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; Y.M.C. A. Words and Musie by J. MORALI, H, BELOLO and V, WILLIS svi ‘ve lower Ep, HE EE 1. Youngman, there's no need to feel down. I said, youngman, pick your ~ 2, Youngman, there's a place you can go, I. said Youngman, when you're = = the ground. 1_—said, young man, ‘cause you're your dough. You can stay there and T'm > a o > GR RE a EB He in a newtown— there's no need ~—to. be un - hap ~- py. sure you will find man - y ways. = to___—have. a good time. Copyright © 1978 by Scorpin Music (Black Scorpio) (SACEM) Alliht forthe United Sato Ane conte y Cans Stop Muse (i), 6S. SSen Set, New York, N.Y 10022 Interoationl Copyright Sere Yste Usa. Sa ps Reese Chorus: It's fun to stay at the y, (st DSS. Instrumental) ~ YMCA 4 3000S as arty a Te] — You can get your - self clean you can there's no —rlrlrr—~—~—~r—~—ir—CizSCCisSCUSCQD waca 43 |