don’t for-get you are— my Non di-men-ti-car_ che ho yo~tu-Lo tan ~ to Non Di-men-ft~ be all you mean to. me, Or di quest'a mon di-men-ti ~ car = cm? co cmt py Balm Om? FO Cm? FT Jove is like a star, my dar - ling Shin-ing bright and clear. _justbe-cause you're Sol ri-cor-do t'ap'- par tie - non get tar logn-cor—fuo-ri dal two a ‘Non Dimenticar-2- © 1952 Reneued 1980 and 1954 (Renewed 1982) REDI-PONTI-DeL AURENTIS. Min, ly “TRO-HOLLIS MUSIC, INC. Control al publication Rights forthe USA. and Canada ‘AMRiphs Reseed dng abc Petemans fr Prt sy Permision Bb bs — Bhat BOT Fm? BOT Fm? Bbr ars a Bbmaj7 a8 8 #8 so Be here: Please do not for - get that our lips have met and Ive held you tight, dear.— cur, Se ct sepa - 70, se cigi-lon-a - md Varia del desir * cm? cr (Bas Ebme _F7 a it dreams a- go myheart felt this glow, oF on-ly just to-night dear?__ non neho col ~ pa, no, ¢ mi Sen-ti ~ 70. Semp-reate vi- ch ~ no, Go cm7 py Baim Smt __ 1! a8 28 2S eee <== 4 Seal -thooghyootrav-el far, my dacl - ing, It’s myheartyouown, 0 Ill walt 2 tho vo-lu-to tan ~ f0 be - ne For-se nel mio.cuor puat tro-va-rean- Jone. Now -Di-men-U ~ car, cor tan-tog tan tQa~ mor. [Non Dimemtcue-2-2 126 O SOLE MIO (My Sunshine) EDUARDO DI CAPUA Andantino con espressione ‘VOICE SP Be - hold the brill - liant Wie strehit die Son - ne Che bel - Ia co - oa % For-got-ten is the storm,— the clouds now fst der Sturm, die Wot - ken dop + po ‘na tem- san in all its splen - dor, helt in col-tem Glan ~ se, Vor i der ‘na imr-na- tes 80 - Ie, Na-ria se - rene Sole Mio 3-1 (© 1995 WB MUSIC CORP. (ASCAP) "Al Rights Reserved 127 The fresh-'ning breez- es heav- y airs will Bin fri - ches We - hen tiast sie we ~ ter pe ‘a - rin fre - seo = pa - re gid’ zs —— — Be-hold the bril-liant sun in ali its splen - dor — Wie strahit die Sonne hell in col - tem Glan xe! — Che bel- la co- sa ‘na iur- na - t¥e sole_.= know of thats bright - er still, This sus, my dear - Son - 1 ist sehd ~ ner, nook, Und die- se - le echii bel - lo, ohi - ne} 0 0- 1e 0 Sole Mio 3-2 18 F Bbm Raught but iat or sta - nfron - to o c7 = Pp shall now my sun soll mei = ne Son sta - nfron- tea te, a F We mo —-— for - ev - er A wn I bel v4 prneres reer ee sta - nfron- tea Ma ma-tu tel, (0 Sole Mio-3-3 129 OH MARIE (Maria, Mari!) English Lyrics by Music by HOWARD JOHNSON EDUARDO DI CAPUA, Andante mosso 5% Transcribtion by => ~~ D- SAVIN TF —— é ge ' oof Ba Here while the day is Here ______ un - der -neath the A. . va. pe-te, pe- Poco meno mf, fad - ing, dear you fin ser-e - nad. ing moon dear, I play a lone-ly tune dear___ ne_-_ sta, Fim. ~ waf-fuc-ciag Ma- ri - a, a ae of “ER fe om love you've been e - vad - ing. wonder I am hope that ver- y soon dear wll o-pen up your Ston- go mmie-zk -vi- a, ratio pe ee. "F "F bry Ob Marie 3-1 (© 1933 (Renewed 1961) EMI ROBBINS CATALOG INC. its Contoed by EMI ROBBINS CATALOG INC. (Publishing) and ‘WARNER BROS, PUBLICATIONS US INC. (in), ‘AI Rigts Reserved 130 is a i Oh. lis-ten to my — plead-ing, Just throw a lit. ile roseto me, — Nun. 0 _Wo-ra'e pa ce; oo i Pa your near-ness I am need - ing. Its time that you were mu —— climb up-on your bal-co-ny,— Then I will kiss you A not-#%_ fe