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Plan Your Meals And Stay Energised
RAMADAAN is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar when people go on a spiritual journey. Abstaining from food and water during sunlight hours, fasting is supposed to cleanse the body and teach self-discipline. Abstaining from indulgences, meditatin
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Attempts To Promote Peace Are Appreciated
WITH reference to the letter “India-Pakistan in search of common ground” by Saber Ahmed Jazbhay (the POST, March 31-April 4). Peace starts by changing one’s mindset and not through the barrel of the gun. With respect, Mr Jazbhay, India is often refer
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A Child’s Emotional Scars Can Last A Lifetime
I AM outraged and saddened by the article “Nine life sentences for rapist stepfather” (the POST, March 31-April 4). Not even hell has a place for scum like this. I hope and pray he will never see the outside of prison. What kind of mind and what man
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This Is Not The Time To Play The Long Game
SHAKESPEARE’S tragedy, Hamlet, provides an object lesson on the hazards of not acting in the moment. Hamlet’s anguished cry of “To be or not to be” signals a cautionary tale on the perils of procrastination. It would seem that President Cyril Ramapho
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Selfie Culture: What Your Choice Of Camera Angle Says About You
OVER the past decade, selfies have become a mainstay of popular culture. If the #selfie hashtag first appeared in 2004, it was the release of the iPhone 4 in 2010 that saw the pictures go viral. Three years later, the Oxford English Dictionary crowne
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Four Day Guide
ANZ Bank Women’s ODI Series: New Zealand v Australia, Second ODI, 2.50am, CRI, ACT, GSD (3am); ODI Series: South Africa v Pakistan, Third ODI, 9.30am, GSD, CRI Scheldeprijs: 109th Edition, 3pm, VR1 The Masters: Masters on the Range, Day 3, 3pm, GOL;
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Ramadaan Delights
CUT a chicken fillet into small pieces. Stir-fry dry in butter and season with chicken spices and Aromat. Mix together with: 1 tin creamed mielies3 tbs melted butter3 eggs, beaten200ml self-raising flour½ tsp jeera, turmeric and coriander powdersalt
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Catches Few And Far Between But It’s Size That Matters
THE rock and surf fishing has been a bit slow but the bites that have come have been monsters. The North Coast has produced a good number of raggies around the Tugela area. The areas further north have produced some diamonds but we have not had a pro
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Healthy Iftaar Recipes
Chef Mani Pathak, the executive chef at the Fox in the Field Restaurant in Bengaluru, India. 200g shrimps or prawns, deveined50g asparagus, washed and blanched1 avocado, sliced or diced1 orange20ml lemon juice250g iceberg lettuce, washed and draine
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Rabada, Nortje Join Delhi Capitals To Quarantine
SOUTH African fast bowlers Kagiso Rabada and Anrich Nortje arrived at the Delhi Capitals' team hotel yesterday. The pair left South Africa before the end of the series against Pakistan and will now be in quarantine for seven days after which they wil
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Draft Budget Slammed
OPPOSITION parties believe eThekwini municipality's R52.3 billion draft budget will do little to sustain service delivery in the city. Mayor Mxolisi Kaunda tabled the draft budget for the 2021/2022 financial year last week. He referred to it as a pro
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Across The Globe
MUSLIMS around the world will mark the holy month of Ramadaan amid Covid-19 this year. The Islamic holy month, which is observed by fasting between sunrise and sunset, will fall between April and May. According to the Islamic calendar, which follows
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Pakistan Embarrassed By Taliban’s Atrocities
WITH reference to the letter “India-Pakistan in search of common ground” by Saber Ahmed Jazbhay (the POST, March 31-April 4). Mr Jazbhay should be advised that he should stop writing letters in ways that underestimate the public’s ability to ascertai
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Borders Have To Be Controlled
ONE of the EFF's vision and mission is to do away with border control and have a free flow of people between countries on the African continent. This would be similar to the free trade agreement between African countries. This vision of a borderless
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The Quote
In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learnt about life: it goes on. ROBERT FROST American poet ■
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Tau Faces Uncertain Brighton Future
