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(4) Determination of need For pues of paragraph (KA), the sntneted need for speial aerial vworers far a Sse year ie dlananed a fellows: ‘earn (19 Baws “The Seorcarig sll jointly estimate, wing etatstialyvalld methods, the ther of maneleg of ebor Performed in seatobal aseturl services i the United Sten ix the previo scl your. (2) Adjustment for ew loseos and charges in indo ‘The Sooretarias sa indy — 475 [ALIENS AND NATIONALITY § ALIENS AND NATIONALITY a a services in the United § a) Base ‘Toe ecrearoa uD ose the mumber exinetad unr paragraph (1A (8) Adjustment for retirements and increased reerstnent ‘The Soeretaries hl jointhy— Tmarsber by the umber of man-days of labor (© Fiscal year 1292 end 18 et tie emis the Uae tates al inthe Ur 4 E we torent and averse of weract oo of performance or purones of ae a, " F the Buresu of the : “GD ineresse auch mumber by fete taher ip seasonal agrulurel services sb ote saethe waaay be expaved to realt fom, previous ‘qualified, and unemployed spedlal agricalt ‘temporary resident gqalied Sporn ard dormenie agreaaral workers pare (fy ereeney for in (() Bases fer increased number ar ‘procedure | io making the adjustment under subparegraph BX, mene: . oy the offs i an, tat Improvement in wages al wrk cpr 1 ace employers wil have on the erally of salaal serosa Se or scams ager servi, taking Sno absent uae perfor, sence Sg guprovernerts in ages ant working codons 5 Mion es sien amy, aptiveneas ofthe perishable agiel SnGuy, shortage numer doe Msp ane oat fang, of enhanced reertunent efits by te amaloven grins weet one Sot goverment epost sarc Bthe teisinal | ee ee of tpn arcas of supply of such Worker, {ig tease dora sate mumbo of slewing ed aie tunis wh apm aticns who ere rete! employmest ‘eine ral agrcuaral serves Bed wih tinder tis costo Seale goverment employment servis 3 8) Note of emerrne 9 ®, ‘Not laver than 3 days: Nothin us woecton shal e deomod to egal any nda eS caulpacagraph (0, the eo pet any aaa caper, to provide acy speed Working wo doe See Sta provide for ay epedied recrulment of Workers ine ‘epetng the roms { Deternlnstion of mandy per worker factor <4) Flea par 1850 8 $1161 under. section 1100 of this side and who performed sescons) agricultural servis in tho Unked States at any time during the: facal year ‘60 Lack of adequate tnformation Ur the Director determines that— {te intron reported under alclon AY of tl ‘umber daceribed is elanse(), but * {UD the inadequacy of the information i not ht th flo Ihilure of employers to report the information required under subsee- tion (b}2XAY of this soetion, the factor under this paragraph is 90 (B) Plaeal year 3092 or purjoes of paragraph 2 for Susl year 3002 the far undor thi arrose andre number, extimatDd hy the Dror of Une Bare othe Censun under sbection OXSKADA of this salon, of manda Seascnal agetra services performed tho Uated Sato: in Sea jar ooo by open surcltaral workers who otaned lawl lmparay Peston: ts unr bs sot. ©) Flee! years 1982 and 1988 For purposes of pecagraph (2) for fue) youn 1998 and 109, the factar undor Gas peraraph is ibe everage number a estinstl by the Diesorof ‘he Bureu ofthe Cenaus under eubsoston (OVSKANGD ofthis secticn of tan- sa and the cof additional mandays Of" day of seasonal agriclinral servies performed inthe United States in cach of ch uber by te sabes, Fifad iste thal CONE.’ the ten prevoss cal gout D9 special agrisltnal workers ‘wo ebeied res haat fae, WHUBG* —v toporry relent wit wer hi esti Grn i of ch a earl wore Sarl nerers ing of a fica year, group ot seociatn representing exployers (end. potential employers) uf individuals who perform nemsooal ural services may reqart the Skcrstaries to increase the shortage ‘nutaber for he Geel yoar Based upon a showing that extraordicary, unustal, fad unforeseen cieumstancos have resulted in a sigriflcant Increase in the Shortage number due to @) a significant ineresse'in the need fur special agricultural workers in the yeu, (i) a significant Gacresse In the avflbilty of able, wiling, and qualified workers to perform seasonal agricultural seevigs, oF {Gi signiiant decrease fbalow tho factor used for purposes of} @) in the number of mandays of seasonal agricultural serviews performed by allns tho ware recently admitted (ar whose status was veeently adjosted) ‘under this seetion, +B) Notice of emergency procedure ona a2 Gage hen dt ne Seer rude et sabparagrap ccrecaries shall provide for notice in the Federal secon ssi dove to retire : “Register of the subetance of the request and shal provide en cpoortanity for eed evel of age lnterstad partis to submit information to tho Sceroariss on s Linely baie peel ‘mapecting the request (©) Prompt determination on request ‘The Secretaries, not ater than 21 days aftr the date of the rocuipto “yith respect to the request, chall make “heir deternination on the Yequest.