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The beginning of the school year 2017-2018 meant for us the "Hagiii" of the "Grigore Hagiu"
school a diverse range of events that made us both teachers, pupils and parents alike to get
away from the daily routine so crafted and engage in performing some special activities that
recommend us as a "school visiting card", but also to individualize it on the map of Galaţi and
not only.

So we stepped into this school year with a "full loadbag" of concern for the activities we are
about to carry out, the initial tests, countless additional training hours, the Olympic students'
selections on the various objects, the emotions related to the conduct of some methodical
activities, with designing working documents ...

On the background of these concerns, we found, in turn, the willingness to engage in activities
that marked true "pages of history" in the school's soul archive, such as:

✓ activities occasioned by tribute to the poet Grigore Hagiu, the owner of the soul and of the

verse of our school.

✓ School Day - September 27, is the day in which we commemorate the Bujorean poet
Grigore Hagiu fact that immortalized us the city, and that does not let us forget that in our
school always perpetuates the poetry of its poetry, the activities being recorded in the
"Grigore Hagiu" National Poetry Festival, organized by the members of the Writers Union;

We were honored to receive a visit from an American teacher, Mr. Graham Weston -
International Education Advisor involved in the development of an educational project
realized in partnership with the Foundation Apollonia of Iaşi on September 28, 2017;

✓European programme and project coordinator Professor Maricel Sirbu "gave us" this year
two European projects "Ecological logic" and "Positive energy" approved by the National
Agency for Community Programs in the Field of Education and Professional Training;

✓ Making two mobility for teachers from 27 to 30 October 2017 in Poland, Stróża and
Portugal at Agrupamento de Escolas De Ferreira Do Alentejo, carried out by the teachers who
are members of the project team: Prof. Vintilă Geta, prof. Felea Irina, Prof. Mitu Nicoleta,
Prof. Guiţă Bogdan; project mobility has provided us with the opportunity to get acquainted
with the European education system, to know cultural, traditions and civilization elements, to
improve our communication skills in international languages, to create links with pupils,
teachers and schools in the European Union;

✓ The first semester of this school year between October and December meant for us the
completion of the activities of the project "Schools connected to the community".
The greatest achievement is that in the course of some activities both students, parents,
teachers and members of the community stood at the work table and identified solutions for
the good work of the school. We are proud that our school is part of the network of 30
community schools in Romania, as evidenced by the publication "Community Schools in
Romania. Promising Practices "published by the New Horizons Foundation in Cluj Napoca.

✓ The funds received as a result of this project were mostly used for the establishment of a
photo club entitled Media Club led by Prof. Sirbu Maricel, (where pupils from secondary
schools were co-opted), for the development of some ecological activities that took place
within the Nature Reserve, Cheile Tişiţei, Vrancea County, as well as for carrying out some
training seminars in our school project.

The Day of November 14, 2017, was the day of the International Leadership and School
Management Conference. This day marked an important milestone in the history of Romanian
education, an event dedicated to school principals and good international practices in
Leadership and School Management.

The event was held in the conference room of the Sheraton Hotel in Bucharest, the organizer
being the Association for Values in Education, Andreea Nistor - Executive Director. I had the
opportunity and the honor to attend this event with 200 school directors in the country.

The greatness of the event was given by three international experts Steven Edwards (USA),
Allan Kjaer Andersen (Denmark) and Michael Chapman (UK), who shared examples of good
practice in the education system in countries they came. At the conference also participated 50
directors of private companies, 20 representatives of NGOs and well-known personalities of
Romanian education: Adrian Curaj, Minister of Education 2015-2016, Maria Gheorghiu -
Executive Director and co-founder of Ovidiu Ro.

The activities were carried out during five sessions, aimed at improving school results, turning
good schools into performing schools, in successful schools; recommendations were made on
how teachers 'outcomes can reduce educational gaps and increase pupils' involvement, and
not in last but not least, the presentation of some examples of leadership from performing
companies in business transposed into the current school context.

The working methods, the plenary, the dialogue, the group work have helped to create a
pleasant environment of high professionalism that created the feeling that the Romanian
education is on the right track, that through these actions are laid the foundations of a long-
awaited reforms, so invoked by the media; which made me return home much more spiritually
and with the conviction that our school must be performing through the effort of all actors in
the educational process, a school where both students, parents, teachers should learn.

All these results must be generated by a few defining elements: responsibility,

professionalism, competence, creativity, discipline, European vision, tolerance, mutual
respect, community-connected school.

I would end by saying that a successful school is the school where the teachers are happy and
the students motivated!
"The school stays, things around change!"

Adrian Curaj



The Commission this year offers the opportunity for teachers, pupils and parents to collaborate in three
projects of national importance, with national and international collaborations.