cio juor - no, Sem. . pe pe sta ccd_at- 2 7 he i G_ ae ah ai 5 > heed- ing, my, of -"fer-ing to “you tenderly, and. we will nev-er part. fuor--mo, Spe ranznde ce par - ta. heart for its yours cat you suon-no__che “per - do ‘pe —~ Vr om Ob Mace 3-2 131 bu —— Tm mad a- bout you, Tho’ I long to be-lieve you I Fam - mad - dur - mi," Ab-brac- cia- to nu po. co cu __& i seem to eo dear with- out you meant for suon- no che per e___tel = mad - dur - = do ral Ob Marie-3-3 te QUE SERA, SERA (Whatever Will Be, Will Be) Words and Music by i JAY LIVINGSTON and RAY EVANS maj? Cadi? om7 HE Ed it Moderate waltz tempo fy {gz 1 asked ny moth = ef What wil ooh 1 asked my etch =r What shoud (© 1955 5. Angelo Music and Jay Livingston Music ‘Copyright Renewed AIL Rights fr St, Angsio Music Contoed und Administered by Univeral “MCA Muse Bablahing,A Division an Univeral Staion, ne ‘AI Righs Reserved (Que Sara Sera 4-1 133 om? or 134 ¢ Om? G7 m7 a 7 Br To Coda- ee chore s+ be? When was c Cedi? Om7 $va basa (Que Sera, Ser 4-4 136 SANTA LUCIA ‘TRADITIONAL Valse andantino = ES Sul_ma_- re tue-cr - ca La-stro @ar-gen - to, Pla-ci- day ton - Senta Lacia 2-1 (© 1967 Assigned BEAM ME UP MUSIC, cio WARNER BROS. PUBLICATIONS US. INC. ‘AI Rights Reserved Bar-chet-ta___mi ‘Sag_- : Pinter. hin. 138 (Traditional) TARANTELLA (italian Wedding Dance) rrr Vivo (lively) am bm Am & A" —_— a tf E7 Am E7 Am Am } c G7 Cc tt 4 E ¥ SSS EEE fs # ft | | bz m2 SF = PS et AT Dm C7 c c — = 2 -—¥ + = See Am Dm Am Dm Am E7 Am 2 a a SS SS SSS —— —— ——S — = Toratlla-2 © 1992 BEAM ME UP MUSIC (ASCAP) Al Rigs Administered by WARNER BROS. PUBLICATIONS U SINC. All Ripe Reserved 139 am Dm Am Dmé Am E7 Am Am Am Om Am 5 Am 57 Am Am__G7. or Geeecr c c i112 Yf tet tine ogy tee te £8 $ + ——— > —= 7 bib, er = = = ‘Teramella-2-2 140 SERENADE a By ENRICO TOSELLI Moderato con espressione Co = meunso-gno d'or scol- Like gold-en dream, sO & pi - toe nel co - xe, IL ri- cor -doan- cor di quel - deep in my heart, dear, o- ries re - main of love that em Fu la sua vi- mor che non e - si - ste pitt flew a - way and lives no more! Dreams of long a- qual dol - ce sor - ri so che bring vi - sions of you, dear, Dreams © 1976 (Assigned) BEAM ME UP MUSIC All Rights Administzed 8 WARNER BROS. PUBLICATIONS USS. INC. ‘AUIRIphs Reserved Serenade = 3-1 or HH col suo bril-lar, la being_back_the rT mol soon, Ma fu All too = to bre - ve in your love was me lost, quel bel so-gno d'or ev- ‘ry i Cu - poe lav-ve - nir As 1 look be = yond Serenade -3-2 no. - stra joys we shared in joy be-came a © fee io - ven - th. lays of yore. He la dol - cez za di And the warmth be - came the frost, 141 = # quel ben sva- Too la~scian-dg in me mem - © ~ Ty. sem-pre pi tri - sti the pass-ing days to il do - lort so fond! la gio - ven- 1 on-ly 142 a a Pe Dp ge 3 fe fit 3 REE rim-pian-to. mi ~pec-ially when youthhas fled, re-sta sol, si rim-pian-tg a - marge pas =sa-tasa- rh For my love - ly dream ol the dark-ngss a - head, es Oh rag gio Oh glad rays of Sul mio cam-mi-ngahi me non bril - la To light my way, 2 Jas, you shine no a Serenade -3-3 143 THIS IS MY LIFE (La Vita) Original Italian Text by A. AMURRI Music by English Words by NORMAN