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Senator Skelos: \ WORKING TO PUT NEW YORK ho, ONTHE RIGHT TRACK... %) Senator Skelos is working to put New York back on the right track. & New York Spends too much. & State Government spends $4,328 a second, over 15 million an hour, XS and $10.9 Billion a month. ‘That is why Senator Skelos is working to reform how State Government works. > CAPPING STATE SPENDING. If government caps how much it spends, skyrocketing deficits would be a thing of the past and budget spending would stay in line with the costs of inflation. > IMPLEMENTING A PROPERTY TAX CAP. This would stop the huge spikes in ‘our property taxes which has forced many seniors to leave the homes they have lived in for decades, and denied many young couples the dream of home ownership. > REDUCING TAXES. Cutting wasteful spending would lower taxes for residents across our state, making New York more affordable and creating jobs and economic revitalization. Senator Skelos is working on a straightfotiwatd'plin for real results. NEW YORK ey STATE SENATE ‘New York State Senate ‘Albany, NY 12247 New York State Senator eR eS oh Pura perenne can aad POPE Lr a [pasar sto US. Postage PAID | nuew York Senate