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Crowdfunding Will Be A Crowded Field
In October last year the two biggest equitycrowdfunding platforms in the UK, Seedrs and Crowdcube, announced that they were hoping to merge. At that stage this alternative world of early stage business funding appeared to be in poor shape, especially
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I Wish I Knew What A Revenue Reserve Was, But I’m Too Embarrassed To Ask
Many high-profile investment trusts have managed to raise their dividend every year for decades regardless of dividend cuts by companies. The main reason for this is that trusts, unlike open-ended investment funds, don’t have to distribute all the di
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Three Lessons From A Football Disaster
In the business school textbooks, the launch of “New Coke” in 1985 will no longer be written up as the biggest flop of all time. (It had to be withdrawn, and replaced by the classic formula, after only 79 days on the market.) That honour will now sur
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City Talk
• Standard Life Aberdeen’s decision to rebrand as Abrdn has produced “equal parts bafflement and amusement”, says Oliver Barnes in the Financial Times. However, it’s not completely crazy, as a name change “can offer a company the chance of a fresh st
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Who’s Getting What
• Shareholders at US pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson have approved the 2020 $29.6m pay plan for chief executive Alex Gorsky (pictured), despite being urged not to by proxy advisers and the Office of the Illinois State Treasurer, says Reuters.
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Look Beyond US Tech Stocks To Find Global Stars
Stockmarket indices can be a poor reflection of reality. Mega-cap technology stocks in the US have had an overwhelming impact on returns, but this obscures the fact that the average global stock has only recently recovered from a hidden bear market d
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Short Positions... Sweden’s Oldest Hedge Fund Expires
■ IPM, one of Sweden’s oldest hedge funds, has closed down. Its “quantitative strategies” failed to cope with the pandemic-induced market turmoil of early 2020, says Love Liman on Bloomberg. Chairman Lars Ericsson rejected the idea that quants — hedg
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An Opportunity To End Cronyism Coverage of Brexit has tended to focus on our relationship with the EU and trade deals, but the bigger question is about what kind of country we want to be now we have taken back control of regulation, says Shanker Singham. That question is
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Bentley’s Boon For The Super-rich
This marks the beginning of a new chapter for Bentley, says Piers Ward on Autocar. The carmaker teamed up with coachbuilder Mulliner to launch “ever more exclusive cars” – and the Mulliner Bacalar was born. Everyone who signed up for the limited-prod
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Betting On Politics
It’s been a dismal few months for Angela Merkel’s CDU party in Germany. The third wave of the virus and the botched vaccine rollout caused its popularity to fall by more than ten percentage points over the past few weeks. What’s more, its decision to
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The SNP’s Record In Scotland
Spending on services that are largely devolved came to to £41.6bn in 2019-2020, according to the Institute for Fiscal Studies. This includes the vast majority of Scottish public spending on health, education, social care, transport, public order and
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The Red Metal’s Red-hot Run
Copper has gained 26% so far this year and this week hit $9,758 a tonne, its highest level since the summer of 2011. Copper got a big boost last year from Chinese infrastructure building. Now the US is following suit, says Myra Saefong for MarketWatc
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Tate Offloads Sweeteners To Slim Down
Shares in Tate & Lyle bounced this week after the 162-year-old company said that it is exploring the sale of a controlling stake in the largest part of the firm, says Hari Govind on Bloomberg. “One of Europe’s leading sugar producers” until it sold t
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A Monstrous Injustice At The Post Office
The Court of Appeal last week reversed “one of the biggest miscarriages of justice in British legal history” by quashing the convictions for theft, fraud and false accounting of dozens of Post Office workers, says Haroon Siddique and Ben Quinn in The
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Good Week For
Profits at Alphabet, Google’s parent company, more than doubled after the company heavily invested in digital advertising to reach those “working and playing online” throughout the pandemic, says The Times. Revenues jumped 34% to $55.31bn in a record
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IPO Watch
Cybersecurity group Darktrace “opted for a cautious float”, pricing it far below earlier expectations following the “disastrous” flop of Deliveroo, whose “drastically overpriced” shares have collapsed by 40% since its initial public offering (IPO), s
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Huge Returns From Tiny Firms
“The smaller, the better,” says the London Business School, which has examined the performance of smaller companies since 1955. The compound annual return of the Numis Smaller Companies index, representing the bottom 10% of the UK market, has been 14
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Guru Watch
City of London Investment Trust has raised its payout every year for 54 years. Even six months ago, when the outlook for the economy was murkier than it is today, the trust remained confident that it would be able to stretch the record to 55, even if
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Can Your Business Secure ARestart Grant?
Is your business eligible for the Restart Grant, the government-backed scheme that provides funding for firms as they emerge from the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions? Some 700,000 businesses in England are in line for the awards, which could be worth
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Boris Johnson Falls Into His Own Trap
As a “briefing war” engulfed Boris Johnson this week ahead of local elections across the UK on 6 May, the prime minister urged his cabinet to stay “totally focused on the public’s priorities”: fighting Covid-19, delivering vaccines and creating jobs,
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Welcome To The Freak Show
Excess savings, new stimulus cheques to spend, huge deficit spending, more money printing, a successful vaccine, euphoria due to the end of the pandemic – add it all up and commentators everywhere see a boom in the making. Perhaps so, but there is mo
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“The electric vehicle (EV) sector [is]... priced as if... [every single company]... will soon dominate [the] industry... Of course, there will be some winners from the group, which, in addition [to] Tesla, include EV makers Lucid, Rivian, Polestar, N
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A German view
Amadeus IT will be a key beneficiary of the global rebound in travel, says WirtschaftsWoche. The Madrid-based company owns a computer reservation system, called Amadeus, for hotels and airlines; it takes acut of every transaction. The group is part o
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Activist Watch
When Yasuo Takeuchi (pictured), chief financial officer at Japan’s Olympus, was told in 2017 that activist investor ValueAct Capital had taken a stake in the company, he felt as if “barbarians were at the gate”, say Makiko Yamazaki and Noriyuki Hirat
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Can Mario Draghi save Italy?
Mario Draghi has a “grand plan” to transform Italy, says Hannah Roberts on Politico EU. The Italian prime minister wants to spend €222bn on a raft of projects, including rolling out high-speed internet, extending high-speed rail, “earthquake-proofing
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California’s governor faces recall: California’s Democratic governor, Gavin Newsom (pictured), will face a recall election after organisers gathered more than 1.6 million signatures for their petition, exceeding the threshold required to trigger a vo
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Wills Aren’t Set In Stone
You might think that once a person dies their will is set in stone. In fact, it is possible to change someone’s will once they are deceased, and it is becoming increasingly common. Families are using a legal document known as a deed of variation to a
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Great Frauds In History… Michael Fenne’s Film-streaming Scam
In 1997 entrepreneur Michael Fenne, who claimed to have previously worked for a variety of employers, including the CIA, the Saudi royal family, Disney and Sony, set up Digital Motion Video (later renamed Pixelon), which claimed to have developed a m
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Wine Of The Week: Two Stunning Alpine Whites
The Wine Society sent over acase of tasting samples the other day entitled “Alpine Wines”. I was delighted to reacquaint myself with an old favourite of mine, 2020 Chignin Vers les Alpes Jean-François Quénard (£10.95), in this box of goodies. I first
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Feud Of The Week
A Spanish aristocratic family is being rocked by a bitter dispute over a painting by Goya, says Isambard Wilkinson in The Times. Diplomat and playwright Íñigo Ramírez de Haro alleges that his elder brother, Fernando (pictured), the 10th Marquess of V
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