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Types of Distillation
Uses Of Distillation
Distillation Simple distillation:
• The production of gasoline ,kerosene
Distillation is widely method for and many other liquids .
In simple distillation a mixture is • Steam distillation is used to create
separating mixtures based on
heated to change the most volatile natural food flavoring .
differences in the conditions required
component from a liquid into vapor. • Distillation is used to produce the
to change the phase of components of
mixtures to separate a mixture of variety of alcoholic beverages .
liquid ,the liquid can be heated to Steam distillation: • Distillation process used in oil
force components which have Steam distillation is used to separate refinery.
different boiling points , into the gas heat sensitive components steam is • Distillation is used in desalinizing
phase. added to the mixtures causing some of water .
it to vaporize.

Fractional distillation Submitted To
: Fractional distillation is used when
the boiling point of the components of
Haris Hamayun
a mixture are closed to each other.
Submitted by
Vacuum Distillation M.Arslan ashraf sp15-che-063
: Vacuum distillation is used to separate Syed wajahat sp15-che-067
the components that have high boiling Karam elahi sp15-che-031
points. Lowering the pressure of the M.Hamza sp15-che-053
apparatus also lower boiling points. Hamza jamshed sp15-che-009
• . M.Saim Anwar sp15-che-019