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7 Wild Horses Words and Music by Natasha Bedingfi, Andrew Frampton and Wayne Wikis Very expressively 4 = c.65 eo Feus? am, I. feel these four walls clos - ing in, (Worse 2 see block lyrics) ee $ $ = + = face up a-gainst the glass, Fous? F © oe “Is this my life>" 1'm won - der in’, it hap-pened so, fast, how do I turn this thing a SSS SS {© 2004 EM Music Putlshing Lid, London WO2 ‘and hGanus Soras LU, Feus? FE ie Se = round? Is this the bed om & All 1 want. isthe wind in my hair, to © i I. chose to make? ‘There's green-cr past-ures I'm thinkin’ a~ bout, © & face the it fear_ but not feel scared. F Faust 2 ‘Throw-ing cau - tion to the Wish L__ could reck = Jess. = ly like 'm tong-ing to. T wan. am ‘A Foust cous? oe mint Faust fo EBB re como a. i 2 SSS J ae eS See. <3 Se run with the wild hor - ses, un with the wild horses