ONE of the unique characteristics of Sam Allardyce-led sides is that they seldom play attractive football, yet it is hardly surprising when they lose against the under-performing sides in the league but record victories over the best sides. Allardyce
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Indians Recognised As The 44th Tribe
THE INDIAN community in Kenya played a beneficial role in assisting the east African country to get its independence, according to Jayendra Malde, a Member of the County Assembly (MCA). An MCA is the equivalent of a Member of the Provincial Legislatu
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Muthusamy And Subrayen Now In The Prime Of Their Powers
THERE is no doubt that Prenelan Subrayen and Senuran Muthusamy are two of the best spinners on the South African domestic cricket circuit and both will be knocking on the doors of Proteas selection. The local spin duo bowled the Dolphins to victory i
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‘We Cannot Be Complacent’
DESPITE some countries easing travel restrictions and reopening their economies during the Covid-19 pandemic, they have done so cautiously. For others, a resurgence in infections has led to a strain on health-care. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson sai
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How Women In India Reclaimed The Protest Power Of Ripped Jeans
The meaning of clothing India has a history of using clothing to convey political meaning and even as a strategy to incite change. As anthropologist, Emma Tarlo explains, in Clothing Matters: Dress and Identity in India, what one chooses to wear has
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Organisations Call For Cele’s Dismissal
TWO organisations that are concerned with alleged SAPS mismanagement have launched a campaign for Bheki Cele, Minister of Police, to be dismissed. TLU SA, an agricultural organisation that supports farmers, started the “Tsamaea Cele” campaign last Tu
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Sense Of Unity Among People
UNLIKE South Africa, which has one of the largest populations of Indians outside of India, Zambia’s Indian community is small but still prominent. According to the Zambian Ministry of External Affairs, there are 25 000 Indians living in Zambia. India
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Crematorium Woes Mount
FRUSTRATED ratepayers, political leaders and funeral directors have called on eThekwini Municipality to once again fix the Mobeni Heights Crematorium. After numerous incidents, they have questioned the municipality’s ability to effectively run the fa
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Tributes For First KZN Premier
DR FRANK Mdlalose, who has been described as an outstanding servant of South Africa, succumbed to Covid-19 on Saturday. He was 89. Mdlalose was KwaZulu-Natal’s first premier, from May 1994 to March 1997; the country’s ambassador to Egypt and the form
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Faith And Health
THE holy month of Ramadaan sees Muslims all over the world fast during daylight hours. Does having type 2 diabetes exclude a person from fasting? Not necessarily. The decision belongs to the person, but getting some advice from health professionals c
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Sri Lanka Still Haunted By Easter Bombings
SRI LANKA will observe the second anniversary of the Easter Sunday terrorist attacks this year. On April 21, 2019, in a series of co-ordinated suicide bombings, Islamic insurgents targeted three churches and three hotels in Colombo, killing 267 peopl
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Country Of Much Ethnic Diversity
INDIANS were brought to Uganda to build railways but today they dominate the country’s economy, contributing up to 65% of its tax revenues. According to Forbes magazine, Uganda’s wealthiest man is also Indian. Sudhir Ruparelia, whose family hails fro
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Your Stars
You have done amazing things with your time and energy and now it’s time to reap some rewards. Enjoy the time away from work. Promotions and scholarships are in your energy so be open to the challenge. Lucky colour: orange. Don’t let other people’s o
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Real Madrid Will Have Advantage At Anfield – Benitez
REAL Madrid will benefit more than Liverpool from the absence of fans in their Champions League quarter-final, said Rafa Benitez. Liverpool faced Madrid in Spain last night and the return fixture is at Anfield, where the Merseyside club have struggle
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Communities Left Terrified After Attacks In Mozambique
A MEDICAL team from Doctors Without Borders (MSF) arrived last week in the Afungi peninsula in Mozambique, about 25km from Palma town, where some of the injured fled following attacks. In a statement, MSF, which is a global network of medical and oth
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