Project 1: ASPIQ - Improvement with Parent Support to High Quality Standards - Beginning in the
Spring of 2017, backed and funded by the New Horizons Foundation.

Within this project, we have been supported by the Foundation to implement several activities to help
better collaboration between school and community through training courses, workshops, debates and
out-of-school practical activities organized by mixed teams consisting of pupils-parents-teachers.

We believe that the best training is achieved through direct involvement in activities and decision-
making, by assuming responsibilities, so we always wanted the decisions we make for the school to be
taken together with all the actors involved: students, parents , doctors, community. Together, we form
a "whole" whose primary focus is on the child - the future of the community.

Collaboration with these factors has been taking place for a long time, but there was a need for better
organization and efficiency, and this came from collaboration with the New Horizons Foundation,
which through training courses and support staff - trainers and facilitators - helped us to identify the
pressing needs and to work with the community on another level. The common goal is to create a
"community school" in which we all involve and reach a level of organization and functioning in line
with European requirements. The concept launched by our collaborators gave us exactly what we
needed to better relate to the community - a set of standards to guide ourselves.

Following the training course conducted by Mrs. Maria Kovacs and her collaborators, we managed to
get an idea of the project we were going to implement in order for our school to enjoy the status of
community school. We will develop a project that will allow more active involvement of parents and
other community actors in school management, but also in organizing activities at their initiative as
well as in developing a plan to increase performance and school satisfaction. Along with our facilitator
Madalina Ene, we will carry out all nine proposed activities: training courses for teachers, pupils,
parents, extracurricular activities in which to put into practice everything we have learned. The results
were immediately seen, the school changing its vision and mission, which were adapted to the new
standards of community schools. However, we also expect other results after the end of the project
because some activities aimed to achieve plans to improve school outcomes by involving parents and
other community actors.

Since the implementation of the project in our unit has resonated both at the level of the community
and at the level of the factors involved in the educational process, we present you some opinions,
viewpoints of the pupils from our school: "The project carried out in our school, "Schools Connected
to community" is meant to be an opportunity for both pupils and teachers alongside parents to seek to
improve the life of the school. During the various meetings on this project, various problems of the
school were discussed and, of course, we sought solutions. Parents of different professions have put
forward various ideas on how to do the schoolwork, when developing the extra-curricular program,
and funny moments in which we all felt relaxed and well. At the end of each meeting, students could
have the chance to express their views, have their own opinions about the themes being debated, and
what we, the young ones think, would be the most important and better for our school. I enjoyed all
the activities, especially since the teachers and the parents could find out our opinions, our ideas, our
proposals, other than they were at home at school " Curteanu Nadia - 7th grade

On June 16 2017, within the framework of the" School connected to community " project, organized a
very beautiful trip with students and teachers at the Natural Reservation of Tiştiţa , in Vrancea County.
Here the pupils conducted a competition on "Environmental Protection" where they were able to
highlight the knowledge learned over the years in our school as well as the home reading lessons,
knowledge of how we students can we protect nature through everything we do at school or during
leisure. The winning crews were rewarded with diplomas. Students who were part of the Sanitary
School's crew and participated in the archive competition now known as "Clever Sanitaries" had a
first-aid exercise in the event of haemorrhages and fractures, cardiac resuscitation in the event of a
cardio-respiratory arrest such as and the transport of the victims. At the end of the activity, under an
indescribable frenzy, because all the children enjoyed their activity, we touched the Naturalists' Hymn,
a beautiful and representative melody at the same time for our school and for our students. It was a
wonderful trip and I can only say that I would like to participate in such excursions in the future."
Popa Andrei - 7th grade

"Together with the trip to Lepşa or better, at the Natural Reservation of Tiştei Key, Putna Gorge, I can
say, as all my colleagues who attended there with the teachers and ladies can confirm that it was
wonderful, It was very nice, especially because it did not take long to get there. At the edge of the
woods, summer, we found diverse vegetation, a lot of shade and a lot of flowing water. I strolled
through these beauties until I reached the Putna River that flowed slowly and erratic between the
rocks. The lady biology professor who accompanied us showed us many plants, many of them even
miraculous, with healing powers of human diseases, but also other plants with a special smell and
spectacular look. We had a hard choice for us, because there were so many beautiful places that we
could not decide where to go and where we did our work in the project, which had as theme the
protection of nature by the means we can have we are available as children. I've taken a lot of photos
to make good memories for the years to come. The famous natural anthem by the Vth graders students
was also sung, especially since they sing for the first time, and at the same time they also took the oath
of the naturalists through whom they have been bound for life to be the worthy defending nature. It
was wonderful, it was unforgettable! " Curteanu Nadia - 7th grade

