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World-Class Short Stops
Short-takeoff and -landing (STOL) aircraft have been around since the 1930s, most recognizably as the type of fat-tired, propeller-driven planes flown by bush pilots into remote areas. But for a new, electrified generation of STOL aircraft, short-fie
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One-Note Wonders
It’s not about matching. Actually, it’s better when you don’t. A medley of gray-scale shades, with a printed scarf and striped trousers in the mix, proves that monotone can really sing. Monochromatic dressing means more focus on texture. Suede, oxfor
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Time Stamps
An engraved and lacquered depiction of Amelia Earhart’s route for her nonstop, record-setting 1935 flight from Mexico City to New York, created in honor of the legendary female pilot that same year. For his birthday in 2018, South Korean collector C
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The Rad Hatter
IT WAS A CHANCE encounter with a Venice Beach cowboy that pulled Nick Fouquet into the world of hatmaking. Inquiring about the stranger’s chapeau, Fouquet learned that the wearer had made it himself. “It was different. I could tell that it had a soul
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THE 2021 Ducati Multistrada V4 has generated a wave of early buzz since its announcement, but any worry the bike couldn’t possibly live up to the hype vanishes once you’re in the saddle. It is, quite simply, a watershed moment for motorcycles, and no
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Ocean Keepers
Like a real-world version of The Avengers or Justice League, an international group of unlikely activists, some of them billionaires, have banded together to save our imperiled seas, which, by all accounts, are deteriorating at an increasingly alarm
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The Answers with... VITO SCHNABEL
Vito Schnabel, son of the famed artist and filmmaker Julian Schnabel, curated his first art exhibition when he was all of 16 years old and soon after helped revive the career of Ron Gorchov, known for his curved canvases, with a solo show. Since then
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Golden Hour
CONSIDER THEM the Gordon Gekkos of the Swiss watch industry, maligned as symbols of 1980s-style excess. For years now, gold watches have played second fiddle to more practical steel sport models, demand for which has continued to soar even in the mid
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Mod Squad
THE CONCEPT of modular yacht design came to life in 2011 with the Wider 42, which featured sides that could be folded over the water, transforming into swim platforms while doubling cockpit space. Now a trio of just-launched sport yachts shows how fa
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Apex Predator
Wending its way through Malibu, Southern California’s Pacific Coast Highway teems with the automotive equivalent of great white sharks, the sleek Ferraris, Lamborghinis and McLarens common to the daily commuting frenzy. But I’m behind the wheel of me
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Tug-of-War ON THE High Seas
VETERAN YACHT OWNERS have been joined on the high seas over the past year by a flotilla of newer sailors, cast adrift from the corporate offices where once they were moored. Thanks to the popularity of yachts as floating pandemic pods, the shipbuildi
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If You Coachbuild It, Will They Come?
REMEMBER HISPANO-SUIZA? Even if you’re familiar with the name, it’s unlikely you remember it. The Spanish automaker all but disappeared after WWII, save for the French part of the company that produced aircraft components (don’t ask). The brand has b
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Giambarresi is an illustrator based on the island of Sardinia in Italy. His work is conceptual and uses shadows and pastel tones to create bold, striking images. He sketched a pleasing assortment of spirits for the April issue (“The Rise and Rise of
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New York, New Korean
My first of seven courses at Jua is a burst of smoke and texture, a seaweed-wrapped bite of prawn, uni, smoked trout roe, rice and pickled cucumber which dances somewhere between Western and Korean. It’s both luxurious and familiar, not just an intro
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Can Your Concierge Firm Get You a Ticket to Space?
With his latest venture, Axiom Space, former International Space Station program manager Michael Suffredini offers civilians the chance to become real-life rocketeers, undergoing up to 15 weeks of training before blasting off, in partnership with Spa
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Mackenzie’s Method
AS THE PANDEMIC and its restrictions strangled businesses large and small, an estimated 8 million more Americans fell into poverty from June to November last year, increasing the rate to almost 12 percent, or 22 percent for those without a college ed
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Soigné Lake
The term “freshwater yacht” was an oxymoron until J. David Weiss designed Invictus, a futuristic 80-footer that redefines large houseboats. Having penned dozens of oceangoing superyachts for Europe’s leading builders, Weiss was given carte blanche by
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Editor’s Letter
Talk to yacht owners and people who spend time on the water and you’ll hear many reasons why they do. They like the community. They like the sports. They like the freedom. Those in the big boats might even admit they like the attention. And anyone wh
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Tod's New Driver
EVER SINCE THE late 1970s, when Fiat magnate and international style icon Gianni Agnelli was seen strolling in a pair of Tod’s thin, pebble-soled driving mocs, Gommino loafers have been a fixture of the affluent uniform alongside Louis Vuitton duffle
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THE Caribbean’s Last Best Secret
Sixteen years ago, Hubert Winston was standing on a beach in Dominica’s Prince Rupert Bay, watching a string of yachts sail by in the distance. “It looked like a flotilla,” recalls Winston, who had just moved back to the island from Florida. “They
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Rose Wylie’s Me Decade
IN THE CONTEMPORARY art world, “emerging” almost always means “young.” So when Rose Wylie broke through a decade ago with big, bright canvases of figures painted in a loose, cartoonish style and often captioned with scrawling text, many applauded the
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Forever Young
American-grown audio specialist JBL turns 75 this year, which is no small feat in an industry where technology transitions faster than Chopin’s “Minute Waltz.” To commemorate, the brand has released a pair of components that recall two of its classic
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Brand-New Heavyweights
Mickalene Thomas’s 1970sesque rec-room installations and loud portraits of self-assured women of color have long dazzled viewers, and her partner and muse, Racquel Chevremont, is a collector, curator and art adviser known for her own sharp eye. Toget
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Made IN Italy
MAKE ME THE biggest yacht in the world—bigger than anyone has ever seen,” he commanded. It was a mold-breaking commission for the Benetti shipyard more than 40 years ago, from a client keen to tout his wealth. The Italian firm had already earned acco
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Alfresco, Refreshed
Bulky patio seating has been the style du jour for way too many jours. Senja enters like a cooling ocean breeze with a slim aluminum base beneath its plush linen cushions. And like any good modular system, it’s a bit like Lego: Pick the pieces you wa
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Backyard Bliss
What’s different about how we see our outside spaces these days? MCCLEAN: The connection to the outdoors now drives architecture. It’s not an afterthought but an integral part. And clients are asking how we can make that space as year-round as possib
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Is This the End for Engines?
In the UK, the hammering of nails into the gas-powered engine’s coffin has begun. Late last year, the Conservative, pro-business prime minister Boris Johnson made the dramatic announcement that sales of cars with conventional internal-combustion moto
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Stable Care
Riding may be one of those pastoral New England passions, but this Connecticut estate goes beyond that, thanks to its pedigree of breeder owners. Double H Farm, in Ridgefield, is the former home of the late Hunter Harrison, a railroad tycoon and a ho
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The Rise And Rise Of Top-shelf American Whiskey
PERHAPS YOU’VE seen the headlines. A bottle of the Macallan distilled in 1926 sells for $1.9 million, shattering auction records. The English lad who sold the haul of scotch his dad had been gifting him since birth and bought a house with the bounty.
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