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To the Deen of Addres 7+ Have you any knowledge of why she is If so, what? _Her_ people nope tnat woere sne cannot "date" all tne tine as 9. Is there co-operation between the ; me and college? 10. Further i. xmetion that a. Self-supporting _ b. Has she borrowed any money from the ¢ Loan Funds? Ne 11. Has she eny tale Executive Ability social butterfly Lent"A" none evident to exami ign strung because of lack ve little control over ner nervous and Her parents a colorless nere aud never did anytning in tne legitimate activities of tne organized womens groups like Slee Club Home Economics Club(n dept of specialization) Dramatic A ety or Womens) Atnletic Club I nave u 2 to think tnat Ly 1 probably gave ner some very extreme ideas sne was mor but_know tnat sne was Qu