”In our National Project" Schools Connected to Community "our school organized a wonderful trip to
Putna Gorges, somewhere through Vrancea County. The 5th, 6th and 7th grades had projects, posters
with ecology themes, recited nature poems, and quotes about nature. I left with the teachers and
conducted interesting activities, competitions, I gave lectures on nature protection, the children could
express their free and beautiful ideas about the ways in which man should defend nature with any
price. It was a very beautiful route, and as you saw with your eyes, the hills were still louder and
harder. Although we walked a lot, that our legs ached, we forgot about this impediment because of the
beauties that surrounded us, something of a dream, a splendor of forest, a harmony of colors, a sunny
day in which the sun was comforting us all on our cheeks . For the moment, I had a slight sense of
protection, I felt how nature seemed to protect me, I felt it in her shelter, I had the impression that
nothing could happen to me, you really felt you were alive. It was an unforgettable trip! "
Claudia Ramona Bitca - VII grade

Projects 2 and 3

of the Erasmus + Programmme

The European Commission's Coordinator of European Projects, Prof Maricel Sîrbu, realized in
January-March 2017 two Erasmus + Strategic Projects and both received European Union funding of a
total of about 48,000 euros in which national, local and international activities will be carried out with
partner countries: FRANCE, PORTUGAL, SPAIN, ITALY, POLAND, HUNGARY, countries where
56 mobility (for transnational activities) will be carried out for school cadres and students between 1
September 2017 and 31 August 2019.

We are glad that this represents a new achievement of our school, which is among the ten schools in
Galati county, which have Erasmus + projects approved in 2017, and the only school in the county that
has two approved projects. The Galati County School Inspectorate, through the Program Inspector and
European Projects Inspector, Professor Octavian Pătraşcu congratulated our school again for this

They come to complement the four Comenius school partnership projects that have attracted European
funds of 96,000 euros and which we have successfully carried out between 2009 and 2015, which
included local and international activities with partners from: FRANCE (1), SPAIN (4), PORTUGAL
(4), ITALY (2), POLAND (1), TURKEY (1), countries visited in the 108 mobility for pupils and

The projects allow activities to be carried out locally, nationally, but also offer mobility (in partner
countries) for 56 pupils and teachers who will be able to share experiences, observe the functioning of
the educational system in other countries and to enrich their general knowledge, but also the ability to
communicate in modern languages: French, English, and others, as needed. We will make new friends
and create together various materials useful in subsequent school activities.




Period: 1.09.2017 - 31.08.2019

Funding: European Union

Mobility: 24 (10 for students)

A project with partners from France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, which aims at developing communication
skills in modern languages, working on computers and putting into practice different knowledge from
the subjects studied through activities, which are mainly in the field of ecology and reuse of materials.

The project has 24 mobilities (10 for pupils: 3 in Spain, 7 in Portugal, with two teachers), aiming to
know the educational system in the partner countries, to exchange experiences and to improve learning
conditions. Students and teachers participating in mobility will receive a contribution from the
European Union for transport, accommodation, mass, related activities. Students and teachers who
participate in the project and participate in all local, national activities and want to exchange
experience with colleagues from partner countries can participate in the mobility.

Mobility will take 5 days, plus 2 days for airplane, minibus or train travel. Accommodation will be
made in the families of the student partners in the project, who will provide daily meals, daily
packages and transport to the partner school.

We would like to mention that our pupils will also receive the pupils who have hosted them in the
partner country for so many days and have to provide accommodation, food and transport to school.



Period: 1.09.2017 - 31.08.2019

Funding: European Union

Mobility: 32 (24 for students)

A project with partners from Poland and Hungary that aims to develop communication skills in
modern languages, working on computers and putting into practice diverse knowledge of geography,
history, civic education, biology, etc. through activities that are mainly in the field of ecology and
renewable energy.

The project has 32 mobilities (24 for pupils: 12 in Poland, 12 in Hungary with two teachers) and aim
to know the educational system in the partner countries, exchange experiences, improve learning
conditions. Students and teachers participating in mobility will receive a contribution from the
European Union for transport, accommodation, mass, related activities.

Students and teachers who participate in the project and participate in all local, national activities and
want to exchange experiences with colleagues from partner countries can participate in the mobility.

Mobility will last 5 days, plus 4 days for special minibus journeys. There will be a one night break
before leaving the country, with accommodation at the hotel or hostel and the same return.

Accommodation will be made in the families of the student partners in the project, who will provide
daily meals, daily package and transport to the partner school.

We would like to mention that our pupils will also receive the pupils who have hosted them in the
partner country for so many days and have to provide accommodation, food and transport to school.


If for some the phrase "in autumn you may count the fresh pupils" is synonymous with the beginning
of the school year, for me and for Grigore Hagiu Secondary School this autumn meant accounting for
Erasmus + international projects.

