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From The Musica! Play, "MAN OF LA MANCHA” THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM Lyric by (THE QUEST) Music by JOE DARION MITCH LEIGH Tempo di Bolero 3 —— Bimajs By Bbmaj9 Be — tho im-pos-si-ble dream, the m-right-a = ble wrong, 4 Zimaye Eh Ehmaie Eb6 ae SSS Ss = = 2S Z right fhe an beat a — He foe, To ere) muse apd chastofeom “asta D with un- bear -a - ble when your arms are too Copyright © 1965 Andrew Scot, nc. and Helona Music Comp. Imernelonal Copyright Sewred Made i U.SA. All Rights Reserved : Prem " IF. where the brave dare not go,________2. reach the un-reach-o-ble This is my quest, to fol-low that No mat-tor how hope-lea: no mat-ter how —"¢ SS ‘To fight for the right without ques-tion or Bb Blas om B+ be_will-ing to march in-to hell for a <2 oN cause! if_J only be a that my To_this_glo- ri -cus quest, CI ee _—— When I'm laid to my = > will lie peaceful and Fe