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|, PEGE ¢ {Nov 5 1936 BEREA, KENTUCKY State of Kentucky) October 19, 1936 s County of Madison) ‘To whom this may concern: On Sunday night October 16th, at or near 9150 Pele whide parked in car, Packard; 29 serits,:, of We Le Bryan, the rear of car was danaged. Myself, Re Je Anderson, Chauffeur licence number 59-177 ‘nd another young mn, J. W. Bugle were sitting in front seat of care It ms in fromt of his home and opposite to my rooming house. The parking lights were ons ‘While talking wo heard horses coming rapidly from the rear. Also wo saw a car coming from the other directions Wo felt a jar and heard « loud noise from the rears Wext a horse and young man were to be seen stunbling on the tree plot. The name given was Foster Bryant, Beren RR 3. On finding tho young man unhurt, we looked to see our damages The head of the animal had dented the left rear corner of the oar and bent or twisted tail-light over against the fender. According to the statement of Mr. Bryant, his horse had been slipping and about to lose its footing. He loosen— ed tho reins: so as to allow it to recover, The animal then came of its own accord into rear of auto. He was being accompanied on horse back by Loyd Robinson, Paint Lick ReRe2. A fhLadboare. Subseribed and sworn to before me by this the 19th day of October, 1936. + J. Anderson obary My Commission expires October 9, 1937. } Boone Tavern Berea, Kentucky Oct. 19, 1936. iy déar Miss McNutt: I enclose a statement of a very extraordinary i though not serious accident to our car. I will let Bob's statement tell the story. Copies of his statement and of this letter should go to G. B. Woodward's and to Curry's. I judge that the marred place can be made entirely right. If desired, Bob can make affidavit to his statement. We Plan to arrive home on Friday, October 30. The car can then be inspected. They say that if a dog bites a man that is not news, but if a man bites a dog that is news. Cars have been bumping horses for years. This, I judge, is the first case in which a horse has bumped an automobile. ‘The car will be historic and will command a higher price. Very truly yours, W. L. Bryan.