NEWELL B. CANFORA Moderato Freeiy cna Aomont ig i Fun - ny how a lone-ly day can make a per-son say what good is my Quan = ti gior~ni moti, quan Li gior-ni Lris-liin ques- ta nos-tra vii = Some-times when I feel afraid I think of what a mess I've made of my Qual = che vol-tqab- bia~mo__co-meyn sen-so_di_pa~u-ra_del-la vi - rue ce oe a a ae iy a ti life, Fun-ny how a break-ingheart can make me start to say what good is my a, Quan-te de=li-sio ~ ni, quan-lei - nu H~ i pas-sio- ai nel-la th = life, Cry-ing o-ver my mis-takes,for- get-ting all the breaks I've had in my ta, An-che se ci so- no tan-le co-se clie non van-no nel-la vi = sy BbTsus4 phy Eb Bhs fe AS ee he life, Fun-ny how I of - ten seom (to think I'll nev -er find a dream in la! Quan-te ‘vol-teab-bia~mo det lo ‘bas~ lag dis - prez - 2a~ lo ques~ ta lite, I was put _onearth to be, a part_of this great world is me _and la, Ma the "Co -Sa°pre~ten- dia’ mo, "eo'~ Sa ctas "pet -tiasmo dat ~la sf This Is My Life-3-1 eaters sar a Cty con aah SEN Re AA SE ARES we Bom yl _ eS Sf eee © —= my lite, ‘Til I look a-round and see this of - ta, Maiu-na volta che pen ~ sia -mga my lite, Guess Til just add up the score and ve - ta, No non “e possi - bi - le spre- > -—$ Em great big world is part of mo-and my. life. quello che ci porta ques-ta vb - ta. count the things I'm grate-ful for in my life. ca- rein -u~ til-men te ques-la = fa. fe = day, to~mor-row love will come and bello del -la vi-ta non c'é find me, niente. This Ah, My Life vi ~ tal. Is la that's the way that I was born to be, for -se tan-ta gen-te non lo sd, ‘This Is My Life-3..2 14s oa Dpr a This Is My Life ‘and T don’t give a damn for lost e ~ Ah, lo vi-tsl che comsa “di pid ve-rog-sis-tegt —_~_ Orr : mo-tions, I've such a lot of love I've got to give, Let me live, mon -do, @ mon ce negc~cor-gia~ mo qua-si_ mai, qua-si- mai, ——— a 1 gt Ror Dm? oo cmgz So (G Baw) i a ae _—__ This Is My Life,. mai, mai. Ah, la vt ~ tal aT sa ‘This Is Ah, la My ‘ThistaMy Life-3-3 146 UNA FURTIVA LAGRIMA (Down Her Soft Cheek A Pearly Tear) By G. DONIZETTI Larghetto jo ie mfr set ep ne Kegtoo - chi sot spun Downhersoft cheek a peari-y teai Stole from her eye - lids ee 2 & & & fuel-le fe ~ sto - $2 gio-ca-ai, im - of - dian ~tem- Tell-ing their gay and fee -tivecheer. It paindher soul to ‘Una Furiva Lagrima -3-1 © 1935 (Renewed 1963) EMI ROBBINS CATALOG INC. {Al Rights Conzalied by EMI ROBBINS CATAL OG INC. (Publishing) and WARNER BROS. PUBLICATIONS US. INC. (Prat) "RIRIgS Reserved 147 fi _ Bim F ee br6; che pit cer—can_ dajo co? mark; ‘Why then her pres - ence fly? Bo r OR fa Che pits cer-can-do to ‘Why thon her dear presenc: Eva Dy aaa Any eae mh- = ma. lo co - do, love ~~ Tove she is show - Ing,all show - £ Un 50 les stan ~ tes pal~pi- 4 Couldl but feel her beat-ing heart, Bon Ay Dy aa det suo bel cor - sen ~ tir; Press-ing a - gaint mine own; PP i miei so-spir con - fon - de-re per. CouldI my feel - ing soft im-part, and ‘Una Futva Lagrima-3-2 148. ee & Bc Rw poco @? suol $0 ~ spin, 4 pal pint, § pal-pi-16 sen - tir, min gio sigh with sigh, But foel her heart,herbearteguinst mine own, ra Gm oe a & Sf Fy de fon - dere i mith, coi snot 50 ~ api Gie-lo si pwd _mo-rir; di pidnow feel-togssoftim-part,givesigh for sigh. Gladiy I then woulddie; All her love = = chia-do, non chis - —- do, on! Clete, #4 pay, Khow-ing, ail fnow- "1 ab! Giad-iy’ f° ei AY BEE ive ae a ge ae dh de chie-do,non chie ~ Know-ing,all know - {Una Furia Lagsima = 3-3 149 VESTI LA GIUBBA (From “*Pagliacci’”) RUGGIERO LEONCAVALLO Moderato e sostenuto mon sy pir quel che dio quel che c Am c7 Em string un poco Ep-pur 2 d'uo- po sei tu for-sexen wom? Tus ae! Pa-gliac-cio! 7 be 150 Adagio Em Gt Em c7 Em Am dcclamandacon delure la giub- ba E7 Am cm G D7 ri - di, Pa-gliac-cio ¢9- gnun —ap- plan - di - + rat Tra-mu- tain las - sito pa - emged il pian - 10; Ven La Giubba -3-2 151 Bm FAT Bm FA7 GG FAT B7 am una amor - fiail sin - ghion- col canto Am a "prena_ voce, straxianten z > g Ri - diy Pa - lige a a pimmlogit Em Am6 Em 87 con grande espressione o> fran - to! di del duol’ che fav-ve - ce - na fran ~ fe =e cor! Lo stesso moviment canfabite Gon mutta tpressione mf sonoro Y ah marcaty it canto + Vet La Gita 3-3 => “ VOICE OF NIGHT Lyric by VERSI DIC.O. LARDINI (Woce ’E Notte Music by E. DE CURTIS Andante sostenuto Paar or Emi Bhan fa ae ie song sings to you indreamsof love The Voice Of vo. ce fe sce-taint’a mutta - ta, men tre _ta- e_Sce-tgint''a _n a= tre _ta Emi. 4 Heo5 @. 3 fa fae Night and the starsandmoon a- bove ‘Thrillswith a mem-'ry of my em- Stri-gne ‘0 sp0-s0 tuio vi- ci - no, slat - te sce- ta - ta si vuo' sta sce- bs Bbmi.6 an cre i Refrai Fae ff Ht rade 7 It is my voice, soft-ly sing-ing in your heart. TheVoiceOf ma fa’ ve- de eaduor-mea suon-no chi - no. Nun gghi? vi ? 4 — © 1935 (Renewed 1963) FMI ROBBINS CATALOG 1 At Rights Administered by EMU ROBBINS CATALOG INC. Publishing) end WARNER BROS, PUBLICATIONS US, INC. (Prin) "Al Rights Reserved Vode of Night 2-1 153, cre if —— this mel- 0 - dy of dream - time it sings of ioe Ua stre pe fala spi - a, pec - che nun F Ei => my love,when we are part sha - glia sta__vo - ceva mi 7 shia sta v0 088 Bb Emi Bay. co . Fe ee, voice, that. whis-pers dear, I wo’. ce e guan-no tut’. Le tS Boi ote Fi Be v Emi itt aH arms press your lips - la - va. mo m Voie of Night-2-2 154 VOLARE (Nel Blu, Dipinto Di Blu) English Lyrics by MITCHELL PARISH Music by Original Italian Text by D. MODUGNO & F. MIGLIACCI DOMENICO MODUGNO Moderately ~ ww + or ae 1 of —=== | ‘Verse, ad tid. Sometimes the world Is a Pen 40 cheyn wo - gn0 ¢0 - a ~~ —————— Cru rz Bh rr Bhmaj7 whe In the hus-tle and bus-tle, no sunshine ap - pears, gaa ea Bnet ER aT = hain = oom — cm Bat you and I have our love al-wayethere to re - mind fot Bimprov-vi 0 we - ah v0 dal ven to ra ph - So —==== Volaw- 4-1 © 10958 (Renewed 1986) EDIZIONI CURCL Mila, Haly ‘Right in the United States and Canada Administered by EMI ROBBINS CATALOG INC. (Publishing) and WARNER BROS, PUBLICATIONS U.S. INC. (Pon) "AI Rights Reserved 155 a e eer ee ee Dz There is a way we can leave all the shadows be - hind (Jn = Go-min-ei8-99s 90 - le - re net Kw Refrain, Moderately G78 Gn? one cnr, rm vo - LA - Yo - le - nf ob, oh, oh, oh! eh, oh, oh, oh/ _-_ —=—r—s—se —— cr Ps oe cn? Rey—5 Bb fly way up the clouds, ‘A - way from the mad - dh-ing crowds; Olu, di- pinto dé bw, fe- Wee ae ata re tas - ah IT om iT ™ Volar 4-2 156 Let us leave the con -fu-sion and od Gne Dm y s— r—s—, 2. i J. 3. (SS SS SS sing in the glow of a star that I know of, where lov-ere en -joy peace of la - 7, v0- la - 90 fe - M- cepitin af - to deb so-la eh am 0-78 pits es oI ss + ; Zz ——— ] = <= = SS o f iF oe ———————— ——————| | | 1 | Pr #2: 7 =. = i 7 3 $< Dm? Py yO ce all il - In-sion be - men-treit mon - do pian pia-no spa - rive lente - m0 lap - Oe —_ Bb- bm’ AYT. 4-62 Bb a coe Pra —s— == + JSS jad = eet =e 5 hind, Just like — of a feath-er a rain-bow to-geth-. er we'll aia, ws ne mu- sien dolce suo - na-ve sol-tan- to per ae ea A Or cee + ite 3 4 r se =F | 2 d oi Volare-4-3 157 cm es— ow my hap - py beart sings, drpin to dé bly, I gredual fade till end — has giv on me wings. dé sta - re_tas ae Voinre- 4-4 158 ADDIO, ADDIO (Goodbye) English Lytic by CARL SIGMAN Music by Original Italian Text by MODUGNO - MIGLIACCL DOMENICO MODUGNO Slowly: es Ebmas? cm ebmaj? cm = @ Chorus ah Let's face the mir - 8 our love is 0 - ver, Ith like a fad-ing flow-er; BR nos-trag-mo-r ae-qua dima re 2 di-venta-ta sa - les Fm ar eat — There is no firethere, m0 real de - sire there, = le magetre lab bra fart - dé treFee rir Erttr ii? Et Wee near the parting non hanno pid pa~ ——— ‘Abo, Adio 4-1 © 1962 EDIZIONI CURCI (sly) ‘Copsight Renewed Rights throughout Norn amerigan and otet specie vrtres Controlled by [EMI MILLER CATALOG INC. (Publishing) cad WARNER BROS. PUBLICATIONS U'S. INC. (Prat) ‘AU Righs Reserved 159 fol - lowing — your fuel idecmt "he kiss ~ es, Wherethey “may lead me, Deep down I pan the mon 2 ve - ro, roche Gm cm cm fe ay i youll nev-er need me, — Yel nor-trog-mo ‘Addio, Addio- 4-2 om Ab a Ht ge What must be So why do you Gur - da. mi, a- seol - tami Fm? Bb? Eb Saveyour pas-sions, save your lies for an-oth-er, = fae rie a a sat piangen do Aillio, Adio - $9 161 Abmaj? aaa, | Lite me JR find you ten-der; Like mefB®, wilt sur- chef Mugla. mo a faithess lov - er. © ef la ~ seta mo et OLE? iio, Adio = 4-4 162 ANEMA E CORE English Words by Music by MANN CURTIS and HARRY AKST SALVE D’ESPOSITO Italian Words by TITO MANLIO Tenderly fo Gomaj7 os. Sdim Am, An? Am, Refrain Ea fie ee Bastsh Lyre: My 14 give for you, tie cee sof gas eter cores er if on cto ant og So aar » a a fa a a on - ty live for you, A NE-MAE me intense hel, men cay ae Ton t [tft & N, S. cme > BD Em, pat eee to love you, paw + ray with all my heart, with all oy souf, my whole life Cam- peu fe! Sem-pe ou tte!” pe! nun mun —— a if ‘Aneins Core -2- © 1950, 1954 Ediioni Musical Film aly) Copyrights Renewed AU Righs in the U.S. and Canada Conroe apd Administened by Univeral MCA Music Publishing, Divahn of Univeral Stages Ie. Al Righis Reserved ant A. a cheugeameie stars I'l make your crown and kneel be ev = "ry dream 1 stand breath-less be - ee disci mon - ffir Pts rae ilew = ma ay 7 bre | S. = GS, Gaim am and oe ee er ag Pe % ES a Hom «8 ont Pray youll take my hand, for Ta face tains rt up the — doors fuse fu Any a 7 Te — Se Aa Ee # mine and yours, A - NE- MAE CO °RE Anema E Core 2-2

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