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LeveL Scheda di recupero 1 Vocabulary Completa le frasi con il nome di un paese o diuna nazionalita. ~ Sophie is from France. She's Erench 1 Livis from China. She's Mike is He's from Ireland, Jess is American. She's from the Lee is from England. He's Petra is German. She's from Vincent is from the Netherlands. He's 7 Roberto is Portuguese. He's from aurun Grammar Completa le frasi con il pronome personale soggetto corretto. > Samis in my class. He is 10. 1 lan and Mike are my friends. are Scottish. 2 Are from England, Susan? 3 Miss Wills is from New York. 'S American. 4 Jessica and | are in Class 98 are friends. 5 This is my dog. 6 My friend Arturo is Italian from Salerno. is black. Completa le frasi con am, are o is. Usa la forma intera. > Myname is Matthew. 1 My mum and dad from Bari 2 My favourite singer Zucchero. 3 Mysister twelve years old 4 we in the school music club. 51 fifteen years old 6 You in my class this year. Scrivi frasi. Usa la forma contratta di be. > Sue and Tim/friends, Sue and Tim're friends 1 |/from London. Name of student {cuss 2 You/really cool 3 She/at university. 4 They/artists. 5 We/in the football team. 6 He/the new PE teacher. Completa con a, ano the. > Sally isan English girl 1 it’s orange. 2 She's from USA. 3 Lily Allenis great singer. 4its American car. 5 Where is cat? 6 Heis student. Completa le frasi con 'aggettivo possessivo corretto. > Tomis my brother. 1 Hello. What is 2 John is 12 and sister is 15. 3 Nick and Peter are in class BA. teacher is Mr Garret. 4 What is She's from England. 6 We are from the Netherlands. nationality is Dutch. name? favourite colour? name is Eve. a Functions Abbina le domande alle risposte (a-e). What's your name? b Where are you from? _ How old are you? = What class are you in? _ Who's your teacher? wnwne a Im from Arles, in France b My name is Gerard c Iminclass 90. d Miss Carrick, e Im thirteen years old. PHOTOCOPIABLE © Oxford University Press