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A BF Je—hontesbD HRI (1984) TOSHIO HOSOKAWA SEN [ oo for flute SJ 1076 Dedicated to the late Sesshu Kai FH Fateh ME, 1984SFI= fe AL, T9BSHF 6 H3OEI, PPE Ove Hal 9 > 7 — ni Te URES 2 MH EAL, TORR 6 HADW IZ KOT IAA PHMMLILAMRES, EI = 4 Te te 43, = Methane CH= bh P29 Meese le Riles WS ALT: Wu (7-7 We b= He Present Day Flutes, (5) )Eeltion fobert ARH Ia *Sen 1” for flute was composed in 1984 and was performed by Michio Kai at the Music Today Composition Award on June 30, 1985, in Tokyo. ‘The complete revised version was first performed by Pierre-Yves Artaud at the Almeida International Festival of Contemporary Music and Performance on June 20, 1986, in London. Composed and revised with the help of "Present Day Flutes” by Pierre-Yves Artaud, Edition Jobert, Paris. Duration: 12 minutes NOTATION: B f P Ts i = "Breathy," but with clearly defined pitch = Very breathy, more breath than tone = Breath only, very litle defined pitch = With all the movements necessary for playing the specified tone, but without any exhalation. (without any sounds, only action) sforzando attack, Large volume of air through small mouth aperture. No defined pitch. (Muraiki” technique from the shakuhachi, Japanese bamboo flute.) = More breath sound — less breath sound = Key slap with breathed pitch ~ Key slap without breathed pitch = Tongue slap, “quasi-pizzicato” = Exhaling = tnhaling ‘Tongue-ram. To produce tongue-ram, one must violently close the hole of the mouthpiece with the tongue without breathing any air out, The air, which is thus forced into the bore of the flute by the tongue, produces a note of identifiable pitch sounding a major seventh below the fundamental frequency of the fingering which one employs. = Lowest tone, breath only 1/4 tone higher 1/4 tone lower Vary size of vibrato dal niente, al niente = Undefined pitch = Grunted vowel sounds, short and strong = Voices, very short yells, The whole body should be tensed. Singing, Multiphonics: based on fingering with C-foot EH ae __ Fingering for left hand ~ Fingering for right hand = Specific keys partially closed For performance in a large hall, the flute should be amplified.

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