Under the close coordination of Mrs. Vintilă Geta and the professor responsible for the European
Projects and Programs Committee, Sirbu Maricel, the school in which I am practicing runs two
Erasmus + projects: "Ecological logic" and "Positive energy", projects to which I am positive response
when I was asked about the opportunity to participate.
The endless desire to be part of the team of projects that take place at the "Grigore Hagiu" School is
based on two old, so emotional and meaningful fundamentals. I say this because when I was also a
student - although I now realize that sometimes I lose sight of this when I take up the role of a teacher
- I have had the chance to participate in international mobility, experience that helped enormous in my
further training. The enthusiasm, the curiosity and the desire for new characteristics of my alcoholic
state then motivated me to participate, and of course I wanted to see things through the eyes of an
adult. Thus, the 2017-2018 school year starts for me with two mobility in two countries in a very short
time, so short that I have not managed to wipe off the smile mixed with tears left by the team in the
first mobility.

Thus, I would like to assign to each of these mobilities a few key words, accompanied by the
appropriate explanations, since the ranks of this article are incomprehensible to describe the emotional
states or the joy and the riches that slowly and surely lay in the heart of such mobility. For example,
they meant for me: color, emotion, desire and smile.

The color was due to the spectacular autumn landscape that accompanied us along the way, as if the
comforter's sun was also part of the childhood happiness and impatience to meet the new partners,
emotions that overwhelmed the entire team. Everywhere I could see the color of the autumn leaves,
and like the trees that change their leaves, but they manage to keep their roots firm, so I wanted to
change my ideas, but to be able to keep my principles and values to show in turn, how lucky we are to
each other.

Emotions accompanied us, which, naturally, they reached their climax when, after we crossed 1200
kilometers to Poland, the first words I heard were Welcome! and we were waiting for you! are the
words spoken even in Romanian by the children of some Romanian families who were learning in the
coordinating team's school.

Or, as in a group of 30 children in a kindergarten in Portugal, the Romanian children, although born in
Portugal, gathered around us as if to show us the invisible but eternal ties that can be established
between us and those children, in fact, a bit of hope for the future, impressed us. Then I understood
that our purpose is not a coincidence, and that we have to prove that the motives behind the mobility
will reach all their ends. And it sounds like nothing sounds more beautiful and melodic than the
Romanian word in foreign lands ...

Desire, an overwhelming sense of both mobility in Poland and Portugal, had multiple valences. She
has constantly merged with childlike anticipation, with curiosity, but above all thirst for new and

He is exalting as educators from different educational systems are changing ideas, asking avid to
discover and other ways to share the children with what they know, that is to always give everything,
as I know best, without waiting for anything in return.

The smile, on the other hand, was our ambassador, or I could call him universal language as he was the
one who managed to erase any doubt or reticence when we were confronted with something new or
difficult. The emotions of the first encounters were easily forgotten by the warm smile received from
each team's memories, or he managed to break through the heavy rains of the fall of Poland when we
met with Ewa Wieckowska's coordinator in Poland and the rest of the teams.
Whether our colleagues in Portugal were eagerly awaiting us at the airport, and the warm and friendly
smile of Ana Paulos warmed our hearts and proved once again that from words of words, emotions
and feelings, which are common to us, helped and will continue to help us accomplish the goals of
these two international projects.

It is said that there is no insignificant incident, which said with emotion, not to be interested.

I think these lines are fragments of the emotions caused by the two mobilities, but my emotions and
my feelings are even greater when I realize how rich children will be in these mobilities, and how
much cultural value, but above all emotional will be added to the foundation of their training
throughout their educational path. Prof. Felea Irina



Partners: Escala Agrupamento de Ferreira do Alentejo (Portugal)

Instituto Comprensivo Italo Calvino di Alliste (Italy)

Instituto Cardenal Cisneros de Albox (Spain)

College Paul Kapel (French Guiana)

"Grigore Hagiu" Secondary School - Tg. Bujor (Romania)

First meeting: Ferreira do Alentejo: 6-10 October 2017

Description of the meeting: Meeting with partners in the town hall of Ferreira do Alentejo, presenting
them, emphasizing goals.

- Working meeting to fix the activities (choice of emblem, presentation of eTwinning students, video
conferencing - Twinning live), student selection criteria, the details accepted by the National Agency,
the final products: the electronic library, the other mobilities: transnational: Spain: November 2018,

French Guiana: May 2019 with students: Spain - April 2018

Portugal - September 2018

Romania: - May 2018

- Activities aimed at identifying the organization / functioning of the schools visited.

- Experimental activity on the transformation of oily used in soap (biodiesel) - IPBeja.

Prof. Mitu Nicoleta