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THESE WORDS ‘Tekst en muziek: S.A.Kipner Bedingfield A-Frampton ‘W.Wilkins J. 87 Pianobew: Paul Natte 4 i Couplet Dm Cig oF BI P= F ‘Throw some chords to-go-ther Dm Cy oF Bb F ‘The combination D - and no-one’s gonna let it down for you~ Is who am, is what Ido F Dim Bb T try to fo-cus my— at- ten - tion 1 need some help, some in-spi-ra-tion © 2004 by EMI APRIL MUSIC INC/ BMI MUSIC PUBLISHING LTD Used by permission of: EMI MUSIC PUBLISHING (HOLLAND) B.V Printeopyright of this arrangement by BLN. Muziekuitgeverij X¥Z, Ambachtswog 42, 1271 AM Huizen - Holland 6 . F Gm Dm Ce oF (but it’snot coming ea-si-ly) Whoah oh. Trying tofind the ma - gic Trying to write a clas - sic — Don’t you know, don’t you know,- don't you know? Whoa - ch Wastebin full of pa-per Refrein Dm c F Dm F pb ter These words are my——— own from =my— heart | love you, | love you, | loveyou, | love you 1 love you, loveyou Couplet F Dm, Cm oF Read some By-ron, Shelly and Keats Re - ci-ed it 0 - Hip - Hop beat Vm ha-ving trouble say-ing what | mean with deadpoets and drum ma-chines You know | had some stu-di- 0. time booked but | couldn't find a kil - ler hook